Monday, March 18, 2013

Roosh Enjoys the Decline!

Roosh is enjoying the decline!

Why aren't you?


Anonymous said...

There are a few points made against your thinking. Some comments are quite bitter in fact. Maybe you should address a few points, especially Roosh's.

'minimalism doesn’t make the vagina wet. He already has a girlfriend, but for men trying to get laid, you need modest income to access women, go on dates, and provide a comfortable bed where sex can occur. I think he understands that with passages like this…'

Some of the comments are pretty harsh too

Captain Capitalism said...

Roosh is right, though it doesn't disqualify what I say.

The larger issue is whether women are going to rule your life or not. If you want to chase women for your entire life, then yes. Roosh's comments are very accurate and true. If you want to live your own life, then why are you concerned about what women think.

As for the other economic arugments/comments, I can largely dismiss them because they are ill-informed.

Sebastos Robert said...

"It is an internal cancer that is eating away at our beloved nation [...]"

Sometimes it seems to me like you have a soft spot for Socialism; only, the conservative variety!

roosh said...

Yes I was also surprised at some of the negative comments on the review. It seems there is an emotional reaction to libertarian thought.

Mark said...

"It seems there is an emotional reaction to libertarian thought."

And libertarians have a reaction to emotions replacing thought. Captain Capitalism and Roosh complement each other nicely. You can leave the country to get away from American women as Roosh suggests or you can stay in the country and just forget about American women and occupy your time here with other pleasures as the Captain advocates. Both strategies work. You can even alternate one with the other.