Friday, March 22, 2013

Feline Bigotry

Hat tip.


Dave said...

Long ago, my mother came home from a three-year stint in Europe, and the family dog jumped with joy to see her again.

When I went away for two weeks, my cats stayed with a friend who lived in a large attic. They loved exploring all its hidey-holes, and hardly noticed me when I returned.

Dogs bond deeply with specific people; cats love the one they're with.

Anonymous said...

OK. You wanna hate cats, here's your entree.

I lived in Saudi Arabia for 4 years. On the ground floor.

Agrub Scorpions. The brown ones will fuck you up, son. The black ones will put you in a hospital bed, screaming for the veterinarian from Pakistan who faps over getting a US Green Card.

I got 3 (three) cats. Brought them all back when I repatriated.

Do. Not. Disrespect. Cats.

The Egyptians worshiped them. The Egyptians built the pyramids. What the fuck did you build, monkeymeat? A fucking treehouse?

Personally, I'm a dog man, myself. Lots of love for German Shepherds. But I am not afraid of reality, and reality dictates that when all the humans and dogs are long dead, cats will still roam around, laughing at your stupid shit.

Own it.

Fred Z said...

Cats don't hate you.

They love you.

Especially your eyeballs, with a dash of salty blood.