Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Captain Goes "Full Monty"

From Instapundit:

Short of going the full Clarey, it is prudent to think of places to put your money where it will be harder for the looters to get at: Paying off debt, educating your kids, hard goods that you’ll enjoy, etc.

I like that.  New economic phrase, "The Full Clarey."  Defined as "when you really go off the deep end, give up on everything, and pound down the Rumpie while driving your Ninja at excessive speeds."


Anonymous said...

Nice linkage on Instapundit!

Now about more of those places looters can't steal it...

they've been stealing it all along through the magic of qualitative easing - essentially a pernicious and insidious tax on us. And then make you feel good with misleading bunkum about how the DJI is at a new record.

It's getting very deep indeed.

Anonymous said...

How about really going full monty, in the sense of the British movie? :D
That should raise you a few dollars.

Elusive Wapiti said...

From Insty's comment:

"The real concern is that when you get productive citizens thinking this way, you’re already a step further down the road to a third-world psychology, which is not conducive to economic growth."

Exactly. I've been in a couple of third-world hell-holes, and the unifying threads between them are dirt, disease, a weak rule of law, pervasive violence, a lack of future-orientation, and the universal belief/tendency to "grab what you can now, because it may not be there tomorrow".

In fact, I daresay that all these conditions are symptomatic of the weak rule of law, without which the society tilts toward Hobbesianism pretty quickly.

Aynsley said...