Sunday, July 27, 2014

Geeks for Consent - Feminists Invade Another Male Place

Interesting story.

While I am against groping and blatant acts of sexual harassment, not having geek girls dress in alluring geek outfits would kill any Comic Con convention.  ie - Comic Cons would end.

Now many would say that that wouldn't happen.  That just because groping and blatant acts of sexual harassment would be banned or socially ostracized, doesn't mean men won't show up with the original intention of doing so.

However, as is always the case, it's in the gray details where feminists operate.

Is cat calling at a convention with purposely hotly-dressed chicks harassment?
Is taking pictures of them also considered harassment?
What about having hot models on staff to parade and advocate new products?
What about a false claim of harassment? (because they never happen)

Well, as far as Geeks for Consent are concerned - yes.

At this point you are now starting to wonder what kind of people would ruin all the fun?

Yes, we don't want groping.
Yes, you don't want stalking.
And you do not want approaches when clearly shot down.

But NO Princess Leias??????
NO hot Nazi chicks auctioning off Wolfenstein - NWO???
NO various anime girls all dolled up???

You may as well ban leather chaps in Sturgis.  Who would advocate such a thing?

Well, let me answer this.


You see the three ladies who are launching this crusade I gander are first and foremost feminists and not genuine, true geeks.  If you read through their profiles their primary interest is a religious adherence to feminism.  Their degrees do not indicate geekery or anything IT.  None of them mentioned hobbies aligned with a Comic-Con.  And the ONLY thing that could be considered related to Comic-Con culture is one of them has an online comic.

While there may be a tangential and minority interest in geek culture, its obvious this is a blatant and obvious assault on a primarily male-institution in an attempt NOT to do anything as noble as prevent groping and make it more inviting to women, but rather to destroy it be making acceptable and inevitable behavior unacceptable and banned.  And in doing so ruin everybody's fun making others as miserable as they are.

I cannot convey enough how important it is that you understand that envy, jealously, hatred, and crusaderism (ie-ego) are the key drivers of modern day feminism.  And that you absolutely CANNOT take their stated intentions at face value as it is almost always 100% guaranteed to be nothing more than a ruse to hide their ulterior agenda. If you do, you misdiagnose the problem and let evil, despicable people lessen your life.


heresolong said...

I think their point is somewhat undermined by the fact that they started their article with a picture designed to pull in the geek male, presumably so as to increase their readership.

The Bechtloff said...

I think this is worth sharing here.

Matt said...

The local makerspace has started talking about implementing a "Code of Conduct" as suggested by a feminist. I told them that if they do, I will be leaving and telling all my friends to stay far away.

There's already been one member calling for the board to kick me out because of it.

Xtrasweettea said...

Comic Con has gone down hill ever since they decided to have a "Twilight" panel.

This video (a little lengthy and worth the watch) basically shows you how long you waste waiting, the average amount panels you will see, lost production due to waiting, money spent, etc. Basically Comic Con isn't worth going to unless you LIKE wasting time.

Trigger warnings: Teh Maths! Twilight Hate! Logic!

Anonymous said...

but... but... WIL WHEATON told us how important it is to be welcoming and accepting of everybody - especially sensitive girls - in a nice PC way!

Anonymous said...

Like most female causes, its motivated by the primal sexual resentments and jealousies of women. Those hot models in princess Leia outfits make the heifers look bad, and take away attention that rightfully belongs to the landwhales who are trying to squeeze into black canary costumes. Therefore the models must go!

Renee said...

Acceptable and inevitable? Boys will be boys?

Personally, I think whistling it's ok. Just nothing obnoxious and/or vulgar. It's just that...just because you see hot chicks doesn't mean that you HAVE to catcall. What's that point? Does it even work?

Now taking pictures? That's to be expected, especially if your cosplay is really cool. I do agree though that taking pictures of chicks bent over or something like that is wrong.

Robert What? said...

OMG - are you telling me there are half naked young women parading around like sluts being ogled by thirsty guys? Alert the media!

Monkey63 said...

An excellent opportunity for some serious Black Knighting. Just inform all the men that the cosplay women are not there for your pleasure but for their own. Therefore no man should talk to, look at and certainly not photograph any of said cosplay women. Indeed men should not interact with the cosplayers at all unless specifically invited to do so. Sit back and enjoy the resultant Hamster meltdown.

Jones said...

Vice already covered most of the reasons why SDCC sucks: