Monday, March 11, 2013

Academian Rationalization Hamster

I'm beginning to believe, heck, I KNOW now that women will use their rationalization hamsters not just for romantic/social purposes, but pretty much anything.  The latest seeming to be they're using it to rationalize their desire to major in a subject that requires no math and is nothing more than a taxpayer-subsidized hobby...errr..."the liberal arts."

So here's the latest.  Another 20 something girl with a blog who offers nothing to society but her witticisms, but has no problem consuming the production and labor of men and STEM majoring women in the form of

the internet
Apple products
and..well...pretty much everything else.

In short she is saying, "I want to get paid to major in bunnies and flowers and I want the REST OF YOU to do all the work...Oh, and don't you DARE say I'm not an independent woman or stupid or immature!  I have moxie!  Didn't you read my latest column!?"

The Academian Hamster is strong with this one.


Tom in NOLA said...

No matter how many times you post shit like this, the fact remains that I have a B.A. in English, I'm 29, and I make more money than you.

Because I'm smarter and better looking than you, and my work creates more value for society than your shitty, hateful blog.

Peace out, Cappy.

Tom in NOLA said...

P.S. Deleting comments you don't like instead of responding to them in public is something a Commie would do.

Bob Wallace said...

That's a lot of words to admit she can't do math.

The Conservative Sociologist said...

This woman is in denial. I doubt her current situation (she said she's in graduate school to become a prof) is based as much on choice as it is on necessity. If you get a degree in something like Creative Writing, especially in this economy, you HAVE to get an advanced degree to become a professor because NO ONE ELSE WILL HIRE YOU. Doctorates are earned by people, who for the most part (that is to say not all), can't function well in industry- and it doesn't matter if it's a Ph.D. in Creative Writing or in Electrical Engineering.

After working in academia for the past few years, I've realized the hard way that it isn't what I thought it would be. It is fun to go into work and discuss important/interesting topics with students, but the culture and lack of opportunity/advancement are suffocating to me.

Also, the writer acts like without liberal arts, we'll all cease to function and people will stop reading or wanting to learn about various subjects.

Herr Wilson said...

Related awesomeness...

Anonymous said...

The problem with your whole line that people should just avoid liberal arts and study STEM is that some people just aren't that good at math, and never will be. Getting rid of liberal arts will make a college degree unattainable for the bast majority of students - which would be fine, except this isn't the 1950's, where someone without a degree could work in a factory. If we want to make education more practical, we need to reduce the social and economic costs of not having any.

sth_txs said...

I agree that as a program, the libtard arts are pretty worthless.

As an engineer, I would find value in a course or two on technical writing, maybe some sort of speech writing, and a drawing class, especially since most engineers have to design and should have an idea of spatial relationships and perspective. I wish I could have taken a drawing class.

I was glad I participated in extemporaneous speaking and debate in high school. I always received good marks on organization.

Anonymous said...

She's totally brainless. And there are liberal arts and then there are liberal arts. English is BS, "creative writing" (better a Masters in fly fishing than in creative writing) is subhuman.

The two best writers in English in the 20th century were, arguably, T.S. Eliot and James Joyce. T.S. Eliot studied philosophy at the doctoral level with the likes of Bertrand Russell, though he never submitted his thesis. Joyce took a varied program heavy in physics and philosophy at the undergraduate level. Neither ever studied English literature.

And so it goes. English Literature as a subject excludes anything which involves fact or reason. Hence excellent writers such as Bertrand Russell and David Hume are never studied in English. And, as I say, creative writing is subhuman.

Anonymous said...

There are some solid topics in the humanities (BTW the liberal arts before the modern era looked more like present days sciences and mathematics than the modern day humanities), and a solid STEM degree is good preparation for them.

Armerding said...

Actually I thought she made a pretty good case for the degree she chose, and seems to have a decent plan going forward for working and eventually having a career. She recognizes the challenges, and has laid out some of her alternatives. I have more issues with the "social worker" majors or those who grumble about how unfair it is that they can't find a job now that they have a degree.

I think you may have targeted her unfairly here.

aerodawg said...

I lost at least 10 IQ points reading the comments. Gotta remember not to do that again...

Captain Capitalism said...


In all truth I'm very happy you are working more than I am and making more money than me and at a younger age.

How else could I:

sleep in till 1030AM
play video games
eat out all the time

if it wasn't for people like you making more than me paying the taxes to subsidize my consumption of defense, roads, and infrastructure?

A SINCERELY and GENUINE "thank you!"


PS - you're not better looking than me.

Anonymous said...

Captain, it's "you're not better looking than I"
An English major would know that. I know you like pedantic peckerwoods. You're welcome :-)

She might as well major in bunnies and butterflies these days, really. Major in engineering, work your ass off through college, remain unemployed. I know far too many out of work engineering and science majors.

Psycho Economist said...

Liberal Arts is ANTI-STEM. Some of the principles taught in women studies are -

We don't believe in logic, or scientific method (experimentation, observation) at arriving at the truth. They are tools to oppress women, and women are not naturally attuned to them. We should look at alternate mrthods of arriving at truth, that is woman-friendly, like intuition.

Anonymous said...

I love people with liberal arts degrees (which, by the way, have diminished enormously in academic rigor with the democratization of higher education outside a few elite schools) who speak of the work done by people with science and engineering degrees as being just stupid trades, while reading some malcontent Latina lesbian helped them to become better people. Do you know where that mindset comes from? The history of the universities in Europe. You know a big difference between those schools and ours in the modern day? At those schools, the students were almost all the children of wealthy people who would never themselves have to work. They had serfs to do that. Do you have serfs? I don't, so I got an accounting degree.

Mark said...

What makes liberal arts degrees worthless is that there are just too many people with them. For every guy like Tom above making a lot of money, there's five other former English majors working jobs that don't require a degree (like waitress or Starbucks barista).
We just don't need as many as we have and the surplus has been created by government subsidization of liberal arts degrees and propaganda that everyone needs a college degree to get a job or be an educated person.

Cole said...

NA English Majors ALT?

Anonymous said...

Dear Capitalist blogger (I know, I am laughing, too) -

While I appreciate your honesty about the alleged impracticality that dogs "liberal arts," I have to admit, my only justification for living is derived from literature, philosophy, and... the whole gamut of liberal arts. Sometimes (you may have googled this), the liberal arts are referred to as the lofty "HUMANITIES."

Kind of a silly name.

O (look up the vocative), how I wish I could live and breathe in the delusional and intellectually vacant world you live in! Of course, I may have lucked out. I figured out something (math) that might be elusive to some, but at the end of the day, my career shares more camaraderie with a computer than with another human being.

Shame all you want; it's easy to do when you deny our literary/human heritage. Remember, however, that your sense of self is a privilege, one which you want to deny a generation and then some. I hope your children are forced to go through the dehumanizing STEM classes that I suffered.


Financially Stable, but Philosophically Lost

Anonymous said...

Check this out:

Or look up "A "Real" Grad School Ad" on youtube.

Kind of what you're talking about!