Sunday, July 13, 2014

Conservative and Libertarian Outfitter

Howdy All,

I'm a big believer that if conservatives and libertarians just simply consolidated their purchasing power and bought only from "conservative, libertarian, and pro-freedom" companies, then the rest of the companies in America (which go whichever way the wind blows) would stop bending over backwards and kowtowing to leftist causes.

Would you not like to see the elimination of every idiotic company's "CSR" department?
Would you not like to see the elimination of lip-service they pay to "diversity" and "community reinvestment?"
Would you just like to see a company that says, "We love America.  We love profit.  And we're not ashamed?"

Well, let's start right here and right now. 

I know a lot of you are outdoorsmen, hunters, fishers, and hikers.  I would very much appreciate if you would visit and patronize the outfitter for conservative and libertarians - DaWabbit.

DaWabbit has pretty much everything you need in terms of hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, survival, prepping and everything you're going to find at Cabela's.  Don't get me wrong, I love Cabela's, but I have to drive there and spend money on gas.  With DaWabbit you don't have to AND you know that 100% of your sales will go to support a conservative and conservative causes.

No liberals are employed by DaWabbit
No feminists are employed by DaWabbit
No American haters are employed by DaWabbit

It is 100% pro-American, conservative, and libertarian beneficiaries.

Let's keep the money in house and let's do it by starting with DaWabbit.


Anonymous said...

Your best endorsement yet

KurtP said...

Looks worthwhile, thanks.
Have it bookmarked and will order some things.

Problem is that it's really slow- don't know if it's from their pages or just massive hits from a Cappy-launch.

Peregrine John said...

This is good stuff. Nice to be able to buy from real people instead of... well, let's call them feelgood corporations posing as tree-huggers.

The site is pretty dang slow, though. They'll need to look into that soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Good idea!