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No, You are Not Insane

This is an excerpt from the book "The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women."  Though it is in the last chapter of the book, I believe it is a good first thing for men to know starting now and going forward, that no, you are not insane.  This is not acceptable nor normal.  Consider purchasing the book if you appreciate this excerpt.

"The first step is to realize that, no, you are not insane.  What you are experiencing today is not normal, is not acceptable, and that voice you hear in the back of your head saying “something's wrong” is 100% right.  

Previous to the internet, men didn't have a central depository or forum by which to compare notes.  Sure they would discuss amongst themselves.  Sure, they'd exchange observations about their girlfriends or their wives with the guys at the factory.  But most men for the most part would assume it was a localized phenomenon, or at least specific to them.  This meant any problems a man had with his wife/women was squarely his fault and therefore it was up to him to correct the error of his ways.

That is until now.

Because 20 years of the internet has provided us with the largest, open-source, sociological study on women.  And with terabytes of data and unlimited case studies through blogs, posts, vlogs, etc., a fully-functional model has been created, explaining the incentives, preferences, desires and behaviors of women (I'd recommend “The Rational Male” by Rollo Tomassi to see a best-attempt at explaining this functional model).  But more importantly, it has exposed a hypocrisy within society.  Specifically, the contradiction between what society tells both men and women about each other, versus what nature has made us to be.  

You have 2 million years of your ancestors' experiences culminating into the instincts, preferences, and desires that you have today.  And for 99.999% of those 2 million years, you have wanted a svelte wife, who would give you some kids, support you, and maybe even love you in return.  That is now running headlong into what social-science charlatans, political activists, and marketers have decided what women should want for the past cheap 50 years.  And no matter what the completely fabricated “social science” rationale they come up with is, it does not undo your programming or your 2 million years of human evolution (nor women's).  “Feminism,” “socialism,” “careerism,” and dating advice columns be damned.  Men and women haven't changed.  And while the whole world may be telling women they don't need men and that they can internally derive all their purpose and meaning and life from themselves, all of that is lies.  And the proof is in the low-quality women they're demanding you marry into that we've discussed before:

40% of single women being moms is just not acceptable.
Celebrating a 60% overweight rate among young women is delusional.
It is not acceptable behavior to stand up or flake on a date, let alone at a 70% rate.
A 25% minimum serious STD infection rate is mind-blowing.
A cultish addiction and obsession with one's career is simply insane.
And choosing work over children, family, a husband, or love is inhuman.

No, you are not insane.  Women today are objectively wrong about what matters most in life, and their life decisions which have led to the creation of the poor dating options you face proves it.  It may not be what you wanted to hear, but at least you know (in this one regard anyway) you're not the one with the problem."

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You Can't "Mentor Her" if Passing Wisdom from Male to Female is "Mansplaining"

As I age and increasingly see the world for what it is, I am shocked at how the disparate sex drives and mens' insatiable hunger for "vageen" shield women not just from the harsher realities of life (war, engineering, hard labor, etc.), but from reality itself.  And in a constant bid to impress or woo women, billions of men over thousands of years, have denied women learning reality and how the real world works.

This epiphany came into clearer focus when I did this video about how car heaters work, as most women will simply turn on the heat, full blast, when the car is not even warm, thus creating a painful "windchill" to an already-freezing car.  The anecdotal stories in the comments section were humorous and interesting, but this one shows the economic and societal costs of keeping an entire group of people in the dark, and the burden men foist upon themselves in worshipping at the Altar of Vageen.

"A friend of mine works in the coldest part of Sweden. 

He works as a technology support for a company that sells mobile phones, among other things. Every winter when it is extra cold, his most common job is to help women whose mobile phones have died of cold. from the beginning he explained to these women that, the mobile is out when it is minus 35 degre, then the battery will die and that there are no faults on your mobile.  

After their new boss took over, he was not allowed to say this as it was considered "Mansplaining" So now he has to take in the mobile and then give it back and say that it is fixed."

Further supporting the point is another comment from my video titled "The 'Girl Flaked on Me Retirement' Program" where I suggested that when men get stood up, they take the money they would have spent on the date and invest it instead in the S&P 500 via their IRA or 401k.  The resulting number would be around $300,000 by the time you're 65, depending on how many women you ask out.  But also in the comment section, a young man went to his various dating accounts and text messages and listed the excuses women gave when they decided to flake.  They were laughable as they were telling:

"These are all adult women, at least 18 years old, several well into their 20's and some who attended top universities.  

"Something came up. Are you available next week?"
"Can we possibly reschedule I had an allergic reaction to something I ate.”
"I had a nail appointment that got overbooked so my nails aren’t done lol."
"I understand that we agreed upon meeting at 1130pm today. However, I feel a little unsafe going out into the city that late. Is there any way to do it earlier on another day that is convenient for you? Sorry for the trouble."
"There was a family emergency that needed my full attention."

"I'm sorry, it's my friend's birthday tonight, can we meet Sunday night?"
"My car is undriveable, I was going to use my brother's car (I live with my brother) but he left with is [sic] car, so I can't drive down."
"I am also going through some difficult personal stuff." <== many variations of this one
"My dog is sick."
"My phone died."

"I only have 2 dollars in my bank account and my EZ Pass doesn't work anymore."

"I had a nail appointment that got overbooked so my nails aren’t done lol."
"After consideration, I really do not feel comfortable meeting this late. If you are real and genuinely want to meet, I'd appreciate meeting half-way by meeting during daytime hours if/when you're next able to."
"I apologize for getting to you so late, but I got out of work really late. Would we be able to meet at another time?"

"Hi I’m so sorry but something came up and I won’t be able to make it tonight. Thanks for making the time to see me!"

"Actually I can't do today. I have a presentation tomorrow. And I need to work on it. I'm also busy tomorrow and Wednesday."

"You know what? I'm a little scared, i don't know you and you ask me a date at 11pm.. it's better if we meet tomorrow, same place but at 3.30pm. Ok?"

"Hi, I’m so sorry, but I’m actually not feeling very well! My stomach is upset and I think I’ll be staying in tonight; could we push to tomorrow?"

To be precise, such behavior is unacceptable.  Dismiss flaking as something "women just do," it is in reality lying, misleading an individual, wasting people's time, and deceitful.  But once again, because men want Vageen more than women want you, you tolerate, and thus condone and reinforce this immature behavior.

The result, whether it's never letting women figure out the heat itself, ne'er correcting them because they get upset, or allowing them to get away with childish, unacceptable behavior, is the paradox where you now have a significant percent of an entire group of people that are dysfunctional, yet want to be "mentored" or trained or lifted into positions of power and responsibility.  And this situation is impossible.

Try to explain how the heater works so that a girl doesn't suffer windchill?  That's "mansplaining."

Try to explain that a liberal arts degree is worthless?  That's not only "mansplaining" but somewhere in the western female mind that is also somehow construed as sexist, even though you're trying to prevent them from financial and professional ruin.

Do you have your own private life, or perhaps a past that is public, but some might find disagreeable?  Well the mature adult would say, "let them be, it's their life, I was young too."  No, a woman inculcated in this cocoon of you have a right not to be offended, will get you fired (a brilliant example of this is the story of Josh Denny, which you can hear on The Dick Show, starting at about the 45 minute mark).

And though I think it's a bit extreme, many young men today are afraid to ask a girl out in public as it's too aggressive and would be deemed "creepy" by today's internet/social media dating standards.  But I don't believe them too irrational, as I believe the day is within all our lifetimes that approaching a woman in public may be made illegal. 

The point is the overton window where men and women interact has been so warped and so far moved in the bias of women, it is increasingly becoming the case you are no longer even able to interact with women to get work, function, production, or achievement of a general goal done.  A floor of increasingly fragile eggshells that you must gingerly tiptoe around, spending more time ensuring you don't offend a precious snowflake, than being able to be blunt, empirical, and efficient, so that both men AND women will advance in their endeavors.  

This does not bode well for the future of society.  Men will have to put on ever-increasingly padded gloves in their interactions with women, and (through victimhood brainwashing) women will become increasingly prone to offense as the minorest and minorest of things, to the point we will no longer be able to function in society.  And to a certain extent this has already happened as many western nations are failing in their simplest human requirement - a continuation of the species.  But understand why this is happening.  It is because men as a group place Bobs and Vageen ahead of reality, even to theirs and society's detriment.  Women can be objectively wrong, but you will allow them to live in that delusion because you want "Da Vageen."  As Bill Burr so brilliantly said,

"Women are surrounded by this tornado of misinformation and nobody corrects them because we want to fuck them."

As a libertarian I am a strong advocate of treating women as true equals.  I make sure they have just as many rights as men, and make equally sure they bear the responsibilities that come with those freedoms.  But for every "me" there's a thousand men who will give women the pussy pass, denying them the harsh treatment of reality that would have otherwised forged them into the ideal equals we're all aspiring to.  And though it would be nice if men started holding women to the standards they hold their bros up to, we all know nature will prevent this.

Thus, you and future men need to understand, that until we have an honest, come to Jesus meeting with women, this insanity will continue and strengthen.  Men and women will increasingly become oil and water, and assessing this reality will be vital to your success, even the prevention of you losing a career or even going to jail.

Know these risks.  Know what you face.  And buy the book below to ensure you do.

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Newsom Will Reintroduce the Lock Down, Don't You Worry

I love how these governors keep jerking businesses and the public in general with their on-off lockdowns.

Sure, TODAY they lift the lock down.

But next month?  Next quarter?  Heck, California, it could be next week.

And this is why businesses and business owners might as well throw in the towel.  It's like trying to date a bipolar girl.  Sure she's fun and a great girlfriend TODAY, but what about tomorrow?  The day after?  How about next week.

I'm terribly sorry you California business owners voted in a democrat because it feels good.  But in voting in a democrat (trustfunder no less), you voted in an adult child who has ZERO experience running a business, and he really thinks it's just a matter of flipping a switch and you all have millions of dollars stored up to weather this COVID storm.  It is enjoyable watching you guys suffer what you brought upon yourselves.  Perhaps you could vote in another Ronald Reagan to be governor of California?

Oh, that's right.  I forgot.  You lack the intellectual strength to go against your little cult of socialism.

Oh well, enjoy the human feces in the streets.

When The Sportsball Went "POOF!"

Oh nosies! 

Advertisers are pulling out of da Superbowlza!

What are the sportsballza owners going to do????

Why We're All Richer Than Mark Dayton

As most of you know I hate Mark Dayton.

I do not "dislike" him.
I do not "disagree with" him.
I do not "find him distasteful."

I hate Mark Dayton.  And the reasons why are simple to understand.  

He is a spoiled trust fund baby.  He is a weak man who suffered no challenges or rigor in life.  And I wouldn't hate him if he was just a Kennedy trust fund baby who spent his granddad's money and left us all alone.  But no. Like most trust fund babies, they have to "do something" and that "something" is usually politics, wherein their inexperienced asses arrogantly assume to know what's best for society.  And thus we are lectured and proselytized at what is nothing more than an adult child who could never support themselves.  It's ultimately the hypocrisy and laziness of the Mark Dayton's of the world that compel me to hate them and their inferior, worthless asses.

But for all my hate of Dayton (among most other trust-funders), my little economist brain had time to sit and think while waiting at McCarran International Airport.  Because there I was, quite impressed with myself and this little empire I had built.  But more so that I managed to build my little empire coming from poverty, with no help, even suffering obfuscation and outright lies from the Boomer generation that was supposed to guide me.  And then it dawned on me...

Me, you, and nearly every normal person in the US is richer than Mark Dayton.  And allow me to explain why.

Take for example my friend Atham.  Atham is from Mexico, he endured the American experience of suffering a Boomer-broken home, had to travel all over Mexico and the US working low-level, subsistence-level jobs to survive, but is (more or less) on the precipice of earning his Chemical Engineering degree, which will launch him into a much easier and profitable life.  And though the life he led to get there was much more difficult and laborious than anything Mark Dayton suffered, this suffering gave Atham something Mark Dayton will never have - a challenge to overcome.  

If you think of it in terms of a movie, who's life would you rather watch?  On one hand you have "The Mark Dayton Show" which would be the most god-awful boring show.  Born into wealth, having everything taken care of, and now two full generations removed from the original capitalist who created the Dayton fortune, the "Daytons" are merely NPC's with no challenges, problems, or crises to form them.  The "crisis" of the movie would be whether Mark Dayton got a new Beamer or Mercedes in 1971 from dad.  Would he vacation in the Bahamas or stay and boat around Lake Minnetonka?  And if he stayed at Lake Minnetonka, which boat would he use?  Perhaps the climax of the movie would be Mark having to choose which worthless, math-avoidant, liberal arts degree to study and then the movie ends with the family helicopter flying him away from his Kenwood estate.

"The Movie of Atham" would be a much more interesting show.  A poor Mexican kid, born on the mainland of Cancun, has to strike out on his own with only his siblings to support one another.  Working various menial jobs from Monterrey to Tijuana to Los Angeles to Reno, they stick together as that is all they have, to inevitably, after years of hard and harsh studying, our smug-looking, pipe-smoking friend graduates with a degree in Chemical Engineering who heartily celebrates his first $60,000/year job with a house party of good friends.

Obviously, Atham is guaranteed to live the more interesting life.

And this is the point of this short little post.

As I've written in "Sanity is the Future of Wealth," "wealth" or "riches" is becoming increasingly meaningless.  Bill Gates may eat sushi every night and drive a Ferarri, but you are no worse off technically speaking eating a good sandwich at Subway or driving your reliable used Ford that does everything a Ferrari does, minus "look sexy."  Jeff Bezos no doubt has a much bigger house that you, but he can only occupy one room at a time and he has to sleep stationarily in his bed every night.  Your humble 3 bedroom home is just fine, affording you 98% of what Jeff Bezos' mansion does.  And yes, Mark Dayton probably drinks scotches that are older than me.  But how much better is a 50 year old scotch than a equally handsome Laphroigh 10 at 1/20th the cost?

And here is where being a trust fund baby and playing life on "easy mode" makes rich people poor and poor people rich.  Because as long as you don't screw up, as long as you don't have kids you can't afford, as long as you don't major in stupid shit, and as long as you stay thin/attractive, you will "make it" in life.  And the life you lead is guaranteed to be more interesting and rewarding than all the Nancy Pelosi's, Bush's, and Dayton's of the world, simply because you had to earn it.  There was a cost.  There was a challenge.  There was a story behind your life. Whereas with Mark Dayton there was merely irrelevant existence.  And so when you live that same 79 years that Mark Dayton does and you're on your death bed, wondering if you made your life count, you at least had a ride, a story to tell, a legacy to leave.  Whereas Mark Dayton only leaves behind more of his grandfather's money and a predictably boring, even worthless life.  You are infinitely richer than Mark Dayton, even if you just managed to attain a middle class life-style, homeownership, or a career in the trades on your own.

So going forward in life, do not get upset at the rich, leftists of the world, taking their parents money and self-decreeing themselves as leaders of the country.  Don't get angry at the Thadeus McWinthrop III's who never had to suffer or toil to get the job daddy landed them at Cargill or Thompson Reuters.  They are unforged flavorless humans with no trials and tribulations to make them human, let alone interesting ones.  And while, yes, you may see Mark Dayton eating at a haughty restaurant, dining on salmon and cheese, remember that the $7 Subway sub you bought with your own money has guaranteed that your life, your friends, your spouse, and your intellect are infinitely more interesting than his.  And that makes your life much richer than anything a trust-funder will enjoy.


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The Epitome of a Leftist

I got this from an agent in the field.  He's been following the story more closely than me, but what I love about the multiple articles (if you take the time to read it), it shows the true nature of leftists.  NEVER take any responsibility, the laws don't apply to you, cheat, and then IF YOU EVER GET CAUGHT, IMMEDIATELY hide behind a trait you were born with OR chose to claim to have.  It reminds me of when liberal friends of mine made a significant amount of money as a realtor or some other 1099'er, didn't pay estimated taxes, and THEN CRIED BLOODY FUCKING MURDER that they had to pay taxes.

More observations from my Agent in the Field:

1. Lives in Bali for a year on an overstayed tourist visa (not sure how you're nomadic when you live in one place)
2. Thinks she doesn't have to pay taxes, because she doesn't earn money in Rupiah
3. Makes money by promoting illegal behavior (visa fraud)
4. Promotes it publically on twitter, and doubles down after a shitstorm that makes the  immigration office aware
5. Gets deported
6. Claims it was only because she's gay & black (and western media is repeating this nonsense)

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Kerry Lutz and His Battle Against COVID

 If you didn't know, Kerry Lutz is a friend of mine and back in the day when I was just starting, he was kind enough to invite me to speak at one of his seminars.  This is coming up on 10 years ago, and he was one of the guys who put me onto Bitcoin/cryptocurrency.

Anyway, he had a bout with COVID as well as a literal boxing bout with it which ended him up at the hospital for 7 days.  Thankfully he survived, but you may want to read his account here.

Also, Kerry is a native from New York, where he escaped their taxes (and traffic), moving to Florida quite some time ago.  He interviewed a real estate investor about whether New York City has a future, not only in real estate, but in general.  

And if you're interested, check out his site in general if you're interested in cryptocurrency, precious metals, and economics in general.  He's usually WAY ahead of the curve, and his guests certainly are.

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The Cartel That Worked Too Well

A cartel, if you didn't pay attention in Econ 101, is a group of companies, governments, or institutions that control the global production of a particular good or commodity (oil, drugs, cars, wheat, etc.).  And in order to make more money, these individual entities work in concert to limit the supply of the good they produce to increase prices, thus netting the more profit.  In essence, a multi-member monopoly.  Cartels are considered a bad thing by most economists because they eliminate competition, lessen innovation, and increase costs for consumers, lowering every one's standards of living. 

However, cartels are not infamously relegated to commodities like oil, drugs, or even silver. And it is here you may want to set this article aside or opt not to read further because we're going to talk about the most expensive, in-demand, and sought after commodity in ALL THE HISTORY of the world:


(And no, as an economist I am not joking.  It is the most expensive commodity in the world.  And if you don't like that, you can leave and go read something else)

Like it or not, the fact still remains that pussy

has been
and always will be

the most sought after and valuable commodity in the world.  And the reason why is simple.  HALF the global population demands it more than anything else.  And that half also happens to produce the majority of economic production in the world, making them the richest half of the world, giving them the purchasing power to drive prices up. 

In the past "pussy" was regulated under laws, religion, and social mores that in order to "purchase" it you had to commit a significant amount of resources to do so.  You usually had to get married first.  You had to take vows in front of society and your god that you would provide for her.  And women were chaste/wise enough to know not flood the market with it unless said resources were attached.  And not just attached, but attached to an individual man making it more of a woman's own personal monopoly, rather than part of a larger collective whole.

But several sociological, economic, and political trends/events have radically changed this market, resulting in an effective "pussy cartel," not too unlike OPEC or the drug cartels.

First, technology has made it so that manual labor is no longer the main form of labor, but instead intelligence and skills.  This has allowed women to enter the labor force because they do not need to "till the fields" as much as they are needed to "code," "do taxes," or "open heart surgery."  This has allowed women to support themselves financially, unanchoring them from men, and replacing the transactional nature of sex to that of volunteerism.

Second, upon getting the right to vote, women (very generally) have voted in a welfare state that acts as insurance against poverty, hunger, and homelessness not just for them, but for their children as well.  This further removes women from being dependent upon men, perhaps fully removing their dependency on men in total, as men (across the west) have effectively been replaced by a government check.

Third, the political movement of feminism has not only approved and sanctified these changes, but also provided women with the logic or philosophy as to why this should be so.  It even goes so far as to take what traditionally gave women purpose and value in life (a husband and a family) and replace it instead with a political-economic ideology of individualism, hyper-education, careerism, leftist politics, and sadly a strange obsession with merely being born female.

But perhaps what has accelerated the formation of an effective "pussy cartel" the most has been the internet.  In being able to communicate instantly and with nearly all women, women have been allowed to rapidly form allegiances, alliances, and otherwise "groups," based on various principles and rules when it comes to interacting with men.  And while this "market" or "price" signaling occurred well before the internet (for example the book "The Rules" was written in 1995 and Cosmopolitan, Vogue, and other women's magazines have LOOOONG been coalescing women's thoughts as a group), women as a group have unconsciously formed a cartel in these post-traditional times.  And though women may not have a headquarters like OPEC does, or be as overt about it by forming a publicly-known entity, their behavior as a whole can be perfectly described as a cartel and there are consequences for it.

However, it is here we must make a distinction in how cartels can profit.

The traditional way a cartel makes money is it takes a fungible commodity (oil, cocaine, silver, wheat) and limits the supply of that commodity.  But another way cartels can profit is by lowering the quality of the commodity.  They cut costs, they don't refine the oil as well, or they cut the cocaine with baking soda.  So the volume they supply the market with may remain the same, but the quality is much, much lower, netting them more profit just the same.

Women have pursued this second strategy in their cartel.

With the women's liberation movement, the advent of birth control, and the elimination of the stigma associated with sleeping around, there is no doubt women are having more sex with more men than say in 1955.  But if you've compared the women of today to the women of 1955 you can see a DRASTIC drop in the quality.

Most notable is the obesity rates among women.  And not just obesity rates, but the delusional and mentally-ill pride that comes with being fat.  In my research for "The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women," I found that 60% of YOUNG WOMEN are overweight.  This is 60% of women between 18-35 who are fat, and by the unbreakable laws of male nature, unattractive.  Still, demand for pussy is so high and inelastic, like heroin addicts, desperate men will settle for any form of heroin, no matter how low grade, if nothing better is available.  And thus, women acting as a cartel, getting fat as a group in unison, nets women (as a whole) a profit in that they no longer have to expend resources on dieting, working out, or looking pretty.

You can also see the degradation on online dating profiles.  50 years of a heavily skewed female-bias in society (with no counter or correction from men as they're nearly all addicted to pussy) has resulted in some women with completely delusional expectations.  These delusional expectations are highlighted on the sub-reddit "Where Are All the Good Men" where (presumably) men lampoon the insane demands of women.  Single mothers demanding a man "step up" and take care of another man's crotchfruit.  Obese women demanding an athletic man.  Short, aposematistic, tatted up girls demanding a man be 6'0" or taller.  And perhaps the most delusional of them all - pregnant women saying "mother of 3 kids with one on the way" thinking they should be dating.

Admittedly, these are no doubt selected for their insanity and are not representative of women as a whole, but their mere existence shows women as a whole are acting as a cartel and DRASTICALLY lowering their quality for these profiles to even exist in the first place....though, again...thirsty, addicted men keep on buying.

And then there is just the complete inability of women to marry.  Also in my research for "The Book of Numbers," I tried to estimate the percent of the young, female population that was marriageable.  And among three methods I used, the "Deal Breaker Method" was particularly insightful.  Using polling data, correlation studies, and other information, I tried to calculate the percent of women from 18-35 who had no serious deal breakers. Things like uncurable STD's, another man's kid, obesity, etc.   And the result was shocking.

A paltry 1.25% of women between the ages of 18-35 are even remotely marriageable, and this says nothing of personality or chemistry that is required to fall in love. 

However, we didn't go from June Cleaver in 1955 to Tess Holliday in 2020 by accident.  Political forces, political philosophies, genuine social changes, education systems, even corporate marketing was purposely designed to sell women a new value structure that would give their lives meaning.  And this was a largely inward-looking value system where women derived value from their education, career, and politics more than they did the external love of men.  Of course, because of genetics, biology, and the momentum of society, women nominally still wanted to get married, but absolutely NO training was given as to how to become a good wife.  Thus instead of a loving, sweet, kind, supporting, svelte wife, men are now faced with a pool of "strong independent women" who "don't need no man," who value their careers above all else, have no problems outsourcing their children to day care, and very likely value their politics more than they love their husbands(...oh....and they have $200,000 in student loan debt for their "Journalism" degree).  And even though this batch of marital cocaine is 98% baking soda and 2% coke, the inelastic demand for pussy compels men to settle for this low-grade drug...because...well...come on.  It's pussy!

These forces form the courtship market we have today.  And while women may be celebrating their cartel's economic victory over men, ne'er having to expend a calorie of energy to make their product more attractive to the addicts that will buy it anyway, a weird bifurcated market with two distinct sub-markets has resulted.  And as is with all laws of economics, there has to be equilibrium.  There is a price to pay.

The first market is the one that has been with us since the dawn of time and the one we've been talking about.  Sex.  Whatever cute political trends or ideologies over the past 50 years may have been, it doesn't undo 200,000 years of human evolution and instinct.  Men still want sex.  They'll do nearly anything to get it.  And whereas in the past men used prostitution as the most direct and economic way to get it, the advent of the internet has allowed for digital prostitution through the myriad of porn sites, "Fan's Only" pages, and sugar daddy sites that euphemstically mask what is nothing short of prostitution. Heck, you can even get "the girlfriend experience" in many cities today.  Sex sells.  Pussy is the world's most in demand commodity.  And no matter how society dresses it up, the sex market will forever be with humanity.

The second market is another market that has been with humanity since recorded history - marriage.  And though it is a dying market, women's biology and society's traditional momentum compel - at least a part of them - to want to get married.  And while it may have been all fun and games, delivering low grade tail to desperate thirsty men, even subscribing to a life-ideology that ridiculed your clients, even going so far as to make money on this new-fangled internet by showing some bobs and vageen, when you want to leave the sex market and go onto the marriage market, all those forces mentioned before have completely ruined your product and brand, and no quality guy (anyway) is going to want it.

And thus "The Tidal Wave of Spinsters Cometh."

I am not going to argue about how women control the pussy market and men control the commitment market.  That is long established and I think understood by every one. 

What I want to introduce here is that the cartel women formed has been so successful that it destroys any chance or hope they have of being successful in the marriage market.  Because while men are desperate for pussy, they are not desperate for marriage.  And while the cartel has worked BRILLIANTLY allowing women to lessen their investment in their brand, thus increasing their "profits" in the sexual market, that lower investment has utterly destroyed their brand on the marriage market, rendering nearly all of them completely unmarriageable.  

That's very nice you believed the "healthy at any size" campaign Cosmopolitan Magazine put out to sell you more worthless feminist-prop.  I'm sure the occasional desperate man you managed to have sex with fooled you into thinking sex = commitment and you could find a husband at any time.

You can't.

That's very nice you followed an ideology that was antagonistic, perhaps even villainizing against men.  I'm sure the "male feminists" with their noodle soy boy arms, agreeing with you all the time just to get some pussy-crack convinced you you could marry any time with an anti-male ideology.

You can't.

And that's very nice you think your career, education, and leftist politics is what gives you value in life and not love.  Oh, and that $175,000 in student loans you bring to the table?  I bet you think that won't impede your chances at marriage or love.  You think you can walk down the aisle during "your day?"

You can't.

Sure, someday, you all might get married, but none of you will be happy about it because only losers are going to commit to the low-grade brand your cartel formed you to be.  And there's an 86% chance you'll either be divorced or miserable.

But perhaps the worst part of "the cartel that worked too well" is its auto-immune function.  So successful has this cartel worked, and so thorough and complete has the socio-political-ideological programming/indoctrination worked on women, practically none of them will turn their backs on the cartel.  One, because they do not want to face buyers remorse.  Two, it's a daunting and incredibly scary prospect that you have not only wasted your entire life on an erroneous ideology, but need to start from scratch again at 35.  And three, to successfully fall in love and find a man (presuming you want this) requires selflessness and sacrifice, the least of which is acknowledging there is a counterparty to this negotiation. And that counter party is going to primarily demand physical beauty, which again is a daunting and deterring prospect because of the work involved in being physically beautiful. 

And so when you consider these powerful forces:

  1. women's crippling fear of hitting the gym and dieting
  2. women's fully indoctrinated ideology where they don't need men
  3. women's substitute value-system where all value is internally derived, 
  4. society profiting off of women by lying to them that they are beautiful just the way they are, and
  5. the sexual market where women misread men's demand for sex as a measure for their marriage value

it is a near-guarantee that the majority of young women today and into the future will never put any effort into their marriage brand, and instead reside with the cartel for all of their fertile years.  The majority of women will waste their youth, not staying in shape or becoming comely to attract a man they might truly love, but will instead succumb to the sweet-tasting lies that they are "amazing" and "beautiful" just the way they are and men are "sexist" or "fatphobic" for not wanting them.  All of this will be reinforced with the echo-chamber of men thirsty for sex, especially over social media.  And instead of understanding that true value, true meaning in life comes from the external love from others, they will derive their value from the hallow leftist religion of worthless liberal arts degrees, student debt, soulless careers, and feminism.  You will witness the largest generation of spinsters the world has ever seen and it will not be pretty.

Sadly, the cartel worked UNIMAGINABLY well.  So well it destroyed (and will continue to destroy) generations of young women's lives.  And while men are no doubt at the receiving end of all this propaganda, being falsely accused of sins they never committed, even being shamed for not liking fat chicks, do not rejoice in their spinsterhood.  Pity them instead, and enjoy the decline.


Check out the book
"The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women"



Friday, January 15, 2021

Dollars to GDP Ratio - AKA : "Money Printer Go BRRRRR"

I am thankful because after a year long stretch writing books, putting together seminars, and doing my taxes, for the first time in a long time I have the time to do an economics piece. 

This will be short and nothing you don't already know, but the numbers are shocking when you put them together.  And what we'll be looking at today is the numbers of dollars floating around in the economy, versus the GDP it presumably produces.  

In short, I took the monetary base (the narrowest measure of money in circulation) and divided it by GDP.  Ideally this ratio should remain flat as it is not the amount of money circulating in the economy that produces GDP, but the industriousness and entrepreneurial hunger of its citizens.  Printing off money only leads to inflation, and truly (bar the inflationary or deflationary effects money supply shocks cause the economy) is irrelevant to the long term, fundamental productive capacity to this or any other economy.  

However, politicians are stupid and they think that in making "Money Printer Go BRRRR" we can print ourselves out of economic/financial crises, when all we really do is spread the misery around to all Americans through higher inflation and a diluted currency.  And so to measure this delusion I wanted to see how many dollars we are printing into circulation relative to the GDP we produce using those dollars.  And the chart is nothing you wouldn't expect.

Starting in 1959 we used one dime to produce one dollar of GDP.  This slowly decreased over time to a nickel in the 1970's where it stay until 2008.

Why 2008?  Because this is when the financial crisis hit and then President George Bush Jr. (among government and Fed economists) decided it was a good idea to make Money Printer Go BRRR and double the money supply IN TWO QUARTERs.  The monetary base jumped from $868 billion to $1.6 trillion just 180 days.  

The money printer continued to go BRRRR under the in-coming Obama administration where Barry took the monetary base from $1.6 trillion to almost $4 trillion, more than quadrupling the money supply from it's 2008 base.  

As the economy slowly recovered under the late and last term of the Obama administration, they pulled back on the money supply, lowering the monetary base to $3.6 trillion.  President Trump continued this trend further lowering it to $3.3 trillion, the lowest it had been in nearly a decade.

But then a pretty serious cold hit the world, people lost their communal shit, we shut down the economies of the world, which once against prompted economists, governments, presidents and parliaments to do what they do best - make Money Printer Go BRRRRR again.  And in that time President Trump added nearly 2 trillion to the monetary base, increasing the money supply by 56% in just one year. 

When you tally up the numbers, we increased the money supply by almost 600%, but GDP only increased by 41% during that same time.  And so what used to take a nickel to produce $1 in GDP, now takes a full quarter, implying a real inflation rate of 500%.

Now, of course, people will look and say, "I don't see 500% inflation!!!!  Milk is still $2/gallon.  Gas was just at a $1/gallon last year!  And my video games are still only $55 for a new release."

Which is all true.

But the inflation goes where the financial system channels it, and the banking system lends money out to only some key areas, which have all seen prices go up by around 500%.

The stock market is up 400% from its 2008 lows.  Housing about the same.  Tuition is only up around 200-300% depending on which type of school you're going to. So are rents.  Crypto-currencies and precious metals have certainly taking an interesting jump, haven't they?  And I can't believe you idiots are actually paying $36,000 for the average price of a new car.

Yes, my fine, college-educated Millennial.  You're right.  The price of a pound of cheese is still 45 cents.

Oh...but what's that you say?  You live at home because you can't afford the $2,500/month rent at the age of 33?  Well, good thing we made money printer go BRRR and you got all that "free money" under Obama.

To regular readers, this observation is nothing new.  We have an IQ above room temperature and in having said IQ we know printing off pieces of paper does not magically lead to increased economic production.  It only dilutes the currency and lowers our purchasing power.  But I am getting mighty sick and tired of the completely ignorant, idiotic, and uneducated Americans who cannot grasp this simple concept.  The average college-educated 20 something who on one hand demands the government pay for everything and make sure nobody suffers any consequences of their stupid economic decisions by printing money, but then bitch and whine about the price of housing, rent, health care, tuition, transportation, etc, when that money finally settles where it was going to settle.

You people, and by that I mean the general American public, are fucking retards who deserve all the economic pain, malaise, debt, and stress that comes with it.  And I find no greater joy than watching boomers take out reverse mortgages on their homes because they didn't save up for retirement, millennials panhandle for the taxpayer to bail them out of their sociology degree, and Gen X'ers constantly drawing equity from their artificially inflated home prices to buy trinkets to remain popular as if it were still middle school.  

You will die impoverished, angry, and above all else confused because you didn't take the time to understand basic economics.

You can hire Aaron at:

Don't Date If You're Pregnant


Thursday, January 14, 2021

A Japanese Version of Asshole Consulting

 I bet this guy is just as surprised he makes money doing what he does as I do.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Women's Magazines are Propaganda

It's a dated article, but an important one to show you what diet young women (even in "The Before Time" pre-internet) were fed about the sexes.  

You never stood a chance with this level of propaganda being fed to young women, and by young I mean tweens starting at the age of 12 with magazines like "Teen Vogue" etc.  

I recommend you read this book instead which is not propaganda, but is math, statistics, and facts.

Tuesday, January 05, 2021

"I Can't Get Pregnant"

From an Agent in the Field:

"OH, I always like to share this story. This is the 100% truth; no bullshit; no exaggeration; no hyperbole. I dated this one chick who claimed she could not get pregnant. That she was molested as a child, by her uncle, and I guess her claim was that it messed up her insides and she was unable to ever have a child. So, we dated, and fucked for a while. Then she started seeing a doctor for some kind of problems, and she came to me with a claim that she was allergic to latex. I had, of course, been wearing condoms. So, I just told her, well, they make lambskin condoms, etc. She's like, "Fuck, i'm dealing with a genius here, it seems."  

Eventually, I caught the bitch cheating, sneaking a guy out the back door. (Probably trying to get him to impregnate her and try to trap me into thinking it's my baby, etc.) I dumped the bitch. (Story gets even crazier, as the psycho tried to claim that some guy had raped her - and with a baseball bat! wtf? All a ploy just to get me to talk to her again. One day, a damn rape hotline called me and told me that my ex-girlfriend had been raped by some guy and that she was so sad and really needed to talk to me. I said that's not my fucking problem. I still know her damn phone number and can call her if I wanted to. And, don't ever call me again!)  

Anyhow, about 6 months later, she had a random one-night stand with some guy, and she fucking got pregnant. Her one-night stand guy moved across the country and left her alone. She would go on to have 4 more fucking children - Ms. I can't get pregnant! And this might have been just a simple anecdote, except that I also knew another chick whose father and brother had molested when she was younger. She also constantly claimed that she was unable to get pregnant and have children. So, one night she had a threesome with two friends of mine. She got pregnant. She tried to pin it on her then-boyfriend but he got a fucking DNA test to prove it was not his fucking kid. Eventually she did DNA and found out that it was one of the guys in the aforementioned threesome. 

She tried to chase the father for years, claiming how in love she was, that she just had to have him, could not live without him, blah, blah. He did nothing for awhile, denied it was his kid, but eventually allowing the child in his life and paid child support, etc. but he never wanted to date or marry or be with that crazy bitch. (She eventually killed herself- shot herself in the heart, due to other reasons - severe back pain/surgeries didn't help, etc., and just generally crazy / bipolar, etc.)"

Now buy this damn book so you don't deal with this level of crazy.

Monday, January 04, 2021

The Quickest Path to FU Money

You can take the course here.

Baby Boomer Rationalization Hamsters

Remember the "Rationalization Hamster?"  Well it hasn't gone away and is very strong.  Especially among boomer women.

Sunday, January 03, 2021

Saturday, January 02, 2021

"New Year's Resolutions or Just Pretty Words" - Rule Zero Podcast

Was on with the gang this morning.  Tune in, some good conversation!

Friday, January 01, 2021

"Achieving Minimalism" - New Year's Resolution Course Now Available

From January 2nd through January 6th my course on Minimalism will be available.  The cost is $499, but that is very much likely less than what you spent over the holidays...heck, maybe even New Year's.  You can find the outline by scrolling down here, but it is designed to be the best course out there that gets you to finally spend less than you make.  And while no doubt many of you are resolving to quit drinking or lose some weight, may I recommend you also take a serious crack at improving your finances as well?