Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Get Sick, Get Pampered, Why Can't I Find Laces, and Special Ops Dachshunds

In this latest installment of "The Clarey Podcast"

Why Aaron can't find laces for his shoes at Target, how Marketing PhD's are behind the curve, "Special Ops Dachshunds - will they save America?" and how to extract the maximum amount of pampering and pity from women when you are sick.

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Anonymous said...

It is now march... Unless you delay posting these things.

Will Brown said...

About those laces you can't find; try these on for size. In the minimalist philosophy is "outlasts the boots" better than "costs X times as much as the alternative"? Either way, these will keep your footwear where you want it on your foot.

Steve said...

Haha, the most best (and most disturbing) impression yet, by far.