Thursday, April 19, 2018

If Adam Smith Was a Tailor

Social Security is the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Sort of. A proper Ponzi scheme is
a fraud perpetrated on willing victims. Bernie Sanders Madoff is a great contemporary
example. Early "investors" are cashed out using the money from larger number of later "investors",
then their success stories are used to get even more "investors". People from the earlier stages do
well and people from the last few lose their hat. It's a felony in most places. In Washington D.C.
it's standard practice to get elected.

Social Security is a case of the old eating the young, enforced
at gunpoint, excused as a Ponzi scheme by beneficiaries and the more foolish victims. Of
course it will fall apart eventually; no pyramid scam can grow forever. The most unfortunate part of the
Social Security Ponzi scheme is that the first few generations to benefit got away clean. As much
as the Boomers are hated, they didn't start Social Security. They weren't even born yet. But Boomers
just may be the first generation to get screwed, and by their own votes no less. The Social Security
system is still in place, but over last few decades the Boomers have inflated the dollar so much
that their Social Security and pension checks will barely be worth enough to subsist on cat food.
(Which of course they have, being the reigning All-Time Divorce World Champions.)

"Oh, but Social Security is inflation adjusted!" I hear you say. It's nice that you bring that up
because the inflation numbers have been rigged for decades, and it's only getting worse to hide
the devastating effects of Obamacare and the Bankster Bailouts. Beef prices will raise the official
inflation index by two cents while medical and housing prices will have silently quadrupled.

The relative weight of various commodities to the CPI are listed on page 8 of this document:
Food, which as the Captain mentioned recently is nearly free, accounts for 13% of the CPI. Medical care,
which can quickly bankrupt you, accounts for less than 7% of the CPI. Rent, which has skyrocketed
in most places, is less than 8%, despite housing costs averaging 30-40% of Americans' income. The
Owners' equivalent rent of residences figure listed below, at 23% weight, is just a survey where
homeowners are asked what they feel their house would be worth if rented out. Very scientific.

So what can you do to avoid being on the losing end of the Ponzi scheme? Besides being born in 1899
or subsistence farming a remote island in Panama, not much. The best course of action is to not waste money on
  The only exceptions to living minimally are of course getting  

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"Adam Smith"
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Why Women Can't Find Men

Because women love the word "no" and hate the word "yes."

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Episode #249 of The Clarey Podcast - "The Saint" Episode

The Year Long Endorphin Rush Caused by Lies.
The Saint
The Speed at Which Culture Decayed in the 1960's vs. the 2010's
Why Can't I Find a Man????
Starcucks Virtue Signaling Doesn't Pay Off.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

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Laughing at Seattle's Homeowners

For your listening pleasure this morning and perhaps your commute home later this afternoon, TJ Martinell has a good podcast about leaving Seattle to live in the Cascades.  It also includes meeting a dog who loves to go hiking and the importance of giving up your smart phone to re-connect with real people in the real world.  You can find that episode here.

Also, TJ put together the first in a series on the history of the James Bond films.  He got everything right, except that Goldfinger is NOT "gimmicky" but is in fact the best James Bond film ever.  Of course, Mr. Martinell is a younger man and thus prone to being wrong, but it was a good history lesson on Ian Flemming, Sean Connery, and how President Kennedy helped bring the James Bond films into reality.

Finally, if you're looking for something a bit more crass for your listening pleasure may I recommend The Greasy Pole hosted by The Great One Himself and Gentleman Adventurer Adam Piggott.  Depending on who you want to give the traffic to you can download it from The Great One's site or Adam Piggott's site.  I'm still debating who to promote more based on gifts and favors they've given me.  At least The Great One has provided me lodging in the past.  Mr. Piggott however has only mocked and ridiculed me for liking Irish Spring soap, of which my fragile feelings are still trying to recover from.

Blowing Your Life Savings on a Stupid Business Idea

I know many of you are interested in entrepreneurship as a means of not only employment and freedom, but retirement as well.  However, working in banking for the 15 years I did I can assure you that the VAST MAJORITY (i.e.-98%) of the small businesses I dealt with were nothing more than money-wasting hobbies that destroyed families, finances, and futures.  Many of these businesses were original ideas, started from the ground up, where a client's "passion" overrode logic, common sense, and math.  But more commonly was where some dreamer thought they were going to buy an already-existing business and "make it rich" running a bar, a trinket shop, a restaurant or some other such money-losing concern, only to be blinded into bankruptcy as their "dream" drained their 401k's and IRA's dry


Consider contacting my friend David Barnett at Business Buyer Advantage

The short version is Dave has been working as a business broker for the past 20 years and knows the ins and outs of buying businesses, franchises and other concerns.  He's seen everything and has classes, books, and a YouTube channel.  PLEASE consider contacting him BEFORE you buy a business and put your IRA, 401k, or RRSP at risk.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Episode #248 of The Clarey Podcast - The "I Totally Didn't Lift This Idea from Adam Piggott" Episode

Fan mail.
Need 3 years experience for entry level work.
Will Gen Z stop the education bubble?


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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The Three Labor Classes in an AI Economy

The Artists.
The Servants.
The Engineers.

Don't be a servant unless you're happy being a minimalist.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Dan Piepenbring: Posterchild of the "Miserable Left"

The city of Fort Collins faced an incredible and immediate crisis!

There wasn't enough female street names in their fair city!!!  And so a rapid response team was put in place to end this oppression upon the People's Republic of Fort Collins.

Lists of female names were drafted.
Historical records of the city of Fort Collins were consulted.
And initiatives to form committees to start a dialogue about raising awareness of the blatant sexism in street names was achieved.

All is well now and "there's nothing to see here, citizens, " so you can all return to your homes.  But for those of us living in the real world with real problems, it makes us wonder how the hell it's come to this?

We can chalk this inanity of municipal leftist politics up to the US already having too many laws and leftists with too much time on their hands.  "Female street names" rank up there with non-problems such as banning plastic bags, genderless pronouns, bike lanes, and removing George Washington's plaque from a church.  But an interesting observation must be made about the genesis of these "problems" - precisely, who the hell drives down the street and has such an easy life, has so little problems in life, that it occurs to them to poll street names based on gender and find offense in that?

So let me introduce you to the newest evolution of our socialist-loving counterparts which explains their childish and petty behavior - The Miserable Leftist."

The "Miserable Leftist" is nothing new to me.  I've been unofficially polling people with leftist bumper stickers for the past 20 years.  And what I've nearly-always found (quite literally 95% of the time) is if a person has a leftist bumper sticker on their car, if you catch up to them and get a glimpse of the driver they are:

1.  Frowning, and
2.  Ugly

Now you may be saying "Why is the left so unhappy?  Aren't they winning?  Don't they have socialized medicine?  Don't they own the public schools, the youth, minorities and women?  Isn't their dream of bringing down the US inevitably going to come to fruition?"

And the answer is "yes" to all those questions.  But you misunderstand the "Miserable Leftists'" psychology as much as they do.  And so let us delve into the real reason leftists are so miserable, and we will use the newest member to the Miserable Left to explain why - Dan Piepenbring.

Ms. Piepenbring wrote a piece in The New Yorker about the "creepiness" of Chick-fil-a opening more and more stores in New York City.  I won't link to it because they are a socialist rag and her thoughts quite literally hold no value, but it belies just how


and ultimately

pointless Ms. Piepenbring's life has been.

I don't know about you but I have much more pressing matters in my life to worry about than the increasing number of franchises opening up under a fast food chain.  My life is also too short to worry about the ratio of male to female streets named in Fort Collins.  And though I do throw plastic bags into the garbage, occasionally even into the recycle bin, if I were mayor of any major city, I would not waste one second of the taxpayer's time/money/resources banning them.  The reason why is I have a life.  I have important things going on, and more important than that, I have important people going on in my life.  And though economics and politics play a hobby-like role in my life, the same cannot be said of leftists.  For the reason leftists are so miserable, the reason you are guaranteed to see RBF on a woman driver with leftist bumper stickers (and the soyboys who try to woo them) is that all they have in life is their leftist politics.  And trust you me, it is a world of hell.

Ms. Piepenbring is the epitome of this.  Admittedly, she doesn't have a profile about her background available to the public.  Admittedly, I tried to find a bio, of which there was none.  And at best you'll get her page at the New Yorker which tells you nothing.  But we don't need it.  We know everything we need to about Ms. Piepenbring (though at anytime she can come in here and correct me).  And the reason we can be so presumptuous is she is a "Miserable Leftist."

First, she majored in the liberal arts, likely journalism.  Leftists do this for two reasons.  One, they're lazy and don't want to work hard.  Two, they're egotists and need to do "something" heroic or crusader-like.  They can't just be a good, humble parasite, collecting a government check, watching daytime TV, and refrain from lecturing us real world working adults.  No, they must have some kind of SJW job like "journalist," "teacher," "activist" or counselor where they "change the world" or "change minds" or "help the children."

Regardless of their reasons, it doesn't allow them to evade the realities of the labor market.  The liberal arts offer no tangible skills or trades the world demands.  Additionally, the market is flooded with them.  And though Ms. Piepenbring works for AN ESTABLISHED, MSM MAGAZINE, she has a mere fraction of Twitter followers a lowly hobbyist, citizen journalist like myself does.  This means most leftists are always low on funds.  And though they are the first to rush in and yell "IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY YOU CAPITALIST PIG!!!!" it most certainly is about the money if you can't feed yourself, can barely pay your bills, have to work multiple jobs, demand the taxpayer pay for your student loans, and can barely make rent.

Two, speaking of rent, could Piepenbring be anymore cliche by living in Brooklyn?  I thought 30 something empowered, NYC women, all writing for fashion/gossip blogs with a feminist bent, had either their daddy or hubby paying for their rent.  But Ms. Piepenbring (who is not female, btw) does not have such a benefactor.  He has to make rent on his own.  Still, leftists insist they live where there is post-modernist degenerative slop "culture" and other leftists, condemning them to live in the most expensive and overpriced rental markets in the world.  This again adds incredible financial and psychological stress, making them even more miserable.

Then there is physique.  Yes I'm going there not because it's a low shot, but because it's vitally important to happiness no matter how much we try to sweep it under the rug.  Being pretty/handsome and getting laid regularly, not to mention scoring an attractive spouse is a huge advantage in people's lives, especially to men.  It makes us happier, makes us healthier, and it just makes life a lot more fun.  The problem leftists face, however, is that while they can distribute wealth they cannot distribute looks.  They could be like us, going to the gym, dieting right, and putting forth the effort to make themselves be attractive to the opposite sex.  But that takes work, and remember, leftists fear labor, work, and toil above all other things in life.

The result?

Pure insanity.

Fat acceptance.  Big is beautiful.  Slut walks.  Fish bicycle don't need no man.  Soy Boys.  Sapiosexual.  And 31 other flavors of gender.

They can lie to themselves all they want, but in the end they have a deep-seated hatred, anger, and - above all else - envy of good looking people and their superior sex lives.  It's just over-powered by their fear of the work and toil that comes from hitting the gym.  Which in turn condemns them to bad sex lives which in turn compounds the misery of the Miserable Leftist.

Fourth and final, is agency and purpose in life.

The left loves to use the phrase "first world problems" as a means to remind us real-world working adults that our problems are petty by world standards.  While I agree with them, it's not like we didn't  work hard to ensure we didn't have the problems that second and third world shitholes have.  Over the millennia western civilization, though often at war with each other, inevitably figured out things like freedom, capitalism, free markets, low taxes, republics, and government for the people by the people.  And over these millennia western civilization solved most of society's main problems.

War (ehhh, well sorta)
Economic progress

you name it, the majority of the first world's problems have been solved.

Logic would then dictate that with most of the world's problems solved, we move onto production, innovation, and creation.  We work to solve cancer.  We work to put a colony on Mars.  We perfect solar or clean energy.  We build a better bridge out of composite materials.  But the problem with "production, creation and innovation" is that those things are hard.  And the reason they're hard is they have to improve upon 2 million years of human evolution, experience, and experimentation.  This typically requires majoring in a tough field, learning hard STEM related disciplines, and putting forth years of effort, work, and toil to get to the cutting edge of technology to truly advance society.

But UH OH, fellow readers! Did I just say,"Effort, work and toil?"

Well we all know what that means.  Leftists simply can't do that.

But do you also remember what I said about leftists?  That they can't just be a good, humble parasite and quietly collect a government check? That they NEED some kind of arrogant, SJW, crusade or purpose to go on?  Well that explains why leftists are going after plastic bags, "female street signs," confederate statues and other "first world problems" they so mockingly deride. It also explains why Dan Piepenbring is going after Chick-fil-a.  They're too damn lazy to put forth the effort to actually advance society and civilization, and would rather feed their egos tearing down her institutions in a fabricated and bogus moral crusade because (and pay attention boys and girls) it is easier to tear down society's institutions than build them up.

The tremendous amount of arrogance, hubris, and outright evil is appalling.  Many leftists, Ms. Piepenbring being one of them, have no moral qualms about masturbating their egos by attempting to take down productive, producing, and employing institutions and people that are doing overall good for society.  They are not saving anyone from anything, they are merely avoiding real work in the real world, while lying to themselves about the value they offer this planet.  And this is where I believe the majority of their misery comes from.

They know it.

Deep down inside you can lie to yourself all you want, but in the end you know whether you're a parasitic scumbag or not.  Mayors know banning plastic bags are bullshit, but it allows them to ignore the much more challenging problem of solving black urban poverty.  Journalism majors know they chose their degree because they're lazy and arrogant, but it allows them to lie to themselves about being a "professional."  Fat acceptance champions can say "big is beautiful" but they are just as disgusted as you'd imagine when they look in the mirror.  Feminists can say they don't need no man, but they cry themselves to sleep at least thrice a fortnight.  Nearly every leftist out there knows they are living a lie, and it is their fear of working a real job that prevents them from doing anything about it, condemning them to a life of hell.  I've wrestled with some mighty dark demons in my life, but none as strong, long, vile, or permanent as that.  And if I had to live a lie like only leftists can, I too would be incomprehensibly miserable too.

In the end Ms. Piepenbring is guaranteed to waste his life on this planet.  While we are hitting the gym, having sex with 7's and up, he will be drinking his soy in a posh little hipster cafe choosing between which hairy armpitted women's study major to hit on.  While we will have worked hard to contribute to adequately funded 401k's, he'll celebrate paying off his student loans at 47.  While some of us will have kids, raising strong, nuclear families, he will fail to adequately pay for his...assuming he finds a wife in the first place.  While we will leave legacies as doctors, nurses, mechanics, chefs, accountants and soldiers, he will just be another unmentionable "millennial blogger" from the 2010's that will die into obscurity.  But where I'll celebrate the most I'm not a "Miserable Leftist" is that I'm simply not allergic to reality.  I can wake up everyday, go outside, interact with other people, and not be constantly offended by everything and everyone.  I won't worry if a fast food joint opens up a shop, I won't worry about the gender ratio of street names, and I won't worry about a statue in the park.

That's a world for leftists.  And I can't think of a world they deserve more.
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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Retirement, Recovering from Divorce, the Pursuit of Excellence

and more as I sit in on The Red Man Group with Rich Cooper, Rollo Tomassi, Donovan Sharp and Rob Says.

Direct link here.


We got hit with a foot of snow with 4 foot drifts in the Twin Cities.  I was victorious.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Dealing with Bullies at School and Work

The Fake Rich

I cannot emphasize how much I saw this in my 20's and then later on in my banking years.  Having to work from the ground up and pay for everything myself I know PRECISELY what it takes to afford things like BMW's, McMansions, and bottle service.  76% of Americans maybe living paycheck to pay check but I would claim nearly 95% of the vehicles you see on the road are leased, borrowed, or otherwise "not affordable" for those who are driving them.

If you want to be rich, and I do mean that, then buy this book and freaking read it.  You'll be richer both in terms of financial wealth and "a wealth of happiness."  If you want to keep doing what you've been programmed to do, and pursue materialism, things and other stuff that won't make you happy, by all means, continue being the "fake rich."

Friday, April 13, 2018

Do People Hate Libertarians???

An interesting question I got from a client today:

Advice Cappy Would've Given Himself in High School

A request from Asshole Consulting that proved to be post worthy, especially if you have any loved ones in high school.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Nobel Prize Was Bullshit Anyway

This is just drama.

Cappy Going Live this Weekend on Rich Cooper's Show (Entrepreneurs in Cars)

If you want to tune in live, I'll be podcasting with Rollo Tomassi and Donovan Sharpe this Saturday



on Rich Cooper's channel.

You just clink on this link here at that time to tune in!

Career Uber Alles

Ignore those whispers of desiring children, a husband, and a family.
Ignore those whispers of playing with your children and bonding with them.
Ignore your desires of what you want and what you desire.

Your career is more important.
Your career is uber alles.
Your career is more important than yourself.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Orion's Cold Fire - A New Blog

I'd like to introduce a new blog/sponsor - Orion's Cold Fire.

It's a new website on right leaning politics, but I particularly like his photography page of which I can readily identify several of the places he's been.

Consider adding Orion's Cold Fire to you blog feed!

Why Do People from Communist Countries Not Like Communism?

 A piece from Ms. Sterzinger

"Even back then, when the local young socialists were cumming in their chinos to meet me because I had once worked a temp job in a real live factory (I took the beer they bought me; did not take their ideology), it was obvious that even if there is a way to create a pure meritocracy, whatever created the USSR is not going to be it. Communism doesn’t even hit its stated goal of making things “fair,” whatever the hell they mean by that. No one I’ve ever met who has had anything to do with communist countries personally has anything good to say about it."

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Episode #247 of The Clarey Podcast - Happiness Fun Episode

Cappy has fun and skips social media.
Why Cappy doesn't use Uber or cabs.
When girls never tell you that dumped you.
Antidepressants are addictive??? NOOO!!!
Why the Millennials should sue Big Pharma.
Smoking will make movies "Rated R"


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Cappy's Death Valley Adventure

Took out the Southern Command Motorcycle to Death Valley, specifically Shoshone, California.  It was once again another horrible day of not bothering with Facebook or teh social webz.