Friday, March 29, 2013

Road Trip Linkage

I predict the term "Affirmative Action" will achieve the pejorative tone in due time similar to "short bus."

The Canadians also have liberal arts majors.

Dal explains why men aren't responding the market price signals.

After 44 years of marriage we divorced.  I consider it a successful marriage..Oh, BTW, Castro is great!

Ehhh...I don't want to mess with Kate.

Danny interviews Aurini about how economics delves into post nuclear war!


Roberto Severino said...

I can't even have a sense of privacy in my own room with my mother refusing to politely knock at the door first, so I yelled and insulted her as a response. She's now using the whole dorm situation as a way to blackmail me and I honestly can't take this anymore.

Maybe your links will help calm my anger and frustration down. My mom's out of her mind.

Mark said...

I like it how Dalrock explains that men actually ARE responding to market price signals. Men are starting to understand that the changes caused by the welfare state, divorce court judges, affirmative action and the feminist brainwashing of women makes getting a good education and working hard a suckers game for most men. It doesn't lead to respect in the community, promotions at work, or marriage to a good woman. The men who continue down the same traditional road of sixty years ago are the ones who aren't responding market price signals.

WhiteKnight said...

44 years and divorce is a successful marriage? What a very strange list of criteria for success she must have been using.