Friday, July 11, 2014

Progressive Credentialism and Genuine Racism in Law Schools

I love this article in that it highlights two things:

1.  The ABA forcing students to jump through (and pay for) unnecessary hoops ergo financially benefiting the law school profession, not the legal profession

2.  My observation that bubbles hurt minorities and women the most because they are usually late to the party while (in this case) whites and Asians see the writing on the wall and are bailing.

The irony is that the lefty law professors actually believing closing the "lawyer gap" between minorities and whites is a good thing. 

It's like saying "we need to close the Soldiers at the Front Line Gap in WWI between whites and minorities."

Keep charging into law school my fine minority friends.  And when you're done through the meat grinder, don't say you weren't warned.


Anonymous said...

"Not so long ago, law school was a growth industry,"

There is the problem right in the first sentence, I suppose the guy had to get his word count up or he'd not get paid.

Anonymous said...

Law school is for suckers and fools at this point. Do people realize that if you're working at a law firm with fewer than 50 attorneys that your salary is going to be on par with whatever crap office job you could get with your BA? Law school is a rip-off and a scam artist operation. They wow the gullible kids with pictures of smart-looking law professors, huge libraries, and have admissions receptions in gigantic law firms. It's like they're selling time shares. You would have to be a fool and a sucker to go to law school given all the information that is widely available for free on the Internet about the law school industry.

Law professors also spend their time pumping out leftist tripe about how the poor and minorities are so downtrodden. Meanwhile, their exorbitant and wholly undeserved salaries are financed directly through student loans that are obtains from students, including minorities, who will often be impoverished after graduation. Law school is a mug's game. Poor and simple.