Friday, March 15, 2013

Why Michael Bloomberg is the Reason the 2nd Amendment Exists

The latest podcast from "The Clarey Podcast" includes Marissa Mayer's (Yahoo CEO) decision to force her employees to work at the office instead of home, the failure of Americans to embrace the telecommute revolution, how women would prefer to sleep with Richard Branson vs. Mark Dayton, how Michael Bloomberg is the reason the 2nd Amendment was created, why the Captain would love to meet him in a dark alley, and what drives men to succeed and achieve (sex and physical attraction, BTW).


Aurini said...

Oh, if only I could get some linkage, but linkage isn't for guys like me, it's only for blogger guys like me, Davis Aurini.

Wait a minute-

Guys like me.

I'm a guy like me!

I got linkage!

Seriously though, send me an email with your microphone recommendations, this sounds really good.

#Scorpio episode of The Simpsons

Anonymous said...

The sound only plays out of my right headphone and I get white noise in the left ear. It's also really quiet.

Kenny Turnbull said...

The microphone that I'd recommend for your pod casting would be the Samson CO1U. It's the cheapest high quality condenser microphone out there. You connect it to your computer via usb. You could then download audacity if you haven't all ready. Then all you have to do is set the CO1U as your default microphone and hit record. I've got one myself and I have known many others who own this microphone and they have said the same.

John in Raleigh said...


One way the Yahoos can rebel against the new rule is to strictly obey it. But strictly obeying it mean abstaining from doing ANY work or taking work-related phone calls once you are out of office. The rule will change if It can be used against them.

BTW, I've met many smart New Yorkers, but none of them were in New York at the time.

Anonymous said...

This episode is way, WAY too long. Had to go back twice to hear it all.

Ditch the chick. She adds no value whatsoever and makes you cuss more. No doubt you had a headache at the end. I sure did.

UberrRich said...

Excellent installment. You deserve every ounce of effort it takes to click here first before going to amazon.