Wednesday, July 02, 2014




miforest said...

I agrre completely with his assertion that the collapse has already taken place. russia and china are claiming our abandon colonise(former allies). mexicans and central americans flaunt our border,our markets and economy are manipulated with printed money, and we are way past insolvent.

the media tells the all is well lie.

leeholsen said...

i second this. i was a long time conservative republican and it was real depressing to see the hand writing on the wall; but i've accepted it.

my advice now is those men who love the days of being macsuline, politically incorrect, have a beer gut, by women stuff and expect sex in return, want to go away with other guys and just drink and do other stuff, shoot stuff, etc; have about 5 to 10 years until those guys are no longer socially acceptable extreme in small towns in places like montana; so live up your manhood now.
i'm fully expecting my 10 year old nephews to listen to me in shock when i tell them i never had to go thru a 2 year study to determine if i was gay or straight and was able to eat whatever i chose.