Thursday, March 28, 2013

Who Employs Warren Kinsella?

Because I'd like to know who would employ such a person who seems to make a career out of defamation?


Glen Filthie said...

Pay attention, you will not see this accurate and objective assessment of the man anywhere else:

Warren Kinsella was a fart catcher for ex-Canadian Prime Minister Jean-Poutine Cretin (known as 'Screwface' to Canadians coast to coast). He was a liberal wonk in Screwface's circle of corrupt socialist scum.

Today he is largely considered a dangerous clown. Kate at Small Dead Animals and Kathy Shaidle at 5 Feet have hung some hilarious wedgies on him - but they are very careful about it because our judiciary is infest with liberal girly men just like Kinsella and he knows how to use them. A few bloggers have had to give him some phony apologies but that's about it.

His idiocy is largely responsible for the spanking of our hated Human Rights Commissions - and the contempt with which the Liberal Party of Canada is now regarded.

Eric Mueller said...

I've never quite figured out how people like that can "earn" a living. I always figured somebody else is picking up the tab for their existence, like Engels did for Marx.

Anonymous said...

He's a dinosaur from the old days when he and his ilk had a monopoly on the news and the only way Canucks could get any info was from the heavily biased CBC (your NPR) and he never got called on his viciousness. Men like him have run Canada since the '60s. I think it's changing now.

robins111 said...

Its frequently funny to watch Clone-silly, trying to be relevant in Canadian media.

His desperation to try to make the liberals a political party again, are likened to the obsession, some children have with digging in their diapers... with largely the same results.

robins111 said...
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pier quinze said...
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