Friday, March 01, 2013

Enjoy the Schadenfreude!

From a reader, she will be added to the schadenfreude list!

On a side note, the comments are not just priceless, but I think they answer my philosophical question:

"If a hamster hits the wall, does it even know it?" (I believe it is in the later third of the podcast)

The answer is no.  It is very much like the dismembered knight in Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail.


Reluctant Paladin said...

Why is a chubby 40 year old woman giving dating advice?

Reluctant Paladin said...

The best part though is when she boasts about being "Married for life". As a 40-something! Its hilarious. Thats how we'll return marriage to a lifelong committment. Ladies, don't get married until you can feel menopause breathing down your neck.

Anonymous said...

There are people whose suffering is good to see, but more and more I feel like the manosphere is degenerating into relishing the suffering of others for its own sake. We're better than that.

Captain Capitalism said...


Normally I'd agree, but not with these women. They brought it on themselves and all the bullshit I had to tolerate dating these women will never be forgotten, nor forgiven. I am going to enjoy the suffering of these women until I'm dead.

Unless you suggest engaging them in constructive debate in hopes of "saving them", which I believe they are beyond. So the only other option I see is highlighting them, shaming them, and laughing all the way to the bank. THAT is actually the only way they will ever turn the corner.


Anonymous said...

Different annon here but reading your response to the first annon....
You'd normally agree, but you are so bitter from bad experiences in your youth that even into middle age the hate keeps you warm. I'll assume this is intended to be ironic allegory.

Captain Capitalism said...

Who says I'm bitter or angry? Who said anything about hate? I just like seeing people get their just desserts. What is it with the lefty softy types that want people who have been violated to "just forgive and forget?"

Hey Jews, forget that whole Nazi thing and embrace them with open arms!

Hey, Americans, ignore that who radical Islam thing and embrace them!

No, i'm sorry. I'll move on in life, but i won't forget. And yes, I am going to continue to enjoy watching these women get what they wanted.

Black Poison Soul said...

God, the hamsterbation in that article and its comments is just about enough to make you puke. I noticed too that the woman depicted in her article was young (same for the other links, which I followed out of morbid curiosity).

Schadenfreude for the win, the hamster never dies and just zombifies - like dead banks that are still walking.

I'm with you Cpt, definitely enjoy watching these women get what they wanted. Watch them choke it down. Enjoy their Eat, Pray, Cat moment.

GuyfromNJ said...

Hey Captain, long time lurker, but this sad sad story had to make me comment (btw I was in South Dakota last summer, thought of hitting you up, but figured you didn't want strangers just popping out from the woodwork)

But back to the topic...this is just sad... these large, bloated, expired women are given new found hope because a fellow bloated, expired woman found a beta sucker to be her man. It is safe to assume that some of the women who posted in comment section were not carousel riders, but are clearly imbeciles. They wait till they are older, slower, fatter, and more boring to actual settle down!? and they complain about the men not committing?! They just hate, hate, hate the fact that a man isn't biting at their cankles like they might have experienced in their younger years.Moral of the story, Steve is was/is alpha, and her new man is a schmuck, and she has no respect for her current man.
These women are delusional, the same type of of women who go on fabulousssss vacations to dumpy parts of the world, while scarfing down lean cuisines. If these women were EVER, and I mean EVER serious about finding a partner, they should've done it in their prime, 25-29, otherwise 100% of women over age of 30 cannot be taken seriously for partner/marriage material since they failed a basic part of life, using their youth and femininity to find a partner. This article should be shown to young women asap so they do not go down the same road as these fools.

Ulric said...

"Oh no! Someone in the manosphere said something mean!"

Toughen up kids.

Johnycomelately said...

From 18 to 40 is 22 years, it doesn't take 22 years to scratch an itch.

Now that their 'fabulous' friends are off the shelf and partnered they have no social circles and look for a chump to save them from their predicament.

jso said...

if someone could build an engine that ran on these hamsters, we could visit the uncharted reaches of the universe.

stocktonseeker said...

not to be too critical, but you should have put up a looks warning.

Mutnodjmet said...

That advice goes both ways. Men also make choices that are not good for them.

Mutnodjmet said...
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Mutnodjmet said...

INSIGHT TAILORED TO MEET THE NEEDS OF BOTH GENDERS: Many of us at various times in our lives fall for those who are not good for us. We do it for many reasons. We’re attracted by all sorts of whacky things, and can make bad choices. You need to like and respect yourself enough to expect from a partner the happiness and adoration you deserve. Until you find that person, thank those who reject you, dump you, and disappear. They have provided you essential clues to the changes you need to make and given you the time to make those adjustments.

Take The Red Pill said...

Mutnodjmet: "...That advice goes both ways. Men also make choices that are not good for them."

THAT is much too true, Mutnodjmet! There are too many men in this this present misandric, fem-centric culture that make the incredibly foolish choice to play Captain Save-A-'Ho and get mixed up with a Single Mom or an ex-Carousel rider who would not have given him the time of day before she hit The Wall.

But with the renewal of VAWA and the continued message getting out about the hazards of interaction with womyn, there will likely be more men who will not make those foolish choices in the future.

"Where are all the 'Good Men'?"
"They've Gone Their Own Way."

Anonymous said...

CC, I bought two of your books and love your blog, but because of posts like this one, I won't link to you on Twitter or Facebook.

"Your best marriage prospects are before age 30" is indeed valuable information that women should be armed with! I support your goal of spreading the word. However, you seem to take a leap beyond that and spew venom at all unmarried women over 40.

If a woman is selling the idea that your forties are your best man-catching years, or is peddling frivolous divorce, then I get it. This blogger doesn't appear to be doing that. In fact, the subject of her blog acknowledges that finding a husband is an uphill battle for women over 40. Why does she deserve to be ridiculed?

Your own lovely girlfriend appears to be in her early 30s. If you don't marry her in the next few years, she'll be in the same boat as these women, won't she? Will she deserve to be howled at for her mistakes, or will her story make her an exception?

Several months ago you posted a link to a harmless feature story about looking your best after a certain age, accompanied by a terrible (in every sense of the word) poem that you wrote about splatting against the wall. The story just contained makeup and fashion tips to help mature women, married or not, make the most of what they have, which I would expect you to endorse. It came off as you mocking older women just for the offense of existing.

You had posted another great article the same day, which I did not link to on Facebook because of a conservative friend of ours who was widowed at 42. I knew she would take a look at the blog and see that mess. I knew it would also cause my other friends to dismiss you outright.

The sneering and "Schadenfreude" makes you look bad and is probably alienating some prospective readers.