Tuesday, July 22, 2014

True Independence

With an aside about the burrows of Oatman, Arizona:


Anonymous said...

What is the best way for a dependent parasite, to become a full independent self-supporting person?

Many of the "parasites" I know, are dependant on the system due to "health issues. Unfortunately , many of these "health issues" were entirely avoidable and caused by thier own damn bad habits (drinking, smoking, meth, obese, etc.). Many of these self-condemed parasites, are middle-aged and consider themselves "retired". They are not retired. Social security is not retirement. They are entirely worthless people, they don't do anything. Their lives are prisons, of their own creation.

What are we to do with these people?

Personally, I think we should cut their benefits and let them starve in the streets.

Wraith said...

Dude, you were in the neighborhood and you didn't say 'wazzup?' You suck. ;)

AuricTech said...

A "burrow" is a hole in the ground, while a "burro" is an ass.

I'm surprised you didn't know the difference.... ;-)

Dance...dance to the radio said...

You've started borrowing Bill Burr's style from the Monday Morning Pod Cast.