Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Response to Librarians Banning "Bachelor Pad Economics"

My response to this is simple because the reality of this situation is simple:

If you want to "fight back" I suggest buying copies of Bachelor Pad Economics.  Already these librarians caused a little rumble on teh interwebz that has bumped up sales.  I would just like enough in sales to rationalize sending a thank you card to the librarian in a very smarmy and Cappy-esque manner.


Anonymous said...

I already had plans to buy the kindle version when my financial aid came in. Now I have the added bonus of pissing feminists off. (I think that should be a selling point on the amazon page.)
I would have thanked them for showing me a free sample of the book had they not closed the comments.

Glen Filthie said...

Well Cap the hell of it is this goes beyond censorship. You and your books are hardly offensive. I regard it as 'opinionated common sense'. And - if I have to sit and listen to some rat faced femc*nt shrew lecturing about white male privilege...or some corpulent harridan whine about 'fat acceptance'... there is no reason on earth that we shouldn't expose our kids to common sense like yours.
Fact is that shouldn't be a book that sits in the library - it should be issued as a hardcover curriculum text to kids in Grade 9 and 10 that are about to make the big decisions in their lives.
I disagree Cap. I think it IS a big deal, and one that really needs to be dealt with.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to become a billionnaire. I want to invent new technology, so advanced, that will make being a billionnaire obsolete.

Jones said...

Two words: private libraries.

Thank politically correct morons for making them a necessity again ...

(BTW, I'll buy what I fucking well want to have in my private library, and it won't be some hairy bollocks about "math anxiety", mind you.)