Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Why I Refuse to See "42"

On this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast, Aaron discovers what it's like to be a stay at home wife/mom and wonders why women gave up such an easy gig for the skullduggery of work?  He also reviews the movie "Burt Wonderstone" and the most recent "Die Hard." He also opines why so many good "guy flicks" are ruined by a forced romance subplot, as well as he outright refuses to see "42" as he alikens affirmative action movies to church sermons - neither of which he is fond of.  Finally, drawbacks to enjoying the decline, or just being a rugged individualist.  Every adventure has its drawbacks and there's not a lot of people 3 standard deviations to the right of the mean.


The Observer said...

People are saying it's the end of the Holocene and an ice age is coming. That's why it's so cold.

Anonymous said...

Why women gave up the easy gig for the skulduggery of work?

A bunch of possible reasons. Mostly women's work is easy. When a man thinks work, the first thing he thinks is working on a construction site or in a factory. When a woman thinks work she thinks sitting in a nice warm dry office at a desk with a computer surrounded by her friends who sit and chat all day and do lunch. Women don't have a realistic idea of what work is. They all assume they will have "fabulous careers", when the reality is they will have crappy dreary low paying jobs. Men start with the impression that they will have crappy dreary jobs, even if by working in construction or natural resource extraction they will make decent money.

Men take pride in their work, even if it is a crappy job and identify themselves by what they do for a living. This has not horically been part of the female perspective, but for the past 30 years they have been brainwashed to think like men. The other day a male politician caused a huge stink when he told a female student at some event or other that she would make a good wife some day. Bizarre eh? Would their be a stink if he said she would be a crappy wife some day,of told a man that he would be a good provider and husband one day?

I also think a good case can be made hat a good percentage of modern women are made permanently clinically insane by artificial birth control. The female (and male) bodies are regulated by hormones, which have a very strong effect on behavior. Women then take doses of artificial hormones for most of their reproductive life. This has to affect their behavior and it would be interesting to study how this affects society as a whole.

I could go on but I have't got time and you might not have the patience to read so...

Anonymous said...

If you want 2 guy movies with no moral messages, I suggest "The A-Team" and "The Losers". They are the same movie but both rock in their own way.
Also, "Running Scared" starring Paul Walker is a kickass, mindfuck of a movie if you haven't seen it.

August said...

An abrupt climate change event- in the politically incorrect direction.

Tex thinks he'll be vindicated soon

Anonymous said...

Stay at home moms:

One thing a lot of people who aren't SAHM do not realize:

A. The work isn't what you'd call intellectually scintillating generally speaking. (It has it's moments, but small children's conversations can be a little tedious.) If you are smart and educated and used to talking with adults it can be draining.

B. Small children make _everything_ slower. As a bachelor I could get everything grocery related done in <1hr/week on a good week. When you are dealing with 1+ small kids, it can take you that long _to_get_ into_the_car to go to the grocery store on a bad day. Seriously. And not because SAHM is not competent, or the kids are being bad that day. Kids aren't fast, goal oriented and can't always be reasoned with.

Don't even talk about cleaning taking X minutes/hrs a week, with small kids it is a full time battle against entropy - and that's not striving for Home and Garden photo shoot clean.

C. It's relentless, many people at work can space out for varying length of time without the world coming to an end - with small kids, 5 min of inattention can result in the family dog getting mugged and a random USB cable plugged into it's derriere. Or worse. Much Worse.

And try to get anything done with "mommy. mommy, mommy"...hitting the interrupt button every two seconds. It'll drive you to drink, that making a grocery list can take 30min.

Hey, I'm not trying say it's "the worlds toughest job" or anything, but it ain't an EASY & relaxed gig either.

You think so?

Walk a week in a good mom's shoes.

DeckGuy said...

Isn't Jackie Robinson pretty much the opposite of affirmative action?

Rex Little said...

Isn't Jackie Robinson pretty much the opposite of affirmative action?

Betcher ass! To believe otherwise is a sure sign of rectocranial insertion.

noize said...

the Hollywood formula for telling these stories are a function of profitability (low budget, released in the off-season); gonna guess a book about Jackie Robinson would probably be more engaging than the pre-packaged beats that the movie will no doubt follow. That said, how was it affirmative action if he led the league in stolen bases his first year out? I guess they gave him the Rookie of the Year award just because of guilt, not his actual stats. yeah.

noize said...

and if you want unbridled action, watch the raid:redemption. if that's too ethnic for you, you can watch dredd. same movie, only with less action and fewer non-whites.