Saturday, July 05, 2014

Dear Millineals, Your Dreams Are Stupid

From a loving Gen X'er that was fed the same bullshit:


Anonymous said...

Hey Aaron, I have been a good fan of your youtube channel for quite some time and I thought of leaving something that will get your assholiness going. In my school district in southern california, there are people from the class of 2014 that are off to college and some of them are choosing the most useless, toxic, horrid majors known outside of our labor market. It is probably more useless than puppetry or creative writing and I will list 15 of these majors plus the university there attending with, in parenthesis, the tuition per year.

1. UC Irvine for Dance (14,500)
2. Cornell for International Labor Relations (47,050)
3. Barnard for History (44.300)
4. Stanford for Psychology (45,000)
5. UC Davis for Visual Communicatons (13,900)
6. Loyola Marymount for English & Pre Law (35,500)
7. UC Santa Cruz for Film & Digital Media (11,200)
8. USC for International Relations (47,400)
9. Elon for Acting & Arts Administration (31,247)
10. Norte Dame for Undeclared (31,400)
11. University of San Fran for Philosophy (37,000)
12. USC for Poly Sci & History (47,400)
13. Stanford for Dendrology with a minor in Gelatology (45,000)
14. CSU Northridge for Deaf Studies (7,000)
15. UC Berkeley for Cultural Anthropology (13,000)

I am assuming your sitting there getting assholy but seriously Deaf Studies,Dendrology, Gelatology, Industrial Labor Relations and all these other shitty degrees coming from these expensive private schools. I just wanted to show you something and if possible can you make a video bashing these idiots for choosing these unheard of degrees. Once again, big fan of your channel, hopefully you make more degree ranting videos in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read my comment!

Anonymous said...

Leopold Kronecker (1823-1891) wanted to be a mathematician; there weren't many opportunities in 19th C Prussia, and those positions were not well paid. So Kronecker entered business, was a success, and when he had made his pile he became a - rich - mathematician; one of the greats, actually.

Heinrich Schliemann (one year older than Kronecker) wanted to find tangible evidence of the existence of Homer's Troy. Archaeology barely existed when he was young, and he was poor. After a series of jobs, including that of cabin boy, he became successful in the import trade. He went to California, and made himself rich - he returned to Russia and made himself another fortune.

He then became a rich archaeologist, and found Troy, and the Mask of Agamemnon. And eternal fame.

These two men dreamt very impractical dreams. Neither liked the idea of poverty. Being men of high ability, they were able to make their fortunes, and then go on to realize their dreams.

So if you want to realize your dream, it helps to be really smart, and to spend 20 years in business so you can make the money necessary to pursue your dreams, comfortably.

Or have a rich daddy, which is the path chosen by people with fine rts degrees who end up as curators of major art galleries.

Anonymous said...

You got millennials spelled wrong...just FYI.

Anonymous said...

I wish Cap could speak to kindergarten or preschool class about what to do with their lives. I really did not like when people kept constantly wanted to do when I grow up and I am no where near "dream career" yet. I often wonder if you should back to school to major in Biology/Chemistry instead of psychology. Psychology does fascinate me but in many Cap's videos, Psychology is one of those worthless degrees. Psychology did help me understand how messed people and society is. Children are very impressionable, so feeding them lies about dreams during those formative years is very destructive. But we cannot tell the truth at that age because they are still living in dream worlds of unlimited comfort, success, and satisfaction. Due to the educational system setting up the Self Esteem Movement, we cannot tell them reality and dream crushing truths to hurt their egos. You have talk in blogs about people's egos and feelings interfere with making good decisions. I am afraid if I am become a counselor, I would have to sugercoat and raise the hopes of people. I do not want to do guidance counselor because that might lead a lot of high school students to choose worthless degrees and believe in their dreams. A lot of guidance counselors should just say choose STEM degrees because arts, philosophy, women studies, education, social work does not have jobs, pay the bills, and produce value. Artists who are good in architecture and graphic design might do well. I might reconsider the hard sciences if psychology is worthless. There are lot of self-destructive people in our society now, so psychology might be necessary to dissect what is wrong with them and see what they can do about it.

Anonymous said...

This is the best video of Cappy I have watched. It pretty much encompasses all the whole problem with frustrated millenials who are working underpaid jobs, unemployed, and/or living with parents. This video should be shown to high school juniors and seniors to reconsider going to expensive colleges with extremely high tuition and worthless degrees these days. This video will be like a painful vaccine shot you get at the doctor saves them from having a high interest federal loan debt tumor for 20-30 years(maybe their whole lives) and virus of liberal indoctrination from conniving charlatans also known as liberal arts professors.Listen millenials, being metaphorically amputated of your delusions of grandeur and unrealistic expectations can stop the cancer of future disappointment and anger towards society.