Thursday, March 21, 2013

Andy Yang is Your Problem, Not Adria Richards

If a whiner, tattle-tale or NARC goes to the authorities and the authorities can easily identify her as a tattle tale, real leaders will dismiss the tattle tale as childish, stupid, and irrelevant.  If you're spineless and lack any kind of leadership or wisdom, you give the tattle tale power and kowtow to her demands.

The truth is, if the people at PyCon and Andy Yang had ignored Adria Richards for what she was (a NARCy little whiner) none of this would have happened and the true loser (Adria Richards) would be left to wallow in her self-absorbed pity and self-forced-perceived "injustice."

Instead, kowtowing to political correctness, affirmative action, and spineless corporate "leadership," Andy Yang fired somebody who shouldn't have been fired and tarnished the reputation of his firm Playhaven.

Now, it will be very doubtful if any male (who account for not only the numerical majority of IT talent he needs, but highly skilled talent) will work under Andy Yang. whether at Playhaven or not.  They will search his name and say,

"Oh yeah.  That guy.  The one without a spine and who will throw me under a bus for something as childish as a NARC.  No, I think I'll take my Masters in Computer Engineering elsewhere."

The good news is that this story has a happy ending.  The villain (Adria) got fired.  Her accomplice (Andy Yang) is exposed for the spineless Igor he is.  PolyCon's reputation with males is shattered and will want to seriously reconsider how much they want to open the floodgates to feminism.  And I'm pretty sure the young man who got fired will be picked up by a less-politically correct, and more profit-oriented firm.

The lesson to pull from this is for all you executives and bosses out there to not give teeth to such worthless vermin as the Adria Richards of the world by being spineless wimps and bending over backwards for faux harassment complaints.  The cost is the people who really matter - us adults who are sick and tired of walking on eggshells worrying about when the next power-tripping, egomanic, entitlement-minded brat is going to eavesdrop and file a complaint.

You want to talk about a hostile work environment?  Well then you just keep kissing the asses of the Adria Richard's of the world.


Anonymous said...

I think he did open the gates. Too bad they were holding back a wall of effluent and he and his business were in it's wake.

Is there any saving face with him and his company?

Anonymous said...

I agree mostly.

And while I find Richards' behavior reprehensible and closer to firable, I don't think her boss did the right thing either for similar reasons.

Granted, she initiated it, but the takeaway is that he doesn't support his employees and will fire them pretty quickly.

Anonymous said...

She is bascially a sales rep with a cute techy/geeky title on her business card. EVERYBODY in sales knows that you cannot openly, in public, p!$$ off current or potential future customers.

When customers treat you like crap, you smile and say charmingly, "Oh my, that was a DELICIOUS shit sandwich! ...could I please have ANOTHER one?!"

If the customer is being crude or 'offensive' in some way and you're in sales, tough! ... man up, those "offensive" customers are paying your wage!

Sooooo happy to see this whiny drama queen get the boot!

Spoos in August said...

Richards had become a huge liability; somebody was DDOSing SendGrid for most of the day until the announcement came out. For an email delivery company, that doesn't look good.

I agree, however, that Playhaven had a chance to ignore the histrionics, and tell Adria to calm down. However, with Anita Sarkeesian and her manboob sepoys targeting the "sexist" tech and gaming industry, it's not surprising that they flinched.

It's too bad more nerdily-inclined men don't have the balls to stand up to women. If they did, socially unacceptable hobbies or no, they'd likely get laid more often.

Anonymous said...

You don't ignore her. You fire her, make sure everyone in your industry knows why, and put a permanent moratorium on hiring women for positions any more critical to your organization than the woman who comes in after hours to clean the bathroom. You know, jobs even feminists with Masters' degrees in lesbian poetry can't screw up.

Anonymous said...

You just wrote my mind, sir. Perfect. Andy Yang is a pussy, a manboob, and is obviously not cut to be a CEO - he lacks the metaphorical balls, for sure, and maybe the physical ones too.
I don't know much about US laws, but couldn't the guy who got fired sue Adria and/or the company?

Take The Red Pill said...

"...put a permanent moratorium on hiring women for positions any more critical to your organization than the woman who comes in after hours to clean the bathroom. You know, jobs even feminists with Masters' degrees in lesbian poetry can't screw up."

You wanna bet??

Anonymous said...

Huzzah! That stupid, pathetic nosey twit deserved to be fired for getting a father of 3 terminated.

But I gotta ask you captain - what sort of comments do you think ARE worthy of reporting and getting upset about? Explicit racial slurs? Threats of violence or assault?

I'm just curious as to what you think of as being worth calling someone out on.

Dystopia Max said...

Adria Richards was only fired because Anonymous, one of the more reliable leftist terrorist/propaganda groups out there, went off script and off-narrative to directly attack her employer. They and others in the tech sector have had free reign to ignore the Feddle Gubmint's laws about racial and gender parity-in return for supporting the Democratic machine with cash, cash, cash.

It would be premature to call this development a 'happy ending' until Adria exhausts all her media resources, the fired programmer is reinstated, and the laws that enabled the tech sector to rise so meteorically are applied to all Americans.

What's actually likely to happen is a large "real" media blitz against those 'Anonymous' types, along with those in government who were previously paid or told to overlook them being unleashed against the offenders, and against such AMAZINGLY non-diverse tech companies like Google.

There is no true happy ending until Adria the Witch is dead and all of Diablo's works are destroyed.

Anonymous said...

You know, I have been thinking a bit bout this. From her, but you're a thing, to what the hell was so bad to flip out like that on these dudes for?

Plain and simple, I think she had some shitty things happen to her in the past; like rape, incest or some shit like that. Not that this gives u a pass to fuck up peoples lives by a longshot.

I come to this conclusion because, she is really a very, very beautiful woman! I mean she is downright gorgeous! But she's single? If she were lesbian she'd be out or married to a woman (since she is from L.A.).

Every guy knows that if a woman is fine as she is, and a nerd and single, it's a scientifically proven fact she is a nut job. Although this is putting it harshly, I hope she gets some help with whatever demons are troubling her, since it aint the SW guy at the conference.

Furthermore, why the fuck didn't you do that shit to the guy talking about shaved trim under the table? That was some well over the line shit, that would have almost been understandable, almost.

Feel sorry for her; she must live a horrible life. But I feel for the guy who got fired much more.

Unknown said...

It takes both Andy and Adria to make the problem in the first place. Either one without the other is a harmless crank.

GuyfromNJ said...

If these two guys were big hunky ALPHA males, you think she would've reacted in this manner? Remember, women hate when beta males go off script, and feminists make damn sure that those beta's go back in their box. An alpha can make tons of sexual jokes, rape, do drugs, steal, harass, go to prison, etc etc..but that is ok, because he is alpha and is allowed to get away with it, and to top it off, she will give it up for no charge! So the story was, a beta stepped out of there box, she got mad at that, and most likely proceeded to find alpha cock later that night. Remember, alpha fucks, beta bucks, do not be that beta in any circumstance!

Gattone said...

Well, it seems to me that Andy Yang fired the guy because of the first mob, who was started by Adria Richards when she posted that picture with her comments on Twitter, where she has 10000 followers or so.

He chickened out, and tried to limit the PR damage. Which in turn proved to be the spark for the second mob, against Adria and Sendgrid.

The lessons for me: (1) don't hire political crusaders in PR positions, especially when they're also idiots. (2) Straight white men provide the least risk for the company... as long as you keep them from interacting with "protected" classes. (3) Clarissa hates me :)

Anthony said...

Dystopia Max - when part of the left goes after another part of the left over *ideological* reasons (and not just personality conflicts), we should encourage the side who, in the instant case, is on the right.

So thank you, Anonymous, for getting Adria Richards fired.