Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Nice Guy Game" < "Felon Game" < "Nazi Game"

I remember when me and my buddy went to the bar and tried different types of "Career Game" to woo the ladies.  There was "Lawyer Game," "Accountant Game," and "Student Game," but nothing beat "Felon Game."  Yes, that's right, when we told the girls we were flirting with that my friend was a felon and I was his lawyer, and I just got him released, the response was stupefyingly positive, if not outright giddy.   Felon Game HANDS DOWN beat every other type of game out there.

Ever since, I thought "Felon Game" was the way to go.  That's until I heard of "Nazi Game."


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cappy! You and Billy Chubbs have officially killed the last ounces of respect and faith I had in women.
What a slap in the face that must have been to the american soldiers.
What is a "nice guy" supposed to do? The more I learn about women, the more I feel like a patsy.
(I think from here on out I going to be the biggest nastiest sack of shit I can be.)

Damian said...

Huh, that's some news. Surprising even. Wasn't sure what to expect when I saw "Nazi Game" in the article title. There's really no warrant for such behavior.

Voice of dissent:

The average German soldier or laborer probably wasn't all that much of a monster. He was probably in a union, because they had unions for damn near every industry. He and his family had their rations. Life sucked ass in Germany for about 40 years.

Yes, men "just under orders" committed the holocaust atrocities, but who is to say that millions of westerners aren't ready to do similar things for the sake of hot meals and a warm bed? (IRS, Democrats, NSA, the surging interest in Racial Pride)

Not excusing these women succumbing to Nazi game, just suggesting that the average Nazi conscript wasn't the Mein Kampf maestro we like to think of them being.

TroperA said...

I'd heard that WWII was the time when the Sexual Revolution REALLY began. Young women went in droves to work beside men for the first time and women lost the supervision that kept their baser instincts in check. (This sexual revolution would have occurred even without the Birth Control Pill, as pregnancy rates skyrocketed amongst the working classes during and after the War. The only thing the Pill did was allow the Revolution to pass onto the upper and middle classes and into the pop culture at large, which happened right around the 1960's.)

Anonymous said...

Interesting article at ROK, but the last picture of the German soldier with the dead hanging woman is a known forgery by the Soviets. See:

People need to be more careful of their sources. Perhaps someone here who has an account at ROK (I don't) could comment and correct the issue.

Anonymous said...

One should read the comments so one can better asses the quality of this article.

I am admittedly a bit dissapointed in you, Aaron. One the one hand you spread your red-pill and men-enlightenmen beliefs when it comes to intersexual relations.

On the other hand you want to believe all this black and white, good allies / evil german Nazis bullshit and obviously favor the mainstream line of history.

Maybe the same people who fucked up the sexes are also responsible for WW1 and WW2 and a lot of other wars and atrocities.

Just take into account how the media, especially TV, shaped our societys view both of intersexual behaviour and of World War 2. And look at ownership of broadcasting networks in order to realize who it really is who wants to spread this beliefs.

We are sheep and if we let our butchers spread dissent among us we are doing their work for them as we did many times before.

The northern european people after all are all related to each other. Germans and English are both germanic tribes. We are brothers in fact but nonetheless we let ourselves be incited by third parties to kill each other and be manipulated into beliefs that the respective other party is the devil and evil itself.

Anonymous said...

women decide who breeds. women want the seed of a psycho/alpha and a beta bitch to raise the bastard spawn.

Civilization consists of
1. quiet doers
2. herd following idiots
3. led by psychos

Anonymous said...

Are women really that stupid as to really believe that your friend was a genuine felon and that you were his genuine lawyer ?

Or do they know it's a game and just play along knowing it's all fake ?

Anonymous said...

OT - but here's an article worth reading:

Australia's Wicked campervan company under fire for 'misogynistic, sexist' slogans

The slogan "In every princess there is a little slut who wants to try it just once..." was what set it off.

They previously got in trouble for "...fat girls are harder to kidnap".