Sunday, June 28, 2020

AC/DT Podcast - The "Frida Khalo" Episode

I'm a guest on DT's podcast where we discuss:

The "Super Dooper Racist Alert"
Be happy you're not Frida Khalo...or any of the women who worship her.
Reviewing Stephen King movies.
South Dakota storms.
Minneapolis city council people hiring private security.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

How to Profit Off of Affirmative Action

This ended up being one of my better videos because the client was not only asking how non-leftists minorities could benefit from affirmative action, but also SHOULD THEY and how to incorporate that into "Operation Evil."  It ended up being an important lesson in humanity that EVERY person should understand, especially if you plan on profiting off of the insanity that exists today and is certainly going to increase in the future.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Online College Means Paying Other People to Write Your Stupid Papers

Alex at Academic Composition is always looking for new clients, AS WELL as new employees to write for and advertise his services.  Contact Alex if you need papers written for you or are interested in writing for him!

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Aleksey Bashtavenko
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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

The Older Brother Podcast #76 - The "Most Men Have PTSD" Episode

Cappy talks about:

Novelty vs. bliss
The family in Nemo that was having fun
Hiking the old gold mine trail between Deadwood and Lead.
Most western men suffer from some form of PTSD. (at about the 37:15 mark)
Why Cappy doesn't bother talking to NPC's about the riots/protests.

And more!!!!

in THIS EPISODE of The Old Brother Podcast.
MP3 here.
YouTube below:

Monday, June 22, 2020

The Clarey Podcast #328 - The "Turning a Bad Day Around" Episode

Rain and bad cell service thwarts Cappy's original hiking plans, but he turns the bad day around with capitalistic guile and resourcefulness! He makes friends with a dog, comes up with his Indian name, sees some hawks, and dodges rain!
Podcast located here.
MP3 here.
Youtube here.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

"All the Cool, Intellectual Kids Hang Out in Uptown"

Allow me to tell you a quick story.

On the first day I moved to Minneapolis waaaaay back in 1993, the local college kids told me "uptown" was the cool place all the edgy smart kids went.  Of course, to "go there" you needed a lot of money as food was expensive, coffee the same, and if you drank drinks were overpriced. 

Aside for the rare restaurant that I liked, Minneapolis's "uptown" was a pretentious, arrogant place for trust fund kids to spend their money and party, yet still act like they were self-supporting intellectuals as they sup upon $7 lattes and attended art fairs.

Well, not so much anymore.

Admittedly, it has been over 20 years since I first set foot in uptown, but now after a full generation of children have been brought up to be virtue signaling social justice warriors (both of the ghetto and lily white suburb variety) the leftist elite of uptown now have their chickens coming home to roost.  Whatever true intellectuals that existed in Minneapolis have long ago left for the burbs or warm tax free states and rarely-if-ever concern themselves about being "intellectuals" hanging out in the effete parts of major metros.  And now you have the leftist eloi and their K-12-conditioned morlock creatures who are feeding upon them.

As you all know I left Minneapolis long ago and am leaving Minnesota for greener pastures.  I truly could not give a shit about this shitty town, it's arrogant leftist people, or the frankenstein monsters they created.  I'm sure Minneapolis will come up with a slogan or a motto about "all in this together" or some other placating bullshit.  who knows, they might change a lake name again.  But in the end, they get what they deserve and I will enjoy  watching the city burn.

Enjoy the decline, minneapolis!  Enjoy that freaking decline!

Friday, June 19, 2020

Canada's Little Known Mach 2 Fighter Plane

I found this article fascinating.

What I found more fascinating than that is that it was written by the BBC and was actually a good article without some sanctimonious political agenda.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

The University of Clown World

First, it should be stated that the vast majority of degrees are completely worthless and are going to be the number one cause of poverty for generations going forward.

Second, if you must attend college, choose a degree that is worthwhile and will make your lifetime income one you can live amply off of.

Third, ideally, attend college online so you can not only save fees, greenhouse gases, tuition, and rent, but the horrific time that is spent wasted commuting to a physical campus.

Finally, if you're going to attend a physical college AND major in a worthless field AND have a career in "academia" preparing for psycho-shit like this to happen as you are working among insane people who are manically-ideologically driven. 

Finally consider purchasing the books below so you don't end up like the generations of worthless and marginally employed professors and liberal arts majors.

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Cappy's Speaking in Las Vegas Oct 2-4th

I'll be joined with 9 other speakers including Rollo Tomassi, Rian Stone, Rich Cooper, and Troy Frances.  It'll be pricey ($999) but will hopefully be worth it when you're done attending the seminar!

The Riots are About Millennial Revenge, Not Race

Was on Jack Napier's show and at the 30 minute mark we have a conversation about what the real cause of the riots/protests is.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Four Types of Modern American Fathers

This is an excerpt from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial."  It highlights the four types of fathers we have in America, three of which are abysmal failures and are the cause of most of the problems our country faces today.  Of particular note you will want to read about the "Present, But Absent Father" as this includes the plurality of fathers who are physically present, but too lazy to actually raise their children, making them no better than deadbeat dads.

If you were planning on becoming a father, I strongly urge you to read through these four types and ask which one you're willing to become.  And if not a "Real Father" - where you are not only present, but actively participating in your child's life - then to march your ass right down to the virologist to get yourself a vasectomy so you don't torture an unwanted child by bringing one into this world.

Please consider purchasing the book below.

The Four Types of Fathers

The question for future generations of fathers is do you want to be this type of dad? Do you want to be responsible for bringing innocent children into this world of hell? Or do you have the strength and morality to not only ensure you choose the right woman to have a child with, but that you will put your child first in life and do what is in the best interests of that child? Alas every man has four choices as to which type of dad they’d like to become, only one of which is being a real father. And given we’re talking about the lives of innocent children it’s important all future fathers be completely honest with themselves as to which type they’re willing to become, not the one they’ll proclaim to society they’ll be.

Deadbeat Dads

The truth about deadbeat dads is there’s no point in trying to shame them. The “baby mamas” dumb enough to breed with them really overestimate their intelligence, morality, or even common sense. Because while single moms can argue all they want that their “baby daddies” should step up and own up to their responsibilities, the reason these guys came inside you without a condom is because they’re too stupid to do the math on a 18 second orgasm costing them 18 years of child support. People that dumb aren’t capable of feeling guilty for bringing an innocent child into a world of hell, so they sure as hell aren’t going to give a damn about their baby mamas nagging them about “where’s the check?” Just save your breath.

But if you are this dumb of a man and you’re one of those idiots on the news who has 12 kids from 6 different women, about the only argument that *might* get through your thick skull is that for $1,000 you can get a vasectomy and never have to worry about having another baby or paying another child support check ever again. You can have sex all you want, but you will never have to worry about a nagging woman hunting you down for money, ever. Forget any higher-level arguments about moralities, ethics, and responsibilities of being a father. You’re too stupid for that. Just get a vasectomy and you’ll never have to deal with a “baby mama” ever again.

Divorced Dads

Harsh as we are on women, this is only because a disproportionate amount of today’s propaganda targets women, requiring a disproportionate amount of constructive criticism be dedicated towards them. However, this does not mean men are off the hook when it comes to forming a family. Men have just as much responsibility to their current and theoretical would-be children. Men have to choose the right mother to have their children with. Men have to work hard, earning a trade or a profession they can support a family with. Men also have to build the finances by which they can afford to support a family as well.

But the majority of men fail miserably in nearly all regards.

Right off the bat with 41% of births occurring outside marriage, 41% of you are not using a condom when you should. Throw in the divorce rate of 50% and now the majority of men are empirically choosing the wrong women. Most Millennial men have nowhere near the finances needed to support a family, let alone themselves. And with most Millennial men slaving away at three jobs in the gig economy, they simply don’t have the time necessary to be both a supporting husband and father. But whether it’s “the lord will provide” or an unconscious instinct that “well we just have families because that’s what humans do,” men are still starting families anyway. And consequently, they set themselves up for failure when it comes to being a family man.

In having a child before you are ready you immediately cause stress within the family before it’s even formed. You put incredible financial pressure on the family not only in that there are more mouths to feed, but birthing children costs money and takes the wife out of the labor force. Unless you were smart enough to become an engineer and *cough cough* traditionally support the family on one income, you likely have to work multiple gigs to make ends meet, as does your wife. And this only stresses your family further as you’re never around to provide moral support to your wife or children. You go on the state-sponsored health insurance plan, get a loan from your parents, or go on outright government assistance which does lessen you in the eyes of your wife. And further lessening her view of you is that you can no longer workout and stay in shape as you’re running ragged working three jobs. And since your wife also has to work to make ends meet, it’s only a matter of time until she meets Kevin in sales who has no children, has more money, and has more fun. That and he plain does not give a fuck that your wife is married.

Soon the divorce papers are served and there you sit with your dopey Millennial face wondering “What? What did I do wrong? I was kind and sweet and nice! I was an environmentalist and there for her emotionally! I even voted democrat!” But even though you didn’t intend to raise your children in a broken home, that’s precisely what ended up happening. And the reason why is because you believed in lies such as “follow your heart and the money will follow,” the Millennial political religion, and that women wanted some sensitive 90’s man. Not a real man.

Though no man sets out to get divorced, it is his lack of awareness and an underestimating of his obligations to his wife and children that lands him in divorce court. It is also his inability to distinguish between political propaganda and biological reality. So while the Boomer social scientists and Millennial political propagandists are all telling you women want “new gender roles,” this does not change the 2 million years of human evolution that women want…once again…a man who is

physically fit
makes enough money to support a family
does not live at home
is mentally strong
is masculine
and is tall.

To meet the bogus new gender roles merely requires lip service. But to meet the real traditional ones requires sacrifice, work, and dedication to both your wife and children. And if you’re not willing to put in the work to achieve those things, you are not willing to put in the work that is necessary to become a father. Expect to be divorced with visitation rights every 4th Tuesday of every 3rd month. And say hi to Kevin in sales for me.

Present-But-Absent Dads

This is the largest contingent of modern day fathers. They have a wife, they have children, on paper they look like the perfect nuclear family, but the father truly is a sperm donor because he invests absolutely no time in his children. He goes to work. Comes home in the evening. He might have dinner with the kids, but then sits in front of the TV or reads the paper for the rest of the night. He makes no investment in his children, spending no time with them, and when he dies his grand total investment in his children will be “sperm donor” and nothing more. He truly might as well not exist.

The costs and consequences to children of “Present-But-Absent” fathers are incalculable. No lessons about the future are imparted, no life skills are taught, morality and critical thinking are never instilled, and thus their children are left completely clueless and directionless in life. They don’t know what they should do. They don’t know what the purpose of life is. And so they are dumped out into the real world to wander aimlessly like nearly all of the Millennials today.

But this lack of paternal investment also leaves their children hopelessly unprepared for the real world. So much so that many Millennials today learned more from the internet than they did their dads. Millions of Millennials didn’t have their fathers teach them how to change oil. They had YouTube teach them. Millions of Millennials didn’t have their fathers teach them about dating. They had YouTube dating coaches teach them. Millions of Millennials didn’t have their fathers teach them about personal finances or budgeting. They watched Dave Ramsey or read Jacob Fisker for that. Millennials didn’t even have their dads teach them ethics or morals or philosophy. They stream Stefan Molyneux, Dennis Prager, or The Andy Griffith Show to teach them that.

But worse, these Present-But-Absent fathers fail to teach their kids street smarts, which makes them easy marks for the “The Lying Industrial Complex.” Without fathers around to talk about the pros and cons of majoring in different subjects, their children take on tons of debt for worthless degrees. Without fathers to warn their kids about the foolishness of buying a new car at 15% interest, their finances are further crippled the same. Their sons go horribly unprepared into the dating world, offending more young women than wooing. And their daughters are given no context or imperative about how to avail themselves of their youth and beauty while they still have it. But perhaps what is most painful of all is the confusion these poor kids have when nothing makes any sense or goes their way in the real world because their fathers did absolutely nothing to either explain or prepare them for it. It’s not until they’ve lived a decade of life as an adult are they able to painfully reverse engineer the lessons their father should have given them decades ago. Lessons, more often than not, that are tragically learned too late.

There are certainly excuses as to why the majority of fathers today are so non-participatory. It could be they are working themselves to the bone out of a misdirected love to support their family financially. It could be their and their wife’s spending habits necessitate the father work so much otherwise they’d file for bankruptcy. It could be the wife is so overbearing he dare not speak his mind or deliver the tough fatherly love that is needed in fear of getting divorced. It could be something as tragic as he got spermjacked and really didn’t want to be a father anyway. It could just be an epidemic of really shitty dads. Whatever the real reason, none of it changes their actions. None of it changes effective reality. Most fathers today may be physically there, but they might as well not be.

Real Fathers

There is nothing more valuable than wisdom because it saves younger people the most precious and only commodity we have in life – time. The book “Worthless” for example is simply wisdom that tries to spare young people the years of time and labor most of them will waste on a worthless degree. Jacob Fisker has a book out called “Early Retirement Extreme” which is nothing more than a book of wisdom teaching people how to be a minimalist, retire early, and avail themselves of the most amount of time they have on this planet. Even the old man at the barbershop who leans over to a younger man and says, “Look kid, do the scheduled maintenance on your car” imparts that bit of wisdom because it will save the young man time through lower overall maintenance and repair costs. Wisdom is the most valuable thing one person can give to another in that they’re giving that other person additional time.

But wisdom is something else, especially as it pertains to fathers. It is love. It is caring. It is investing. Real fathers invest in their children by imparting wisdom so that they may live happier and easier lives. And not just things like “do the scheduled maintenance on your car” or “don’t major in Theater,” but wisdom about the larger and more important goals in life that ultimately determine the quality of life a person lives.

Telling their sons how to find a quality wife.
Telling their daughters how to spot a quality man.
Explaining that a job is to make money so you can live and not the other way around.
Explaining why material things and fancy cars will not bring happiness.
Explaining why true love can only be attained by putting others ahead of yourself.
Conveying the incredible value of friends.
And above all else, not letting politics, intimidation, laziness, or fear of an uncomfortable conversation deter them from providing their children that critical wisdom.

These life lessons may not be sexy, even boring enough to evoke a painful “I know daaaaaaaad,” but in the long run it’s the most precious gift one can give. Because while Daddy Warbucks is buying his kids a car or paying for their fraternity dues, a real father is teaching his kids value and reality. And the key to happiness and a fulfilled life is not things, materialism, or prestige. It’s knowing what is valuable in life, knowing what reality is, basing your decisions in that reality, and attaining the things that are truly valuable. It’s being able to maintain a car, not merely having one. It’s having a successful career, not merely having a Master’s degree. It’s falling in love, not merely throwing a wedding. This is why a dad who merely pays his daughter’s way through college without teaching her about why she should go to college is not a real dad. But a father who insists she majors in Engineering or Accounting and takes the time to explain why is. One is outsourcing his fatherhood to money because he is simply too lazy to parent, the other is investing time in his children because he desperately wants his children to be happy in life.

This fourth option of fatherhood is not the “ideal” way to be a father. It is the only way to be a father. And if you’re not willing to invest that level of time, energy, and wisdom into your children, then do your children a favor and get a vasectomy. You just aren’t qualified to be a real father.

Target Learned Nothing

Target (which if you didn't know has been the most consistent dick-sucker of political/CSR correctness if there ever was an example) has now completely gone "full-retard" and committed additional shareholder funds towards the community that destroyed/looted their stores.

I am not going to go into an exhaustive and belabored explanation of the psychopathy behind this because it is pointless.  Nobody in today's modern self-hating zeitgeist will care.  I will merely point out this is "danegeld" and the sign of cowards, pussies, weaklings, and inferior humans who have no self-respect.  It is also a sign of the lack of real corporate leadership or strategy as "virtue signaling" is all modern day Gen X "corporate leaders" can come up with in terms of marketing their wares.

I sincerely hope all Target shareholders, especially those who think they are virtue signaling, lose all their money, investment, and capital bribing thugs, thieves, looters, and otherwise-general parasites not to loot/destroy their stores again.  Like COVID, I am cheering on the "bad guys" because at least they're honest and Target is the most cowardly and hypocritical of entities that absolutely deserves to be destroyed.  JC Penny and Sears are merely the canaries in the coal mine.  If Target thinks it needs to castrate itself in front of political entities to make it.  Fine, so be it.  They may last, but Target's existence will be an insufferable one and I pity any poor person that has to work there, let alone the shareholder that "invests" in this laughable company.

Monday, June 08, 2020

Why Americans Need to Stop Faking Mental Illness

This is an except from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial."  It highlights the record use of both legal and illegal drugs among the Millennial generation, but notes the absurdly high percent of mental illness this would imply Millennials have  It then posits the theory that - like many other things - some Millennials are faking mental illness to beget a whole host of benefits from society, ranging from anything like government checks to lower academic standards to simple pity.  Worse, many Millennials have used their mental illness to define them, deriving their only purpose and value in life from said mental illnesses, when in fact they have none.

This is by no means a purely Millennial phenomenon.  Many people from all post WWII generations are guilty of this, and it is increasing in frequency the younger generation you get.  But like other traits, it shows Americans in general are getting so lazy they will resort to any trait, ailment, disability, or disorder in order to have (what in their minds they think will be) an easier life.  And if they don't have one, they will make it up.

Consider purchasing the book below.


What makes traits so attractive is you were born with them.  You didn’t “earn” becoming a male.  You didn’t “work” at becoming Latino.  You came that way fresh off the assembly line.  Not one calorie of energy was spent on getting you these traits (except on the behalf of your parents).  But despite these traits having no value, since they take no effort to “earn,” this makes them especially tempting to people’s inherent laziness.  Because if you can get society to pay you for something you were born with, or better yet, purpose and meaning in life because of a trait, that means you never have to spend a calorie of energy working in life. 

This is great if society has lost its collective mind enough to celebrate people born with particular traits, going so far as to even pay them.  And if you are lucky enough to have those traits, you can live in this delusional (though ultimately destructive) world.  But there is just one small problem for a rather large group of people - what if you were born with the “wrong” traits?  What if you were born male?  What if you were born white?  Or worst of all – GASP!- what if you were born both?

Here the Millennials have an ingenious solution allowing anybody of any race and any gender to cash in on the victimhood and intrinsic value rackets.  An idea so clever that even the much-hated white male can participate in the trait-giving gravy train – mental illness.

Whether you have a mental illness or not, if you can convince society you do, you can now make bank on that same victimhood/life-value racket everybody else is cashing in on.   If you have “ADD,” you can get your standards greatly lowered for your entire educational career.  If you’re “on the spectrum” you can qualify for a whole host of scholarships and financial aid.  If you have “depression” a whole host of labor laws now come into your favor.  If you suffer from “social anxiety disorder” you can excuse yourself from ever going out in life, taking a risk, or applying for a job.  And if you have “bi-polar disorder” you can not only collect disability from the taxpayer, but you can treat people like utter shit, blaming it all on a made up mental illness.

Faking a mental illness is the ultimate shield to cower behind because it abdicates you of having any responsibility to support yourself or be of value to society because you’re simply not mentally capable of doing so.  It even excuses you to be an outright sadist (as any man who has dated a hot chick who claims to have BPD can tell you).  But above all else, mental illness is the perfect trait to have in the victimhood racket because unlike race or gender it cannot be readily proved or disproved.  Anybody can have it.  Anybody can fake it.  And doctors/psychologists are only more than happy to officially ordain it because it’s more money in their pockets.

However, it needs to be stated up front not everybody who claims to have a mental illness is faking it.  Mental illness is a real thing.  Many unfortunate people do legitimately suffer from mental illness.  And you do not wish to be one of these people.  And it must also be stated that Millennials as a generation didn’t maliciously and consciously concoct this diabolical plan as if they were some criminal mastermind like The Joker.  Many Millennials were lied to by their parents and teachers about having a mental illness.  The environment they grew up in certainly had stressors that may look like mental illness, but are in fact just tough times or unfortunate circumstances.  And we needn’t highlight again the financial incentives the psychology/pharmaceutical industries have in every one of us having a mental disorder.  But like hell 50% of the population has a mental illness.  And like hell 1 in 4 Millennials are clinically depressed.  Like hell 1 in 4 college students need Adderall.  And I do not want to hear another lazy ass Millennial bragging about their “social anxiety disorder.”
Unfortunately, there is absolutely no way to calculate the percent of the Millennial (and overall) population that is faking mental illness.  Plus, who isn’t to say that over the course of life most people won’t suffer legitimate bouts of mental illness?  But if you use other countries that are not so wealthy nor so spoiled, or simply go back a generation or two, you can use those as baselines to ballpark the percent of the current cases of mental illnesses that are legitimate.  Furthermore, cynical and unscientific as this method may be, the mere application of Occam’s Razor would introduce a healthy dose of much-needed skepticism into this discussion.  Does our population really have anywhere between a 25% to 50% rate of mental illness? Or have we made it so profitable, either financially or emotionally, that weaker minded people are too tempted to claim they are mentally ill?  Also, have we become so soft and spoiled as a society that the normal amount of pain and discomfort that comes with everyday challenges is so harsh it “triggers” weaker people into thinking they have a mental illness?  And then there’s your anecdotal stories that did not exist 20 years ago where you know of people purposely faking a mental illness to get some kind of advantage in society (for example, I know two men who lied to their employers that they had ADD so they could telecommute).  When you view society through this cynical Occam’s lens, it’s obvious there’s at least some fakers out there abusing mental illness for ill-gotten gains and it’s not some token percent.  20%, 30%, even 80%?  It’s impossible to tell.  But it would not be the slightest bit shocking if it turns out 50% of cases are faked or at least over/misdiagnosed.

Appalling as it might be that millions of people are faking mental illness for attention, money, even purpose in life, doing so comes at a great cost.  Like putting race or gender at the center of your life, you’re living a lie, guaranteeing that same life of misery, poverty, loneliness, and destitution.  But there is an added cost that comes with faking a mental illness for the rest of your life.  Namely, you have to fake having a mental illness.  And that makes a bad situation much, much worse.

The absolute best outcome with this strategy is if you are consciously conniving and amoral, and know full well what you’re doing.  You do not have a mental illness.  You’re perfectly, mentally healthy.  You are just willing to fake some symptoms, claim you got a case of the social anxieties, walk into a compliant doctor’s office to have them sign off on it, and go get whatever benefits society has voted you to have.  It could be telecommuting privileges, it could be SSI, it could be scholarships, it doesn’t matter.  You take your drugs, flush them down the toilet, and go on living life on an easier mode.  One almost has to tip their hat to this Machiavellian approach, because if society is going to be stupid enough to award people for traits, you might as well cash in on the offer.

A lesser outcome is you “deep down inside” know you’re not mentally ill, but still can’t resist the temptation of either the financial benefits, the laziness it excuses, or even something as petty as the popularity and acceptance it confers upon you.  The problem here is that whatever social or professional life you’ve built on this lie goes away the second you can no longer keep up the façade.  If you claimed you had social anxiety in high school because you think it would beget pity and acceptance, then you better keep it up until graduation day because it will all go away if you don’t.  If you’re in with the emo-kids at college and you’ve gained their comradery by playing somebody who’s a brooding English major who suffers from depression, you’re not going to be invited to the poetry slams anymore once they find out you were lying.  And there’s entire professions within the non-profit, academic, and government world where the more disabilities you have the more cache you have in your career.   If you’ve built any part or parcel of your career on a made up mental disability, you get to stay on stage forever lest you care to end your career.  You essentially damn yourself to a part time job of being somebody you’re not forever, all for a little leg up in your career or social life.

Worse than that is where you actually start to believe the lie.  You are so pathetic and valueless you place your entire life’s value on having a mental disability you don’t have.  Deep down inside you know you don’t have a mental illness, but you are so lazy at your core you consciously choose the life of a mentally ill person to beget pity, assistance, and worth because a life of learning to code, perform dentistry, or wrench on diesel engines is just too much work for you.  But while you’re thinking you’re dodging a bullet or being very clever, there is just one problem in believing you have a mental illness when you don’t. It’s a guarantee you will inevitably develop one over time.  And when you throw that on top of the destitution, loneliness, poverty, and despair that comes with living a lie, you’ll be begging you had placed value in something as simple and innocent as gender.

But the absolute worst outcome when it comes to having a mental illness is not even having a mental illness at all.  It’s where you were an otherwise mentally healthy individual and either through your parents, teachers, victimhood pimps (politicians, psychologists, counselors, etc.), or simply not having your father around, you were convinced you were mentally ill.  Here we should have nothing but pity for the poor millions of Millennials (and others) who were misdiagnosed as children simply because their parents didn’t love them, their teachers didn’t want to deal with them, the psychology industry wanted to profit off of them, or their dads just weren’t around.  Matter of fact, in a self-fulfilling prophecy sort of way, the mental pain and suffering that is the result of being misdiagnosed with a mental illness should be considered a mental illness in itself, given its own name and entered in the DSM MCMXXVII (it should also be grounds for tremendous lawsuits against teachers, counselors, and therapists who misdiagnosed them).  Regardless, there are easily millions of adults today who were lied to about their mental health in the past, who directly mentally suffer from that misdiagnosis now.  And many still live today under the erroneous assumption they had/still have a mental illness.

Once again, young people today need to look at the Millennials and ask themselves some serious questions when it comes to mental health. 

Do you really have a mental illness or just shitty parents, shitty teachers, and a shitty support network?

Are you mentally ill or is your dad just not around or non-participatory in your life?

Are you depressed or is your life and current environment so harsh that the mentally healthy response would actually be to be depressed?

Were you so spoiled in life, facing no real problems that any normal problem normal people face scares you to the point you can’t function?  Not that you have “social anxiety disorder?”  You just can’t handle everyday pain and strife?

And if none of those are the case, do you really want to fake having a mental illness all for some free taxpayer money, lower standards, pity, and attention?  Even going to the extent of taking mind-altering drugs to keep up the façade or merely to use as a crutch?  Because if you don’t have a mental illness now, you soon will.  And a life without mental health is not only a wasted one, but a tortured one as well."

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Thursday, June 04, 2020

How Betterment Ruined Investing with Politics

Get woke, go broke.
And while you're at it whitey, check your privilege.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Your Race Has No Value

This is an excerpt from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial."  It highlights the phenomenon where now two full generations of people have been successfully brainwashed to believe that a trait they were born with - and did not earn - somehow has value.

This is a dangerous philosophy to have because it replaces what gives humans real value - accomplishments - with traits they were born with.  It's very tempting to place and derive ultimate value from your traits because traits take no effort.  Accomplishment does.  But people who take the easy way out through life deriving value from the statistical coincidence of their mother's and father's race are doomed to fail in life as they produce nothing of value.  Merely point to the color of their skin.  Worse, if enough of society values their "skin color" or "gender" or made up mental illness (another chapter in How Not to Become a Millennial) nothing is produced and we all die of starvation.

Regardless, it's a much-needed take down of a cancerous philosophy where so many people think they have value because of how they were born, when in reality, they are just lazy people cowardly hiding behind their race to not only give them value in life, but demand financial support from other people.  Nobody's race has any value.  You included.  Now get off your lazy ass and work.

"Whatever has been said about gender can be equally said of race because it’s the exact same racket and the exact same philosophy.  Only the trait is different.  Just as there are many women who use their gender to claim victimhood status, there are many people who use their race to do the same.  And just as there are many women who falsely derive value from their gender, there are many people who falsely derive value from their race.  This is understandable because both women and minorities are heavily lobbied by various political interests to view themselves as victims, as well as place intrinsic value in their gender/race.  But since neither of these strategies/choices are based in reality, they by definition violate The Reality Principle, and are thus doomed to fail.

But more importantly, since these strategies/choices are identical, the results are going to be the exact same as women who try to leverage favor out of society using their gender.  Misery, failure, anger, and a wasted life.  But whereas the female version of this translates into “age, poverty, divorce, debt, spinsterdom, and cats,” the consequences for people who pull of the same racket with race are just as dire, though with their own cultural flair.

Take for example education.

Just as Women’s Studies is a bogus field solely created to pander to women whose only value is their gender, various “Cultural Studies” degrees are created to pander to race just the same. 

“African-American Studies”
“Chicano-American Studies”
“Middle Eastern Studies”
“Asian American Studies,”

All of these fields are just as bogus and just as worthless. 

However, there is an added “Uncle Tom” sort of hypocrisy to these degrees.  Most of these degrees presumably are intended to be of benefit and help to the various types of races they study.  Chicano American studies programs would logically be of benefit to Latinos and Chicanos.  Asian American studies should do the same, but for Asians.  And African American studies should do the same for blacks.

But do they really?

Like a Women’s Studies degree these degrees only harm those who major in them.  They have absolutely no economic or employment value.  They actually deter people from hiring you in that you are more prone to file a lawsuit or complain.  And like any other degree they will at least set you back $75,000 and four years of your youth.  But the real betrayal comes from the people who sold you these degrees.  The professors themselves who are presumably of your same race and by the definition of the degree should have your best interests at heart.  In reality these professors are just hucksters selling you a worthless piece of paper for that $75,000 + four years of your life.  If any “African American Studies” or “Latino American Studies” professor was honest they would warn you never to get a degree in such worthless fields and instead major in Accounting or Actuarial Science.  Perhaps studying these fields for free at your local library or online.  But they would never recommend you blow $75,000 on such crap.  Still, these professors value their own financial advancement over your best interests and, thusly, have no problem capitalizing off of your delusion that race has value.

Another example is race being used by Corporate America as a brand name.

An amazing amount of infrastructure has gone into programming Millennials with their political religion.  But within that overarching political religion there are sub-religions tailored to individual groups.  Women have their feminism and women’s empowerment.  Environmentalists have their environmentalism.  Health nuts have their organic and fair trade foods.  And races have their racial justice/political causes.  And if you think about it the schools, colleges, government, and certainly the democrat party have spent trillions over the decades making sure you have these political ideologies, even identities. 

But don’t think Corporate America hasn’t noticed.

Just as the federal government spent trillions building the US interstate system, we have also spent trillions establishing a quasi-national political religion of socialism, feminism, pacifism, environmentalism, social justice, organic/free trade, etc.  And just as corporations take advantage of the US interstate system to transport and sell their goods, they are also taking advantage of that political infrastructure the Millennials have been programmed with.  And so instead of selling you on the merits of a product like its price or its quality, Corporate America instead panders to the identity politics/religion you’ve been programmed to have because it gives you false value.

Thus, when you sell a woman’s razor, you don’t just sell a razor.  You explain how it’s going to cure women’s cancer and attach a pink ribbon to it…and charge an extra $3 over the men’s razor.

When you sell a cup of coffee, you don’t just give people their morning cup of Joe.  You write “let’s have a conversation about race” on it like Starbucks did to show you how “woke” and “down with the cause” the multi-billion dollar company is.

Target doesn’t give one flying shit about fat women. But they do care about the billions of dollars they have in their pockets.  Thus why you see nothing but plus-size models in their advertisements.

And Nike is “totally down with the struggle” as it has hired Colin Kapernick to be its new spokesmodel for their Air Force 1 shoes.  Showing minority young men they understand you.  They’re with you….just as long as you spend the $155.99 to buy their shoes.

This disgusting level of corporate virtue signaling should not only annoy everybody, but it should downright piss off minorities for its blatant pandering.  Taking issues, that are of no light matter, and issues you may care deeply about, and trivially capitalizing off of them for profit is an insult.  And when you take a look at what corporations are really trying to do via their sanctimonious virtue signaling, it’s nothing but simple marketing.  They don’t care about your cause.  They care about the money you will spend if they say they’re down with your cause.  Like your “Asian American Studies” professors, they will tell you whatever you want to hear, just as long as you give them your money.

Unfortunately, this marketing works.  Women fork over all their money to become “strong, independent, empowered, bankrupt, women” in college.  Snobby, elitist, upper income liberals pay $7 per cup of organic coffee so they can imagine they’re helping “the poor brown people” overseas and aren’t racist.  Rich white dudes buy Teslas thinking they’re saving the environment and it will consequently get them laid.  Obese people shop at Target thinking they’re promoting diabetes “body positivity.”  And young minority men must have thought they were really sticking it to the man, because the Kapernick Air Force 1’s sold out in just one day…netting Nike aka “The Man” at least a cool $1 billion in sales.  Imagine if all that money went to STEM degrees instead.

And then there is the psychological toll that obsessing about race takes.

Larry Gossett is an individual I like to highlight because so much can be learned from this man.  He is black, a current city council member of Seattle, and former member of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panthers.  And while he has a long and lengthy career in civil rights, he is most famous for claiming that spraying Seattle sidewalks free of human feces could be racist as it would remind elderly black people of when they were sprayed with firehoses in the 60’s and 70’s protests.

This man is 74 years old.  He has at most another 10 years left in him.  And his entire life has been nothing but obsessing and fretting about race.  So much so he has lost all connection with reality and now sees race and racism in everything.  And in having race infect and infest everything in his life, he has in fact ruined his life.

When he wakes up in the morning it is guaranteed he wonders if adding cream to his coffee doesn’t have some racial undertones of white men mixing races with black women.

When talking about the physics of “black holes” he probably actually thinks there’s an element of racism in the vernacular. 

The word “niggardly” perhaps angers him greatly even though it has nothing to do with race.

And one truly wonders while his kids were opening Christmas gifts or he was having a romantic dinner with his wife if he let his obsession with race take away from those precious experiences with drifting thoughts of racism.

This isn’t to say that you should tolerate genuine racism or true injustice.  Nor is it to say you shouldn’t work towards the ideal of a racism-free world.  But in putting your race first and foremost in life, you will ruin your life in the process.  All one has to do is look at your average Women’s Studies professor or your committed Baby Boomer feminist.  Do any of them look happy?  Do you not see the anger in all of their faces?  Do you not see how obsessing over their gender made their life not only miserable, but pointless?  When Mr. Gossett dies he will have suffered the same fate.  A life where he let “whitey” live rent free in his brain for 75 years.  No matter how much your teachers and professors pressure you, do not put the trait of race at the core of your being.  At least have the self-respect and wisdom to avoid the fate of Mr. Gossett.

We could go on with other examples, but the larger point is this - just like gender, there are corporate, political, and educational interests that want your money, your vote, and your tuition dollars.  And they will gladly lie to you based on your race to get those things, even if it destroys your life.  Big Education will gladly sell you $200,000 in debt for a master’s degree in a field that has no value.  Corporations will placate you and tell you whatever you want to hear about how oppressed you are and that they’re so pro-diversity it hurts…as long as you spend the $29.95 on their “Diversity Awareness Special Edition Blender.”  And the democrat party has absolutely no problems enslaving entire races of Americans through victimhood politics, keeping them dead last in society, as long as you give them your vote in exchange for them to tell you “it’s somebody else’s fault.”

Therefore, young people of any race need to ask the same two questions women needed to ask themselves.  One philosophical, the other practical.

Philosophically, does your race have any intrinsic value?  Does the color of your skin mean anything?  Additionally, does your race determine your destination?  Are you pigeonholed in life because of the color of your parents?  Or would you like to be judged by the caliber of your character and your abilities?  Would you like your actions, not your traits, to determine your success and destination in life?

And practically, where has pursuing race either as a value or a racket gotten people in the past?  Unless you’re a professional huckster like Jesse Jackson or a rich politician like Barack Obama, your rank and file minority individual cannot make a living at “race.”  You’re much better off becoming an engineer, a doctor, or an accountant.  And even if you were to have a modicum of success making a profession in “race,” it’s likely to consume you like Mr. Gossett, ruining your life in the process.

Life’s too short to piss it away on obsessing about your plumbing or your melanin levels.  It’s too short to utter the words “as a Native-American female I just feel that…” Do not let your race, your gender, or any other trait limit your life.  View yourself as an individual."

Monday, June 01, 2020

Good Morning Coronachan!!!! #25 The "Minneapolis" Episode

Will discuss VERY VERY briefly my take on what I predicted long ago - the petulant little socialist children taking over a marxist city.  Then move on to other things because life is too short to discuss obvious conclusions in life.