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Episode #183 of The Clarey Podcast

The wife won't sell the house.
Escaping husband jail.
The ONLY Private Sector President.
Companies shouldn't stick their dick in politics.


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The Case for Global Warming as a Religion

A client at Asshole Consulting paid me to get off my lazy rear and put together my argument for why I don't believe in global warming.  Among the many arguments is that global warming is nothing more than a religion and certainly not some noble aim to "save the planet."  Regardless, more data, arguments, analysis and observations as to why "the Ole Captain" doesn't believe in this neo-religion can be found below:

No Thanks Uber and Lyft, I'll Walk

Fucking west coast tech liberals in a virtue signalling dick-sucking contest.

Throwing in the Towel - When It's Time to Retire from Game

The GF left for a week to visit her mother.  Unencumbered, I decided I'd visit some old haunts to see if they were still lively, specifically if there was any revival in the dance scenes I left nearly a decade ago.  The first was the swing dance scene which has become nothing more than a siren call for the millennial virgin-hipster-nerds to congregate and further refine their sperg together.  It was a shame what I saw, with veritable 30 year old virgins, perfectly groomed bears, and rank ugly women/girls despite being in their prime years.

The salsa scene was no better.  When I left it many moons ago it was a sausage fest with 3 men for every woman.  The feelers, grabbers, and stalkers scaring away all the good looking girls, leaving nothing but purist salsa dancing females left, who would not dance with you unless you had already ingratiated yourself into their clique.  10 years later it was hands down the worst male-female ratio of about 10 to 1 (I am not joking), where I saw scores of self-disrespecting males chasing after only a handful of females.  It was so bad I paid my cover, walked 20 yards in, turned around, walked out, and refused the doorkeep who offered to refund my cover.  I then went home and played some video games.

But these two short forays only served to confirm something I've known for quite some time.  I'm too old for this shit anymore, and though fun at the time, the time I spent chasing tail in hindsight was about a 60% waste.  There was much better shit to do with my life, I just hadn't matured enough to realize it.

This epiphany is only natural because as the "manosphere" has aged, so too has its authors and founders.  Certainly us old fogeys now in or rapidly approaching their forties have ran the gambit like any modern day 20 year old, going from a nerdy noob with absolutely no game to an accomplished player.  But like Voyager 2 leaving the Oort cloud, so too will most men leave the pursuit of women, bringing on a new stage of exploration and pioneering.

The question is when do you retire from game.

There is no magical age or number.  Roosh, for example in this podcast (which inspired this post) is on the later half of 30, and though attached to a girl, AND the topic of the podcast itself is "The Death of Night Game," still carries the reader through the do's and don't's of night game as if it were still a viable option.  I abandoned it long ago and with the advent of texting/social media, etc., I recommend you do the same.  But some people still have it going well into their 30's and 40's and choose to waste hours of their time at loud bars and nightclubs.

Others find a quality girl and either get married or get a steady girlfriend.  Slings and arrows from the VirginTOW community aside, they don't care because while the fear of divorce is real, it is a healthy respect and acknowledgement of that fear that allows you to find a quality woman who will not rape you in divorce court or sperm jack you.

And then there's just plain age and tiredness.  No matter how fun, no matter how successful, in the end chasing after women gets tiresome and loses it's novelty.  Again I subscribe to the theory that men have a limited amount of energy and it will get exhausted, even if you are successful in slaying the ladies.  But the economics of novelty also come into play.  Using the same tactics on the same bimbos playing the same games with the same lines, while dealing with the same crap over and over and over again, just isn't worth the sexual pay off no matter how good.

However you come to this point, if you find yourself unable to conclusively determine that you want to go out and chase tail, and are instead rather tempted by the prospects of staying it, it is time for you, my good sir, to retire from game.  And chances are it was the time anyway a long time ago.

If being out of the game for a decade has taught me anything, it's that while you're in the thick of it you don't realize the opportunity costs of investing so much of your life chasing tail.  Blinded by either youthful hormones or just the echo chamber of society telling you "that's what people your age do," you don't realize how much of your time you are wasting, mal-investing it in things that just aren't going to pay off.  Ask any older man whether half the lays he had were worth the time he had to invest getting them, and I'd wager 95% of them would say, "no."  And further ask them what they could have achieved with that time had they not invested it in girls, and they would say "conquer the world."  And it's not until you unplug yourself from the matrix, removing yourself from this environment for a while, so you can look back at it with fresh eyes, will you see just what a waste of time night clubs are, chasing tail is, and what a general time/resource sink the pursuit of women are.

This isn't to say not to pursue them, let alone pursue them wisely (setting minimal time/resource investment, insisting on high standards, timeliness, etc.).  Nor am I saying you shouldn't go to a nightclub, fire up the Tinder, ask Suzie Q on a date, or run a little bit of the day game.  But I am asking all men, regardless of age to occasionally stop, say once a year, not pursue women for 2 weeks and take inventory of their success, their life goals, their desires, and what makes them happy.  I'm suggesting men fast from women every year for 2 weeks so they can clearly and critically look back at all their precious time they spent pursuing tail and see if that wasn't a horrendous waste of time.  It's no different than sobering up from booze or drugs, clearing your mind of any chemicals or hormones, to see if they should continue to play a role in your life and if you genuinely have an interest in them.

For most men, especially the younger ones, the answer will be yes, they want to keep chasing girls.  And to that I say continue the chase young man, continue the chase.

But if you go on a 2 week hiatus, and find yourself in better spirits, and perhaps start taking a stronger intellectual interest in hobbies, your career, philosophy, or just the peace and quiet time you have to yourself, it may be time to throw in the towel and retire from game.  And dare I say start looking for a "girl who's good enough" to settle down with so you never have to go to the frontlines ever again.
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Friday, January 27, 2017

Women Voted it Upon Themselves

Gang raped again?


Remember, diversity is more important than rape in Sweden.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jason Dion Bews Thy Name is Coward

Looks like the fuzz decided to charge a lefty wimp with assault...against a woman....at a woman's march.

Getting a Career in IT in 2017

This is an article I had my IT buddy write in response to a surge of requests from Asshole Consulting about the IT industry, how to get into it, what to specialize in, and should you go to college, bootcamp, or a 2 year community college.  I am not an expert in the field, so I decided to outsource it to a professional to give us the low down on the industry and how to get into it in 2017 (and you can tell he's a professional IT genius because of his indifference for spelling and typos).  Because of the constantly changing nature of IT I am kicking around doing an "State of the IT Union Address" each January.  Regardless, you can find my IT friend here for all your IT and computer needs.

There is a cliche in consulting....the answer to any question is always: "IT depends".  That cliche fits rather nicely into this topic. 


College education will not land one a job, nor will it properly prepare one for a job in the IT field.  IT as a whole moves far to fast for the typical four year college to design a program that reflect the jobs available.  Two year and trade schools are far better in getting one prepared for entering the work force, however are often too focused and become out dated.  However what a bachlors degree does is allow one to move further up the ladder further and faster, potentially management one day.  It also puts you ahead of the next person(s) assuming the only difference is education.  Two big reasons for that is, A. by completing a degree, it  shows that the potential to learn is there.  And B. a certain about of dedication and work ethic is present.   Also as you may have already heard, a college degree is more of a passport.

Certifications are great.  However one is probally better off being more well rounded and if the employer wants you to focus on one area then they will send you there.  A couple of issues with doing certifications on your own, is that they are VERY specific.  Is there an actual real demand for people having that certificiation?  What happens in 24 months when things change and that certification is for the most part null and void?  For instance holding a certification in Windows 2008, doesn't hold much weight any more.  However if one achieves a multi-level certification say for instance: Microsoft Certified Server Engineer, VmWare Certified Professional, or Cisco Certified Internet Engineer; these certs. will always be a feather in your cap and will be an asset no matter how old they are.  Even if one had a MSCE in Windows Server 2003; that communications that you have a good foundation of how things work and adapting to the newer stuff will be easier than someone coming in fresh.


Server Administration:  Server Virtualization has been hot for the past 10 years, and will continue to stay at the very least warm.  In a nutshell Server Virtualizaiton is taking a single server, but making appear to the network as if there are ten servers on the network.  For instance a cluster of three servers physical servers can present well over a dozen virtual servers to the network; and be able act as fail over for each other.  All with out the end users or their computers knowing.  VMware ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V (known as hyper-visors) are the biggest players in this space.

This area is starting to cool a bit since "the cloud" has come to the grasp of mere motors.  Now days any tech saavy person can setup their own servers using places like AWA (Amazon Web Services) .  Thus bypassing the need for much of in house IT.  Many smaller players also basically can provide a company all of their server needs as a subscrition service.  A smart play MAYBE to become skilled in manipulating these types of enviroments.

Companies are shrinking thier budgets, thus requiring IT professionals do more with less.  Thus anything that automates, scripts, or generally allows an IT person to get more stuff done in less time will be in demand.  A good place to start is technolgies like Puppet, Cheif, and PowerShell.
Security is super in demand now, and will be for the near future.  There are very few "industry standard" or commonally accpeted certifications in this area.  Well other that a Cisco Certified Security Expert.  To be good in this area one needs to know networking inside and out.  Get expirence playing with firewalls, routers, and switches.  Then go beyond that looking into white and black hack items.

Database/information Architechture has always been in demand and keeps grown at a slow and steady rate.  A quick search on the buzz words "big data" or "Hadoop" show just how in demand they are.  The basics of databases hasn't changed much in 20 years, however the implentation has.  If one gets to be comfortable with Microsoft SQL either as a data designer or the implentation engineer, there will always be work for them.

Docker will be very big for those looking to get into code.  Docker is essentially doing for applications what VMware did for servers.  Docker provides a frame work for applications without all the heavy Operating system.  It is a modular system.  One can simiply load a Data base docker or a CRM docker etc and not have to install a Windows server for each appliation.  One just sets up the Docker infrastructure then add and remove appliacation components. 

Coding: Programing languages are very much like real languages.  Learning the first one is real hard.  Switching or learning adtional ones is easier.  As your brain picks out methods and similarities.  IE If one knows German, and needs to learn Italian it will be much easier for that person vs. the person learning Italian who only knows English.  What am I saying?  It doesn't matter what computer language gets taught; once you know one it becomes easier to switch to another down the road.  The "hot" language changes about every 5~10 years anyways, however there will always be a demand for the "language of yesterday."  Apps written in the older languages will still need to be updated/changed or re-writen.

HelpDesk/user training/assistance: Applications are becoming for web driven, computers have gotten cheaper and less repairable.  This has lessened the need for the typical HelpDesk person on one aspect.  On the flip side there will always be a need for people to do the "hand holding", the guiding, and trouble shooting for the end users.  One just will not be doing nearly as much swapping out hardware components.


Do not take simply look at salary guides out there and make a career decision based mostly on that.  To be sucessfull in IT, in general demands one needs to have a natural interest in the area, a desire to learn, fast learning and a trouble shooting mind set.  If you are just chasing the money, you will fail or get an entry level job and stay at roughly that same position for life.  Education is great, the more the better, it will never hurt you.  Expirence is just as important.  This industry is flooded with people who have all sorts of acrynyms behind their name but yet can't think worth a darn, think outside the box, or trouble shoot.  Somethings just can't be taught in class.  Or to use another cliche, they can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Start anywhere looking for expirence.  Start with getting a used PC and building/repairing it up.  Start helping others with their technical diffuculties.  Start playing around with networking gear.  Start dabbling in scripting and programing.  Often just having some expirence with a technology is all it take; mastery of the technology is often not needed to land a good job. 

More WARM SUNNY Adventures of Cappy

It's a tough life but somebody has to live it:

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Your Education Does Not Make You Smart

Please, all college graduates, just have a cup of STFU.  You modern day "high school diploma" means nothing.

Rhode Island College Degrees Now as Worthless as High School Diplomas

"When everybody's a super, then no one will be."

Monday, January 23, 2017

"I Really Just Want to be a Stay at Home Mom"

Well knock it off with this feminist rah rah career woman bullshit and BE ONE!

Governor Mark Daton Collapses While Giving the State of the State Address

As many of you know I do not like nor respect Gov. Mark Dayton.  It is not my opinion but he is the embodiment of everything I loathe about politicians, right or left.  He never worked a real job in his life, inherited money from a real man who did all the work, and as an elitist puts his own personal boredom and political ambitions ahead of the people he wished to govern.

However, while delivering the State of the State address he collapsed and hit his head.

It's times like these one must abandon politics and view Mark Dayton as a fellow human being and search ones soul for one's true opinion of the man.  Ergo, I give my most earnest wishes that the alcohol and prescription drugs caught up with this vermonous parasite and that when he hit is head, he does not die, but suffers a traumatic brain injury that leaves him severely impaired for the rest of what will hopefully be a miserable life.

Yes, I hate that piece of shit that much, and no, I am not being facetious in the slightest in my wishes.  I am laughing at that pampered, (genuinely) privileged fuck and wish him ALL that he received unfairly in his life to manifest itself in am equalizing punishment and comeuppance today.  Of course, it's likely he just got a bump on his hallow head, but one can pray for this genuinely worthless human being.

UPDATE - Governor Dayton is perfectly fine.  Damnit.  I guess he'll celebrate his health with his limousine liberal trust fund Crocus Hill crowd with $100 shots of scotch at W.A. Frost.

Episode #182 of The Clarey Podcast!

Girls getting multiple hotel rooms.
Cappy's School of Not Getting Shot by Cops
Black barber shops.
Cappy's not Irish, but sadly Socialist Scandinavian


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Find the Thug

I bet he stitches up those hoop ear lobes real quick.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Vast Stupidity of the Performance Review

A Guest Post By Adam Piggott
We didn't have performance reviews when I was a whitewater rafting guide. Our performance was based upon whether we had managed to kill any of our customers or not. All of your passengers alive at the take-out point? Good performance review. Lost a couple along the way? Poor performance review.

But when I returned to Australia and I got a "real job" I was suddenly exposed to this strange modern employment ceremony. It hadn't been present back in the nineties when I had last had a real job but now it was a core feature of any company of even moderate size. The existence of the performance review goes hand in hand with a human resources department. The two are symbiotic in nature - one cannot exist without the other. Even though I have actively despised performance reviews since I first encountered them, it was only when I saw this tweet in an article at the Dark Triad Man that I really understood why these reviews are not just awful but also counterproductive.
I had a mentor/boss once who gave me a performance review. "You say what you mean and you mean what you say." That was it. Complete review. Took four seconds. He coupled it with the biggest raise he was able to give. I learned something that day.
Wouldn't you love to have a performance review like that? The reasons why this review is so good help to illustrate why performance reviews in general are so awful.

First of all we have the length of the review. All of the reviews that I ever sat through were of unbearable length. This was because the reviews were not about me, the employee. They were about whoever was my manager at the time, ie the one who was giving me my review. In their eyes, the longer they sat there droning on about rubbish that had next to nothing to do with me or my job, then the more interest they were apparently taking in my welfare as their minion. The performance review was their big chance to pretend to give a crap about me and my existence within their organization.
I soon learned that these reviews were most certainly not the place to bring up any real issues or grievances that I had. They were just for show and any deviation from that illusion was met with a severe decline in the attitude of the person who was giving the review. We were there to hear how wonderful they had been and how well they did their job as a manager.

Which leads me to my next point about the quoted review. The manager in question is so good precisely because he has clearly been doing his job of managing the employee for the entire year. He does not need the review to manage the employee. The review simply tops off all the work he has done throughout the year. It is the icing on the cake. When he states that his employee says what he means and means what he says what he is actually doing is demonstrating that he knows exactly what his employee has done, what he is capable of, and how much he values this particular employee. In other words he has actively managed his employee throughout the year. He does not require a performance review to manage this person due to the fact that it is a continual process which goes on all the time. He is interested in his employee's welfare and thus his true value to the department in which he works.

However, the vast majority of "managers" spend the bulk of their time playing political games and undermining underlings who might constitute even a fraction of a threat to them seeing as they never actually do their job. When these managers enter a performance review they are faced with the panic of having to engage with someone whom they probably know nothing about. Thus their only real option is to spend a great deal of time talking at length about themselves.

They do however, have a get out of jail free card. This is the ubiquitous form that employees are required to fill out before they enter the review itself. This form contains questions such as, 'what are your 5 big success for the year?' and 'where do you see yourself in 5 years' time?' The only reason that this form exists is to give the clueless manager some idea of who the hell is this person who is sitting across the other side of his desk. Whenever a manager is particularly out of his depth then a choice move is to get the twenty one year old HR ditz to sit in on the review so as to give him clues as to what he is supposed to say. As she herself is only privy to the information contained on the form then this can make for an entertaining spectacle, if you yourself are not so demoralized at understanding what her presence actually signifies. 

The final part of the quoted review is the raise. For the rest of us mere mortals this is of course hilarious. Not only is the topic of a raise never brought up, if you are so brave and foolish as to do so then you will be met with a wall of stony silence. In one case I actually had a manager inform me that he was not authorized to give raises. He didn't take kindly to my question as to why he was in the position of a manager if he lacked this basic power.

I have no advice for you as to how to negotiate the perils of a performance review so as to bring about a satisfactory conclusion. The obvious reason for this is that the review is based upon the capability of your immediate superior and if he is a clueless moron then your review will reflect as such. Perhaps some of you readers have brilliant advice as to how to turn the tables in such an encounter. If you do then I am all ears. Of course, I no longer work in a job that requires such a thing as a performance review. Perhaps that is the final answer on the subject.

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Starkest Contrast Between Obama and Trump Administrations

I think can be seen between the real man Trump selected as Secretary of Defense and the veritable pussy that preceded him under Obama.

Dave Ramsey Should Kick William Dudley's Ass

New York Federal Reserve president says people should withdraw equity from their homes.

Because, well, you know, it's more important to get those GDP figures up than people pay off their debts and have healthy personal finances.

More From Vegas

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Episode #181 of The Clarey Podcast!

From the road so the audio is a bit windy

Sheeple holding up the men's bathroom and gas station.
How much are the Million Women March going to spend on hotels?
Protesting is stupid and a waste of time.
Concerts are also stupid and a waste of time.
Manosphereians/red pillers who desperately need an older brother


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Cappy's Arizona Adventures

These are from the Salt River Canyon.  In addition to it merely being very pretty, it is also a filming location for one of my favorite movies, Midnight Run.  The picture underneath the bridge is the scene, thus answering your predictable question, "why did you take a picture underneath a bridge?"

A PhD in Reading

The stupid burns so much it's cut the nerves that I no longer feel the pain.  But I wanted to highlight that this is what kind of job you can expect to work AFTER 16 YEARS EXPERIENCE and having a "PhD in READING"



You know, that shit you learned to do by the 2nd grade, perhaps even before kindergarten if you were homeschooled? 

Yeah, this gal took 13 years PLUS 8 years of COLLEGE.



My god, you fucking nitwits who suck the cock of "higher education."

A Job Millennials Can Do from Home

Again, Alex is always hiring.  It's not a great job and it's not a high paying job, but it's location independent and you can do it from a beach in Thailand:

Thank you all for your support so far. Without your help, we would not be where we are today.
Today, I solicit you with a simple proposal. Get paid for posting ads on Craigslist. You will make five bucks for each lead you will have generated and even if you don't produce any results for us, you'd still make seven bucks per week. That is, your base pay is one dollar for each day that your ads stay live on Craigslist.

Here are the three simple steps you'd need to follow to get started.

  1. Set up a new gmail account with your initials in it
  2. Edit the forwarding features to ensure that all incoming emails are re-directed to Aleksey.Bashtavenko@gmail.com
  3. Use that new gmail account to set up a craigslist account

    When you are done, send a test email to your new address to make sure the message gets through to me. Then, I'll set you up with material to post.
Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer (540) 300-1253

The Deportation Army Economic Stimulus Plan

To be an effective president you must lead with an efficiency that produces multiple winners, minimizes costs, solves multiple problems at the same time, and unites politicians across the political spectrum.  This results in government policy that is not only most beneficial to the people, but is also cost effective AND (above all else) realistic in that it wins the support of both political parties, making such policy a reality.  Luckily, I have such an idea/policy that I believe will be of realistic and utmost benefit to the American people:

The Deportation Army Economic Stimulus Plan.

At first you may have many questions about this seemingly controversial plan.

"Wouldn't the democrats be against deportation?"
"What does deportation have to do with economic stimulus?"
"Why would we need an army to do this?"
"Won't this cost money?"

But fear not, for I, with my SAEG (TM) have thought it all through.  And once I explain, you'll see why having a Deportation Army is in the best interests of everyone and is budget revenue positive.

First, a huge problem we have in the country is the number of unemployed and underemployed males.  The "Underemployment Rate" is currently at 9.2% for everyone, but this "mancession" as it was called disproportionately affected males.  You also throw in the fact that women now make "99.76%" of college students, young men face an unemployment rate of 4.6% while women enjoy an unemployment rate of 4.3%.  This says nothing of men who have given up hope, leaving the labor force forever resulting in the lowest labor force participation rates ever recorded.  In short there are millions of men either unemployed, underemployed, or just staying at home playing video games because they've given up hope there's a job for them out there somewhere.

Thankfully, the Deportation Army Economic Stimulus Plan is also a JOBS PLAN for men.  We cannot investigate, round up, and deport illegals with the current staffing levels of the border patrol.  But by creating a 2.5 million man deportation army, not only will be be able to deport all the illegal aliens in the country, but we will be able to offer jobs to all those men unfortunate enough to be either unemployed or underemployed.

This leads to the second benefit of the Deportation Army Economic Stimulus Plan - jobs growth, and therefore economic growth.  Assuming 2.5 million FTE jobs created at a (very conservatively estimated) $15 minimum wage, that would bring an additional $75 BILLION to the US economy EVERY YEAR!  But it gets better than that!  Because if we very securely affix our lips to Keynes's ass, the magical wonders of the "multiplier effect" will cause much more stimulus.  Using the savings rate of 5.5% as a proxy for the "marginal propensity to save" (and don't worry if you don't understand this economic jargon.  It's only for really smart people like Paul Krugman to understand), the REAL total economic effect would be $1.4 TRILLION.  That's a full 7.5% in IMMEDIATE economic growth on our current $18.7 trillion GDP PER YEAR!

Which leads to the third reason the Deportation Army Economic Stimulus Plan is a great idea.

The democrats will LOVE IT!

Understand while democrats love illegal aliens for a multitude of reasons, they love Keynesian economics more.  Why any chance they get to spend more money on broken window fallacies, they can't trip over themselves quickly enough to vote our children into debt and rich people's money away.  Of course, spending it on deporting their illegal voter base away may seem a deal breaker, but when you whet their appetite with the 18x's multiplier effect today's savings rate provides they and their economist policy wonks won't be able to help themselves!  They'll vote for it immediately!

And finally, four.  Whereas Nancy Pelosi was right that welfare checks were the best thing to get an economy growing, and Paul Krugman was also right that we should just print off a ton of money, that is condescending to all their constituents and congregational members (of the Chuch of Keynes).  It implies they're lazy, just don't want to work, or have given up hope when they couldn't land a job at Intel with their Masters in Puppetry Studies.

The Deportation Army Economic Stimulus Plan gives its participants PRIDE because it gives them jobs.  We know everybody who collects welfare, TANF, WIC, SS disability, and Section 8 are all fully aware and ashamed of their parasitic nature and want nothing more than to become contributing members of society.  Why absolutely NONE of them have lived off of the taxpayers for generations, and when they're on the government dole, they want nothing more than to get off.  That's why the pride in having a job is just as an important psychological benefit as the paycheck that comes with it is financial.

So contact your congressman today!  Tell them you support The Deportation Army Economic Stimulus Plan and want them to vote for it!  It's sound government policy that has bi-partisan support and is guaranteed to get our economy booming again!

PS - If you don't support The Deportation Army Economic Stimulus Plan you're racist.
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Curse Free Episode #16

Some dead air error up front FYI.

Hiking dogs
Snobs of Paradise Valley and Scottsdale
The Human Resources Bubble is Bursting


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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How to Handle an Accusation of Racism

Here is a textbook example of taking an accusation of racism, and turning it back on your accuser WHILE making profit at the same time.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ahhhhh SPERG OUT!!!!

Let's get the MGTOW's, feminists, and alt-right to sperg out all at the same time:

When Feminists Enter the Nursing Homes

It's going to be very lonely.  VERY LONELY.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Mexican Window Washer's Prayer

It is actually a Marcus Aurelius level of thought and masculine virtue that has gone into this prayer and is what I believe to be on par with the Serenity Prayer.

"Do not deprive me from my suffering and my pain, for negative consequences must follow if I hope to learn from the crimes I committed against myself. Let me wander in this blizzard, I know I shall survive and become a better man. No one is coming to save me and that is a blessing."

Debunking the Multiplier Effect

I do not intend this to be a lengthy post because though the topic of economics and the multiplier effect may seem complex and nuanced, the truth is the entire economics "profession" has gone so far beyond it's philosophical roots, laughably treating itself as a "science," that so many mistakes have been made along the way that some of it's key tenets are easily debunked, prominent among them, the "multiplier effect."

If you don't know what the multiplier effect is or why it's important, it basically states that any new introduction of money into an economy will result in increased economic production MULTIPLE TIMES the original increase.  This is based on the fact that one person's expenditure is another person's income, so an increase of $1,000 can result in a total economic production of say $5,000.

Bob gets a tax break of $1,000 and buys a new computer from Jim.
Jim takes the money and spends some of it, say $900, buying a new suit from Bill.
Bill takes $800 of that $900 and buys himself a set of tools from Amy

and this cycle continues on and on and on till the fractional expenditure is so small little Leroy is buying a 1 cent piece of bubble gum, resulting in $5,000 in total new spending.

While this explains the multiplier effect, it does not, however, explain the political motivation behind it and why (leftist) politicians love it.  The multiplier effect basically authorizes or legitimizes increased government spending, especially deficit spending because that $100 billion in welfare to the poor, or that $10 billion forgivable government loan to Solyndra will result in MULTIPLE times that amount in economic growth, and therefore tax revenue.  This is why Nancy Pelosi foolishly said unemployment and government checks was the best thing for the then-economy, why Paul Krugman believes in aliens, and why nearly every leftist is for increasing government spending on the parasitic - it not only wins them votes, adoration, and popularity among the sheeple, but the multiplier effect is quite literally magic economics with no costs because in theory it generates more tax revenue than it costs.

Now, you don't have to be an economist to know something is fishy when politicians and pundits start claiming there's such a thing as a free economic lunch and you can have something for nothing.  And so to debunk this malarkey we can simply look at whether or not increased government spending has resulted in economic growth in the past.  And the truth is, it hasn't.  It simply hasn't.  Not only has government spending coincided with slowing economic growth, the Obama presidency was a Keynesian wet dream come true that has only further proven the multiplier effect just does not work.  Obama doubled the national deficit, spending an additional $10 trillion the country simply didn't have, and GDP continued to limp along at a pathetic 2.2% average growth rate.  I only need further point out if there was a Multiplier Effect, we wouldn't have to be running deficits...which we most certainly have the past decade.

In short, to those of us living in the real world, the multiplier effect simply doesn't work.

But while anybody (if they're so inclined) can look up the data on the FRED database and prove it to themselves, it's more important, especially in an attempt to educate the public, to explain WHY the multiplier effect doesn't work and why economic policy based on it is doomed to fail.  And that answer comes in way before the government check is cut, the tax break given, and Bob pays Bill $1,000.  Specifically...

where did the money come from?

If you look at the multiplier effect, it is truly magical because it assumes we have this pile of money that just "POOF!" shows up out of thin air when the economy conveniently needs it.  But, again, any adult who has lived in the real world knows there is no such thing as a free lunch.  The money has to come from somewhere, so where?

There are several sources, but regardless of the source they are all "other people's money."  And it is here economists and politicians conveniently forget this fact because for every penny of economic growth you garnered by giving Bob $1,000, it is obsoleted from the lack of economic growth that didn't happen because you took that $1,000 from Bill.

Say you increase taxes on "the hated rich."  You do this because it's popular, you want to get re-elected, and you believe in Santa Claus the multiplier effect.  Congratulations, you managed to take $10 bill from rich people and give it to poor people.  Now instead of yachts, champagne, and caviar, that money will be spent on rims, trailer park fences, and antibiotic STD treatments.  You didn't create any new economic growth, you merely shifted it.  Worse, (though Keynesians will knee-jerk to quickly point out poor people are more likely to spend money) congratulations!  You increased SPENDING, NOT INVESTMENT!  Nobody ever points out it is rich people who are more likely to invest their excess reserves, which leads to....

jobs and GENUINE economic growth.

Buying rims doesn't lead to long term economic growth.  Paying for day care for your bastard baby daddy children does not increase the economy's economic growth potential.  But building a new plant or creating a new business DOES create jobs, DOES increase our economic growth capacity, and DOES improve long term, sustainable economic standards of living. But in the world of Keynesians they do not differentiate.  Blowing $400 on grills for your teeth or tattoo sleeves for your arms is just as viable economic "growth" as investing in a new semiconductor plant.

Second, let's just agree with leftists/Keynesians and say rich people don't spend their money as much as the poor.  And that money would "just sit in the bank anyway."  Well, do banks just let money sit in their vaults collecting dust?  No, of course not.  They lend it out so people can buy things, but also invest be it a house, an education, or a company, all of which leads to more than just mere "consumption" and "spending."  Additionally, taxing people with money simply because "it would just sit in the bank" leaves them with less money to put into the bank.  This lowers the supply of lendable dollars which increases interest rates and lowers economic growth.

And third, perhaps more pertinent to today's economy, would be the closest we can get to "economic magic" where the federal reserve just prints off money.  These monies are infused into the economy either through government programs, bank bail outs, or (as I soon predict will happen) student loan bail outs, and will all be heralded by leftist politicians as "investments."  This simply causes inflation, taking away real economic growth from the economy by lowering the purchasing power of every one else to bail out the banks, hipsters, liberal arts majors, or lazy and stupid people who just can't keep their legs shut.  This has happened in Argentina, Brazil, the Weimar Republic, and any other country that has tried to print their way to success, and the only reason it hasn't happened in the US YET is because we have the world's reserve currency (which is an entirely other topic).

We could go on citing different examples, but whatever the source of the original "seed money" to get the multiplier effect going, there is an equal and opposite economic effect because you simply took money out of another part of economy and overall economic growth will remain unchanged.

The truth is economic growth is caused by hard work, innovation, creativity, self-supportation, and increased efficiency.  It's nothing new or mysterious as human kind has, through trial and error (and not faux "studies" done by idiots in the economic departments of academia or Washington) figured this out over the millennia.  And the fact something as stupid as "the multiplier" effect can not only be swallowed, but be so prominent among economist and professional circles, is more a testament to the human mind's amazing ability to lie to itself than any kind of epiphany or "discovery" by the "profession" of economics.  It is here I simply ask Americans and westerners to do something they pride themselves off of.  Be TRULY independent minded people with genuine critical thinking skills.  Wake the F up, use your brain, think things through and realize just what a bunch of frauds, posers, and charlatans most economists and politicians are.
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The HR Bitch Must Die

Oh nosies!!!!  Corporate America is waking up to the utter worthlessness of HR!!!

What Chimneys Teach Us About Entrepreneurship

I couldn't remember where I heard it, but be it a podcast, a blog, a documentary or the radio, a man was speculating why it took so long to build the chimney.  The Romans had the earliest success with "chimney technology," installing flues in bakeries that would channel smoke outside.  This technological advancement was lost with the collapse of the Roman empire and would not return until 1200AD in England.  But whether it was 1200 England or 100BC Rome, humans had already been living in much more northern, and therefore colder, climes millennia before these inventions.

So how'd they keep warm?

Simple.  They'd just have a fire on the dirt floor in the middle of their house with a hole (or holes) poked in the ceiling of the roof to aerate out the smoke.  Of course, only a fraction of the smoke would aerate, leaving a barely breathable room to live and sleep in.  And of course, heat would also escape making winter particularly cold for Vikings and others who lived in northern climes.  And of course, this would make life miserable for anybody living in winter.  But that is what humans endured for tens of thousands of years until the Brits developed the "advanced" technology of putting a pipe over flame in 1200AD.

Surprisingly, chimney technology would not advance seriously for another 500 years until various 18th century philosophers, scientists, and tinkerers (Benjamin Franklin prominently among them) would finally hunker down, put pen to paper, and start to experiment with various forms of heating, ventilation, and flame ultimately resulting in the two modern forms of chimneys we have today - the brick chimney and the wood burning stove. So it wasn't until a short 200 years ago (out of the 2 MILLION years of human existence) did we have effective and efficient chimneys.

My question was, "Why the hell did it take so damn long for humans to develop this basic and NECESSARY thing?"

Not that this wasn't an impressive accomplishment.  If you research it, successfully heating a home with fire AND successfully ventilating the smoke out of a structure is more complicated than you think.  There's heat convection, understanding (or in the olden days, misunderstanding) how fire burns, being able to adjust air/fuel, as well and the creation of a flue.  But even this level of complexity it not that complex, and with heat being a vital necessity for human survival, one would think the chimney would have been developed long ago, along side the creation of inflammable ceramics and/or pottery.

But the historian I was listening to had a theory as to why this was.  And it was so obvious even I had had the same epiphany earlier, but from a different angle:

Humans were too busy staying alive to take the time to sit down, think about it, experiment with it, and develop the chimney.

Between staving off rival tribes, growing food for winter, preparing for winter, cutting and hauling wood, maybe tending to livestock, and all the other demands of pre-historic/ancient life, humans simply did not have the spare time to pursue the luxury of thinking about how to heat a home more efficiently.

We may look at our prehistoric and ancient ancestors with a bit of derision and shame.  How dumb did they all have to be that thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, perhaps even 100,000 years passed by and nobody thought to build a receptacle to hold a fire in and add a pipe outside to it?  Certainly, SOMEBODY out of the past 50 billion humans that existed must have had SOME free time to create the chimney?  Why The Original American Playboy, Benjamin Franklin, so late in the 1790's?  But before we get too condescending realize nearly all of us are guilty of the exact same thing today.

It's just instead of

hunting mammoth,
fighting off raiding tribes,
culling our weak, and
hunkering down in winter

today we,

go to school,
go to college,
suffer a commute,
work mind-destroying jobs,
get married,
have kids,
get debts,
watch TV,
play video games,
and if we're lucky,
wifey lets us go to Vegas for a weekend.

In short, humanity, regardless of the era, and regardless of the technology, has always focused at the tasks at hand and never taken the time to stop what they're doing, step back, look at what they're doing, ask themselves if there's an easier way to do things, and then spend the time actually developing those easier ways.

I came to this realization as I slowly, and accidentally, slipped into the vagabond "author, blogger, professional asshole, Cappy Appleseed" lifestyle I have today.  Between roadtripping across the country, merely only to hike many parks, trails, and mountains by myself, you're forced to be alone with your thoughts for thousands of hours.  Couple this with podcasting technology that gives your brain food for thought, it creates the perfect environment where you're (practically) FORCED to sit down and think about life and how to do things easier.  This has resulted in not only a handful of clever, but profitable businesses I run today, but a surplus of business ideas that I have on my "idea pad" back at home that I can resort to should my current slew of businesses turn unprofitable.  But my portfolio of business ideas set aside, the lesson learned is an important one that cannot be emphasized enough for fellow aspiring minimalists, philosophers, freedom-lovers, and entrepreneurs:

Sitting down and taking the time to think things through is a mandatory ingredient to successful entrepreneurship. 

I am completely convinced that unplugging from The Matrix, quitting the Rat Race, and pulling your nose up from the grind is absolutely necessary to give you the time to survey the world around you, understand the context by which society, the economy, and businesses interact with one another, and therefore give your brain the time to identify ways to capitalize on this environment.  Furthermore, if you are consciously "on the hunt" for entrepreneurial ideas, you will train your brain to recognize these opportunities more frequently, resulting in a "business idea list" like mine that is (in all honesty) a better guarantee of a financial future than social security.

I know "not everybody can be, nor wants to be, an entrepreneur."  But I do know the majority of my readership are freedom-loving, envelop pushing, authority-hating individuals who would be happiest working for themselves (and subsequently telling their former bosses to shove it).  Because of this I cannot emphasize enough you learn a lesson from the inexcusably-long development of chimneys.  Take the time to unplug and think about things in society long and hard.  Combine that with an "on the hunt" mentality for any entrepreneurial opportunity that exists.  This won't guarantee you'll come up with a successful business idea, but it will guarantee you'll stand a better shot than the average wage slave commuting 2 hours to work, whose mind is rotting away in a cube, while being further medicated/impaired with mindless television and Oprah-level societal distractions.
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Cutting Government Funding to Liberal Arts Classes

Rep. Thorpe may be hated by 17 year old children who don't know any better, but he's doing them a great service.

Monday, January 09, 2017

"Masters in Museum Studies"

It starts off with a young woman trying to recover from a MASTERS in "museum studies."  But it then turns into a great rant about just how stupid you have to be to major in the liberal arts.

"Young Adult Eco-Fiction" and More!

While on the road I stopped in Fort Collins and visited the Cynical Libertarian Society. We did a podcast in lieu of my traditional curse full Monday podcast.

Direct MP3 link here.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Episode #180 of The Clarey Podcast!

Putting a livable wage above reality.
Bulldogs aren't too bright.
Venturing across the plains states.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!!!

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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Why You NEVER Major in Biology

Or "bio" anything!

And YES I'm aware it's part time.  Yippee, $40,000 a year for a Masters!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

FIFO Feminism

From my latest ROK piece:
"FIFO assumes the first gallon of gas you bought is the first gallon of gas you sell.  Therefore the “first gallon in” is the “first gallon out” and you record your costs and revenues accordingly.  But the accounting concept of FIFO does not just apply to accounting.  It holds an lesson and some hope for the United States.  For in the world of feminism the United States was certain the first country to experiment with, and fully implement, feminism.  And if this simple accounting rule holds true we’ll be the first to get out and be done with it, perhaps forever."

The Most Fuck Up Millennial Story Ever Told

Warning, this is 30 minutes long, but it is a great case study on where fatherless homes, substituted with government checks, all with the public schools, both at the K-12 and collegiate level, will leave you.  This is the byproduct of replacing nuclear families with the state.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Romantic and Social Problems Highly Intelligent People Face

A request from an Asshole Consulting client that turned out to be a good post unto itself:

Monday, January 02, 2017

Venezuela and China Working to Solve Hyperinflation

Or maybe just ensure the US remains the world's reserve currency.

Curse Free Episode #15 of The Clarey Podcast!

It is NOT Cappy's birthday.
Fan male.
The Last Santa of Dayton's/Macy's.
Ignoring Millennial News Should Be Your New Year's Resolution.
"Chief Resiliency Officer."



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