Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Night Linkage

HR, female, and baby boomer.  And look at how she covets her precious little "high level senior level network."  Never once did it occur to this "recruiter" to look at talent.  Not once.  It's all about power and status.

The difference between "qualified" and "entitled."

Looks like the white kids have cooler toys.  But sarcasm aside, it's blatantly racist and laughably inaccurate.  Maybe if you put a laptop or a calculator in their hands it might be more accurate.

OK, maybe some white kids do like guns. But they shoot predators and not other humans with it.

Aurini's latest podcast.

How the Government, Media, and Education Industries Suck the Life Blood Out of Women

and MORE!

In this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast.

"Obscene Profit Break"

Well, hopefully obscene, but i'll settle for just "keeping the lights on."

Academic Composition - Be smart just like your future employers and corporations!  OUTSOURCE your stupid liberal arts prereq classes homework to Alex!  He charges $20 a page for writing papers so you don't have to.  Besides you liberal arts professors really don't care.  They just want your money and are thankful for having a job with a worthless degree!

Asshole Consulting - Want to be lied to?  Well hire a real consulting company or read Cosmo.  Want the truth?  Hire an asshole, like me!  Asshole Consulting - because everybody needs an asshole.

Rattlerstrap - It's neither a rattler, nor a strap, but a paracord belt every outdoorsman and outdoorsgoddess needs when hiking.  Get yours at

Talon Knife - Small, discreet, and great for personal defense, especially when you're kidnapped or absconded with. 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Book Review - "The Book of Alpha" by David Lorenas

"The Book of Alpha" written by David Lorenas is not a book.  It is a guide.  It comes in at 74 pages, but about 60 are actual writing, the rest is foreward, TOC, and space between the many chapters. 

This is a common criticism I have of many writers on the internet.  They write an essay, a treatise, or a guide, but they call it a book.


That criticism aside, it is actually a pretty good guide.  Matter of fact a very solid one and one that every novice or young man should read if new to the Manosphere or just breaking away from the singlemomgovernmentfeministsschool indoctrination matrix.

Yes, you can find this information for free on the internet.

Yes, if you have already consumed copious amounts of manosphere material, you probably won't find much new here.

But it's going to take you a long time to find these key tenets or gems and David has the efficiently and succinctly documented in his guide.

This the what I like most about the guide - its brevity and efficiency.  While he doesn't delve into too much detail about the philosophy of "why" you should do these things, he explains them adequately enough for a beginner.

Are you a fat loser wondering why you can't get girls?

Read this book.

Do you hate your job and your career?

Read this book.

Is there anything about your life that you would like to improve?

Read this book.

Best of all, it will take you maybe two sittings to read the entire book and you'll come away with the basic solutions to most of your problems.

My only complaints (aside from it being a guide and not a book) are two:

One, some of his topics/chapters are a bit too touchy-feely girly for me.  Stand tall, Breathe Deeply, Meditate...ehhhh....sure, if you want, but those aren't the core issues facing men today. 

Two, by no fault of the author's, David has the benefit of employment and things more or less going his way.  I could be wrong, but David hasn't suffered any major life failures, crippling events, or devastating or debilitating crises.  This leads the book to be a bit optimistic in my opinion. This does not, however negate his advice - it's all correct. But a much better chapter than "Meditate" would be how to maintain and pursue all these bits of advice in the crushingest deepest depths of a hellish life.

In short, I would not recommend this book for anybody who is a man, is a veteran or advanced student of the manosphere, etc., but for rookies and noobs.  Nerdy sons whose fathers don't have the heart to tell them to man up.  Loser friends who have no guidance or purpsoe in life.  And douchebags that need a swift kick in the ass.  The Book of Alpha would be a god send in their lives.

You can find "The Book of Alpha" on Amazon in both paperback and kindle.

Thursday Night Linkage

Cornell professors running scared that their students are wising up and minoring in employable degrees.  They fear some of them may even switch majors and "not pursue their true passion in life."  Keep selling that snake oil you verminous scum. Keep selling it.

Even Google is realizing the worthlessness of college degrees.  though, like IQ tests, will the government make them illegal because they discriminate against blacks?

5:19.  Just fast forward to 5:19.  Tattoos, single mom of 4, horses, and mysticism.  You just can't make it up.

$660,000 for a superintendent, who still went bankrupt.  Remember teachers hate you.

Why Every Man Needs a Good Neighborhood Bar

My latest post at Return of Kings.

The Shady Characters You Meet

Anybody recognize this fella?  He's got that distrustful shady character look to him.

I'll give you a hint.

The Economics of the Sex and Attention Exchange

Pour over the millions of articles written in thousands of magazine for the past hundred years about the dynamics and relations between men and women, and none of them will come close to the truth.  And that truth is:

Men want sex,
women want attention
and we trade.

Of course in the olden days it was

"Men want sex,
women want resources and security,
and we trade"

but with the welfare state and government providing resources and security to women, respectively, women have replaced "security and resources" with "attention."

So imagine my laughing when I read this little article sent to me by one of our Dancing Agents in the Field.

To sum it up it was written by a woman who was SHOCKED, SHOCKED that men would dare to have the audacity to... (are you ready for this)



What evil men would do this!!!????

Sarcasm aside, what we are witnessing here is what we could call asymmetric information in the "Sex-Attention" market, ie - one of the parties are mis or uninformed about the true nature of the market exchange.  In this case it happens to be the women, but what is interesting is not so much that women are misinformed, but HOW they came to be misinformed.

First, ladies, you have to understand that for the most part, everything men do (especially when they are younger) is to try to get women.  Their primary goal, more often than not is NOT

to get to know you
to learn to salsa dance
or because they have the same interest in movies or art that you do

They want to have sex with you.

Whether you like this or not, is irrelevant.  And whether you deem this "moral or not," is moot.  It is factual.  It is a law.  If you don't like this you might as well get angry at things like "The Law of Gravity" or the fact that fire is hot.  Besides, you can see the empirical proof of this in two ways.

1.  When the hot girls leave ANY dance scene it quickly dries up and becomes a 40 something virgin Christian singles scene or a greencard market


2.  Ladies night.  Do you REALLY think ladies night is just because bar owners want to be nice to ladies?  It is because they are acutely aware of the law of the sex-attention exchange and know young men will spend tons of money on women buying them drinks...just like on non-ladies nights.

So when a guys asks you to dance, yes, he may genuinely like to salsa.  And yes, he may genuinely want to improve his dancing.  But in the end his primary goal is to either get with you OR use you to improve his skills so that he may get with another girl he is attracted to.

Second, knowing the true nature of "ballroom dancing dynamics," we must investigate why women are so misinformed about this and suffer from asymmetrical information.  And the answer is simple:

Propaganda or "social conditioning."

The biggest canard told to women today is that men's primary interest in them should be anything but sexual.  And if a man's primary interest was sexual, then he was a cad, a lout, and a scumbag (as explicitly detailed in the aforementioned link).  But once again, by the laws of nature, men's primary interest in women IS sexual and thus anything you've been told otherwise is a lie.  The problem, however, is if women believe these lies they are deluded into thinking they can get attention for free.  That men just selflessly, and pointlessly

spend hours, nay weeks, learning the various dances,
fork over thousands of dollars in cover charges and dance lessons,
waste months of their free time at clubs with (typically) lousy music,
suffer rejection roughly 1 in every 2 times they ask a girl to dance,

all for S's and G's and good ole fashioned, innocent, geewhillikers wholesome Jimmy Stewart, church-going fun.

So when an accomplished dancer parades his female partner at the epicenter of the hottest night club, twirling her like a tornado, dipping her like fondue, making all the other women jealous, and thus begetting her more attention in 4 minutes than she received in the past 4 years, women SERIOUSLY expect there to be no-counter cost or price to that.  That the guy just made her the center of attention altruistically and selflessly.

Only 20 years of media, government, feminist, and educational brainwashing could render women so asymmetrically naive.

The sad, but natural consequence of this delusion is that as hotter women are approached more and are "insulted" men dared to have a sexual interest in them, they leave.  As there are less hot chicks, the better dancing males leave.  The overall quality of looks and talent drops, and the dance scene bubble pops.

So how is a man supposed to approach the debate of whether he should learn to ballroom dance?  If the majority of women aren't there for romantic/sexual purposes, why expend the enormous amounts of energy learning to dance?

Well boys, let the Ole Captain tell you. 

You SHOULD go and learn to dance.  But you should not learn to dance as means to pick up girls.

Not to say you won't pick up girls at a swing dance club or a salsa joint.  Sometimes you will.  But the primary benefit and reason every man should learn to dance is so that he can reward a quality woman he's already dating with attention.  Since (by my estimation) 85% of women on any dance scene are not there for sexual/courting reasons and are really just there for exercise/fun/attention reasons, 85% of your efforts will be wasted (bar the apprenticeship period where you're sole goal is to learn).  But if you have a loved one in your life and girl that DESERVES to be the center of attention on a dance floor or a night club, that's when you break out your rare talent.  In short use women to learn how to dance so that you may award quality women in the future with that skill.

This post sponsored by Asshole Consulting.  You want to be lied to?  Hire a regular consultant.  Want the truth?  Hire an asshole.  Asshole Consulting - cheaper and better because assholes don't care about your feelings.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

For All Our Australian Agents in the Field

Howdy All,

I have a friend touring Australia with a band right now.  Naturally he is very busy, but as many of you know, traveling on your own, even with colleagues gets a bit boring.

Wondering if there's any of our Australian Agents in the Field that would be kind enough to show my friend around if his tour comes to your town.  Here's the schedule:

Shoot the ole Captain an e-mail if you'd be kind enough to have a beer with the guy and show him around.


Proof of the Mental Illness of Leftists

First, I wanted to point out how this veritable child puts her petty little crusaderist ego ahead of an entire nation (Israel). 

Two, notice how, when the resolution fails to pass, she is completely distraught and destroyed.  The reason why is simple - this is about the only thing she's really worked at.  And it isn't even work.  It follows the Destruction Principle which (for leftists) means people would rather choose immoral easy work over moral hard work.

Finally, seriously.  Step back, clear your mind, and look at this again.  This isn't sanity.  This is a seriously mentally disturbed individual who is in the embryonic stages of becoming a cat lady just like a super giant star about to go supernova.  Do you see conservative engineering college students doing this?  It leads me to believe that k-12 education is causing more damage than just the mere brainwashing and indoctrination that (basically) destroys young people's lives.

Anyway, just more proof that college, especially the liberal arts are not just a scam, but a place of genuine and sincere evil.

Hat tip

Wednesday Night Linkage

Aurini's disseection of "The Feminine Mystique" part 2.

Some humor from Mr. Aurini as well:


How many will stay?

The "pact."  Though I would say it's socialists playing two groups of people off each other.

I Wouldn't Want to Piss Off Gregory Peck

Well son, you're bystanding days are over!

Classic Cappy

Reposting this because I am lazy and have yet to be inspired to write something.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tuesday Night Linkage

I was officially awarded an honorary doctorate.  It's probably more legitimate than most other "honorary" doctorates:

Jimmy Hendrix didn't get his masters in guitar.  Michaelangelo did not go to an MFA program.  And Dali didn't borrow $50,000 to paint.  You are an IDIOT if you pay for get an advanced degree in art.

Whole Foods turns out to be....not so wholesome.  Of course, the hipster lefties never really cared about it's organicness or "greeness."  It's just for them to gloat over non-green/organic people. Just, you know, don't tell them it's about as valid as any other religious practice like communion or praying 5 times a day.

Roosh expands on a dangerous and ironic cliff men who are successful will look over - that once you succeed, you will be unhappy, until you find something else to achieve, which upon succeeding at, will render you unhappy once again, until you find something else...and so the spiral continues. I have yet to find a solution to it.

How to Spot Daddy Issues - 101


Can't Say I Didn't Try

Apparently my video on journalism being the dumbest degree is getting people's EMOTIONS all a-flutter.

However, when I beseech these kids to use their BRAINS, even extend the offer to give them Worthless for free so that they do not financially cripple themselves for the rest of their lives, this is what you get in return:

Again, this is why I will laugh (and do laugh) when I see liberal arts majors smack against the labor market wall of reality when they graduate and are forced to work in a job they could have done in the 7th grade, but are now hindered with a life-crushing load of student debt.

I will always give them one chance.  After that, they are fodder for schadenfreudenistically enjoying the decline.

Tough Fatherly Love and Worthless Degree-Majoring Children

I had received this video of a man telling the story about his friend who is being asked to pay for his daughter's "social work" degree at William and Mary College.  The story goes on to show that the man is completely owned by the wife, never stood up for himself, and more or less faces the choice of:

Pay the daughter's way through college


Get divorced.

He was eliciting advice, so I provided it for him here.

In short, it is too late for this pour soul (his friend, not him) to do anything about it.  He married the wrong woman (a social worker, ie - liberal), paid off her student debt (thereby setting a precedent), has failed to bring his daughter up to appreciate and udnerstand basic economics, and never told either his wife or daughter "no."  But while it is too late for this poor guy, it is not to late for you my find young friend.

Learn to control the finances of your wife and your family.  If you can't do that, then don't get married.

For Depressed Conservatives and Libertarians

Any doubt about the future of the United States and the direction the country was heading was quickly eliminated in the election of 2012.  Most of us were hoping the first four years of the Obama administration was a fluke in American history.  That his election was only possible because of a childlike naivety on the part of an ignorant electorate.  That the voting public, temporarily star-struck, opted to vote with their emotions and not their heads.  And that after four years of the worst economic performance of any president since FDR, people would wake up, grow up, realize the error of their ways, and vote like mature adults the next time around.

Unfortunately most of us were wrong.

With the election of 2012 the American people have made it very clear which path they wish to take the United States down – socialism.  Whether cognizant of this fact or completely ignorant about it, it doesn’t matter, people voted the way they did.  They could still be fawning over President Obama like a teenage girl or Chris Matthews.  They could be the typical voter who votes for socialism because it sounds “nice.”  They could be the galactically ignorant soccer mom who believes no amount of other people’s money is too good for her children.  Or they could be fully informed socialists knowing damn well what they’re doing confiscating other people’s money.  The reason why doesn’t matter, all that matters “is what is.”

Of course “is what is” is a devastating blow to lot of conservatives, libertarians, freedom-lovers and what I henceforth refer to as “Real Americans.”  Not just because politically or ideologically “our team lost,” but because our entire lives and all of our futures are now in question. 

Understand that you, me and everybody else who loved America, believed in America, and loves freedom grew up under some basic assumptions.   And not only did we grow up under these basic assumptions, we based our lives and our decisions around these premises.  We assumed the United States would continue to be the freest country in the world.  We assumed we would be able to keep the lion’s share of our income and wealth.  We assumed hard work, innovation, and efficiency would be rewarded.  We assumed if we worked hard at something our dreams could be realized.  In short it was all that made America not just great, but the most successful country in the history of the world and we poured our hearts and souls into these beliefs.

Unfortunately, with these basic premises no longer certain all of the work, effort and time we put into our lives, and therefore our futures, are also no longer certain.  Did you attend college to become a doctor?  Well too bad, you may have wage controls with Obamacare.  Did you work hard to become an engineer and create something?  Too bad, we may have to confiscate your income at a 60% level.  Did you have dreams of starting up a motorcycle shop?  Too bad we’re going to regulate and tax it out of existence.  Were you planning on marrying a nice girl?  Too bad, feminism has destroyed the quality of women.  Did you want to have children? Too bad the state will raise your children.  Did you want your children to have a better life than you?  Too bad, your generational peers voted to mortgage your children into financial slavery.  Say, nice sizeable 401k plan you have there!  Too bad, we’re going to nationalize it just like Argentina did.

The end result is EXTRAORDINARILY depressing.  Not only is it increasingly likely you’ve lived your life in vain, but you’ve lived a significant percentage of your life in slavery.  Worse still any dreams you had are becoming rapidly impossible.  And even worse than that is without your dreams there’s nothing you can uniquely achieve that would define you. 

In short your life has no meaning.

This epiphany, whether consciously realized or not, obviously takes a devastating toll on all Real Americans.  Anecdotal though it may be, everyone I personally know is more depressed today than they were a decade ago.  I know more than one rugged individualist contemplating suicide.  And there’s no shortage of old men I know who MEAN IT when they say,

“Thank god I’m not going to be around to see this country collapse!” 

The entire population of Real Americans is defeated emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  With no purpose or future they are simply asking “Why go on?  Why continue?  Why did I work so hard?  What is left to live for?”

But dire as the situation may be, there is some hope.  Genuine hope, not the hope that is found in presidential speeches and pablum.  Hope that is practical, real, and will yield results.  However, this hope comes from the only place real hope can come from – within – which means we have to focus on ourselves and what is within our control to realize this hope and capitalize on it.  This isn’t to say that the world will turn out all roses and dachshunds, nor is it going to be the “faux depressing type of hope” akin to when your mother would say,

“Well at least you aren’t a cancerous, Ebola-infected, starving, blind quadriplegic, leper living in war-torn Ethiopia with lice!”

But at minimum this book will show you there is a future, you can live a happy life, the left will get their comeuppance, and no matter how bad it gets, there is always a way to “Enjoy the Decline.”

On the Road Today

Visiting Kerry Lutz and Chris Muir.  Posts will drop as scheduled.  Also heading to Orlando for cigars with local lieutenants.  Matter of fact, I think cigars will be smoked at every stop and I should probably set down this Red Bull.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Americanthinker "Malware" False Positive

Been getting reports from Chrome users that Cappy Cap is blocked because we link to Americanthinker and it is a known malware site.  I believe this is a "false positive," but if anybody else is getting these warnings please let me know.



UPDATE - I deleted the American Thinker link from my blogroll.  Let me know if you still get it.

Monday Night Linkage

I'm going to say it again - school is NOT for the children. It's for people posing as teachers who don't want to work real jobs.

Could a blogger win a Pulitzer?  Interesting question.  But the question is wrong.  It should be "should a blogger even want to win a Pulitzer given what's happened to other awards like the Oscars and the Noble Peace Prize?"  If anything the bloggosphere should create it's own Pulitzer.

I miss Johnny Carson.

58, $200,000 in student debt for a "Masters in Social Work" and won't ever be able to retire.
Aw, that's too freaking bad.
I do recall baby boomers lecturing me when I was younger about doing my math homework.

Piss Morgan gets cancelled.  I do recall him "interviewing" somebody about gun control and calling him an idiot.  Will CNN replace him with an equally and obviously biased left-winger or will they be more discreet this time?

A podcast on using testosterone replacement therapy. 


Ed Driscoll of PJ Media Interviews the Captain

Ed was kind enough to interview me on PJ Media.  An excerpt:

“Material wealth really doesn’t matter.  I’m the biggest capitalist there ever was.  But truthfully, the only thing that really matters, the true source of happiness is other humans.  And the great thing about humans is they’re free.”

Ed also threw me a curve ball asking about the illustrious model we have on the right sidebar.

The audio file can be directly located here.

It's OK to Hate Your Teachers

Because they aren't there for the children.  They're there for an easy job.

The Wall, Sexual Market Value, Currency, Scotch, Milk, and How Women Overvalue Themselves

Using economics to explain the sex, dating and marriage.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Masters of Art in Porn

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Lazy Sunday Linkage

Multiculturalism destroys everything.

Venezuela, Ukraine, and Syria

If you're like me you really don't care anymore what's going on in the world.  Well you do, but you're not going to let it impede your enjoyment of the decline.  However, sometimes enjoying the decline requires a road trip or a flight and so you need to listen to something.  Thankfully, Silvio Canto has a podcast that addresses the three "hot spots" in the world right now:

Ukraine, Venezuela, and Syria.

So, if you are like me and you have kind of checked out of the world, but maybe want to see what all the hubbub is about, check out his podcast.

BTW, heading to Florida for business/pleasure.  Let the ole Captain know if you're around.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Erin Ching - Another Adult-Child Nazi

“What really bothered me is, the whole idea is that at a liberal arts college, we need to be hearing a diversity of opinion. I don’t think we should be tolerating conservative views because that dominant culture embeds these deep inequalities in our society. We should not be conceding to the dominant culture by saying that the so-called “progressive left” is marginalizing the conservative,” Erin Ching ‘16 said.

Friday, February 21, 2014

How to Be in the Top 1% of Women

1.  Stay in shape
2.  Drop the psychoses  you think are defensive mechanisms or "cute" ways to entertain yourself and be a mature adult.
3.  Support yourself
4.  Cook

You do those four SIMPLE things and you will be in the top 1% of women.

Friday Night Linkage

More vomit from leftist lawmakers in New York.

The "Racism Bubble."  ie - when whites got sick and tired of being called racist when they weren't and the word lost it's meaning and now nobody cares.

Jesse Jackson proving he is an idiot.  Though not as dumb as the congressman(woman?) who though Guam would sink if we put more Marines on it.

Steve echoes my previous sentiments about sports fans having psychological problems.

Lefty crusaderist woman goes to India and starts telling them what to do.  Then gets murdered.  I love happy endings. 

Socialism!  Coming to a United States near you!

FCC Bureaucrats Want to Sign Off on Newsroom Stories

It has been a long time that the MSM has become so corrupted, so biased, so purposeless, that it not longer deserves nor has the capacity for being the 4th branch of government.  It has largely become nothing more than a propaganda arm of the democrat party and has turned "journalism" from a somewhat respectable profession to a hobby egotistical, math-imparied children major in because they want to avoid real work.  But whereas you, I, and anybody with an ounce of intellectual honesty can see this, the general masses, not to mention the modern day journalists who populate the industry, don't.  The people still trust the big three networks, swallowing anything the MSM puts in front of them, and the people in the MSM are too arrogant and stupid to see themselves for the leftist shills they truly are.

Of course there are pockets of resistance in the dinosaur/MSM industry.  Joe Soucheray is one of those pockets and in a non-brown-nosing way is about one of the few true and genuine journalists left.  However, (in true journalist form) he uncovered a story that should not only strike fear into the hearts of every American, but only goes to show you why the MSM really has completed the transformation from 4th branch of government to propaganda arm.

The FCC is trial ballooning the idea of having a government bureaucrat in each newsroom to ensure "underserved" markets are getting "critical news." (this links to a podcast and yes, you should download it and listen to the whole thing).

Now I'm not going to beat the same old drum that you, I, and anybody who's been paying attention already knows.  MSM is biased.  Journalism is dead, yada yada yada.  But I will say this:

The above makes it official.  The internet and podcasting are now officially the 4th branch of government.

The fact that NO major news media outlet ran the above story on their front pages only confirms just how in bed with government and socialism the MSM is.  It takes a dying breed of journalist like Soucheray to highlight it and bring it to the forefront with what mediocre platform he has.  So if the MSM is going to be so blatantly compliant and unnerved by what is nothing more than a brazen and frightening assault on the first amendment, it's going to be up to us "nerdy bloggers" and "citizen journalists" to do their job for them.

Thankfully this is easy.  And not only is it easy, it's easy to do a better job than they do.  Instead of answering to a narrative, we simply dig for the truth.  And any rookie blogger in his pajamas, drinking coffee in his basement who follows that simple rule will be a better journalist than most of the kids graduating with "Masters in Journalism" from today's laughable schools.  But the real reason the internet, blogging, podcasting, youtubing, etc., will surpass the MSM not only in terms of being the 4th branch, but in terms of popularity and widespread acceptance is that the MSM is old.  From the corpse that is Diane Sawyer to the burnt out 60's hippies in the boardrooms of the media giants, their stories and narratives are getting old, repetitive, and stale.

Whereas they think a story about a gay football player is news, people under 45 don't care and don't like the insinuation of being a homophobe.

Whereas they think racism is still a problem, people under 45 don't care and don't like the insinuation of being a racist.

Whereas they think the "wage gap" is real, people under 45 know better and don't like the insinuation of being a sexist.

In short, the narrative of "lecture, berate, and belittle" has run its propagandist course, and instead of lies, politics, and social engineering, younger generations simply want the truth.  And exposing the government's desire to take over the MSM, AND the MSM's dropping its panties and spreading of its legs in the form of silent acceptance is just a good of a starting point as any.

Two for the Record Books

Happy day Cappy Cappites!

We have two new records set in just one day!

1.  LITERALLY the dumbest comment I've ever received in all of my blogging/internetmediaempiring.


2.  The most delusional hamster ever.

Yep, Idiocracy is coming full force people.  Full force.


Again, I ask, is there ONE leftist program that has ever solved the problem it set out to solve?

Once again, no.

But at least some spoiled suburbanite kids got to have their egos stroked that they were "doing something."

And that's more important than ACTUALLY ending poverty in Africa or ending disease in the Caribbean. 

Three cheers for spoiled American girls who want to avoid math and help out society so they use non-profitism and its ease as a way to shield their egos from the fact they produce nothing.







A Prediction of Girls Who Hate Cat Calls

That while many a young 20 something women complain about it, by the time they're 45 they'll wish men would make cat calls at them.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reality Alway Wins

And that's why the private sector will always outperform the public sector.

Thursday Night Linkage

When the child competes for your spouse's attention and love.

If there is a reason I vehemently hate the left in this country it's because they don't even care about the country enough to defend it and maintain it's sovereignty.  File also under "Another reason to not subscribe to The Economist."

As a non-ideological viewpoint, Conservatism needs a different form of study to be understood. Liberalism and ideology reward the memorization of talking points and arguments; conservatism requires an understanding more like biology or mechanics. Liberalism teaches thoughts, conservatism teaches how something works

One chart that disproves global warming.

Annnnnnd the president backpedals on the one time he told the truth.

Joe Cotto's part 3 on government's assault on free speech through political correctness.

He says "7 uncommon reasons" to quit your job.  I call them "REALLY GOOD REASONS."

Divorce!  It's good for the economy and it's good for you!

MSM is shocked to see a 23 year old acting like an adult.  Three generations ago, MOST 23 YEAR OLD MEN WERE ADULTS!!!!

Dr. Helen Makes It Into Cartoon World!

Damnit Senator!  I'm Pro-Dr. Helen, I've always been Pro-Dr. Helen, and will continue to be until the day I die!


In Defense of the Smith and Wesson Retirement Plan

Here's my defense.

"I'm an Idea Guy"

I couldn't remember if it was a video or a podcast I had done a couple weeks back, but I was mentioning the "idea guy" and precisely just what despicable pieces of vermin these type of people tend to be.  Consequently I received quite a bit of e-mails, comments, and responses from listeners anecdoting about "idea guys" they've ran into in the past and thus I think it's time to expound upon and highlight these individuals. 

First understand "idea guys" are really nothing more than lazy bums who want all the glory and benefits of hard work, but don't want to do the hard work themselves.  They just want to sit and pontificate and come up with pretty ideas, but when it comes to turning those ideas into reality, they need other people.  Typically this manifests itself in the form of a jock with a business degree or an MBA who when it comes time to volunteer to take on a task at a meeting they'll excuse themselves saying, "well I'm more of an idea guy."  Bankers also fit this description as they'll "work hard" to provide you the money for your business, but you need to pay them a 7% cut while you do all the real work.  Regardless of what form they take, they NEVER get their hands dirty with IT, engineering, trades, accounting, or anything else that is require to turn an idea into a profitable business.

Second, they're egotistical, sometimes even ego-maniacal.  They value themselves more than anybody else and think a different set of rules apply to them.  Therefore, work and toil is beneath them.  They just want to be in charge and benefit from the status of "leader."  I point out Barack Obama not because of my 100% disagreeing with his politics, but because he is the epitome of this.  The man has no real world experience (just look it up, only 1 year in the private sector).  BUT despite his non-existent career and literally achieving nothing in life, he fancied himself so important he wrote TWO memoir books and deemed himself worthy of the presidency of the United States (consequently you can see just how effective "idea guys" are when it comes to actual performance and production).

Third, they're arrogant.  They really believe they're that smart.  That nobody else has their "leadership abilities" or insights.  They think the kid programming code or the woman doing accounting can't come up with the ideas themselves, no matter how simple and obvious those ideas are.  Deep down inside I don't think they actually believe this, but their ego and fear of real work conspire to make them think they are smarter than the average bear.  Regardless, these are the type of people who will rely on credentials and not true genius as vindication of their being an "idea guy."  MBA's, "leadership seminars," and all the cacophony of BS business school tripe where they try to make "leadership" a teachable science, when in reality it is only hard work and experience that makes a leader. 

Finally, they're thieves.  Because they're so afraid of work, they will do anything to avoid it.  Thus many of these "idea guys" develop incredible political and charming skills that (sadly) lands many of them into positions of power.  This isn't their fault as much as it is the current employment system we have today, but it doesn't change the fact they take the credit for other people's hard work.  Not to say that Steve Jobs was one such guy, but in this Bill Burr clip you get the idea. 

In short, you don't want to have anything to do with "idea guys."  Be it work, be it school, be it social.  In work they'll view you like a CIA agent does an "asset" and at minimum try to offload their work on you, or (worse) blame their mistakes on you.  In school they are GUARANTEED to be the person who doesn't do their part in group projects.  And in social life, they are the ones to constantly be late, never bring booze to the party, and will constantly parasite favors off of you, never to be returned in kind.  Thankfully idea guys can easily be avoided because whenever there's real work to be done, and it's time for people to start stepping forward and taking on tasks, they will yell with the decibel-level of Loud Howard, "WELL I'M KIND OF A BIG PICTURE GUY.  AN IDEA GUY MYSELF!"

That's when you punch him right in the face and tell him to start programming code.

Captain Capitalism Takes Down the "MyRA"

More proof our president is not only an idiot, but has no moral qualms about taking advantage of the poor.

Sandra Y.L. Korn - Another Mindless Adult-Child Nazi

I've decided to start recording individuals, especially the youngin's of college age who, despite being in college and presumably really smart, advocate eliminating the freedom of speech.  Not because they are against the freedom of speech, but because they're so stupid and so ignorant and (above all else) so brainwashed they are incapable of understanding what the first amendment means.

Sandra Y.L. Korn is such a person.

Naturally she is a worthless studies major, majoring in women's studies.  Also she has never had a real job working at student newspapers he entire career.  Finally, she is not pretty.  She's not a dog either, but certainly a 4-5.  This is germane to the topic because of my theories about why ugly people tend to be liberal.  In short because being attractive takes effort (working out, eating right) AND takes selflessness (you care about how you look primarily for other people's benefit.

So three cheers for another waste of human life brought up by parents and an education system that failed to instill in her the basics about human rights, free speech and other vital concepts this country and our livelihood is based on.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday Night Linkage

Kelley's Heroes was one of the greatest movies because there were no women in it bar some nuns.  Which is what you would have seen in WWII.

The "manosphere" looks like it might get a wiki page.

I do believe the military has gone to pot.  Maybe they need to up their recruiting age to 30 before letting all the retards in.

Marx also refused to bathe.  But I don't know if he hated himself because he was white.  Then again, maybe this is the "new and improved" communist.

"I've been hurt by a lot of assholes in the past, and I really care about you, so I want to do this right"

This is the biggest global threat.  More so than terrorism.  When governments act like cartels to "harmonize" (read "jack up") taxes, then you eliminate the only thing really keeping them in check - competition for labor, capital and intelligence with low taxes.

Peter Gibbons is the New John Galt

Enjoy the Decline!

Why You'll Never Have a Good Job

My latest piece at ROK.

An excerpt:

You are going in there, day in, day out, to f*ck that company out of as much money for as little work as possible before you throw it away like the slut you picked up at the bar last Friday. You will pump and dump your employer.

Any Mandarin Speakers Out There?

Howdy all,

I want to put together a project, but would need an interpreter.

Anybody out there fluent in Mandarin?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Treating "The Feminine Mystique" As An Equal Male

aka "holding it up to logic, reason, reality and sanity."

ie- treating it like a male.

I don't like to read.  And the heck if I was going to read "The Feminine Mystique."  but Davis Aurini and Sunshine Mary are going to read it and give it the once over from a non-feminist mind.

Davis' assessment of the first chapter here.

Sunshine Mary's assessment here.

A piece of me wants to say say your stereotypes ere wrong, that there is indeed something in "The Feminine Mystique," but already it looks like the typical whinny blathering of a spoiled American who didn't appreciate what she had.  Someone who BLATANTLY values a career more than her children or family.  Somebody who (if I weren't so lazy, I'd look up the author and her background) would probably score a 3 or higher on The Clarey Test.

Naturally detractors will claim we're all sexists and can only view things from a male/patriarchical mind/blahfreaking blah blah blah.  But the great thing about The Manosphere is that we're done with the "trying to be understanding, open-minded, and cognizant of our unconscious biases."  These people are unrepentantly devouring the book and making blunt, truthful, and direct assessments of "The Feminine Mystique" and don't give a damn about trying to be "fair."  Their assessment is going to be what it is without remorse or the consideration of people's feelings.

And that should scare the hell out of feminists that for once some adults are dissecting it.

Regardless, it's just more proof why Bill Burr's "Most Difficult Job on the Planet" is pure brilliance.

The Latest Episode of The Clarey Podcast

In this latest episode I discuss how I will be going "curse free" for a week as a request from several people to see if it boosts readership.  I also delve into why people curse, why it's good to have hate and anger, and opine how cushy life must be for people who don't curse.  I ask what the deal is with the robots during the intermission of NFL games.  Is that manly?  Is that cool?  Also, a review of The Lego Movie which leads to a plea for adults to not forget what it was like to be a child.

Also, don't forget last week's episode which apparently nobody knew about!

I Love a Captive Audience

Hospitals and laid up patients make for a great "forced market" for my book.

For Your Audio Pleasure

Was shopping.  Head this song on over their music system.  Tracked it down and found it.  One of the best songs I've heard in a long time:

Which leads me to a question:

Has anybody else noticed music really hasn't changed since grunge took over in the 90's?

Just a Mustard Seed of Doubt

If you are a true and genuine Christian (or any SINCERE and LEGITIMATE religious person) the following post does not pertain to you.

If you are a family member that wants to maintain some facade of "Goodie Goodie Jesus Rah Rah Yea" then you may not want to read ahead.

For the rest of you intrepid intellectually honest intellectuals, let me tell you a story.

If you want to know where my wit and cleverness comes from, it comes from one person and one person only:

My Uncle Jeff.

Jeff was like me.  Small, skinny.  But while growing up I noticed he was INCREDIBLY quick, clever, and even charming.  It wasn't until I became a student of Victor Borge did I realize what qualities and traits both had in common.  And so from the age of 13 or so, I fashioned myself after Uncle Jeff.

This decision sent me on the trajectory that landed me here today and is (what I would boldly guess) is why many of you tune into my blog/podcast/whatever.  I'm not the same ole same ole.  I come up with the occasional witticism.  And above all else, I'm a little bit smarter than the average bear.

Thank my Uncle Jeff for that.

Sadly, Uncle Jeff contracted cancer at a young age.  Fight it as he may, in the end he lost and died in his mid 50's.  Knowing this was coming and feeling bad I had not spent as much time with my psychological mentor as much as I would like, I drove from Minneapolis to Appleton to visit him at the hospital.

When I visited him he was still, without skipping a beat, good ole Uncle Jeff.

Witty, clever, and smart.

And though we never really had a ton of time together, there was an understanding that he was my uncle, I looked up to him, and maybe he could have picked up a clue or two that I fashioned myself after him.  He was happy I was there, and I was feeling guilty for not spending as much time with him as I would have liked.

But, as would be the case with all men facing cancer, death, and mortality, our conversation took a turn towards him reflecting on himself, his life, and his beliefs.  But unlike most of the automotonic-Christians that had visited him before, I wasn't a Christian.  I was the black sheep of the family.  He knew I didn't care about the afterlife.  He knew I was the outlier in the family.  And so, because I had this reputation, our conversation became rather and ironically...


It was there that my Uncle Jeff admitted that deep down inside, despite 50 years of TRULY RELIGIOUS ADHERENCE to the faith and Christ, he really didn't know if he believed any of it.  This coming from a man who was the epitome of devout.  He attended every Sunday.  No doubt tithed.  Donated time and volunteered at the church.  You could NOT be a "better Christian" than Uncle Jeff.

But there he laid in the hospital bed, hooked up to an IV, and after half a century of life plus, admitted to me that deep down inside he didn't believe it.

I had nothing to say.  NOthing religious anyway because I got rid of religion as quickly as a sailor can get rid of the clap.  But being out of the "system" for 20 years didn't leave me without explanation or thought on the matter.  And so I told my greatly-respected Uncle Jeff what I thought.

"You don't know, I don't know, and nobody else knows what's on the other side.  But I'll tell you this.  It can't be anything great, grandiose, let alone horrible, and CERTAINLY NOT LONELY because 50 billion people have gone before you.  And you, nor I, nor anybody else is special."

I don't know if it did anything to assuage him, but based on the smirk I got, I like to think it did.  That where some guy nailed to a cross, and 50 years of unsubstantiated lies, and an entire religion without empirical proof FAILED to provide one of its most devout followers solace, an asshole heathen with a bit of streets smarts, cynicism, and elementary logic succeeded.

Within a month we were at Uncle Jeff's funeral.  There in attendance was the preponderance of good Wisconsin Synod groupies including everything from my former-pastor father, to nazi concentration camp Lutheran teachers, to a hypocritical brother who conveniently finds "god" every time he lands in jail, to all the "good Christians" in SWPL goodie-2-shoes Appleton.  And my stomach churned as I saw the pastor officiating the event show picture after picture of Uncle Jeff, hidden in the background of various church photographs "proving" Uncle Jeff was indeed a good Christian.

There is no doubt my great and awesome Uncle Jeff was a good Christian.

There is no doubt that my Uncle Jeff was one of the best people to walk this planet.

But if there is a lesson to take from Uncle Jeff it's that deep down inside that the VAST MAJORITY of you Christians (as well as all other religious folk) KNOW for a FACT it is all


I am at a point in my "philosophizing" where I no longer care about arguments, facts, truth, statistics, etc., as much as I am the MIND-BLOWING ability of the average human mind to IGNORE AND REFUTE said things.  That I am flabbergasted as to how much time, effort, resources and money childish human minds will KNOWINGLY go to defend an FACTUALLY WRONG AND ERRONEOUS system.

Fuck "allegiances."
Fuck "social networks."
Fuck "fear of ostracism from society."

How can ANYBODY believe in such poppycock as religion?

The simple answer is, "they can't" and "they don't."

It's all a fucking show for superficial reasons.

Networking, familiality, tribalism, survival, you name it.  In the end it is just an elaborate version of "the emperor has no clothes."

And thus, I wanted to plant that mustard seed of doubt.  Because I know, I KNOW FOR A FACT


have that doubt in your heart.

And based on the quality and caliber of most "christians" I see today, you fail, EPICALLY against my Uncle Jeff in terms of sincerity, penitence, honor, and self-reflection.

Thus relegating your "religion" into nothing more than a god damned social club.

Enjoy "hell"...that is of course assuming you ever really, truly believed it in the first place.

Post post - apparently this is needed.  I'm agnostic.  Not atheist.  

Monday, February 17, 2014

It's "Da Jooz!"

What's great about blaming "the Jews" for everything, is that it guarantees the blamers will forever fail in life because they never identify, let alone address the real problem - themselves.

Monday Night Linkage

Those stupid Russians who actually LIVED under communism.  Don't they know they did it wrong and our super-awesome intelligent professors are superior to them?

Speaking of the stupidity of communism and an overly large state.  Banning laced panties.
You leftists really do hate fun, joy, love, and good looking people, don't you?

They can't tolerate men...but they all want to be married....thus...they want the benefits, but none of the work because....they would have to think of somebody other than themselves...thus the mannequins

Dear Public Sector Workers, You're All a Bunch of Wimps

I'm going to be brief.

Most public sector employees have no idea what a real job is, what it means to truly suffer, and have not the faintest clue what "strife" is.

I've never seen government budgets cut in REAL TERMS (none of this "decrease in the increase" bullshit they pass on as if you cut off their right arm), and I've never seen massive layoffs as has occurred in the private sector.  I've also never seen anything approach real work and real rigor.  The adult-children working as government baby-sitters, euphemistically called "teachers," make it seem like they have the "most difficult job on the planet," when in reality they are weak, they are wimps, and they are pansies.

I know myself and the three other private sectors workers in the country have had an infinitely more difficult time than our public sector whiners counterparts.  And I say that not out of woeismeism, but because it's true.  The average private sector employee not only has to work harder, work longer, and work according to (sort of) principles of production, but is more prone to layoffs, firings, whimsical psycho-bosses, and is at the mercy of the economy.  We get to fret about not making ends meet.  We have to ACTUALLY PAY FOR OUR OWN REITREMENTS AND INSURANCE PLANS.  And there's the never-ending CPE/progressive credentialism bullshit.

The public sector? HA!

I YEARN for the day to see in the newspaper "Minneapolis Public Schools lay off 25% of their employees."

I would LOVE to see on the Drudge Report, "Department of Health forced to restructure to cut costs by 30%."

Just ONCE I'd like to see the public sector pansies walk a mile in their private-sector brother's shoes.

Instead you see this insipid cry-babying from genuine children who just happened to have hit puberty 30 years ago.

Thankfully, this system cannot go on forever.  And it won't.  The day will come that the public sector will have to cut back or not receive anything at all.  Politicians will of course use it as a voting block/Keynesian-failed-stimulus tool until that time, but you can't have a country where the entirety of GDP is comprised of:

Social workers
AFSCME janitors
Case managers
DOT workers

You need the private sector because ALL wealth comes from it.

The rest of you are factually economically parasitical.  Could you please stop being cry-babies on top of it?

David Joins the Bachelor Pad

Latest review of Bachelor Pad Economics.

Not joking guys, this is "THE" book to buy.  And ladies, you'd stand to gain more from reading this book than most of your college classes.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

You Can't Say I Didn't Try

Let it be known I tried to save a young girl from going to law school.

Let it be known that like an older brother or tough fatherly figure, I tried to prevent what was likely a leftist liberal arts major from making a life crippling decision.

Let it be known that I am not an "asshole" for speaking the truth, but rather quite the opposite.

Though, let it be known when I tried to tell somebody the truth, I am consequently called an "asshole."

Not only do I want this to be up here for posterity's sake, but I now open the floor to predictions.  You may commence.

The Latest Trend in Daddy Issue Induced Body Mutilation

Tongue splitting.

Here's some of the results! (warning graphic)

Just a couple observations if you'll permit me.

1.  Boys, hurry up and score one of these fine young ladies before they're all gone!
2.  How many OWS vs. Tea Partiers do you think have this?
3.  Please do not tell me that western civilization can be turned around, let alone deserves to be
4.  How many STEM majors do you think have this done versus liberal arts?

Enjoy the decline people.  Enjoy that freaking decline.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Our Affirmative Action Military - Cherish Byers

Cherish Byers, class A affirmative action cunt.

Saturday Linkage

Cotto interviews Roosh about political correctness.

Pretty Lies or Harsh Truth: Choose

You have a choice when it comes to consultants.

Suits bilking you at $500 per hour to tell you pretty lies about how YOU aren't the problem, but rather umm...."synergies" or um... you need to "leverage your core competencies"...and umm...."you are beautiful just the way you are and if any man can't see that well then to hell with him!"


An asshole who will tell you the truth and say

"You're an incompetent boss and can't manage for shit."
"You fucking idiot, you don't even have a corporate strategy!  How the fuck are your employees supposed to know what to do during downtime."
"You're fat.  Lose the freaking weight."

and only charge you $40.

The choice is clear - Asshole Consulting.

Everybody has problems.  But only assholes will tell you to your face that you're the problem.  May sting, may suck, but in the end it's:

INFINITELY cheaper and
INFINITELY more effective

because it's based in reality.

Just look at how successful all those 50 something women are who did what Oprah told them!  Aren't they the happiest, never-divorced lot you've ever seen?  Oh, wait, that's right, they believed in lies because it didn't hurt their precious feeeeeeeeelingggsssss.

Fuck your feelings.  You need reality.  You need the truth.  And you need it cheap.

You need Asshole Consulting.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Have You Hugged Your Aggregators Today?

Viva La Manosphere?  Huh, did you send him some love?

Delusion Damage?  Did you visit him this week?  Huh?  Didja?

The Red Pill Reddit Forum?  Those guys are new.  Been getting some traffic from them recently.

Morning News Telegraph?  Bet you didn't visit him!

Well, get to it now.  Your aggregators need love too!

Friday Night Linkage

Damnit, I wish bloggers would come up with something intelligent to write about.

I love it when people who have nothing going on in their lives cheer for the "local team" when the "local team" has NOBODY from the state playing on it.  Reminds me of the Nika Riots with the red and the blues...or was it the blues and the greens?  What does it matter.  Mindless idiots who get pissed off when "their" team loses deserve to suffer the sadness.


Astrology is not a science.  But don't tell Jezebel readers that.

Happy Valentines Day for all the girls with moxie and grrrrrl power!

The Smith and Wesson Retirement Plan keeps looking better and better.

A perfect example of how leftists debate shift, squirm, lie, and retreat.

Affirmative action in STEM is so bad.
It's so bad that to teach programming you don't even need to know how to code if you're a girl.
Filed under "The Maths are hard!  Teee hee!"  Hat tip.

There's Always ALWAYS a Catch with Women

Just helping out the boys.

New Podcast Added to Umm..."Podcastroll?"

Ed Driscoll is now officially in the house

Keep him away from the whiskey.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blogroll Addition

HBD Chick is now officially a lieutenant.

Apparently Some People Find Reading Enjoyable

I am flattered when readers/viewers/listeners ask me if I've written anything else.  And the truth is yes, I have. 

While most people focus on "the big three" (Worthless, Enjoy the Decline, and Bachelor Pad Economics) the majority of my readership is unaware of my first book "Behind the Housing Crash" as I've gained about 70% of my current day readership AFTER the book was released.

Not that you don't know what the outcome of the housing bubble has been (yes, it did crash, and yes, the economy did tank btw), but if you are looking for kind of a "Sam Spade" "film noir" themed book that focuses on financial analytical work instead of detective work, Behind the Housing Crash is it.

It basically is an expose that chronicles my trials and tribulations being a "credit analyst" in the banking industry during the buildup to the bubble.  The reason I mention I was a credit analyst is because that is where the rubber hit the road.  As an analyst it was my job to assess and judge the quality and credit of the potential borrower.  For the most part, the VAST majority of loans that came across my desk were absolute junk.  HOWEVER, management, bankers, mortgage brokers, and the entire housing and banking industries were completely dependent either through commission or sales on getting the loans approved.  Naturally this resulted in conflict where you had nothing short of the most corrupt and idiotic bosses ramming heads with the sane and virtuous underdog, and consequently a good story.

However, at the time I was an analyst, and even while writing the book, I did not have the hindsight or bird's eye view I do today of the banking industry.  I was still partially under the belief I was a "bad employee" and that my supervisors were "wiser, older" people.  But when I found out the FBI was investigating one of the clients of my most hated banker (you'll have to read the book for details), the wool was pulled from my eyes and I transformed into the modern day, hate-filled, "fuck authority" incarnation of Cappy you all love and cherish today.  Regardless, because I was at the bottom, it really does provide a "Peter Gunn" detective theme to the book.

Naturally we all know what happened to the housing bubble.  Naturally we all know that I was proven right and that most bankers are scum deserving of the most painful death imaginable.  But if you want a "behind the scenes" slash "war stories from the front lines" slash "who dunnit" slash "Tracer Bullit" kind of book, Behind the Housing Crash is the book to read.

If You Argue With Turkeys, You Can't Debate Eagles

In Aurini's latest podcast he delves into detail explaining the "debate" structure of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.  Grammar basically meaning you all have to agree on the definitions and meanings of words.  Logic meaning you have to be intellectually honest and adhere to associative rules and other logical concepts that ensure integrity.  And rhetoric meaning you apply it in the real world or test one another's arguments with anecdotes from reality.  If both parties in a debate or even a discussion have these three things, then the conversation/debate is much more productive and progresses towards an inevitable "conclusion," "reality" or agreement.

What's funny though is for the longest time I never viewed debate as a cooperative effort, but rather an adversarial one.  One of competition.  One where you had an enemy that needed to be defeated.  Of course, this was the sad consequence of growing up with the mentally deficient people that populated my generation.  Parties I attended in my 20's I was regularly attacked and berated for being a conservative.  Debates in college (or even post college) were filled with emotion and vitriol.  And in nearly 100% of the cases my opponents degraded into name calling, ad hominem  attacks, accusations of "ism," or being a nazi, etc.  But Aurini's podcast and points made me realize and appreciate something that I don't think too many "Alt-Right, Econo, or Manosphereians" are aware of and something that didn't hit the ole frontal lobes until just now.  And that is:

Just how liberating and freeing-of-the-mind the Manosphere/Alt Right/Econosphere is in terms of debate and discussion.

Whether you realize it or not, chances are you haven't really had any REAL debates in your teens, 20's, even 30's or 40's.  What you HAVE HAD is a person with superior:

intellectual honesty
logic and

trying to explain to idiots, ideologues, and zealots (who not only lacked the aforementioned, but had no desire to pursue truth) why they're wrong.

The results are something we're all familiar with.  Frustration.  People yelling at you. People getting emotional.  Death threats.  Anger.  Etc.  And the reason why is that you are arguing at a level much higher and much loftier than they are.

The reason is simple.  You are interested in the truth.  And you are just as likely to admit you are wrong or ignorant in certain matters than you are to claim you are right because you have no emotional or psychological attachment to your arguments or ideology.  Matter of fact you don't have an ideology.  Ideologies and religions are beneath you.  You just, in a very scientific manner, want KNOWLEDGE, FACTS, and TRUTH.  The same cannot be said for the majority of people.

The majority of people are weak-minded.  They are also lazy.  However, they are also egotistical (especially Americans) and so their mind reaches for something that will not only allow them to claim some kind of intellectual "superiority" or "achievement," but also allow them to do so with no work.

Going green
Claiming they're a caring liberal
Joining a religion
Going vegan
Becoming a professor

This not only results in them living in a delusional, non-real world, but also makes them emotionally and egotistically invested in keeping up their ideological facade.  Thus, when you make impassionate, logical, stoic arguments of fact, math, and statistics you (consciously or not) pierce their ego, expose their charade, and therefore trigger a visceral, emotional, and often hate-laden response from them.

Sadly, this relegates you to throw a pitched battle every time about your ethics, morality, etc. etc., as you are forced to respond to their emotional outrage.  The original debate is quickly forgotten as you find yourself defending your morality, your ethics, why you don't love Hitler and why you don't eat babies for breakfast.  But what you DON'T realize (and what I just realized now) is how in having to throw these constant, unrelated pitched battles, your debate, discussion or conversation stagnates.  Your ability to advance understandings of politics, economics, philosophy, etc. is arrested.  And the reason why is that while YOU may be interested in using debate to advance your understanding of different things in life, your opponents RARELY have the same aim.  Your opponents are constantly in an emergency scramble to defend their hypocrisy, and thus your "debating skills" are stunted.

Enter the internet, namely the alt-right spheres and especially The Manosphere.

Not that there is 100% complete agreement here, but unlike the general population, most participants here care about the truth.  And while certain factions may have their disagreements, in the end we all agree we "want to get to the bottom of things."  This not only results in a more cordial and polite debating environment, but (most importantly) one that is VASTLY MORE PRODUCTIVE AND EFFICIENT.

Reading the alt-right and Manosphere alone in the past three years has advanced my understanding of philosophy, human psychology, and debating skills more than the previous 20 years of my life.  Instead of constantly defending my honor, never getting to the point where I can prove "government spending is 40% GDP," and that I am indeed not a Nazi, those calories of energy are instead spent, nay, invested in either further testing out my own ideas or considering and contemplating others'.  Pioneering new lights of thought, and pushing philosophical boundaries.  Additionally, in not having to argue with solipsistic adult-children who are only concerned about their egos, nearly 100% of efforts (on both sides of the argument) are put towards advancing and achieving knowledge.  In other words the Manosphere's engine of debate is infinitely more efficient than Jezebel's or the Troll section of Reddit.

Naturally, detractors will claim this is merely advocating an echo chamber.  That I only want to hear what I want to hear.  But to that I say, "bullshit."  One, I and the likes of me had to endure the completely emotional and dishonest whining that passes for "debate" in post-WWII generations (and therefore are intricately aware of exactly what kind of "debating" is going on) for the past 40 years.  We have been in anything but an echo chamber.  Two, the knowledge, wisdom and education I've gained from reading, debating, and listening to the likes of Stefan Molyneux, Dennis Prager, Roissy, Tom Leykis, etc., again, dwarfs what I learned the previous 20 years past.  Three, nearly everything that has been said, discussed, discovered, or theorized about in the Manosphere/Alt-right has proven true, especially in the rhetorical or "field testing" stage.  And, four, that's rich!  Leftists, who mire themselves in academia, media, and government claiming we're in an echo chamber?

The sad truth is that the majority of people under 60 lack the intellectual honesty in this country to pursue truth because it not only would force them to realize hard-work is a necessity for success, but they themselves are living a lie and are, quite frankly, a bunch of losers.  And given the amount of money (both earned and borrowed) that has gone into satiating all of our material desires, not to mention the billions of hours of self-aggrandizing bullshit the media how blown up every Americans' dirt chutes, there's no "reasoning with them" or genuinely "arguing with them."  They are on full-automatic zombie-liberal and are impervious to logic, facts, statistics, truth, or reality.  And it is because of that I suggest if you are one of the rare eagles out there who seek truth and reality, that you stop trying to debate turkeys and come join us eagles here in the Alt-Right and Manosphere.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wascally Wabbit Wednesday Linkage

"Horoscopes" - That's all you have to say.  "Horoscopes"

Davis Aurini with his latest podcast.  As always it's mind-numbingly boring.  He discusses why it's futile to argue with leftists, the stupidity of Valentines Day and talks a little science fiction.

How come cowards like this don't show up at my house?  Oh, that's right, they're wearing masks.  They're cowards, and they know they'd be greeted by a hail of gunfire if they set foot on my property.

Stingray brings back a classic.


Land of the free.  Home of the slaves.  How much you want to bet those young kids are going to take the deal from the devil and STILL vote democrat?

The Parasitic Human Bubble

First there was the dotcom bubble.  Companies magically were 400% more valuable because you put a ".com" at the end or an "e-" or "i-" at the beginning of a company's name.

Then there was the housing bubble.  Housing always goes up and ignore those liberals jacking up your property taxes making home ownership mathematically and factually a perpetuity liability.

And naturally there's the education bubble.  "Major in what you want and the money will follow!"  "Any degree is good degree!"  "It'll open up doors!"  And thus came a wave of puppetry degrees, "Beyonce Studies," and "CIS-Gendered-Hermaphrodite-Peruvian-Lesbian-Poety" majors. 

But while all of these bubbles did (and will have) devastating consequences for the economy....

"do you recall...the most devastating bubble of them all?"

We can focus on individual sectors such as technology, real estate and education, but the largest and granddaddiest bubble is about to happen.  And it isn't going to hit a "sector" or a specific "industry" but pretty much half our population, and by default consume the remaining half - the parasitic human bubble.

Understand that since the "Great Society" the United States (and most western nations) have been championing the losers of society.  Originally it was set out with good intentions.   Who doesn't want to help the poor?  Who doesn't want to help the disadvantaged?  Who doesn't want their fellow man to succeed and thrive?  But as we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions and what once may have started out as a charitable endeavor quickly turned into a political tool for the left to bribe blocks, segments, divisions and groups of people into voting for them.  And as human nature is prone to do, the beneficiaries of these government programs raced to the bottom.  They didn't take the proceeds and use it to improve their lives, but instead used it to loaf around and enjoy leisure.  They didn't take the government cheese as a temporary measure to increase their skills to start a new successful career, but as a way to take a permanent vacation.  And they didn't view this charity as "other kind and generous people's money," but rather an entitlement they deserved.

Fast forward several generations and throw in a good solid mix of socialist brainwashing from the public schools and media, and you now have a solid 50% of the population that is dependent upon the other half for their livelihood.  And not only are they parasitical, they are mentally brainwashed to see nothing wrong with it, some even hating and loathing their benefactors.

Sadly, for the beneficiaries and the benefactors (more accurately, parasites and producers), this system cannot last.  For there are some Malthusian mathematical limits inherent into this system. What those precise limits are is hard to say, but sooner or later the number of parasites will grow to the point they will out-consume what the producers can possibly produce.

And that's when the Parasitic Human Bubble will burst.

Like the housing bubble or the dotcom bubble, it's hard to predict precisely how it will burst.

It could be dramatic where one day the EBT cards won't work, the TANF check bounces, or the WIC office is closed.  The parasitic humans will get upset, raid the local grocery store or Wal-Mart before they starve, but this will only exacerbate their problems as on the supply side stores will close and refuse to be re-supplied.  Once their pilfered supplies run out, the parasitic humans will be forced to forage for food elsewhere forcing them into areas where people are more heavily armed, overly-taxed, and quite pissed off about being forced to support a parasitic class for decades.  Riots and firefights break out and in comes the National Guard.  Martial law is established, rationing is enforced, but this only sends us down the spiral further and faster as such restrictions grind the economy to a halt, and society inevitably collapses.

It could be slow and controlled.  Politicians, even though incredibly stupid and corrupt, are forced to see the simple mathematical fact they don't have the money to maintain their bribery and are forced to slowly cut the supply of resources to the parasitic classes.  The parasitic humans complain and get angry (ever see the teachers union complain about a "cut in the INCREASE" of their budget and scream bloody murder?), but not enough to riot or cause civil disorder.  Unfortunately, for the leftist politicians, they are mathematically forced to commit to this new strategy of amortizing down the benefits of the parasitic humans, and over time slowly alienate their voter base.  It is possible, over time and over generations, the parasitic humans are forced to learn independence, self-reliance, heck, even "achievement," "entrepreneurship," and "excellence," but regardless of personal economic epiphanies, the parasite human bubble slowly deflates.  Of course the economy doesn't "boom" because of the crippling debt load we've taken on paying for bread and circuses and so the United States is relegated to a half-century-long stagnation like Japan or Italy.  Malaise sets in and western civilization stops advancing.

Whichever scenario the outcome is not "good."  But the point I'm trying to make is one of:

"Stand back and look at just how stupid it is we are arguing about this.  How far gone is society that I even have to write about this?"

What did you expect when you let half your population believe "there's such a thing as a free lunch?"  What were you thinking constantly advocating victimization, woeismeism, and parasitism?  What did you think the consequences were going to be?  Set your crafty, dishonest, disingenuous, made-out-of-whole-cloth academian arguments of "sexism" "racism" "class warfare" "evil corporations" aside, deep down inside you know that

in the real world

a society cannot exist where one half loafs off of the other half in the long run. 

And the simplicity of this fact does not debunk it.  Matter of fact, it only reinforces it and exposes the "elaborate" socio-political-economic arguments people on the left make for the smoke screens they are.  They are masking the fact they are one of four things:

1.  Evil - for knowingly lying to parasitic humans about economic reality so that they may benefit politically
2.  Dumb - for actually BELIEVING in such idiocy that half a population is somehow "entitled" or "deserves" the production of the other half, AND that somehow that system is sustainable
3.  Intellectually Lazy - because to take the time to think things economically through, not to mention look at budgets is too much effort for most leftists
4.  All of the Above - Which is the category I find most leftists fall into

Thankfully, I will suffer very little of the consequences of leftists' stupidity.  I will likely die before the United States and western civilization "really" collapses or ends.  Additionally, history will be on sanity's side as historians 2,000 years from now look at dependency ratios and ask "WTF were those leftists idiots thinking!?"  But most importantly I don't have kids who will suffer the consequences of my generation's idiotic leftist decisions.  This is the "true" revenge I will savor and salivate over, for most leftists are so dumb and intellectually lazy (not to mention arrogant) they will NEVER admit they're wrong.  It's too core to their ego and pride. And either out of ignorance or ego most will have children and bring them into this world.  A world they created, a world they made, a world they are completely responsible for, and one that will be terribly unkind to their genetic skin in the game.

Enjoy the decline, lefties.  Enjoy that freaking decline.