Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Paypal, Not Patreon


Many people have asked, if not, insisted I put up a Patreon account so that people may support my work.

While I certainly appreciate it and I do take donations (as you never know when Google or Youtube or whoever is going to pull the plug and independent bloggers like myself, who really ARE the only source of true journalism and 4th branch of government left), Patreon is frankly a rip off.  They charge 10% of the donations while Paypal only charges 3% AND...

Paypal has "pretty much" the same monthly donation option that Patreon has.

ALL DONATIONS go 100% to me and my hedonistic lifestyle.  Well, not directly.  The donations actually do go to hosting costs which helps me generate income, and THAT income goes 100% to me and my hedonistic lifestyle.  However, my primary concern is if there ever is a concerted effort to shut me down (either by banning my sites, getting me banned by Amazon, google, YouTube, etc.) my income would dry up and I would then have to rely on donations (or be forced to go back to working in banking).

So if you were concerned, want to make sure I can remain independent, REMAIN HERE, and don't have to worry about going back to working in banking to make ends meet, consider signing up for a monthly donation option on my PAYPAL account.

You can either click on the cute pin up girl where it says "DONATE!" (for one time donations) or click on the icon below to become a MONTHLY "Patreon-equse" donor at varying levels:

Donation Options

Many thanks,

Cappy Cap


Trent Mason said...

While I find your asking for money in an honest way refreshing, I am surprised by it. I just re-read Atlas Shrugged and I just can't see your cyber-begging jiving with the way that book inspires me to live. In fact, I am as opposed to donating to you as you are to donating to the United Way. :)

Thane Eichenauer said...

Is it worth reading what he writes and produces? Then send him money. This IMO is hardly different from people that sell books or movies. We purchase insight and enjoyment with money. If I want more insight and more enjoyment from Captain Capitalism I will donate to his bank account.