Monday, July 28, 2014

Why Never Being Able to Reach Your Full Potential is the Real Cause of Grief Among Conservatives and Libertarians

It is without a doubt that conservatives, libertarians, and other generally "pro-freedom" people I categorize as "Real Americans" suffer from a malaise, depression, sadness and grief as they watch this once great nation decay under socialism.  They see the country they grew up with turn on them, breaking all the premises and social contracts by which they based life decisions on in the past.  They look to their futures now with complete uncertainty and distrust where there was once complete confidence and serenity.  They look at their American legacy that not only looks like it will be vilely shat upon by future generations, but is currently and constantly mocked, ridiculed, and criminalized today.  And making it all worse is the maddening fact that it is their fellow Americans who ignorantly and blindly believe the bold faced lies told to them by politicians, and mindlessly vote to undo the greatest thing that has happened to this planet.

In short, everything they've worked for, stood for, believed, and advocated will be moot, making it seem their and their childrens' entire lives were wasted.  That this great good of freedom and Western Civilization that took humans 2 million years to achieve, will be wiped out by the idiocy and mental weakness of socialists in 50 years.  And that humanity will be plunged back into the darkness as we trade things like reality, truth, excellence, independence, individuality and freedom for false gods such as commune, egalitarianism, diversity, affirmative action, environmentalism, dependence and responsibility-free lives.

Yes, it is crushing indeed.

But merely admitting this fact does nothing to assuage our concerns, let alone solve the problem.  Thankfully, I believe I have happened upon something that will at least provide some relief, if not alleviate most Real Americans' grief to the greatest extent possible.

It is here we may have some disagreement. whereas I personally think all is lost and that we should "enjoy the decline," others still hold out hope, thinking Western Civilization can be turned around.  But whichever camp you fall into (or hybrid thereof), neither does anything to address or identify the true, singular psychological cause of Real Americans' grief.  Therefore, if we can at least identify the primary cause of our malaise we can at least address it, deal with it, and lift this depression that plagues us.  And that problem is:

That you'll never be able to reach your full potential.

No matter how you look at it, be it psychological, secular, religious, darwinistic, or genetic, humans have always wanted to take this one life they have and make the absolute best of it.  They not only want what's best for them, but they want to achieve some kind of greatness.  The problem is that while everybody wants greatness in their lives, not everybody is willing to work for it.  And with the replacing of republics with democracies we have put an end to forcing meritocratic behavior on the population, and instead given the power to the masses to legally steal other people's wealth.

This transformation has broken (or at least seriously weakened) the relationship between effort and success.  Worse still, it has destroyed the incentives that would inspire and propel those willing to work toward greatness.  But even worse than that, is when society no longer aspires towards excellence and greatness, nearly every aspect, institution, organ and component of society is corrupted and decayed, no longer allowing those who DO want to achieve greatness the opportunity to do so. And it is that aspect of decline that has stolen the birthright of greatness from all Real Americans.

Consider how every major aspect of American life has been compromised to suit the benefit of socialists and lazy people at the expense of greatness.

Education - Education is epitome of this.  Are you kidding me?  We need to have 19 YEARS of schooling before you train a human with enough skills to be considered employable in today's labor market?  K-12 is not enough?  We need a bachelors degree AND "masters preferred?"

If there is an example where standards have been so lowered to benefit a corrupt network of lazy socialists at the expense of potential greatness the public schools and university system is it.  Imagine what greatness has been;

beaten out of
bored to death
and just plain drummed out of

the hundreds of millions of kids that had to listen to a talentless, inexperienced, 23 year old "education major" drone on 8 hours a day.  And not only "drone on," but to take genuinely interesting topics exciting (the American revolution, science, math, history, etc.) and fail so spectacularly at making them interesting to their students, that their students fall asleep.  How many future Bill Gates were "Ritalined" out of greatness?  How many Milton Friedman's feel asleep because their history teacher couldn't teach economics to save his life?  How many Thomas Edison's never materialized because they were sat in front of somebody thrice their age with 1/3rd the IQ?

Additionally, this says NOTHING about the politics most public teachers are more concerned with than genuinely educating the children and creating greatness.  No it's more important Little Jimmy learns about global warming than the American Constitution.  No, it's more important he learn about diversity than financial planning.  And no, it's more important he be held back in the same class with the problem children of single mothers than be allowed to accelerate at his own pace and graduate at 13.

It is mind blowing to think of the millions of child-geniuses there may have been over the past 40 years whose potential was completely lost to this society because we insisted in sending our children through mindless, indoctrination baby-sitting camps designed first and foremost to benefit the teachers unions and a daycare boon to dysfunctional families.

Sadly, that's just K-12. If the education bubble has shone a light so bright even your average ignorant American idiot can see it, it's the outright scam higher education has become.  As if fleecing parents $150,000 for 13 years of property taxes wasn't enough, no, we need to fleece their children for $150,000 more.  And can anybody sit there with a straight face and say that colleges and universities offer anywhere near the education they once did, let alone an education that warrants the usurious tuition they charge?

It's not so much that the higher education system failed to identify and promote child geniuses (those were all destroyed in K-12).  It's that higher education went on to cripple the finances of most normal kids as well, ensuring they never reach their full potential in life.  In the end we don't have 14 year olds capable of work and innovation, but rather 34 year olds who are still living at home.

Careers - Education is not the only institution putting hurdles, if not, landmines in front of Real Americans and their desire to achieve greatness.  Most employers are too.  Gone are the days of hard work, innovation, loyalty and excellence.  Instead we have politics, ass kissing, brown nosing, and lobbying.  And don't forget diversity training, sexual harassment training, sexual harassment suits, force donations to charities, quotas, affirmative action, CSR departments, mandatory employee "community service," and progressive credentialism.

Even if you were a child genius, and even if your genius was honed and sharpened for those "mandatory" 19 years of education, in 98% of the instances it would all be for naught in that most employers place more value on people skills kissing ass and not rocking the boat lying than any vaccine or new technology you can create.  It's why the likes of Schiff were mocked and ignored and books like these didn't do any damn good.  In short, corporate America is so corrupted by the incompetents that populate the country the ONLY way you'll ever come even close to your potential is through self-employment.

Economic Standards of Living -A study I did showed that if the economy had grown like it did from the 1940's to the 1960's income per capita would be around $99,000 per person.

Imagine the implications for standards of living.

We wouldn't have a social security/medicare/pensions crisis.
We wouldn't have the national debt we do today
We wouldn't have any employment problems
We wouldn't have anywhere near the divorce rates we have
We wouldn't worry about paying for college
And we wouldn't be worried about affording health care

But such an opportunity cost doesn't speak to what such excess capital could afford us.

With so much money there'd be tons more innovation.  Diseases that could be cured, life expectancies would increase, technological advances would accelerate (imagine the Internet in 1973 and XBox 360 in 1981 and smart phones in 1994), whatever we have today imagine we had it 10 years ago.

But no, it's more important to slow down societal progress and blunt excellence so welfare bums can collect a check and spit out more children.

Family -And finally family.

You are never going to have June or Ward Cleaver.

For all the fun and mockery mindless, ignorant Americans made of them for being "square" and being "SWPL," in the end most Americans would kill for a loyal, beautiful, skinny wife and a handsome, wise, reliable, fatherly  husband.  Instead today you're going to get what you sow, and sadly, that SEVERELY limits your potential in life in that it limits the most important thing in your life - family.

Today's selection of modern day spousal candidates have:

Psychological issues
Financial issues
Familial issues (you know, already divorced, 3 kids, 3 different moms/dads)
Drug issues
Student loans
Worthless degrees
Poor job prospects
Credit card debt
Car debt
Household debt

and a never ending litany of other deal-breaking baggage that makes a Leave it to Beaver family a 1 in a million chance.  Sadly, this is the single biggest cap on reaching your potential in life in that family and loved ones are the most important things in life.  But hey, at least some angry 70's feminists got to make 3 generations of Americans wallow in their own misery.

We could address other aspects of potential-limiting in America, but you get the point.  Our general inability to achieve our best is limited as we celebrate and invest in our worst.  Had we not squandered our money on the losers of society we wouldn't have millions of youth mired in under/unemployment, but rocketing towards their best career potential.  People would have enough excess income they could pursue their dreams, resulting in new musicians, artists, innovators, authors, and the commensurate works and creations that would come with it.  Families would be more stable, resulting in a lot happier of a population.  And nearly every one of us could take our one finite life and nearly be guaranteed it would not be wasted, ensuring we'd have no regrets on our death bed.  Sadly, this reality was just barely whisked out of our grasp, and this is the kernel, the nucleus, the true cause of the grief of all Real Americans.

The question is how do we cope?  How do we deal with this?

There are no universal answers, but if you're willing to listen to somebody who has given it some thought, here's my suggestions:

First, realize it's not your fault.  You didn't control being born into the filth of the hippie generation and the successive filth spawned after it.  You were just really unlucky.  You must accept this, but more importantly FORGIVE YOURSELF and NO LONGER TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.  You must realize and accept you cannot fight stupid and there's just too much stupid in this country.

Second, come up with FEASIBLE goals you can achieve.  You may not get that skinny wife or the employed husband.  You may not get that career as a cop.  But find out what you can do and do it. 

Third, realize that the most important thing in life is other humans.  Family, friends, loved ones.  I personally refuse to waste my time on leftists, socialists, feminists and other mentally damaged people.  Life is too short.  Additionally, think about the likes of Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.  Miserable people that nobody loves while they or their spouse fucks other people.  Most leftists live in a delusional world and very few are truly happy.  I say that not to make you feel better, but because it's true.  They have surrounded themselves with leftists.  How happy can a human in that environment truly be?

Fourth, stay physically attractive and have sex with good looking people.  While excellence may not be permitted in terms of finance, success, or your career, there is very little the left can do to stop you from being in good shape and attracting good looking people.  This strikes at their core (envy), but gives them no way to get "retribution" in that you can't "tax" or "confiscate" beauty.  The best they can do is things like "fat acceptance" or try to shame people for being sexually attracted to what they are.  Nothing pisses off a weak, limpy male leftist or a fat, angry female feminist than two hot conservatives or libertarians enjoying each other.

Fifth, collect as much government cheese as possible.  This may sound counterintuitive or at least immoral, but realize this is a democracy and society in its infinite ignorance has voted for bread and circuses.  These ARE the new rules AND THEY ARE FORCED ON YOU.  Ergo, you do yourself a great disservice and disrespect adhering to some inapplicable, higher-caliber moral code.  Play by the rules they gave you.

Sixth, consider buying the book "Enjoy the Decline."  It is EXPRESSLY written for all conservatives, libertarians and Real Americans and is designed to relinquish you of as much of your anger, grief, depression and malaise as possible so you can move on and enjoy the life as much as you can.  Life is too short to be angry, sometimes it just takes a little nudge or a different viewpoint to understand how to let go of the anger...or at least not let it ruin your life.


Aaron Clarey is an author, ballroom dancer, economist, motorcyclist and minimalist.  You can purchase his books here and visit his consulting page here.


leeholsen said...

i agree with most of those, especially 5; if the govt is just going to ride anyone who is productive until they die; not trying to get some back is stupid.

cant agree w/ 2 and 5. you can try and achieve your desires still, youre chances of success are just less and 4 is just consumerism of the body imo. if men can learn to live without needing sex as much as possible; women have nothing on you and you can live according to your rules.

Robert What? said...

I finally realized what socialism really is: it is a way for the talentless ... the mediocre ... the unproductive ... to have high paying jobs and power over us. They have nothing worthwhile to offer, no products or services or useful information to create. The vast majority of government bureaucrats - even at the highest levels - could not command a tiny fraction of their compensation and perks in the private sector. Most would have careers where they'd be asking people "do you want fries with that?".

liberranter said...

Cappy, this might very well be your best offering to date. I'm forwarding the link to this to as many people as I can think of. A must read!

Marshallaw said...

I'm living in Ireland and see the growing influence of the EU i.e. socialism, creeping into everyday life. I was listening to the radio earlier and the chairman of the Law Society of Ireland was talking about the increasing numbers of people wanting to enter the law profession. He also talked about needing more lawyers as the EU was making more laws year on year. What does this say about freedom?

'Reality' Doug said...

I love wisdom.

sth_txs said...

I've been doing that government cheese part as best I can. Several years with the state doing the will of the Texas voters. A few minutes here and there before or after lunch hour, all day sick leave for a couple hours doctor appointment. Maybe a nap to sometimes. Same ignorant baby boomer Bolshevik douches as in the private sector.

I don't feel bad about it at all. I do what I need to do when required and go home.

Damian said...


TroperA said...

This post will be a classic. It's a prognosis for the country. I'm not sure whether to be happy that I was born during the last good time to be an American or whether I should be miffed that the world I'm going to be getting old in is changing in all of the worst ways.

It reminds me of the British Miniseries "I Claudius". There's a character named Antonia who starts out the series as a young girl but then has to watch as the country she loves is slowly destroyed by decadence. Her husband and son are murdered (by the Emperor's wife,) and her daughter and grandchildren become degenerates beyond hope as Rome itself sinks into depravity and promiscuity. Her grandson Caligula threatens to blow Rome up completely thanks to his insanity.

At one point Antonia laments: "I was born into a world of people. It's now become a kennel of mad dogs." What better way to describe modern day America?

(BTW, I'd recommend giving "I Claudius" a watch. You'll be surprised how similar Rome's degenerating royal family is to the narcissistic leaders of today...)

Anonymous said...

I bought 3 of your books today. just thought I would tell you that:


Those ones, getting dem shipped to Canada

Simian Browse said...

Great, great post, Cappy. And you are right to lay the blame at the feet of hippy filth. Sadly, my mom is one such person. Alone in a house full of cats, destined to be eaten by them when she eventually passes.

BTW, I bought your book 'Worthless.' I read it and gave it to my wife to read. After that it goes to my 14 year old who wants to be a chemical engineer.
Good stuff here, friend.

sth_txs said...

What needs to happen with public education is for it to become privatized.

At the least for a reform, education stops at 8th grade, and after that, you go figure out whether you should go to college or a vocational program, or just go work.

Besides, as single male, I resent paying property taxes to support what amounts to babysitting service for worthless parents and supporting an institution that has failed even the sorry state requirements and actually lowers my potential property value.