Saturday, July 19, 2014

Respect the "Weasel Whiskey"

From Mr. Aurini who drinks the swill known as Wisers Weasel Whiskey:


Kristophr said...

Have it with a cigar.

Once the cigar rapes your mouth, you can't taste the difference.


Anonymous said...

I have a rule. I don't hold purses. In the event of a genuine emergency, I will retrieve a purse, if, for example, it contains the necessary insulin, snake venom, or epi-pen to counteract the emergency. In this case, the handle is wrapped around the purse and the purse carried like a football while running to the site of the drama.

Jane the Grad Student said...

No, he's only hiding the evidence of his compromise, in effect, adding one compromise to another. REAL "uncompromising" would have been A)handing it right back to her, or B) finding a way to own the move (either gay-and-fabulous or secure-in-his-masculinity could work here).