Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book Babe #2

The next in a series of pinup themed babes helping advertise the book and boost morale here on Cappy Cap.

Like the pretty lady above you too can Enjoy the Decline!

And for all the libertarian and conservative beauties out there, free books if you're willing to pose with them.




Wombat Rampant said...

This is the downside of only having an e-book; not much PR value for one's book in having a babe pose with her Kindle.

A.B. Prosper said...

The babes are just getting better and better.

Kind of like the blog actually.

Well done.

leeholsen said...

WOW ! That's a hot image ! I used to see this russian chick that looked similar to her and if she read my book looking like that it just might kill me. a hot girl interested in your thoughts, now that's sexy today, just like it was 50 years ago and probably 100 years ago and 200 years ago.

Robert What? said...

If I buy another copy of the book do you think I'd have a shot with her? ;-)