Monday, March 18, 2013

Your Bank Account Is Safe

Do not buy a motorcycle.

Do not buy silver.

Do not buy that shapely AR 15.

You will obey.

You will conform.

You will keep your finite life's seconds of life in the form of dollars in the US banking system.

You will Obey.

You will conform.

All is safe.

You are a racist if you dare to have a thought otherwise.


heresolong said...

I have three motorcycles, lots of silver, several assault rifles, and nothing in the bank. Life is good!

Anonymous said...

Banksters know no bounds

Claudius_II said...

Actually I'm not so sure it's safe. As you may have heard Cyprus is considering a "one-time" tax of 10% (9.9% actually) on bank accounts over 100,000 Euro and a lesser tax on smaller accounts (3 or 4% I think).

This would be a wonderful way for our Gov't to balance the budget meanwhile maintaining much needed services to all those worthy individuals requiring relief & assistance.

Aerodawg said...

Im thoroughly convinced the only thing stopping such shenanigans in the us is the laziness of the knuckleheads in charge. Its much easier to rob us on the sly with the printing press than to do it overtly.

tweell said...

Eh, savings and checking accounts are nothing against 401k accounts in the US. That's where the real money is. Argentina nationalized all of theirs, our government would happily do the same.

Cove Pontin said...

i was wondering how long it would be before you found this story. that didn't take long at all.

R7 Rocket said...

If the corrupt authorities decide to confiscate your savings and brokerage accounts, then its time to convert them into an AR-15 and tons of 5.56 x 45mm ammo.

Chris said...

Well, it is a good time to buy camera lenses, silver and good stereo equipment.

But it is always a good time to buy camera lenses, silver and good stereo equipment.

V10 said...

I keep thinking about George Carlin's bit about the American Dream (easily found on youtube, about 3 minutes long).

The most worrisome part is that they're not even trying to hide this pillaging too deeply. I mean, in months past there'd be a whole scheme in place to put themselves at arms length and give plausible deniability. Not to mention a layer of economic and financial bullshit 6 feet deep to obfuscate what the hell is even happening. Now they're taking the money without hiding it. "It's a, hmmm, a tax. Yeah, a tax. I mean, a one-time-only levy. Yeah, trust us, we'll never do this again. Also, this is about fighting terrorism. I mean, Russian money laundering." By years end, it'll simply be "Because we can", and that's if they still deign to address the public.

They've gone from quietly picking pockets to mugging in broad daylight. Next is killing you without warning and looting your corpse.

Twenty said...

Gotta disagree about the applicability of Cyprus to the US. Cyprus is in the euro, so if the gov't needs to steal money, it's got no option but to out-n-out steal it.

In the US, we can just print that sh*t. So the theft is hidden as inflation. Much less controversial, much harder to understand.

In completely unrelated news, I see the Fed has another round of QE going. Apparently they're buying $45B in gov't securities a month (on top of $40B in MBS each month). Neat!

Anonymous said...

I hope claudius simply forgot the /sarc tag, lest we conclude he's an utter friggin moron.

Positive Thinker said...

Australia isn't far behind:

Our female Prime Minister (the one responsible for the Australian equivalent of VAWA) has taken our economy from $100 BILLION budget surplus to $10s of billions deficit.

To try to counter the bleeding, she's raiding inactive bank accounts, hoping to get $750 million in the lead up to the next election so she can claim "she's capable of running the country". Little hint: she isn't!