Friday, March 15, 2013

Because If We Were Good at Life, We Wouldn't Need More School



Green Steelhead said...

NAILED IT! This is funny because it is so true.

It pisses me off that STEM degrees like Civil Engineering are pushing to make graduate school part of the overall path to get a professional engineer license. Getting that Masters in Civil Engineering does not make me draft faster, write a report faster, watch the contractor build something more efficiently or win new projects from a client. In fact, I highly doubt the Masters program will even address the typical work done by a Manager at an engineering firm or public agency.

Under the current system, a Civil Engineer will go to school and get a Bachelor's degree. The Civil Engineer will then WORK in the field for a professional engineer, and then take a rigorous exam. That is the test of what the engineer learned in school and from experience (experience is the true learning environment).

The sad reality is that getting a Masters will require engineers to pile up debt for a marginal increase in wage and marginal benefit to the public and clients. It will, however, force consultants and contractors to increase prices to pay for those marginally higher educated employees.

I would go on more, but I have ANOTHER meeting that my schooling never prepared me for (by experience in the real world did).

Stingray said...

That. Is. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Check out this one too:

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