Monday, March 18, 2013

The Lesson of Cyprus

I ran out of patience and went off the hinge.  But at the same time explained the Cyprus event and why so many sheeple are scrambling to get their savings.


Stefan said...

I can just hear my Post-Keynesian professors justify this in the name of 'pragmatism'. Strange that nobody ever believes me when I tell them the IMF is not a free market institution.

Anonymous said...

Was that a bunny in a basket behind your noggin?

Bob said...

Love the video, Captain! I'd like to see you make a video explaining to them how to do research though. Something like a "Basic Guide to Economic Research." Then they won't have any more excuses for why they can't do it.

Anonymous said...

As much as you and others of your ilk attempt to educate and/or convince the Sheeple to see the folly of their decisions, it's not going to happen until the country collapses and they must either swim or sink on their own.

Sadly, those of us who DO pay attention and attempt to prepare for the impending disaster will suffer almost as much because of the stupid decisions (i.e.; voting Democrat...supporting amnesty, food stamps, welfare, Medicare and every other fucking government Robin Hood scheme!) made by the majority, which are the Sheeple.

It is so sad and pathetic to watch what is/was the greatest society ever conceived destroyed from all fronts. And for what?

I'm not religious in the least, but what's happening and coming as a result makes me think there might actually be a hell, after all.