Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"The Red Pill Bible"

A review I found very humbling:

I am a currently in my late 20s and discovered the red pill about a year ago after a bad breakup (typical right?). As I've stated in other reviews, I'm building a red pill library and have read every single book Roosh V has published, The Game, The Predatory Female, The Way of Men, The Manipulated Man, Men on Strike, The Rational Male, and Now Bachelor Pad Economics. I suggest you add all the books I've named to your library as they are all 4 or 5 star in what they aim to achieve. I will say that I previously stated that "The Rational Male" would be the 1 book I would purchase a friend If I could only pick 1 out of my red pill library....But then I read this book! I found out about Captain Capitalism aka Aaron Clarey and quickly watched all his Youtube videos over the span of a week and shared them with friends I knew would appreciate it. We all came to the same conclusion: Aaron Clarey is THE MOST UNPLUGGED MAN ON THIS EARTH! He's so unplugged that sometimes he's annoying because he's telling you truths you are not ready to accept. Bachelor Pad Economics is the most comprehensive book of any Red Pill book I've ever read (Though the other books are not necessarily attempting to be Red Pill Bibles). This literally is THE RED PILL BIBLE. Buy this book first if you are trying to unplug. Buy this first, then buy The Rational Male, Then buy Bang and Day bang from Roosh V then the others previously named and you will be a very smart and well rounded individual. My only complaint is not about this book but that I wish Aaron would advertise this book on Return of Kings or somewhere because if this book could touch 100,000 men or become a New York Bestseller (by some odd twist of fate) we as men could take this world back. Thank you Aaron Clarey for caring so much about other men that you took your time to comprise a 500 plus page book that will help men like myself reach our full potential. I'm forever indebt to you and best believe when I reach my level of success you as well as the other authors will receive a nice check in the male because the $9.99 price doesn't justify the invaluable knowledge you have given me.

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heresolong said...

Is it possible to watch all your youtube videos in a week? Are there that many minutes? Let's see, 7x24, carry the three, bridge conversion by 60, carry the seven, divide by pi squared (approximate using three)...

Oh well. I guess we'll have to take him at his word.