Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The State of Minnesota Destroys Aspiring Students' Dreams

By launching a lawsuit against two degree mills who advertise "Criminal Justice Degrees."

Oh, I know, I know, ADULTS know the state is actually doing something good here to protect the naive children, but since it's "been their dream" to major in "Criminal Justice" that's all that matters.  They're just getting in the way of these poor kids' dreams!


Anonymous said...

I live in Australia so this is news to me. News in the sense that you need a degree in the US to be a cop. Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

This is becoming the norm in the policer force, not only in the US, but around the world.

The police force provide a rather lucrative career choice, and with the shape of the economy, more people than ever before are applying for the police.

The police forces areound the world are now changing their hiring policies and are now after the very best candidates, thus becoming more difficult to get in the force.

More applicants now have degrees, and policing qualifications and are preferred than a school dropout.

That is the reality. The police is no longer a blue collar profession