Thursday, March 14, 2013

Charty Goodness

I have a confession to make.  I am lazy with my charts.  I normally will make a chart and its shelf life can last several years, if not, a full decade as long as the economy doesn't change too much.  For example the stock market has remained bubbly over these past few years rarely requiring I update the S&P 500 PE ratio or dividend yield.  But the same cannot be said for Obama's deficit spending and accrual of debt.  Each year I have to update any debt related charts because the SOB adds another trillion+ to the deficit every year.

Poker Joker - Obama Playing Down 
Original Source: Poker Listings

So here are the two main charts (updated) attesting to debt - deficit and debt to GDP.

For S's and G's I decided to also check to see how much the federal budget was as a percent of GDP:

I love the jump in spending not just under Obama, but how the American public keeps voting in to have government play more and more of a role in our lives.  And that chart above is JUST FEDERAL.  Tack on another 10% to account for state and local, 20% if you're a sucker and live in California.

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