Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When the Nazis Come Knocking Late at Night

"Let me be clear"

If any organization, be it public or private, sends agents or representatives to my door pulling off shit like this, the gloves are off, you've gone too far, and the true meaning of the second amendment will become very clear to you.

The reason why is that the next step is cattle cars, and I'm sorry, I'm not going down like my "technically" Jewish ancestors did in Germany.  There will be no subservience or "Arbeit Macht Frei" BS.

This is the most gentlemanly and western civilization warning you will receive.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely understand and agree. But I will note that the coercive organs of the State will always be able to muster enough force that any individual, family, compound, or whatever will be overwhelmed and the occupants killed. That is a fact. It may be the only honorable choice, but it is a choice with consequences.

So be it. The key that will be the turning point will not be only whether you stand when the thugs come. It will be what you do when they come for your neighbor, for the guy 3 blocks away, or the guy across town.

If resistance to State thuggery is the honorable and right path, it does not matter where the resistance takes place.

I won't do the quote here, because it is long, but in the first chapter of the book "GULAG Archipelago", Alexander Solzhenitsyn [who did 10 years in the camps] spoke what they most regretted. It was that even though they knew their fate, they hid in their apartments and did not resist when they came for everyone.

The full quote is here:

'Reality' Doug said...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for playing spelling-nazi, but it is spelled "Arbeit Macht Frei", not "Arbeit Macht Frie".