Monday, July 07, 2014

How "Nice" Destroys Countries

a motorcycle ride to the Bakken,
auctioning off my ex gf's tits,
"I don't live my life for men,"
pregnant isn't beautiful,
neither are tats,
Phil and his dog living the American dream,
hairy armpits for extra credit

and MORE

in this Episode of The Clarey Podcast


black mamba said...

I quite liked your free verse poem. Then I realized it wasn't one. :-)

Anonymous said...

When riding motorcycles or flying smaller airplanes, never ever pre-plan where you are going to stay. Leads to crashes and soaked leathers. Signed, Mr. Been-there.

Pax Empyrean said...

Free verse is poetry for people who struggle with rhyme, meter, or any other form actual structure.

Basically, it's "poetry" for people who have no business writing poetry, but want their random drivel to be seen as more meaningful than it really is.

Anonymous said...

Hairy armpits on women are sexy. All the more so when they are sweaty.

Torgo said...

Here's some directions to come visit and buy a beer for Torgo. "Go down Plymouth Road and take a left where the Pfizer plant used to be."

Flyingcloud said...

"There's always a price for nice." Quote of the podcast!