Saturday, March 23, 2013

Whores Can't Be Choosers

Boys, you paying attention to this?

The ingredients before baking were already there to warn you before this happened.

Worthless degree, "writing profession," lack of science, math or STEM. 

And how much do you want to bet she will self-proclaim herself to be an "independent feminist" who doesn't need a man while she parasites off of you guys for a meal?

I don't know what angers me more.  That she no doubt will claim to be "independent" and thinks this is so "cute" or that there are enough men/suckers to let a veritable whore get away with this.


Anonymous said...

There is a reason almost nobody is on online dating. In my town of 100K people it is a couple pages of the same results on all of the "big 3" the majority of people haven't logged in for months.

Online dating is a passing trend and its only driving women into "hookup" culture into their 30s, there is no other men to get asked out by!

Paul Jackson said...

This isn't whoring, as she didn't, apparently, sleep with them. It appears she lied to them about her interest in order to get the dinner -- which would mean she's more of a con-woman, a liar, and a fraud.

977491 said...

Any feminist who dares claim that women don't objectify men needs to be shown this article right here. That princess has reduced dozens of men to meal tickets with legs. And what's more, she STILL can't see how immoral and exploitative she was, even after her male friends pointed it out to her!

"And the dates! The horror dates I had to indulge for the simple sake of a meal."

Entitlement rears its hideous, disgusting face.

Practical Parsimony said...

She is a user. That is coming from a woman! I have met and dated men online. All have taken me to dinner. It is not my expectation. One guy wanted me to meet him at McD just to talk. I took in a bottle of water in my purse. He had a Coke and described how good the ice cream cone was that he just finished. It was like he wanted to insult me since he described it several times and never offered to buy me one.

Another guy wanted to meet in a parking lot, each sit in our own cars and decide if we wanted to continue on a date. He had all sorts of rules for dating and living that were non-negotiable. We never met since he always has an excuse.

No, I do not sleep with men on first or twentieth date. And, I cook meals, snacks, and provide a very nice home and yard in which to relax.

Men can be the same kinds of jerks, telling me I owe them sex after a meal. I offer to reimburse the guy.

This woman has blog material. She thinks she can be Carrie Fisher? She is a real jerk.

Fred Z said...

Cap'n and all of your angry fellow travelers, sorry, but much of what you write is sour grapes.

The ladies have a monopoly of it, we all want it, and we want it a lot, they can damn near do anything they feel like and we have to suck it up and keep smiling.

You guys all claim to be mathematical and analytical, so tell me what happens when demand is very high and supply tightly restricted both by a natural monopoly and by that evil old bitch mother nature? Does the price go up or down?

Well, you can pay the price with a smile and enjoy your purchase (though it's pretty much a rental deal), or you can demand that mother nature supply women with 3 vaginas each, hot, horny and free of charge.

Me, I chose with care, paid a fair price, on the high end, and enjoy my purchase very much. Time to ply her with some adult refreshments and collect some dividends.

Anthony said...

If you think you're Ryan Gosling, but still need to use OK Cupid or Craigslist, you deserve to be taken by this chick.

Bill said...

Women like that have been around for more than a few centuries. I knew some 50 years ago that dated just to see a movie or to be taken on car rides.

The one described in the fembo blog is not a whore; more like a gentle and engaging parasite. When the Decline becomes an avalanche and then free fall into the abyss, they will become "sex workers" or starve to death.

Anonymous said...

Some guys are hot for she-males on the cheep. YOU GO GIRL!!!

jso said...

one way or another, all women eventually reduce themselves to this level.

Anonymous said...

So Fred... essentially, whatever a woman does it must never be called out? Unless one wants to be charged with being a whiner.

dannyfrom504 said...

"And how much do you want to bet she will self-proclaim herself to be an "independent feminist" who doesn't need a man while she parasites off of you guys for a meal?"

no worries, she can nosh her cup-o-soup for one while the cobwebs collect in her womb once she hits the wall.

i opened a POF acoount to prove how fucked up OD is for guys. i'm posting tomorrow the results of 2 weeks of POF.

Robert McDonald said...

Funny Fred, that I've always got at least two to chose from and that they buy my meals or at least their own most times.

Unknown said...

Not to thread-jack, but I just got your book.

Good stuff. No, great stuff!

As I'm reading, I'm looking back on my life. Things I've already done, things that I can improve upon.

I'd like to chat with you, if possible, in private. When it's convenient for you. What would be the best way to get in touch?

Colo Collins said...


Anonymous said...

Why isn't there an IRS rule on this? She's receiving effective income on the backs of taxpayers.

Blinding Buddha said...

All those years of college and still she does not have any money to eat? Instead of looking for a job in Mickey D's at least for the mean time she placed an ad on OK Cupid so that she could have a dude take out for dinner.

i do not understand how this woman is even admitting to this? It is really sad that she is even doing this. Why then even bother with a degree if she is still bumming in NYC. we got enough bums here!

Amateur Strategist said...


Gradually, the demanders learn how to either do without, replace with a cheaper prodcut, or if possible, circumvent the monopoly.

Eventually members of the cartel start to backstab each other to cash out on a dying trend, but by then the potential is already reduced severely.

SM777 said...

"The ladies have a monopoly of it, we all want it, and we want it a lot, they can damn near do anything they feel like and we have to suck it up and keep smiling."
Well Fred Z, that's only true for a certain age range. Once women start to outnumber men at 35 (and that difference widens as the age range increases) due to the shorter male lifespan, that entire situation flips to the opposite.

Supply and demand. When the supply of men drops radically, since we die sooner, guess what happens?

Also, from what I have been told, in Russia and the Ukraine, men have a fifteen (15) year shorter lifespan. Women start to outnumber men somewhere under age 30 in that area. I have dated a couple of women from that region and the attitude I saw from them was quite the opposite of women from the USSA.

The "monopoly" ceases to exist in this country in pretty short order and in a few other countries, it never existed to begin with.

The solution for young men in Amerika is to go foreign and avoid asskissing the arrogant Amerikan Feminazi.

Anonymous said...

The self delusion is incredible.

She moves to New York to be a writer, but her writing is terrible, riddled with grammatical mistakes and poorly constructed sentences.

She said she "created a profile, being quite honest about myself." Really? You were quite honest about yourself? She thinks she's being honest even as she knowingly tricks guys into buying her free meals.


Anonymous said...

Plus this:

"Looking back, I truly didn't see the harm in my actions. I met a wide variety of men and honed my acting and interviewing skills while chowing down on some awesome steak dinners. I figured out traits I do and do not like in men and a little about myself because I had to always talk about myself, three times a week. Plus I got kickass writing material for days."

She's not just a common female attention whore, she's has a clear personality disorder. She says she didn't see the harm, and then in justifying that she talks about herself. Nobody's saying it harmed you, you dullard.......

Anonymous said...

This is fine. The more bullshit stories like this the less guys will be willing to indiscriminately take every chick out for dinner on a first date. At least theoretically. This is something you can subtly needle the herbs in your office with by bringing it up then laughing and shaking your head and saying "You gotta be crazy taking a girl out to dinner these days," and shame them all.

Anonymous said...

I know a guy that everyone thought was gay (never been seen with a woman, in his early 40's never talks about women or any "look at the ass on that" type comments etc.).

After a LOT of ribbing and teasing he finally told the truth.

Once a month, he goes into a brothel, spends the night there and has a selection of three or four of the girls. As he's a regular and a big spender (averages $1,500 a visit) the girls all know him and treat him well. They never have headaches, always happy to give blowjobs etc. and he gets a cooked breakfast in the morning.

He said that it works out cheaper than a wife and he doesn't have to put up with conflict inside his home. A win-win situation.

He has a point and at least those girls are turning an honest trick for the money unlike the meal scrounger.

Phil B

Elusive Wapiti said...

Liked and leveraged. Thanks Cappy.

Anonymous said...

That is why honest whores are more worthy of respect in my book.At least she gives you a return on investment.My time and money are too valuable to waste on such con-women.The way I see it if she isn't gonna put out then she can hit the road.No amount of cash and prizes has ever got a womans panties wet so I don't waste it on them.

Anonymous said...

The bulk of the readers here have hit it, Cap'n: see's a Bankster not a Whore. Whores mainly give value for value; this woman is just a con artist and a thief.

Unknown said...

I spent a day a few months ago looking at xojane. God almighty, if I wasn't an atheist I would pray that that site goes down, hard.

On another note, I think that experiment would be possible to reproduce from the young male-cougar side, if you had a super good physique and your game was off the hook