Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Why You Want to Be Like Bill Burr

Bill Burr is no stranger to those of us in this little corner of the internet.  He is very likely the funniest comedian of our generation with an edge that speaks directly to us.  However, after being a fan of his podcast for coming up on two years now, I've realized that behind the public image he presents to us is a man of great accompishment that should be admired and emulated.

First, Bill Burr is humble.  If you listen to his podcast he's always ripping on himself.  Admittedly to be funny, but deep down inside this is not an arrogant man despite a track record that would certainly permit him to be.  He does not think himself better than any other person and is always looking to improve.

Second, he's always looking to improve.  Anyone familiar with his podcast knows he's always looking to come up with new material and improve the material he has.  Not that we'd all be comedians, but do you vette, criticize, strain and improve your own work, career, or profession to the level he does?  The man aims for excellence and it shows in the final product.  You should too.

Third, he's a hard worker.  Teaching ballroom dance I'm familiar with what it takes to drive every night through rush hour to teach for three hours a night, while effectively dancing the entire time.  The energy you get from the people in class keeps you going, but the travel, the scheduling, etc. is demanding and takes its toll.  Bill Burr, in addition to an even more rigorous schedule which includes flights, goes back home and then works on new material and he's been doing this since he was in his mid 20's.  Now add to all this his podcasts, recording, homeownership, taking care of the Lovely Nia, not to mention everyday chores you and I got and he's doubling the work week of the average American man.

Fourth, all this hard work inevitably pays off allowing him to achieve the true American male dream - independence.  Bill Burr answers to no one.  Yes he has to play nice.  Yes he can't offend managers at comedy clubs, but there is no boss in Bill Burr's life.  Bill Burr can turn down a sponsor to his show because he doesn't need the money and has enough employment security from other sources.  Very few men have this enviable position.  But then again, very few men are willing to work for it.

Fifth and finally, self discipline.  I envy Bill Burr because in addition to his hectic work schedule the man still is able to religious adhere to lifting weights, working out, dieting correctly, abstaining from booze for lengthy periods of time, not to mention pounding out a podcast REGULARLY AND RELIGIOUSLY every week.

I'm lucky if I bang out a podcast every 2 weeks, abstain from booze for 3 days, and go without Mexican food for a week. And I have nowhere near the hectic work schedule, and therefore excuse, that Bill Burr does.  To steal a quote from Bill Burr he often uses to criticize himself, "Ahhh, I'm such a fucking cunt."  But whereas such criticism would be called for for most of us, Bill Burr is actually one person the criticism doesn't stick.  The man just simply walks the walk.

Ergo, while we all like listening to Bill Burr for his comedy and ADHD-laden podcast, I suggest for any young man (or old) to look at just how much effort the dude puts into his career and life and inbetween jokes, pull some important lessons about effort, discipline, work, achievement and excellence.


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Peregrine John said...

Turning into a pretty good list, really.

Karl said...

Great post. I'm half way Burr's podcast from this week.

Agree completely: a weekly podcast is a huge undertaking. I hope he gets enough positive feedback to keep this going.

I can't comprehend the effort that goes into a comedy sketch. I hear him touch on this every now and then, but I think he doesn't share the whole story because he knows nobody would understand.

Anonymous said...

Been listening to him for about 7 years. If I said the shit he says, I'd be in jail. I love it that he gets away with it with a smile.

Joe Bar said...

You know Bill got married, right?


Keef said...

Big fan of Burr. I didn't know anything about him until Breaking Bad but he didn't even have much of a role in that program.

His comedy is so damn funny though.

Anonymous said...

He's got bananas in his pancakes!!!

What a fag!!!

Love Bill Burr.

Brother Ryan said...


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Bill's routine has gotten more liberal and he's a lot more smug these days. He kind of sucks too. Figures, he's still a masshole, ginger boy at hear.