Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dealing With Leftist Sibblings

Part 3 of "Confessions of a Worthless Degreed Person."

Our guest, Jorge Gonzales, continues sharing with us his college-age experiences, this time talking about dealing with his leftist sister.  His sister, older than him, mocks and ridicules him for having conservative thoughts, and even the simplest of things like asking "what are you going to do with that degree."

Making this podcast special, however, is of course the Captain's favorite topic - HORSES!!!


Phoenix said...

You don't even need a degree to get into something like internet marketing. There's no reason to go jobless for 6 years, start at McDonalds and work your way up.

Roberto Severino said...

That sounds exactly like me! Whoa!

Older sisters love their social democracy (aka free stuff gained by voting in politicians who would have otherwise been unemployed in the real world with their worthless college degrees). I think it's time to start calling what the leftists believe in social democracy rather than outright totalitarian centrally planned socialism. I think that's what Hayek was warning about in The Road to Serfdom. I read part of it the other day and that's the impression I got from it.

Let's call the people who want a Sweden or Norway like welfare state with a certain degree of "capitalism" and privatization the social democrats and the ones who praise Hugo Chavez and Castro the democratic socialists. I sort of realize there's a difference between the two. Anyone who praises North Korea is an outright communist or a Maoist.

Unknown said...

"Leftist Sibblings", I like that new word you've coined. "Sibbling" could be the gerund form of a new verb "to sibble", a combination of "simper" and "wibble".

For example, "I'm disgusted at the illiterate and emotional sibblings of my leftist relatives".

It's a keeper.

Ghost of 503 said...

Pick them up and give them a swirlie in the Fountain of Truth. My sister was a redstribute-the-wealth-tax-the-rich-more type until she got her first job. It was then solidified when she moved out and started seeing the severe excesses of the welfare system.