Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Women Want to Remove Physical Attraction from Love

I found this an interesting comment on a video of mine.  Not because the comment itself is interesting, but what it says about women and how they WANT to believe the world to be.  At first it may seem she is trying to be nice and kind to men, as well as understanding and equal.  But you really need to understand what she is saying.

She is saying that physical attraction should not be part of love.  That we should all just "love" each other regardless of being ugly or fat or otherwise physically unappealing.  And I would argue (until I start hearing women claim big is not beautiful) that this is the default state of women's minds.  They WANT to believe that physical attraction should not be a prerequisite to love because they DESPERATELY do not want to put the labor, effort and work into being physically attractive.

As I've said before in my book, "The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women," we have a name for women we like, but just aren't physically attracted to - friends.  But do not think for a second this reality will phase them or wake them up from their Oprah Matrix.

"This is so heartbreaking, I pray that this guy gets to heal whatever wounds that women may have caused him. I don’t support the feminist idea that we women can live without men. We are there to love and support each other. If I were to tell my guy friend to lose 20 pounds because otherwise he will never be loved by anyone . That’d would be so unloving to do because if he is looking for a long term relationship he won’t look for a girl that looks at him as a pice of meat and expects him to look like a CK model, shouldn’t he look for someone who loves him regardless of his imperfections? Because I mean at the end of the day 50 years form now they are both going to be old and their external beauty will be gone. Now if you are telling a friend of your to loose 20 pounds because you genuinely want them to be healthy and you care so much for them that you don’t want to lose them. That is a a more loving approach . You people really need to heal and start to spread more love instead of hate ."

China to "Recycle" White Men

I love how glib they are about destroying intellectual capital.  

It's also a sign that some people, even the "communists" in China, know experience, connections, and work ethic have value.

Friday, December 25, 2020

How Value is Determined in Men

I am currently reading "The Way of Monkey."  I'm only about 25% done with it, but it is arguably the best philosophical, yet simplified, work on eastern-being-introduced-to-western philosophy I've read...though keep in mind, I do hate reading.

Regardless, here is an excerpt, I hope you consider purchasing it as it simply and easily solves all the major problems society faces, even if society does not want them.

"If you hold freedom as your highest value,
equality represents your very enslavement.
Both those who hold equality, or hold freedom
as their highest values see their opponents as a
force of evil that must be utterly defeated.
Both go to war against the other believing they
fight for the common good of all mankind."

Thursday, December 24, 2020

A Very Cappy Christmas! LIVE!

Tune in LIVE with Cappy and SUPER SPECIAL CELEBRITY GUESTS as they celebrate Christmas for all the agents in the field, lieutenants, economists, and chilllldren!  Starting at NOON CST!  Tune in live!

Saturday, December 19, 2020

The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women

If you didn't already know, "The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women" is available for sale on Amazon in both paperback and kindle.  Audible will be coming later, but that will be about 2-3 weeks out.

So far the book has been very well received and has been selling well too!  And I know I say this about most of my books, but this is (again) a MUST READ for young men.  It's certainly for all men, and especially men who were divorced, but please, get this book into the hands of any man who takes his life and money seriously...which should be all of you.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Why Nintendo > Playstation and XBox

I remember the pre-internet days where you plugged in a video game.  Turned your console on.  And then you played.  But last night was the last straw for either XBox or Playstation games as my "Call of Duty - Cold War" game updated for 4 hours, got stuck at 100%, which then required I reset my XBox and re-enter a ton of other data.  I know Millennials and Gen Z'ers hate themselves so much they tolerate this bullshit, but I'm done.

Then I saw this and was reaffirmed in my decision. I will henceforth be playing the Switch/Nintendo.  There will be no more "updates" to video games.  They will work right the first time.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Paradigm Shift in Dating

This is a pretty cool review of "The Book of Numbers" as it's precisely what I was intending to do with the book.  I cannot emphasize this enough, but this book does need to get into the hands of young men, and I would also say divorced men as it's probably the best divorce therapy out there for them to know just how much the odds were stacked against them.

"I rarely give a book give five stars. But this one is well worth it if you're in the dating market as a millennial. The book lays out the argument that women are an incredibly low ROI in terms of time, money, opportunity costs, and what's even more sinister: lack of quality options for the average man.

Clarey lays out his case with extraordinary quantitative data sets in his online dating and personal research along with qualitative conclusions based on the data alone, setting his ego aside.

Even the most orthodox traditionalists will shake their head at the damning evidence that dating and relationships are TOTAL waste for men they'd get more out of life by pursuing their greatest self by mastering oneself and passions as a way to live a life of meaning and purpose. Incidentally, Clarey illustrates becoming your best self will in effect bring quality people and quite possibly a 1% woman men sought from the beginning.

*Warning* this book will seriously change your perception of women in 2020's dating market. Read with caution."

Monday, December 14, 2020

Why Normal People Can't Play Dungeons and Dragons

Regular readers will remember a couple years back I tried my best to find a local D&D game in Las Vegas and Minneapolis.  What transpired instead was a long and futile search for a game that was not infested with dysfunctional retards, Autists, and Asperger sufferers.

And I wasn't joking, nor am I now.  

A normal person cannot go into their local comic shop, sign up for the open D&D game and NOT suffer the presence of LITERALLY DYSFUNCTIONAL adult children, incapable of playing the game.  Admittedly, D&D was always a haven to the socially impaired, but at least in my day you could show up on time, know the rules of the game, respect other people's turn, and not get so lost in the game that you made it your life.  

That is no longer the case as now two full generations of children - legitimately with mental disorders or faking it for attention or their parents lied to them - that have made a physical, local game of D&D or any other RPG impossible.

Thankfully we have the internet which has allowed me and my normal, functional adult buddies (who don't live at home, btw) play D&D online.  And though not the real thing, we can still get our D&D fix.  But while talking about this among my functional, employed, not-living-at-home adult D&D buddies, we came up with a song to the Burl Ives tune of "Silver and Gold" about "Spergs and Retards."  Our colleague TJ wrote lyrics to it, and has since been hounding me to link to the song.  

So here it is.

I often wonder if TJ himself has a touch of the tism, because he and the rest of the Masculine Geeks were all very upset that I didn't link to it immediately, thinking I was like an actual sperg at a D&D shop with nothing else going on in my life.  I tried to explain to them I had a job, but the concept was seemingly lost on them.  Regardless, it would be very nice if you could click on the link above so my spergy tardy friends stop hounding me about linking to it.

The Most Important Economic Decision Facing Men

This is the book description for "The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI of the Pursuit of Women."  And though it is a book description, it does make the case that men today are putting absolutely no critical, let alone mathematical thought into their most expensive life pursuit - women.  I will, of course, be promoting the book more regularly in the future, taking key excerpts and observations from the book, but this is the most important and overall point.  Men REALLY NEED to start critically assessing whether the pursuit of women is worth it, especially when you consider the risks and costs you face today.  Your life is too valuable to squander, so make sure you invest your life, not waste it.  

"The world economy and it’s entire, historic economic production has been fueled by one thing and one thing only – sex. Specifically, men’s desire to have sex with young and beautiful females. It’s not specifically female youth and beauty per se, as much as it is the fertility these things signal. But make no mistake about, female youth and beauty has powered the world economy since the beginning of time. And men are the economic engines that run on it.

Consequently, in their pursuit of women, men have not only produced nearly every penny of GDP, but have created nearly every technological innovation in the history of the world. They’ve built civilizations from the ground up. Cured diseases through amazing medical advances. Laid incredible multi-trillion dollar transportation and communications infrastructures. And it isn’t even these great, Herculean achievements of man, as much as it is the daily grind billions of men today and in the past went through to attract a wife and support a family. From waking up in the morning, to going to school, to suffering a commute, to working overtime, to hitting the gym, to majoring in STEM, to going to war, even to the granular level of choosing which shirt to buy or what car to finance, nearly all of a man’s post-pubescent life is directly or indirectly dedicated towards the pursuit of women. And if there were no women, $90 trillion in global GDP and $360 trillion in wealth would simply disappear overnight. And the army of 50 billion men who’ve existed on this planet would never have produced the $3 quadrillion in total historic GDP that built society. Without female youth and beauty, humanity would simply not exist.

But there is an opposite side to this total, historical, global GDP coin. Because while society screams bloody murder over wealth and income gaps between the sexes, nobody asks how all this economic production, let alone these financial disparities, came about. And while men no doubt out-earn women and own the lion’s share of global wealth, it is only because for every penny of GDP a man’s labor was put into it. That for every technological innovation, a man paid a price in terms of time, effort, toil, and mental energy. And the $90 trillion in global GDP we see today is not just cryptically “the total economic production of the world,” but can also be viewed as the total price men pay for their pursuit of women.

And this essay asks just one simple question – “Is it worth it?”

To date no serious economic analysis has been conducted on what is nothing short of the most important economic question facing men. And since men will likely account for the majority of economic production and technical innovation in the future, this also makes it the most important economic question facing the world. However, while the economic ramifications of men's pursuit of women are truly global, this essay has no grandiose ideas of convincing the world, let alone the economics profession, about the importance of whether it's in men's best interests to continue this pursuit. It only cares about the individual man reading this essay and whether the pursuit of women is personally worth it to him. In that regard this essay aims to inform the reader about the real mathematical chances of success he faces in the pursuit of women, as well as the modern day risks, so that he may make an informed economic decision as to how he best invests his life. It also aims to align the reader's expectations with reality so his life is not ruined by delusion or hope, both of which have ruined millions of lives in the past. But in short, this essay is nothing less than the most important cost-benefit analysis any man will read, which makes it mandatory reading for any man who wishes to take his life seriously.

And I most certainly hope you do because you only get one of them."

You can find the book here.  Audio coming soon.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Why Moms Lie to Their Sons About Girls

The Book of Numbers: Analyzing the ROI on the Pursuit of Women - Is now available for sale

The new book is out!  Just in time for Christmas or for your own sanity.  Paperback and kindle.  Audio is on the way.

Saturday, December 05, 2020

Wealth Tax for the Coronavirus

You knew this was coming.

But what you may not have known is that Argentina was a very likely candidate to support such a thing.  Because while to it's north one of it's neighbors has already confiscated the wealth Argentina has had a long and glorious history of socialism, at least in the form of taking people's money and not returning it.  This has resulted in two loan defaults (that I can remember anyway) going back to the 1990's, and was the main reason I would never invest or live in Argentina (though the global lending community seemingly can't wait to lend to perennial deadbeats).

Anyway, to "fight COVID" Argentina has decided taking away people's wealth was the way to do it.  Thankfully, it's not borrowing money from foreigners and then just...not paying it back.  They're doing it to their own people.  But it's still the silver lining to the cloud that Argentina is, has been, and always will be a nation of grifters.

Friday, December 04, 2020

Nothing Good Comes from Virtue Signaling Hires

"expert in ethics."

"Scientists and academics."

"My left foot."

Job Posting for All Cappy Cappites

Alex is always hiring at Academic Composition.  He is looking for marketers.  Work is not glorious, but it can be done from home and you don't have to commute to work for a boomer.

Internet marketers needed!

The gig is simple: you post the ad and wait for the reply. We will pay you $5 per reply and there is a bonus. If you follow your instructions correctly, you will not get banned from the online forum. Hence, you will be paid $1 for each day your ad is live. Hence, that's $7 per week and $30 per month. You can also expect to get at least a few leads per week, 3-4 at a minimum.

Hence, it's an easy $20-30 per week within minutes of work. Moreover, we will pay you a referral fee if you sign other people up. That's $5 per referral and $20 if they stick with us for over a month.

To get started, all you need to do is follow these basic instructions.

1. Create a gmail account

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Or you may simply give us the password for your new email account and we will activate the forwarding for you

3. Create a Craigslist account with that same email address

Then, we will tell you what to post and how to do it. 

Email us at for questions

Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer
(718) 504-0807

Thursday, December 03, 2020

When Boomer Cappy Tried to buy Star War's Squadrons

So after finishing my book and shipping it off to the editors, the old Capmeister decided he would treat himself to a video game.  And the one that looked interesting was "Squadrons."  You can fly an X-wing from the cockpit.  There's a solo campaign.  And then you can dogfight online.  Sounds good to me.

So off Cappy goes in his car because he's an old boomer fuck and wants to get out of the house and buy the physical video game.  Wal-Mart had it cheapest according to teh interwebz so Cappy drives there.  And while Wal-Mart did have it the cheapest, it also simply didn't have it.  And so Cappy goes to his reluctant 2nd choice, Game Stop.

Cappy does not like Game Stop.  But they have games.  It's like McDonald's during COVID.  It's bad food for you, but at least they're open and have their shit together.  So Cappy walks in, sees about 4 copies of Squadrons on the shelf, grabs one, and the check out girl says, "we're out of stock."

Cappy is not upset.  Because Cappy knows if push comes to shove, he can always download it to his consoles.  This may shock you to know that Ole Boomer Cappy knows how to do this, but he has done it before.  But even Boomer Cappy knows he needs to have enough room on his hard drive before downloading it.  And so while Cappy is looking up the specs for Squadrons, he finds this article.

After researching some more he finds this article.

And thus, Cappy is done.  I was fully expecting to drop $55 on this video game because I just wanted something to play.  And perhaps my economic spidey senses should have told me there was a reason that within just one month of being out, it's dropped to $23 online.

I'll just fire up the old XBox 360 and play through Battlefield Bad Company 1 and 2 again, and it will be a much more enjoyable experience because at least there isn't gender/race/pronoun politics in those games.  Just fun.

Carjackings up 537% in Minneapolis

Couldn't happen to a more deserving group of self-loathing socialist pussies who voted it in upon themselves.

What If You Don't Have a Mental Illness/Disability?

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Independent Women Should (by Definition) Not Need Socialism

But we all know they aren't really independent.  That's just to make them feel good as they vote to live off of other people.

Monday, November 30, 2020

Good Morning Coronachan #39 - The "Back to Basics" Episode

Cappy and DT get together after a month long slog for Cappy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Spoiled Rich White Kids from the Suburbs are Everyone's Enemy

This is a bit dated, but it's important to highlight as the true psychopaths and nazis out there are where all psychopaths and nazis come from - a privileged background.

I don't normally use the word "privilege" since it has lost all meaning, but those who use it the most, are most guilty of it. And the most weak, spoiled, soft people who come from weak, spoiled soft backgrounds are predominantly white kids from the suburbs.

I often joke to my black listeners "Don't worry everyone!  Rich liberal white women from the suburbs are here!  Everything will be fine!!!!"  But you cannot have a worse group of people than rich, pampered, leftists from the suburbs coming there to "help you."

There are not there to help you.  They are there to feed their egos.  You are merely a "blackie pawn" for them to masturbate themselves with.  The sooner you realize that, the sooner you realize who you're real friends are.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Still sick, but two news items that highlight a point I've made before.  

When I was younger I gave a druggie a ride home from a party.  I later found a bag of pot had fallen out of his pocket and was sitting on my back seat.  Those were the times that would have landed me in jail had I a tail light out or did a rolling stop.

Another time was when this older richer guy had a huge crush on my girlfriend at the time.  She liked the attention (and money) and they were probably fucking (yes, in hindsight, she probably was a whore).  But it almost got to fisticuffs between me and this guy..

Over what?

A psycho bipolar bitch who was playing us against each other.

And here's what you gotta learn.  You can be innocent as all get out, making the right moves, and keeping your nose clean, but if you lie with dogs, you can get fleas.  And in the cases above it was jail time and assault charges.

So here's story 1 of "play stupid games win stupid prizes."
And here is story 2 of "play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Cappy Will Not Be Repeating 2020 Again

Howdy All,

2020 has sucked for all of us and it doesn't look like things are going to change.  This includes for your beloved Ole Cappy who is now finishing off month 5 of 70 hour work weeks, likely 80 if he includes other daily chores and things that need to get done.

Unfortunately, Cappy has fallen ill this past week and needs to recoup.  This coincides with a final push effort to finish "Analyzing the ROI of the Pursuit of Women" which is why he hasn't been consistent on posting on his blog or doing Asshole Consulting.  

Things will continue like this for the next month at least until Cappy gets better, knocks out this book, and does some annual accounting.  But 2021 Cappy will not be taking on anywhere near what he did in 2020.  Not only do I not want to do it, I'm getting burned out and getting taxed mentally to the point life is no fun at all right now.  So thank you for being patient and hopefully by mid December things will be "back to normal" or at least 2021 where it will be posting, podcasting, Assholing, and hiking.

In the meantime here are two videos I've done that may be of interest to you:

"Girls, Your College Degrees are Worthless"
"Luke Templeman Should Play in the Street"
"You Don't Need College if You Run a Profitable Business"



Monday, November 16, 2020

College in 2020 is a Joke

A short post by our sponsor, Alex over at Academic Composition.  I had a conversation with him about how now that school is online that cheating is rampant and standards are non-existent.  Also, i was shocked to find out that 70% of people go to college today which means that college truly is worthless. You all know my personal stance on college - STEM or go home - but for any ears that are willing to heed this warning, please, STOP GOING TO COLLEGE!

College is a Joke: So, Laugh with us

Are you tired of the relentlessly PC indoctrination in your classes? Why on earth must you memorize gender pronouns when you're studying business or engineering? Take it from someone who has worked in this business for over a decade: it will only get worse. Year after year, you will have to keep on getting more and more credentials just to stay where you are in your field. It used to be that people went to college in order to advance in their field, now, you have to do that to just tread water. What's more, is that it will cost you far more than it used to, the costs of education have skyrocketed by 400 percent and that trend has no end in sight.

The good news is that we're here to do all of that busy work for you. At Academic Composition, we have specialists with all sorts of degrees. We have been in business for over a decade and we can write on any topic. Email us at and we'll get back to you momentarily.

We also offer marketing gigs, all you have to do is post on social media and you'll make five bucks for each lead. You can count on getting a few leads per week, so it's an easy 20-30 bucks in a few minutes of work. 

Email us at for questions!

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Taxing Remote Workers: Why Luke Templeman Needs to Draw Mohammed

Surprise surprise, soy boy in banking advocates taxing remote workers to help out people not fortunate enough to blah blah blah.

Seriously, it's like they have a 24-7 team to just take every advancement or good thing that happens to society and ruin it.

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Monday, November 09, 2020

Making It Illegal to Pass Shit Tests

 I forget the movie, but it was a scene starring Vince Vaughn and the actress from Legally Blonde.  The clip was sent to me by a young lady saying “this is so what I want from a man.”  And in the scene, Vince Vaughn approaches the girl at a bar in a standardly awkward approach and she not only summarily shoots him down, but in a derisive and insulting manner.

Vince Vaughn accepts the rejection.
Turns around.
Is about to walk away with his tail behind his legs dejected.
But then stops.
His eyes widen.
He turns around and yells out

“Listen Bitch!  I'm from Fargo!  And around there I don't take shit from women like you and blabbity blah blah blah, something something dark side, something something complete.”

This then demonstrates his masculinity, passing her shit test, and then she passionately kisses him and I think they fuck or something.

I couldn't remember the details because it was so cliché.

Regardless, the only thing I could think about was not how typical this was for a female to say “this is what I want,” or how I respect Vince Vaughn as an actor.  All I could think about was “Damn, if Vince Vaughn let alone any man did that today, he'd be arrested and thrown in jail.”

And thus the point of this short post – women are now making it illegal to pass shit tests.

I perfectly understand why women have shit tests.  It's key to their survival.  In the past women would nag or hound their prospective men to see if they could stand up to them as a basic, minimal litmus test to see if said men could stand up to genuine threats.  It was also to see if they could essentially enslave a man with ludicrous requirements and demands of his resources.  But there was always one key thing about shit tests that made it so any man could pass them.  Namely, you wouldn't get thrown in jail or die if you did.

Unfortunately, society and technology have evolved to the point that women are now presenting men with shit tests that in order to pass you must break a law and face jail.  “Let's you and him fight.”  “Hey bitch, I'm from Fargo and I'm going to forcibly kiss you now.”  To playing so hard to get that a man must be so aggressive and persistent he needs to redline the boundary of Stalkerville.  And this “raising the stakes” of shit tests is the consequence of two trends.  

First, the internet has given women access to nearly all of the 3.5 billion men on the planet and the millions of elusive alpha 10's that reside in this population.  I shan't go into the Alpha Widow Fallacy that will doom these women to spinsterhood, but with literally every man on the planet as a potential suitor, women have had to logically increase their filtering methods to find the best mate.  This has not only resulted in delusional dating profiles (“i'm a single mom of 3 from 4 different baby daddies, I'm sick and tired of the games, if you can't handle me at my worst, no sex until marriage, swipe left if you're not a Marxist feminist, etc.), but a hightening of the hurdles men must jump to pass a shit test.  And there's no bigger shit test to prove there's no bigger alpha than than breaking the law.  

Assaulting a man that insulted her.
Lying to the feds about her FansOnly tax evasion.
Or forcibly kissing a woman a la the Vince Vaughn movie.

Shit tests are now increasingly a test as to whether you are “man enough” to break the law for her.

Second, lowering the standards as to what is illegal and a prosecutable offense.  This trend I don't believe to be as much as a conscious effort on women to further filter men, as much as it is a byproduct of victimhood politics and socialist parasitism.  The tiring ole song of “I have trait X, you don't, you're oppressing me.”  And so what was normal (though regrettable) male behavior in the pursuit of women is increasingly becoming illegal (holding her ass on the dance floor, making sexual innuedo, and CERTAINLY telling a woman she's a bitch and then forcibly kissing her) because that results in more victims, more liable offenses, more lawsuits, and more money.  

These two trends – where women are increasingly demanding men do quasi-illegal things to woo them and making traditional mate-searching behavior increasingly illegal – put men in an impossible situation.  They can certainly pursue the girl and pass the shit test, but there's now a good chance he'll end up in jail.  And since Blasey-Ford has proven there is no statue of limitations, nearly every man faces a future risk that nearly all of his previous pursuits of women could at a later point in time be deemed damning by society, potentially even illegal.  So the only real men who are going to pass these shit tests are either drunk, stupid, or lack the risk assessment ability to realize what they're doing, while every other man is simply going to bow out, leaving the effective dating pool for women to be a bunch of losers.

Like an increasing amount of my writings, there is no solution.  I am merely pointing out a phenomenon.  Calmly pouring myself a drink, lighting up a cigar, and watching a spider versus a scorpion duke it on a bored army base in Iraq.  But perhaps some of you men will heed this observation, allowing you to realize when it's happening in your life.  And if you have the choice of impressing a girl by “drag racing down the street” or just saying, “nah, I'm good” and going home to watch some Hogan's Heroes, I hope you choose Hogan's Heroes and realize that girl was never worth the jail time anyway.


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Monday, November 02, 2020

The Women Who Destroyed the Man You Wanted

An olive branch to all the women out there who's in love with a guy whos ex destroyed and has ruined him forever.

Sunday, November 01, 2020

Two New Sponsors: "The Fragments of the Game" and "The Path to Happiness, The Road to Freedom"

Two new sponsors that I will be promoting in the podcast this upcoming month.  Consider taking a look at them.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Fake vs REAL Hot Sauces in America

 Get that damn Tapatio sauce out of my face!

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Nagging Noah

I had managed to make it 9 minutes from home before I got a call from my girlfriend.  She was caringly calling to let me know that a tail light was out in my truck and that I should get it repaired.  Caring as this was, it sent me into a rage as I was currently enroute to a much-needed retreat at a middle-of-nowhere Air BNB in rural Wisconsin.  And I was so looking forward to this trip, the road trip included, that the jarring phone call interrupted my recently-achieved zen, which sent me into my rage.

However, irrational as this may be, there is an explanation for it.  Like many of you I have a ton on my plate.  There's work.  There's chores.  There's a ton of projects I'm working on.  And all of this is couched within the backdrop of COVID and the creeping communism that is slowly taking over the US.  And when you take in the totality of both current work you have to do just to stay alive, as well as the tremendous amount of work you have to do on top of that to

Ensure you have enough for retirement
Ensure you make enough to pay off your debts
Ensure you have enough income streams to insure against recessions, cancel culture, industry set backs, etc.
Ensure you have enough ammo, guns, and training to protect your family against potential riots
Ensure you have backup savings overseas in case the US does go full communism

the pressure often becomes too much, at minimum shortening your fuse.

However, I am not the only one in this situation.  Many of you face the same.  And it's important to realize precisely what kind of situation we're in because if we don't we will not be able to solve the problems that face us, also  as well achieve the much-needed mental calm that comes with at least understanding the situation we're in.  And the situation we are all in is that we are modern day Noahs and we all desperately need to build our arks.

The short version is simply this - the United States and the west are slowly decaying to the point they will not longer be able to function as nations.  And I'm not talking so much about communism or socialism (though there certainly is a real and increasing chance of that).  I'm talking about Idiocracy where the current and future generations of Americans are so ill-reared, so ill-prepared they will not be able to function as normal, healthy, mature adults.  Be it 

the many videos of mentally ill women freaking out that Amy Barrett is a supreme court justice,
the animals who protest and riot because they want to,
the spineless ballsacks of mayors and city council members who let people destroy their towns,
the people in these towns who will vote for it again,
adult children who major in the dumbest subjects while crippling their lifetime finances with student loans,
fat women who think fat is hot,
or just your token millennial,

the day is rapidly coming a critical mass of the US adult population will not be capable of sanity, self-supportation, or mere functionality, and that society will collapse.  And so if you're like me, not only are you now chartered with the task of supporting yourself and your family, you are now also tasked with coming up with a "Plan B" to escape this nightmare that is coming.

However, there is a problem.  And that problem is you're surrounded by the normies, conformies, and inferiors of the world.  And as you desperately try to come up with a contingency plan, dedicating the work and effort towards building such an insurance policy, the normies, conformies, and inferiors of the world are going to pelt you with their small, insignificant concerns, often times wondering why you're so angry, in such a rush, not "chilling out and relaxing man," as you vainly try to explain to them WHY you are doing what you do and at the furious rate you're doing it at.

It is here you must realize this has nothing to do with politics.  Because it really isn't as clear cut as "republicans realize X, and democrats don't realize Y" and so only democrats are going to critique you, while republicans are going to volunteer to help you.  It is eternal and inherent human laziness that is the cause of all these people bogging you down with irrelevant questions, pelting you with petty critiques, or mocking you with sophistry.  And though it won't make these incredibly annoying, even time-wasting critiques go away, it will help you maintain your sanity understanding why these sheep do what they do.

First, the average person just lacks the foresight to understand basic economics.  It's 2020 and it's not like we didn't know there was an education bubble for over 10 years.  Students are demanding a bailout, and liberal arts degrees are commonly used as the butt end of jokes as they should be.  Still the fact worthless degrees are a cancer on society didn't prevent 70% of college students from declaring stupid majors in the 2019 school year.  There are certainly other unlimited examples of Americans' ignorance of economics (shoot, most Americans don't even know what a trillion dollars is, let alone what it's percent of GDP is, let alone how many trillions in a deficit we ran under Trump), but the point is the average normie, conformie, inferior American will not understand your concerns, let alone why you are building an economic boat for insurance.  They will roll their eyes at you, perhaps even calling you a "sexist" or a "racist," and in a Dunning-Kruger effect dismiss you as some "right wing nut job" as they then vote to spend 50% of GDP on a "New Green Deal."  Whatever your real concerns are about the future viability of the US economy, they are not capable of understanding it because they're too stupid.

Second, even if you find people who understand economics enough to realize the real and likely threats a combination Idiocracy/Communist economic system would present the nation, they are not courageous enough to admit to these threats.  These are your proverbial frogs in the water, who like Obama voters, "hope" things get better, but take no action.  They are not agents, they are objects, and are usually embodified by friends and relatives who they themselves may be conservative or libertarian, but think you're crazy for "prepping" or looking for land overseas.  They roll their eyes at you just the same and say, "Ohhhhh, that ole crazy Aaron, he says there's a housing crash on the way."  "Ohhh, that ole crazy Clarey, he says the schools are brainwashing the kids with communism.  They'll never riot."  But do not be mistaken, these people are afraid that you're right, but their fear of their current status quo life going away is even stronger, which keeps them in blissful inaction.

And third, laziness.  Even if people know there is a flood coming, even if people know the "Wyoming Three" will be a universal fact Americans will suffer in the near future, they won't do anything about it, because they don't want to.  They don't want to be like you when you finish a full day at the office, only to then go and spend another 3 hours researching getting a foreign passport or finding a foreign bank.  They don't want to cut spending on their Applebee's budget or their Sportsball wings on the weekend to fund a rainy day fund in Croatia.  They want to sit on their ass and watch TV.  And so whereas your physical energy, mental faculties, your patience are all taxed, making your fuse for petty and irrelevant bullshit incredibly short, these people's relatively laxed lives allow for longer fuses.  And longer fuses allow minds to engage in pettier pursuits, of which they will annoy you with as you're focused on drastically superior and more important concerns.

Alas, this is the "nagging Noah" that you, me, and the other handful of Noah's get to face.  Most of my life has been left-leaning family and friends thinking I was crazy there was a dotcom bubble about to happen.  Most of my professional life was catching flak, getting disciplined, and threatening to be fired because I said there was a housing bubble.  And today my life is filled with people who are telling me I need to relax and chill.  And while certainly a case could be made to relax and chill for health reasons, it doesn't make it any easier, let alone less annoying when these people pelt you with annoying concerns, petty criticisms, or condescending critiques.  But let us be perfectly clear.  For whatever comforts ignorance is affording these people today, it will not be worth the price they will pay tomorrow when society collapses, or is at least severely impaired from functioning, under an Idiocracy.  And when the day comes that every white person or every male has to have a struggle session under President Ocasio Cortez, or protests on the highway make driving an impossibility, or rent is so high because we printed off another 4 trillion in money to cover the national deficit, or fat chicks are beating up pretty thin chicks to fight against "beauty privilege", you can be sitting at your comfy, quiet, apartment in Phuket laughing at the news as you decide to take a stroll by the beach or maybe get a drink at the local bar.  All because you were some eye-rolling weirdo who (Beavis and Butthead laugh) "huh huh, heh heh" thought there was a chance the US would collapse.


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Minimalism Course Open! Oct 25th thru Oct 30th

Howdy All,

"Achieving Minimalism: Theory and Practice" is once again open for enrollment from October 25th to the 30th.  As stated before the vast majority of my audience likely does not need this course, but if you are new or you are struggling with spending more than you make, may I suggest taking a look at this course.

The main goal of the course is NOT to merely say "spend less than you make," but to delve into the psychological underpinnings that compel most humans to spend more than they make, take on debt, and otherwise ruin their lifetime finances.  And though the price is steep, that price is designed to slap you across the face to make sure you take this issue seriously and actually START SAVING MONEY.  And so the question really is do you want to get out of debt, have adequate savings for retirement, and never worry about money again

or not?

You can click on the image above of this link here to review the outline of the class before signing up.  And if you know somebody struggling with finances, maybe consider suggesting they take a look at this course.



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The End Game of Woke Corporate Culture

A client at my consultancy had an interesting question - where do corporations end up if they keep putting politics over profits?  He was specifically talking about feminism and where corporations and governments are forcing women into executive roles for affirmative action purposes, but the larger trend he was talking about was where corporations put politics over profits.  

I was somewhat conflicted because I didn't know if corporations were indeed putting politics over profits or merely capitalizing on the political religion the education industry programmed most Americans to have, and - like most Americans - were merely virtue signaling as a sick, unethical, racist, sexist, marketing tactic.  If this was the case, then this was just your average American corporation taking advantage of whatever means to profit.  Just like the US Department of Transportation built the Interstate system and corporations now use that infrastructure, the US Department of Education built socialism/feminism/environmentalism/woke culture as the country's official religion, and now corporations were merely opportunistically using that infrastructure as well.  

However, if I had to put money on it, I don't believe corporations are this savvy or intelligent.  Call it a hunch, call it experience, call it knowing my generation which is now in charge of Corporate America (Gen X), but I actually believe "Corporate America" as we know it is not so much trying to machiavellianly capitalize on the woke culture (being willing to ditch it the second it doesn't become profitable), as much as it is inferior Gen X NPC's who captain these corporate ships are trying to be popular.  And since they have now replaced profits with politics, these corporations in the long term are no longer viable and there will be consequences to piloting these corporate ships into metaphorical icebergs. 

And so after some thinking I figured out where "Corporate America" is heading.  And not only is it an interesting journey that lays ahead for Corporate America, but there are some key and vital lessons young, industrious, hard working people are going to want to learn before getting on the "USS Corporate America Titanic" boat.

First, take a lesson from an entity that is further down the woke/SJW/virtue-signaling/diversity rabbit hole - government.  Specifically, the Department of Transportation.  It could be the national Department of Transportation, a state Department of Transportation or the municipal one, but the point is take the government agency that is responsible for building roads, bridges, and maintaining them.  That requires they employ of many civil engineers, tradesmen, architects, etc.  

So why are there so many fat, middle aged black women with no experience at the upper management levels of these departments?  Also, why are there diversity meetings, women's empowerment meetings, etc. at every step of the way when the focus should be building stable, non-collapsable bridges?  Of course I'm stereotyping, but there is no doubt in DC and across the nation thousands of under- and un-qualified people (stereotypical fat middle aged black woman or not) hired because of the traits they were born with and not the content of character.  And the reason why is that politics is being put ahead of profits the taxpayer (not to mention the safety of the American driver).

Still, this has set forth a key trend younger people will need to be aware of going to work for "woke" corporations.  And that is the real work still has to get done.  The Department of Transportation still has to build the roads.  So what you will see (and some of my civil engineering agents in the field will verify) is that yes, the stereotypical 54 year old black woman who knows nothing about civil engineering will be the boss and there will be touchy feely meetings about shit that, frankly, has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with roads.  But they will outsource the real work to real engineers as contractors because in the end, the agency (be it the Department of Transportation or "Proctor and Gamble") has to legitimize it's existence.  It can't just be a welfare jobs program for minorities or women, hosting self-pitying sob sessions over how it's so unfair they get preferential hiring treatment.  The organization needs the veneer of a purpose, and thus they outsource all the real work to contractors.  And that is where smart and savvy future workers will go.  Contract work.

Second, if you think "Oh good!  I'm a minority/disadvantaged person and so now I can get one of these cushy jobs with no qualifications!," think again.  Because now that meritocracy has been abandoned for traits, there is nothing you can do within your power to advance your career in these new "woke" environments.  You were born Hispanic, you were born female.  That's it.  Those are you two qualifications.  And so what is going to happen is a Hispanic, female, WHO IS ALSO BI is going to be promoted over you.  Worse, if you think corporate office politics was bad before, just wait until it becomes the Oppression Olympics.  Working for Boomers was already a nightmare in the 80's and 90's.  The regular corporate politics was intolerable.  You throw on a bunch of self-absorbed Millennial and Gen Z'ers who swallowed the woke-SJW-victimhood socialist politics whole, Corporate America will become a combination Game-of-Thrones meets Arkham Asylum.  Backstabbing careerist spinster women, minorities convinced everything is racist, all professional victims looking to be oppressed so they can sue, all of them jockeying for the ONE executive position that might be open?  You'd be insane to want to work in this genuinely toxic environment.  Alas, this is why I recommend to any minority or female clients I have that, sure, get your 2-4 years working experience at "Target" or "Ernst and Young."  But once you get that experience, and you can join the 1099 Superior Race (look it up) you get the fuck out.  Life is too short, and your sanity too precious, to be sitting in on "diversity" and "female" empowerment sessions in the vain hopes of being promoted to "assistant reserve vice account director."  Besides, as real professionals, it's insulting to have it implied you're racist or sexist or stupid enough to be either.

Third, the "Brand Name Business Model."  This is what I believe will be the final stop for Corporate America.  

As all the real work is outsourced, and Corporate America working environments become insufferably toxic, all the real and talented labor will simply leave, or never show up in the first place.  This "brain drain" or "talent flight" will gut Corporate America of any real leadership or productive people, leaving the only asset of the company it's logo/name.  This then results in a new business model where 1099er's do all the real work (hopefully uninterrupted from home) while a bunch of political psychopaths maintain the brand name at "corporate," duking it out for increasingly pointless titles at the "diversity and inclusion" department.  This relegates Corporate America's function to mere PR for a brand name.

Not accounting.
Not engineering.
Not operations.
Not production.

P - freaking - R. 

And if marketing departments weren't political enough, imagine what all that juicy woke socialist cancer will do for employee morale back at "corporate."

To a certain extent this "Brand Name Business Model" is already happening.  Take a look at Target for example.  Target is the perfectly woke corporation sopping wet with forked tongued virtue signaling.  But Target employees themselves don't really produce anything.  They outsource everything.  The real production is done by near-slave labor overseas.  The products are then hauled by real companies (transport companies) overseas and over land by real men and women who are boat captains or truck drivers.  Sure, Target has some accountants on staff, and certainly they have thousands of stock boys stocking the shelves, but in the end "Target" corporation is just a red circle with a red dot in the middle, that stupid dog, and a bunch of corporate stooges working at their increasingly Game of Thrones office in Minneapolis (assuming it isn't burnt down).  For all the production Target creates, 95% of the jobs are outside the corporation.  5% goes to tell you how much they like BLM.

Now the question is do you want to work for a "corporation" where it's main goal is merely to keep up an image?  Sure, at one time working for Citigroup might have meant doing real analysis or providing good financial services to your customer.  It may have even had the fringe benefits of working in a cool downtown environment with the prestige of having a corner office, maybe some interesting colleagues.  But now that the actual function/operations of the firm is outsourced to telecommuters and 1099's, what's left at corporate HQ is a corporate husk of it's former self.  And the sole purpose of this husk is to tell the world how woke it is and just how much they're down with the socialist cause to capitalize on the woke-religion the government programmed every one to have.  Worse, as evidenced by my observations of Gen X business "leaders," they actually believe it.  Which means whatever unfortunate souls are working at this husk are now forced into what is nothing short of political indoctrination which should be an affront and insult to any self-respecting professional.

I know for the past 50 years media, Hollywood, television, colleges, even professionals themselves have painted the picture that you want to work for "Corporate America."  That a 9-5 job with some overtime hustle would land you a managerial position, a stable career, and the coveted "six figs."  But as is with everything in the world, things change.  "Corporate America" no longer exists.  Corporate America is no longer the large, efficient, super powerful engine that once powered the great American economy and provided millions of people with careers and professions.  It's a bunch of psychopathic Karens who don't produce anything and whose sole job it is to keep up the shinny image of a brand name so people buy from that brand name.

Alas, if you are smart (or simply self-respecting) you will be smart enough not to get on this sinking ship.  You will develop and hone the skills necessary to become part of the 1099 Superior Race.  You will realize that a corner office downtown was never on the table, but a much better offer awaits you on a beach in Thailand as you work from your laptop.  Do not envy the "corporate executives" of the future.  Pity them.  Because life is too short to be called "racist" or "sexist" and sit through "struggle sessions."  Let alone work for a bunch of mentally ill Karens.


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Going Live With Rollo Tomassi on The Rationale Male

Achieving Minimalism Seminar: October Class

The October class for "Achieving Minimalism: Theory and Practice" will open for enrollment on October 25th and close on October 30th.  The price is still $499 and the class is NOT for veteran readers/listeners/viewers.  The class is intended for any newcomers who do not have the time to wade through the various thousands of posts, podcasts, and books and want an accelerated, condensed class on minimalism.  It is also intended for anybody who wishes to get their financial act together, or otherwise anybody who is spending more money than they make and simply cannot kick the habit.

You can view the outline of the class here, however the "enroll button" does not work.  That again will work starting October 25th.

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America Does Not Tolerate Losers

 This is a guest post by our friend Alexi over at Academic Composition!

Alex Bash (

America Does not Tolerate Losers!

As General George Patton prepared the Third Army for the invasion of Sicily, he famously observed "Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser!". While Patton's speech was well-regarded by the troops, some of his colleagues judged him to be vulgar and unprofessional.

Love him or hate him, you cannot deny that Patton was a uniquely American character. America was founded by people who were courageous enough to leave the comfort of their old life in Europe. To do this, they had to abandon the aristocracy, tradition, and order of their European country of origin. Upon arriving in the colonies, Americans not only claimed their independence but also pursued a relentless Westward expansion, which forms a key component of America's core identity: manifest destiny. Galvanized by this belief, Americans aggressively pursued an expansionary foreign policy, as they continue to do so today. Questions about whether this is right or wrong aside, an aggressive foreign policy is a core component of the American identity: that cannot be changed, nor should it be.

The liberals may deride Jackson's "trail of tears" and "manifest destiny", but what they fail to understand is that the nation's core identity cannot be changed. In the "Significance of the Frontier in American History", Fredrick Jackson Turner showed how the frontier mentality fostered the character of American rugged individualism ( In doing so, the Frontier Mentality bolstered entrepreneurship, promoted risk-taking, and cultivated a certain directness that the American national character is famous for. 

In "Hell's Kitchen", Chef Ramsey demonstrated a deep understanding of the American identity by berating the losers of his show. He had no reservations about embarking on obscenity-laced tirades to show the incompetent contestants just how pathetic they were. By contrast, he had a similar show in the UK, where he criticized the underperforming cooks in a more tactful manner. There is no way of telling which of Ramsey’s approaches personas is the “best”, it is simply a matter of cultural differences. 

Many of his British viewers would say that they prefer for him to criticize the participants in a respectful manner, as behaving the way he does on the American show simply isn’t decorous. On the other hand, they have no problem chastising the hypocrisy of the mealy-mouthed upper-class British people and their “stiff upper lip”. Would it truly be terrible for Chef Ramsey to scream that you “FUCKING SUCK AT COOKING!”? Would you truly rather have him pat you on the shoulder with a phony smile and a contrived dignified posture, as he admonishes you “You can do better, best of luck, mate!”? 

Clearly, even most of the British people see value in the American candor. There is a certain honesty in simply calling things the way they are. Words may be offensive, but they do not constitute an offense. Nobody has ever died from having their pride hurt or from simply being insulted, especially when the derogatory comment is nothing more than a badly needed reality check. An aspiring chef who simply lacks the talent and the dedication to be truly excellent needs to be advised on this matter as bluntly as possible. He would be better off knowing this as soon as possible rather than making that discovery the hard way. Would he not rather know what he is capable of so he can keep his expectations in check instead of wasting over a decade of his life to realize that all of his work has been for naught? 

Surely, Chef Ramsey can’t tell you that you are a fundamentally worthless person and if he does, there is no good reason to listen to him. Yet, he can tell you if you have what it takes to make it in his field. Yes, it would be a good idea to seek a second opinion, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking Ramsey’s word for what it is: an expert opinion. It may be a mere opinion, but one that you can certainly use as a guiding light. Based on that, you are more than welcome to seek out other expert opinions and once you receive all of the necessary information, you may conduct your own assessment. However, a simple wake-up call from a knowledgeable, but remarkably blunt specialist in the field can certainly be a good start: you simply cannot go wrong from there. The worst case scenario is not bad at all: you will simply realize that cooking isn’t your true calling, which means that you are free to pursue any number of other vocations. 

To be certain, it makes excellent sense to welcome constructive feedback, no matter how unpleasant or even crass it may be. By doing so, you can save plenty of time, energy and frustration. There is value in simply understanding the reality of the situation, whatever it may be. Regrettably, much of the American left has no interest in that at all: that explains why they are so resolutely opposed to the blunt nature of the core American identity. The Political Correctness of the American left represents little more than a denial of reality, it is an attempt to stifle honest communication that is necessary in order for a fruitful discussion to emerge. Whether the discussion centers on your career plans, an exchange of political ideas or a brainstorming session, it is necessary for all involved parties to be forthright. While there is no reason to be needlessly offensive, it is more important to communicate the reality of the situation than it is to be tactful, otherwise, the entire exchange becomes artificial and self-defeating. If the choice has to be made between being tactful and being frank, it is always better to err on the side of the latter. 

In light of the fundamental reality of the unique American culture, we may now examine the common criticisms of the American national character that are often voiced by the Democratic Party and the left-leaning public figures of the European Union. 

  1. It’s hard to be poor in America.

In the “Conscience of a Liberal”, Paul Krugman observed that while the French middle class pay much higher taxes than their American counterparts do, it is easier to be poor in France. Krugman also noted that although France has a broader middle-class, more Americans belong to the upper-middle class.

However, there is one critical point that Krugman has conveniently overlooked: the local purchasing power of Americans is much higher than that of the French.

The United States ranks 2nd in the world on Local Purchasing Power, with Switzerland being the only European nation that outranks the U.S. The reason for this is simple: the dynamism of their market-oriented economy. Despite the stereotypes suggesting that all European countries welcome massive taxation, Switzerland has consistently outperformed the U.S on the Index of Economic Freedom.

Switzerland is currently fifth and has been in the top ten for the last decade, while the U.S has declined precipitously. Under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama II, the U.S lost its standing in the top 10, plummeting by nearly a dozen positions, which is why the U.S is now 17th!

By contrast, France is 64th, which puts it on the lower end of the “moderately free” category. On the local purchasing power, France came in 26th, which means that the salaries of the French afford them a much lower purchasing liberties than the salaries of Americans do. While the French may think that their social services are free, the reality is that they are paying for them in the form of their diminished purchasing power. While they may work shorter hours, receive maternity and paternity leave, use public medical services and pay less for education, they are less likely to attain the material possessions that have long been regarded as symbols of the American dream. Even after the 2008 financial crisis, Americans are much more likely to be able to buy a home or own multiple vehicles. While these hallmarks of the American dream may be accessible to much of the American upper-middle class and even parts of the middle-class itself, they are only accessible to the truly rich in France. Much of the French middle class will have to make do with renting an apartment and using public transportation, with only faint hopes of owning a small apartment of their own in the distant future. Yet, owning a two-story house with a white-picket fence is simply out of reach for much of the French middle class. The same goes for most of the European welfare states, whose residents are happy to sign away their opportunities to fight for their equivalent of the American dream in exchange for greater economic security, wider middle-class, lower wealth disparities and better living conditions for the poor. While that trade-off may be acceptable to most Europeans, it is repugnant to most Americans: it goes against the grain of the fundamental elements of the American culture that General Patton expounded upon.

There is a clear-cut economic reason why America remains the world’s most popular destination for immigrants, by a wide margin.

About one in five of international immigrants live in the U.S, no other nation comes close in this regard. The reason is simple: immigrants are like Patton’s followers, who as “real Americans” are “playing to win all the time”. These newcomers are willing to play for high stakes and accept greater rewards. They are hardly concerned about the high costs of health-care and education, they see it as an acceptable cost of doing business in America. While they may be dismayed to see an abundance of homelessness, they know full well that if an immigrant with minimal skills and only rudimentary knowledge of the English language can find a roof over his head, there should be no excuses for the people living on the streets. To be sure, these immigrants know full well that the truly indigent people of their country had fewer opportunities than the most destitute of Americans.

As callous as that may sound to the liberals and the proponents of the EU model, this is the reality of the American way of life and it cannot change. America was founded by people who took enormous risks to re-invent themselves in the new world: by its nature, this is a venture with high-risks and high rewards. The well-being of the average person, the size of the middle-class, the wealth of the 1% or let alone the immiseration of the poorest Americans are simply irrelevant. Patton had it right, “real Americans love to fight” and “play to win” all the time. There is no room for “losers” or mediocrities, which would explain why the complacent middle class of Europe no longer have much interest in trying their luck in America.

Doing so would be a lateral move for a middle-class Frenchman or a German and the rewards would not justify the risks, as it makes little sense for them to give up a secure life they had at home.

It is not a coincidence that the U.S no longer is a country of European immigrants. At the beginning of the 20th century, all of the leading foreign-born ethnic groups in the U.S were European, but today, the most well-represented ethnic groups are Mexicans, Indians and the Chinese. These are the “real Americans” who “will not tolerate a loser” and “play to win all the time”. These are gifted and industrious people from countries without much of a middle class, so they would much rather take enormous risks in America in order to have a half a chance at breaking into the upper middle-class rather than being condemned to a life of mediocrity in a welfare state. For these “real Americans”, there are no half-measures, nor should there be. This is how the colonial Americans have always thought, the tradition endured through Patton’s time and the newcomers from China, India and Mexico are happy to maintain it. While many of them may vote Democrat, the most successful of them are as reluctant to pay high taxes as are their accomplished peers of European heritage. 

  1. America’s Immigration Policy is Tough

That may be true, as it is much easier to sneak into the European Union or even Canada than it is to start a new life in the U.S. Yet, one fundamental misconception is that the U.S is extraordinarily accommodating to highly skilled immigrants. The U.S has an abundance of visa programs to recognize the talent of foreign professionals. These exceptional individuals often prefer to be in the U.S than in Europe because they would prefer to pay lower taxes and find an environment most conducive to the actualization of their potential. Despite that an overwhelming proportion of blue-collar jobs has been outsourced to China and India, this cannot be done with the highly skilled white-collar jobs. In that respect, there is a reversal of the migration trend: instead of sending the jobs to Indian and China, the U.S welcomes the intellectual capital these countries offer. It is close to impossible to find a  robust alternative to the Silicon Valley and for good reasons, most software developers would prefer to be there rather than somewhere in the EU. Likewise, the tristate area of New York is a phenomenal choice for accountants, financiers and other professionals employed in the finance sector.

Consistently with Patton’s dictum that America doesn’t tolerate losers, it makes good sense for the U.S to be receptive to the highly skilled immigrants, but disinterested in the newcomers who are less accomplished. Clearly, the latter would be better off in a more secure environment of the EU or even Canada, where one can comfortably settle into the complacent environment of the middle class. To do so, one does not need to be exceptionally gifted or hyper-industrious. These may be the requirements of the American upper-middle class, which is the prerequisite for the achievement of the American dream, but such a milieu is no place for mediocrities. 

  1. America’s Foreign Policy is Belligerent

Again, Patton had it right: America does not tolerate losers. The expansionary foreign policy is a result of the Frontier Mentality, which Fredrick Jackson Turner discussed in “The Significance of the Frontier in American History”. While one may critique the undue intervention of the U.S military in foreign conflict, it is impossible to alter the core component of the nation’s culture. America does not and never will tolerate losers: the only way the sphere of American influence abroad can be curtailed is if a foreign power emerges as a challenger to the U.S global hegemony. The left may continue to insist that the U.S military budget should be diminished sharply and redistributed among social service programs. Yet, that is a futile endeavor: it is fundamentally anti-American and it is impracticable for that reason. 

  1. Health-Care and Education Are a Disaster

While progressives bemoan how America is only 28th on the Index of Social Progress, they overlooked that the very idea of social progress is antithetical to the American way of life.

As it has been noted in the same report on America’s decline that the U.S is the world leader in quality education and health-care, however, it is 97th and 91st in access to health-care and education. 

Most of the left-leaning citizens of the EU would describe health-care and education as public goods that should be provided by the government, but such a point of view is un-American.

America does not tolerate losers, period. The fact of the matter is that the U.S is number 1 with respect to the quality of these institutions is what defines the American identity, it is simply irrelevant whether ordinary people are able to access them. To suggest otherwise would be un-American and such recommendations are better suited for the European Union, where economic security matters more than opportunities to become fabulously wealthy. 

American politics are by and for the wealthy, with the upper-middle class being the lowest threshold of eligibility. Anyone who is not prepared to accept enormous sacrifices in order to break into the upper-middle-class would be well advised to consider starting their life in Europe. It is much easier than it may seem, as most EU nations have far more lenient immigration policies than the U.S did. In fact, there are tens of thousands of Americans living in Europe already.

  1. Donald Trump is uncouth

Donald Trump is not applying for a job at a think tank, nor is he looking to participate in a ceremony where he is to be knighted or let alone accepted as a king. He should not be expected to be a refined European gentleman who acts in a classy manner with impeccable table manners, exquisite taste in the arts and who voices his highly educated views in a stilted manner.

Such classism is simply un-American, nor will it ever be. The most important thing to know about Donald Trump is that he is an authentic American every bit as much as Patton was. He represents the true American culture and he resists the influence of those who try to impose a European way of life upon the U.S, which is fundamentally repugnant to the American values. Far from being seen as uncouth, Trump’s pugnaciousness should be regarded as an embodiment of Patton’s observation that “real Americans love to fight” and “America will not tolerate a loser”. For all his flaws, Trump persevered to preserve his fortune, maintain his controversial public persona and above all, become president in a uniquely American way by underscoring the core attribute of the American character: Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser. While the left may deride Trump for his “strongman” posturing in the style of John Wayne, they overlooked the fact that America demands men like Trump. They represent the core American identity that has been passed down since the colonial era. 

Above all, Patton’s timeless words must be remembered for generations to come “All real Americans love to fight! Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser!”. America is not Sweden, nor is it Germany. This is not a place for a massive social safety net, nor is it a place where an average person can “live with dignity”, as the left would suggest. The American middle class will continue to decline, but a sizable portion of ordinary Americans will join the upper-middle-class. Nonetheless, there is truth to the observation that upward mobility has declined in the U.S, as the middle class shrunk and the majority of ordinary Americans who worked in the blue collar field have struggled to achieve upward mobility. Donald Trump has taken note of that and vowed to “bring the jobs back”. At the face of it, bringing the jobs back certainly seems like a tall order, as it’s extraordinarily difficult to reverse the decades’ long trend of outsourcing that emerged in a globalized market. Although it remains an open question as to whether Trump will be able to keep his promise, from the standpoint of the American identity, it is simply irrelevant. America does not tolerate losers, never did and never will.