Thursday, March 21, 2013

Adria Richards Fired


Here's the official statement.

You can "like" the announcement on facebook.

To all the ladies who think it's your right to not be offended in this world, please take note and stay out of other people's business.


Bob Wallace said...

Bring out the party favors! Maybe she'll learn to mind her own business.

Roy said...

Great news but, I fear some ambulance-chaser/huckster lawyer will see this as a "violation of her civil rights". I smell a lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

A well established pattern of behavior

Anonymous said...

" . . . they have reacted with startling vigor and venom."

Congratulations, manosphere men. You've reached people and are giving them courage and solidarity, even those poor, feminist-whipped betas at the tech conference. The bullies are being bullied back and they don't like it. They're bewildered that the masses are fighting back. They didn't see this coming.

Love it (and I'm a woman). We might just be witnessing the crumbling of feminists' stranglehold on discourse and behaviour. Hopefully the trickle becomes a landslide.

'Reality' Doug said...

Did the shriek win departing cash and prizes? The same oligarchy is in control. Groups of people are organic and must grow or die, certainly the parasitic variety. If this battle was actually won, the war situation still has to get worse to reset the population mix before things get better, IMHO. I still hope she's actually miserable in her unemployment, and more than me. :-)

Eric Mueller said...

I've never understood the "I have a RIGHT to not be offended" mentality. I get offended several times a day. Big deal. It rolls off.

I once heard a philosopher say that our moral language has become so handicapped, we think of everything in terms of a right. "I have a RIGHT to own a car!" "I have a RIGHT to use Facebook", etc.

Of course, any "right" that can be given can also be taken away, making it not a right.

Herb Nowell said...

I'm sure her feminist lawyer will make sure she has a settlement so large it bankrupts SendGrid.

As a former developer (before becoming a quant) I say to men in the field: this is your warning. The feminists are out to destroy Western IT. Find a new field or move overseas now before they get you.

Chuckles said...

I think she's uniquely positioned to *lose* a dismissal lawsuit due to her job title - "Developer Evangelist".

Hard to do any evangelizing when developers are scared to talk within earshot of you.

Bob Wallace said...

I don't think she'll file any lawsuit. Too many skeletons in her closet. She's the kind who can dish it out but not take it.

Anonymous said...

As visible in her photo, Ms Richards is also a Person of Melanin, besides being female.

As such, it's reasonable to speculate, she's spent her days from Head Start through college being convinced that she has a sacred right not to be offended, to construe most actions of pale-faced males to be offensive, and to bawl to the nearest authority figure when she imagines herself being offended.

teetoo labalaba said...

Is she employed now? I am sure no one will hire her as pr person but maybe she is doing other work. hR / admin?
Wal mart? Macdonalds? : )