Sunday, March 24, 2013

Latest Episode of "The Clarey Podcast" Available

Podcast 3-22-13
How cars are being progressively made more and more for chicks and how this will ruin cars.  Aaron also talks about who his favorite talk radio show hosts are, as well as explains "the early dark days before the Manosphere" and how men figured this stuff out on their own.  Show was heavily edited for quality purposes, however, you will DEFINITELY want to tune in at the 45:00 minute mark.


beta_plus said...

I agree with your luxury car statement ... but Beemers just feel so nice to drive.

Roberto Severino said...

This is becoming the best part of my week. Creating a funny, irreverent, but serious podcast and releasing "Enjoy the Decline" are the best decisions you've made this year.

ar10308 said...

As a serious car guy, I can tell you that what you are describing is called "Built to Lease". That is what most of their customers do with the cars. They essentially sell these cars as a subscription service. They are built so that everything will last to about the end of the lease and then start going wrong.

Also, I own a 2005 BMW 330xi with a 6-speed manual transmission that I bought with 55,000miles on the odometer. It looks so much better than the new BMWs. It doesn't have the iDrive bullshit, so the stuff that goes wrong on it I can usually fix myself. There are tons of DIY instructions and videos online and most of the tools are what you'd have in a normal Metric socket set. Remember, the car was designed to be put together on an assembly line of steps that took 15seconds or less for someone with a high school education and 2days of corporate training videos.
You mean to tell me that you aren't as smart as an average UAW worker?

BTW, I like that you used the 64kbs for the podcast. It doesn't sound any different at all, but takes up less space on my digital devices.

ar10308 said...

Oh, and DSC stands for Dynamic Stability Control. It works well to get yourself out of a oversteer condition. Most American drivers don't even know what the word "oversteer" means, let alone how to get into it or out of it. Most of these cars are sold in geographic locations where people have no idea how to drive in snow (Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and West Coast), so it will save lives because these people have no clue what they are doing in low-traction driving.
BMWs usually button that turns it completely, 100% off.

Oh, and I won't be buying a BMW newer than 2005. Since that point in time, their engines do not have normal Oil Dipsticks. They are now electronic sensors ONLY. Yeah, it's that bad.