Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to Analyze Your Girlfriend's Finances

Stay frosty, boys.  Stay frosty.


Usagi Yojimbo said...

Loved the video. MSM has picked up on it as well:

I finally finished training and awaiting licensure to work in a field that I can earn low to mid six-figures. No moral support, no one to lean on emotionally when things got rough, and no one to talk to. My plan is to live simply until the education debt (upper 5 figures total, undergrad and professional,) is gone, and save in the process. For this type of job, the debt was worth the reward.

The gold diggers are, of course, starting to come out. I have been propositioned very hard recently by a woman:
-Late 30's (in the early 40s myself)
-Kind of frumpy
-Unemployed social worker
-Bad degree
-Bad debt
-No job prospects
-Divorcing, keeping the future ex-husband on for the health insurance for her psychoses and fibromyalgia

Yeah, I can see her trying to get her claws in me. A salve to her pains, as it were.

No thanks. I am not a walking ATM for anyone. And I'm sure she won't be the only one.

The only reason for the idea of a FWB situation is because she can't trap me in a whoopsie pregnancy (hysterectomy, seen/felt the scars.) But this is another strike, as if I do want a committed relationship, I want children from MY genetics, NOT adopted.

Barren might be fun for a while, but I will go elsewhere to find someone good to have children with, *if* I chose to.

Oh, regarding apartment/rent cost per month, check these out for apartment cost vs income:

And for those that have the desire to dig in for the decline:

Phil Galt said...


You had me going until you got the part about the rickety old car restoration. I suspect my experience might have been an anomaly, but let me share it anyways.

Half way through college, Dad got me a 65 Mustang that we selected from a scrap yard. Together we worked on it enough to get it running time for graduation. (note the key word here: Together!). Over the next few years, I continued to restore it and used it as a daily driver for the next ten years. It worked for me because...

1) Repair and upgrade costs were less than a car payment.
2) I lived close enough to work (less than 5 miles) to make an older car a work able option.
3) By repairing and maintaining it myself, I picked up more useful skills than I did during my time in the public education system.

The best part was my dumb-ass COWorkers, who would constantly tell me to get a cheap used car. Five minutes with a spreadsheet would show that the break even point for reliability and usefulness was well above the 'cheap' range. (did I mention how many of these cow-irkers were fucked beyond any hope financially?)

My point is that older cars can be cost effective...if you still have the masculine skills of debug & repair!

Joe Richards said...

My poor brother in law dated then married a woman who could not stop spending. She was addicted to spending like other people are addicted to heroin. She was also a hoarder and ended up spending on extra storage, while living in a rented house. To top it all off, she couldn't even stop spending when the bank account was empty and paid over $7000 one year in BANK OVERDRAFT CHARGES.