Saturday, March 09, 2013

The Captain Comes to Mayberry

Mount Airy is the town Andy Griffith grew up in and based Mayberry, the town in "The Andy Griffith Show" on.  The place is kind of a tourist trap, but I did inevitably find my shoe laces at the local army surplus store.  The shoe laces, unfortunately, were a bit long for my shoes, but they will suffice until I find another pair.


Anonymous said...

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Glen Filthie said...

Jesus Cap - even a Green Bean Fuggin Marine GI mickey boot would look better than those shoes.

Keep the laces and throw the shoes out!

Anonymous said...

It may say something profound about the town, but the only thing that I clearly remember about Mt. Airy is that the motel had fantastic water pressure, and the morning shower was great.

Scotty Collins said...

Put in the laces. Get the ends to the proper length. Pull the excess taught at the the bottom. Tie a knot. Cut off the excess below the knot.

Scotty Collins said...

Oh yeah. You were at an army surplus store and on a motorcycle trip. Buy some jungle boots - preferably used.