Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why It Will Remain a Boys Club

It's people like Adria Richards and her petty sense of an "umbrage-free" life that will cause more harm to women as her antics scare away any potential employers from hiring women in fear they will do PRECISELY what she did - go on a crusade first and foremost for her own ego at the expense of pretty much everyone else.  I mean, good god.  Taking pictures at a conference for a conversation you were not part of and REPORTING IT???? What nazi goose-stepping BS is that???  Are women the new East German Stasi???  I can only imagine the effects of a nanny-nazi-narcfest on employee morale and productivity.

Look ladies, if you can't handle boys being boys, and your skin is so fragile you're going to NARC on them, then you don't belong in IT.  You belong in HR.

For the Patron Saint's Name of Frick.



Aaron said...

No, the more feminists inject themselves into it the less productive it will be, because men will simply go Galt from the field.

Captain Capitalism said...

Right,and it will result in more companies that will remain below 25 employees because they're too afraid to hire women.

Hell, I know men who won't even start companies because of the regulatory headache and bullshit like this!

jaericho said...

Sounds like she is a bully.

I just came back from a tech conference. There were some women attending the conference and I can tell you it didn't make one iota of difference. Everyone was there for the conference (and the free booze at the customer appreciation party.)

This woman is a nosy bully that can't stand to not be the center of attention so she injects herself as the center and gets some poor schmuck fired. Classy.

The Conservative Sociologist said...

I know a couple business owners that won't hire women due to crap like this.

njartist said...

This is the second time I have read of such an instance. The first was when a co-ed wrote into an advice columnist complaining about a private conversation to men were having behind her: she did not like them talking about their weekend sexual conquests; she asked the columnist if the conversation was sexual harassment; and the columnist wrote yes and that the coed should report them in order to discourage further "harassment."

Anonymous said...

What a precious, fragile jewel of womanhood. I can't believe how much she sought to justify her passive-aggressive power-trip and tried to blow it up into an heroic act.

Reminds me of this episode in Canada's Parliament a few years back -- an offended female MP (from the socialist NDP party) made a complaint that a male MP (from the Conservative party, of course) was looking at "porn" on his laptop during a session of Parliament.

It was a picture of his girlfriend in her bathing suit.

Feminists give all us women a bad name. Sometimes I can't stand my own gender.

Dystopia Max said...

"She gave me no warning, she smiled while she snapped the pic and sealed my fate."

Woman is also black, what a gigantic and unprecedented surprise that she would spring this on a few unsuspecting white nerds.

Mike43 said...

Looking at her blog; she seems to be some type of tech consultant.

There's like 500 negative comments on her site; I had to leave before I puked.

Well, as this spreads, and it will, I'd like to see her billable hours in a year or two. I bet she's back to flipping burgers.

Anonymous said...

What do you make of this?

Phill Galt said...

Welcome to my Hell Cappy. About teab years ago, paused by my bosses office to eavesdrop on a female coworker throwing a temper-tantrum. Literally yelling and stomping her feet. What was she upset over? In her words "She was not getting the respect she deserved".

Fast forward ten years, when I catch another gal going behind my back to attempt to re-direct my charges. She stopped the moment I walked up, but the detonator had already been primed as I identified myself as someone unwilling to kow-tow. To try and relax the situation, I asked her a question related to her line of work. After rambling on for several minutes, she stopped then had a break down. Apparently, I was looking at her wrong. No really. That's what she called me on. She didn't like the way I was looking at her. Bear in mind the state of my face is never pretty, but that sort of thing is open to interpretation. Her shrieking fit was not. I spoke to her boss, and she avoided us for about a month.

Aint empowerment wonderful?

Aynsley said...

It makes one wonder when someone will sponsor a males-only conference so that men will not be subjected to a hostile environment.

Anonymous said...

I can see the future and it's bleak:

Bob, in 11 months: PyCon 2014 is coming, should I go? Wait, wasn't that the conference where the guy made the joke and the girl took his photo and he lost his job? Scratch that, I'll browse StackOverflow.

Hank, in 11 months: You know, boss, this PyCon conference you want me to attend, I think we should give Jane, the web designer from art school, that trip; we wouldn't want people to call us sexist, always sending male engineers...

Ted @ PyCon 2014: Guys, let's meet at Applebee's after this session, but no women or we might lose our jobs. Pass it around but be careful.

Bill @ PyCon 2014: Applebee's at 7, no women so our jobs will be safe, pass it along.

Jane @ PyCon 2014: Where are all the men? Sexists.

PyCon 2014 organizers: Strange, we have all these sessions on gender sensitivity in the Python community and for some reason the conference is empty. We need more sessions telling men what sexist pigs they are; let's cancel the "Parallelizing Python over Geographically Distributed Computing Centers" workshop and substitute seminars by Amanda Marcotte and Anita Sarkeesian on sexism in technology.

PyCon 2015 organizers: The PyCon 2015 conference will be held over GoToMyPC.

Hillary Clinton, talking at TEDx-SiliconValleyWomen 2016: We see from the PyCon example that as soon as women enter a formerly male-dominated area, men close ranks and exclude the women. That's why when I'm president I'll mandate a 60% quota of women in all programming and engineering jobs and require women's salaries to be at least 20% higher than those of men in the same job. For fairness.

Indian Institute of Technology class of 2017 computer science graduates most common complaint: I can't make up my mind with all these offers I'm getting for Python programming jobs in the Bangalore offices of all these American corporations.

Python developers, in 2020: you know, guys, what we need is a good old-fashioned conference. We used to have them, but for some reason they stopped in 2016.

Enjoy the decline!

James Wolfe said...

I worked with a woman, graphic designer, I'm a software developer. We also worked together on a website of hers to sell some hand made crafts. She posted some profile pics of herself on her Facebook page her husband took. They were kind of blurry and grainy, obviously the wrong shutter speed for the lighting conditions. Being her friend, or at least I thought we were, I jokingly said don't you have any better pictures of you than that? You're much prettier than that in person. She was offended by that. And a week or so later she left the company. The only reason she was working there was to stay long enough to get healthcare and accrue vacation time so she could get pregnant and not have to work the rest of the year. She didn't announce she was leaving til her paid time off was over. We never spoke again.

Now I keep my distance from all female coworkers. If you're nice to them they take advantage of you and if you say something wrong they are offended and might try to get you fired. Screw that! They're not worth it.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being sexist and racist, the most useless and incompetent people in my company, (due to affirmative action) are black females. It is very much true.

BTW, my team (yes, I work in IT) has a majority of women and they can be just as raunchy as the boys.

It's just damn tough to be a gentleman...

Acksiom said...

Today's Tweet:

Why are Adria Richards' poow poow pwethiouth feeeeewingth more important than another woman's children's best interests? #BecauseShesFeminist

Anonymous said...


Thought you and your readers might enjoy the following links:

Anatomy of Female Power

Must read. The author is Nigerian with Western academic credentials (Ivy League math and philosophy, IIRC). The book is long out of print.

Myth of Female Maturity Parts 1

and 2

Twenty said...

F*ck Adria, f*ck SendGrid (her employer), f*ck PyCon, and double-f*ck PlayHaven.

No engineer should have any truck with any of them.

* For the record, I <3 Python. But, again, f*ck PyCon until they get their collective heads around the concept of free speech. Their "code of conduct" is completely unacceptable, as was their harassment of the eeeeeevil mens who reportedly offended the sensibilities of this delicate flower -- I mean strong independent wymyn.

Stefan said...

In the comments she said she didn't ask them nicely to quit because she didn't want anyone to 'deny her experience'.

That she would go around the place using phrases like that tells me she's not smart enough to interpret her own experience correctly.

And the tone of the article clearly shows it's more likely she bitched at these guys not because they were doing anything that was actually anti-social, but because she wanted to feel good about being a crusader. Maybe she doesn't have much else in her life to feel good about if thats the case.

And she obviously doesn't appreciate good humor. :)

'Reality' Doug said...

The Womanized IT is thus:

"My career began in Los Angeles, where I played professional beach volleyball. Then I went to graduate school for English. During that time I learned HTML which allowed me to get a job at Ingram Micro, a Fortune 100 company, managing their web site."


The penetration of woman sociality (packism) is complete:

"Many fields that used to be havens for loners, like programming, increasingly require exceptional people skills. 'The jobs that are staying in the United States are those that require regular touch, face-to-face contact with clients or a manager,' says Erran Carmel, chair of the Information Technology department at American University. The people landing those jobs have great social skills because of the difficulty of 'managing teams that are distributed across cultures.'"

These broads think they are talented or something in The Decline. They have superior Sheeple Skills(TM). lmfao

Anonymous said...

There's hope, yet:

"Effective immediately, SendGrid has terminated the employment of Adria Richards. While we generally are sensitive and confidential with respect to employee matters, the situation has taken on a public nature. We have taken action that we believe is in the overall best interests of SendGrid, its employees, and our customers. As we continue to process the vast amount of information, we will post something more comprehensive."


Anonymous said...

There's hope, yet:

"Effective immediately, SendGrid has terminated the employment of Adria Richards. While we generally are sensitive and confidential with respect to employee matters, the situation has taken on a public nature. We have taken action that we believe is in the overall best interests of SendGrid, its employees, and our customers. As we continue to process the vast amount of information, we will post something more comprehensive."


Eric Mueller said...

She's been fired apparently:

I rarely click "Like" on Facebook, but I'm going to "Like" that one.

unix-jedi said...

lelnet said...

One tip, though:

Try to remember this incident, the next time you go off on a rant about hiring managers who want to determine whether a candidate will "fit in with the team". That's basically just HR-safe codespeak for "won't do what this crazy woman just did...might not laugh, but won't go bugnuts crazy and launch a crusade against other people's jobs the first time something happens that they don't like".