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One of the Few Business Seminars I'll Endorse

OK, here's the deal.

I know most of you want to become part of the 1099 Superior Race.  I know most of you know that you may have to work in the corporate world for a little while, but invariably want to live a free life and work for yourself. And while the paths to achieving this goal are largely skilling up and making yourself invaluable to clients and employers, you may also consider buying a business.

BUYING A BUSINESS IS A VERY RISKY PROPOSITION.  Working in banking I have seen scores of dipshits cash in their 401k's and start floral shops or sports bars only to file for bankruptcy later.  So if you're going to do this, then I am COMMANDING you to take this seminar first.

Dave has advertised on my little online media empire here before, but I was also on his show where we talked about all THE PITFALLS of buying a business.  Not the glorified touchy feely bullshit dudebros and Tina-the-soccer-mom focus on when they think their "essential oils" business is going to make them millions.  I trust Dave, I know he knows his shit, so if you're debating buying a business TAKE THIS SEMINAR FIRST before you even start thinking about looking for one.

Depending on the package you want it costs around $150.  Through in flight, car, and hotel in Vegas, you're looking at $500 for the whole thing.

THAT IS A FRACTION OF THE COST OF YOU BUYING A FAILED OR DOOMED-TO-FAIL BUSINESS.  It's like me recommending you hire Chad Elkins to do your taxes because the money you pay him WILL SAVE YOU MULTIPLES MORE DOWN THE ROAD. It is an investment, not a gamble.

So if you have any inkling or desire to start or buy a business, attend Dave's seminar and bring a note pad to take notes.  Might save your life and your IRA accounting.

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The Clarey Podcast #316 - The "Piggott-Napier Generational Effect" Episode

Lower the expectations of your wife.
Your spouse cannot make up for society's failings.
Taking a pacifist woman to a war flick for a date.
Young men are INFINITELY better informed and prepared that we were.
"I want to be an old man when I grow up!"
"Wounded women" who wander life without love or men.


in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Your Parents and Teachers Hate You

Another excerpt from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial"

"There is also a “forgiveness” or “indulgence” aspect to psychology.  If you do something wrong or make a horrific decision you only have yourself to blame.  But if you have a mental illness, it conveniently no longer becomes your fault.

It’s not YOUR FAULT you did LSD and ran over the neighbor’s dog with your car.  You’re an addict.  You have a mental illness.

It’s not YOUR FAULT you’re a lazy bum who didn’t study and are now flunking out of Pip Johnson’s Remedial Community College for Flunkies.  No, you suffer from dyslexia and social anxiety disorder and need a government scholarship.

It’s not YOUR FAULT you can’t teach to save your life.  Your students all suffer from ADHD and need to be doped up on Ritalin.

And it absolutely is not YOUR FAULT you didn’t stay home to raise your kid, who is now torturing animals during recess, leaving headless squirrels in girls’ desks, merely as a detouring hobby before he goes full incel and shoots up his school.  Your kid suffers from Asperger’s or Autism.  You are a GREAT PARENT, who is also “brave and courageous” for having a mentally impaired son. 

This indulgence/forgiveness aspect of the psychology industry is where the real money is made and is the true purpose of the profession.  It is also why the psychology industry, no matter how bogus, will never go away.  Americans are too prideful to ever admit they were wrong, take responsibility for their actions, and will pay lots of money to protect their egos.  They want a guilt-free, responsibility-free life where they can do whatever they want and if things go wrong they simply chalk it up to mental illness.  But as it always is when it comes to Boomers and their deal-with-the-devil contracts, there is a price to pay.  And when it comes to Psychology Boomers, it’s believing you’re mentally ill…when in fact you’re not.

It’s already difficult enough if you have a legitimate mental illness.  If you truly are depressed, you truly are contemplating suicide, or you suffer a genuine chemical imbalance in your brain, these are horrible things that really lessen your life.  But to fake having a mental illness?  Or to lie to yourself about having one?  Or to lie to your children that they have one?  Isn’t that worse than actually having a mental illness?  And how much effort and energy do you have to commit over the course of your life to keep that façade up?  What does it cost you over a lifetime to fake such a thing just to protect your pride?

The problem with the Psychology Boomers is they’re all too eager to accommodate you in this delusion.  Not only because they will gladly take your money, but because if you’re willing to keep the façade up, they are too because it’s a lifetime stream of income for them.  This also means they have no financial incentive to cure you of mental illness because it would mean the well would run dry.  They need to indulge you in this delusion forever so they can make money on you forever.  And if you’re a particularly weak-minded person, you need to keep up the delusion as well.  Because let’s be honest.  If you ever grew a pair and admitted you don’t have a mental illness and just plain suck, you’d have to suffer a mighty blow to your ego.  And so what most psychological services really boil down to is a long term, even lifetime ego protection service you pay for so you don’t have to take responsibility for your bad decisions and can protect your precious self-esteem forever.

But what’s even worse than faking a mental illness is being told you have one when you don’t.  You don’t even have the ego or arrogance to fake a mental illness, and are a perfectly mentally healthy individual.  But what if people lie to you and tell you you’re mentally ill?  And what if they do this to you, not when you’re an adult, but when you’re an innocent child?

Unfortunately, there is a cadre of Boomers who have every incentive to lie to people, specifically children, as it symbiotically benefits both them and the Psychology Boomers.  And tragically this cadre is composed of people who should be the protectors of children, not parasites - teachers and parents.  Teachers who can’t teach dismiss their inability to teach on the mental illness of their students.  And parents who can’t parent do the same to their kids.  And instead of the Psychology Boomers taking a stand, having some morals, and telling the teachers to teach and the parents to parent, they are more than happy to have some Benjamins slapped in their hands to bogusly diagnose those kids with a mental disorder those kids don’t have.  The kid is perfectly fine.  But the teacher’s ego and the parent’s pride are more important than that kid’s mental health.  And so they have no problem lying to the kid telling them they’re mentally ill, which no doubt screws up the kid for the rest of his life.

If you’re already disgusted with the Psychology Boomers and the symbiotic parent-teacher parasites who feed innocent child-victims to them, don’t worry, it gets worse.  Pharmaceuticals.  Because it’s already criminal to lie to a child (or adult) about them having a mental illness when they don’t.  It’s tragic when teachers and parents love themselves more than their kids so they lie to them about being mentally ill.  But it goes into Mad-Nazi-Scientist-Experimenting-on-Human-Test-Subjects level when you dope your kid up with mind-altering drugs because you’re just too damn lazy to parent or teach.

Of course, expecting the pharmaceutical industry to have a conscience is like expecting the banking industry to do the same.  The pharmaceutical industry just makes too much damn money on treating legitimate mental illnesses, but a lot more on misdiagnosed, over-diagnosed, and completely bogus ones.  And you can even forgive the pharmaceutical industry for making the drugs as they’re not the ones writing the prescriptions.  They’re just the ones banging them out.  But the fact that mind-altering drugs were used as a substitute for parenting, teaching, or just raising a generation of children is unforgiveable.  And the fact they were so widely used on disorders that likely didn’t exist only made a bad situation worse, contributing to the mental suffering of the Millennial generation.

What is it like living through life thinking you have a mental illness, when in fact you don’t?  Or worse, what’s it like developing a genuine mental illness because you were lied to about having one when you didn’t?  And even worse than that, what’s life like when you’re taking a psychotropic drug you don’t need?  And quadruply worse than that is how do you deal with the fact that it was your teachers, psychologists, and parents who were the ones that planted that knife in your back?  There are a lot of reasons to hate the Boomers. Psychology Boomers is just another large, painful one."

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Nobody "Invests" Anymore. We Are ALL Just Hedging Against Inflation

An important economic lesson to learn and share with the .000006% of the population smart enough to understand this, but with asset prices so high and so far above the incomes they generate, nobody is "investing" in the classical sense.  All we're doing is buying up assets that are going to go up in price more as we print off more money.  But don't worry.  The Millennials are the smartest generation ever and they will figure it out for us.

"La Malediction d' Le Intelligence"/Curse of the High IQ - Now a Best Seller in France

Only problem is it's in French.  And I don't speak French.  But for our Francophiles out there, you might understand!

Monday, February 24, 2020

Tax Professors and College Admin to Bail Out Student Loans

This is an excerpt from "How Not to Become a Millennial" that addresses the true culprits of the student loan crisis - the professors and college administrators who sold - and profited off of - worthless, overpriced degrees to Millennials.  My favorite aspect of this whole ordeal is how college and universities were so successful at brainwashing college-educated Millennials that they convinced them it was anybody BUT professors and college admin who profited off of the student loan scam. That it's somehow "banks" or "evil white republicans" who made off with $4 trillion in Millennial tuition, not the professor selling his "38th edition textbook" for $400.  Regardless, it's an idea I and pretty much every person across the aisle can get behind.  If you want to tax the income, property, and retirement plans of professors, college admin, and the universities themselves, I think it's an actual politically-viable way to finance a bailout.

"There is one good thing that can be said about Teacher Boomers.  At least they didn’t charge their students.  Oh yeah, they charged the taxpayer, and often times at rates charged by colleges.  But the 3rd graders themselves weren’t forking over the bill to learn about dangling participles, new math, and how eight year old Amy might in fact be a man inside.  But if there’s a group of people the Millennials should be rounding up for free helicopter rides, the estates of which should be confiscated to bail them out of their student loans, these are the people.  The true snake oil salesmen.  The Boomers who financially crippled the Millennials forever - The Professor Boomers.

Like Teacher Boomers, Professor Boomers (and their College Administration Boomer colleagues) also wasted the youth of the Millennials with pointless schooling.  But instead of the taxpayer footing the bill for tuition, it would be the Millennials themselves who would pay the bill.  And not only pay the bill, but all the interest that would accrue on it as they slowly found out their degree would not land them a decent paying job.

There is not much that can be said about the Professor Boomers that wasn’t said about the Teacher Boomers because they’re essentially the same.  They’re rank Marxists.  They have no real world experience.  They can’t do so they teach.  And the education they gave the Millennials was likely also worthless.  But what really makes the Professor Boomers vile is they damn well knew the education they were giving the Millennials was worthless.  They were just happier than punch the Millennials were dumb enough to pay them $300 a credit for it and borrow $100K at 7% to finance it.

The only problem is how can you, with a straight face and a conscience, tell a kid to borrow $75,000 and spend four years of his life on such bullshit degrees like Sociology, Journalism, Women’s Studies, English, and the like?  How can you take young, naïve 18 year olds and ruin their financial lives forever by selling them worthless degrees?  How can anyone with the slightest bit of a moral compass forcibly charge $400 a credit and $300 for a textbook for a pre-req class that has absolutely nothing to do with a student’s major?

Apparently the answer is simple.  Just be a Professor Boomer!

Disgusting as it is, you once again see how Boomer actions show their true colors.  Millions of Professor Boomers and millions of College Admin Boomers had absolutely no moral qualms about lying to an entire generation of youth about the value of these worthless degrees.  They didn’t care if it ruined the Millennials’ financial lives forever, these vampires were perfectly fine effectively enslaving these kids to them for the rest of their lives. 

But what I get a kick out of, what has got to be an absolute kick in the teeth, is when a professor or dean pulls up to the coffee store in his Lexus, goes up to the counter, and orders a latte from a barista they just screwed $120,000 out of for a “Master’s degree in Chicano Studies.”  But the barista is so stupid, he doesn’t realize he’s been screwed or by who.  He actually falls for the indoctrination by his professor that it’s the “evil republicans in congress” or “the evil banks” that screwed him over, not the scumbag Professor Boomer who is in effect his new slave owner standing right in front of him.  It’s debatable which is more impressive.  The fact Professor Boomers screwed younger generations out of $4 trillion in tuition or that they fooled said generations into not realizing it.  Either way it was one hell of a heist."

Thursday, February 20, 2020

A Telling Photo Gallery of Fort Collins

Interesting to see just how far society has declined.

Why Suzanne Venker Should Leave Sheryl Sandberg Alone

Dear Ms. Venker,

I skimmed your piece in the Washington Examiner because I already knew what it was going to say; just wanted to make sure.  And sure enough it said what I thought it would.

Women are not men.
We're supposed to compliment each other.
We are not adversaries.
Leave the proposing to men.
Feminism has ruined women and made them miserable.
Insert examples of miserable women here.

Blah blah blah.

But may I ask you to entertain a new approach?  One that might be more effective in convincing future women that feminism is not the way?  And one that will be less frustrating than merely saying "Sheryl Sandberg bad."

Leave Sheryl Sandberg alone.
Leave the women who follow her advice alone.
Matter of fact encourage them, or just not bother with them at all.

And the reasons for this approach are many.

First, you are not going to convince any woman today to abandon feminism and go with traditionalism.  You yourself provided several examples of what I can only imagine to be middle aged women with children and careers who are facing problems in their marriages.  Do you think at that age and with that much infrastructure invested in a non-traditional life they can just uproot all of that midstride and in a flip of a switch go to a traditional 1950's nuclear family?  Additionally, it doesn't sound like they're abandoning their roles, just complaining about them.  And these are women who have a receptive ear to traditionalism.  Traditionalism just not powerful enough to override their entire life's investment they've made in feminism or the buyer's remorse they most certainly have.  You've cured no one (or at least very few).

Second, do you think your article, along with every traditionalist argument made in the past 30 years even holds a candle to the trillions of dollars and billions of human hours that have been invested in now-three generations of women to follow a feminist life philosophy?  This isn't to say you're wrong.  You are factually right.  But did you have all young women's ears from K-thru-college?  Did you control the media?  Do you have a best selling book like Ms. Sandberg?  And do you control academia?  For every hour (if an hour at all) a mom taught her daughter about being a good mother or wife, supporting her man, staying svelte and beautiful, etc., there were at least a thousand hours of feminist counter-propaganda installed in young women's minds.  And to give you an example of how out gunned and out-spent traditionalists are compared to feminists I've provided an infographic below.

Third, do you really think women are going to listen to you?  I can completely sympathize with you and your goal to offer women an alternative to the feminist lifestyle they've had forced on them.  I understand the moral, noble intention you have to provide a solution or at least an option to women who are not happy with their love lives.  But take it from me dear, they won't listen.  Humans are programmable automatons, not the "independent minded" sentient beings they fancy themselves to be.  And though I'm willing (and hopeful) to be proven wrong, I'm going to guess the success rate you've had of convincing women to become traditionalists are about the same as mine to get people to spend less than they make, eat less calories than they expend, and get young people to stop majoring in stupid shit.  Zero. Which then behooves the question for you as to whether or not you want to put yourself through this banging-your-head-against-the-wall-torture.

Finally, there is also a nuanced, esoteric argument to be made about balance, karma, and universal equilibrium.  Do these women, after decades of feminism, outsourcing their kids to daycare, putting their careers above humans, things above love, deserve to "be saved?"  Do they deserve to find "happiness" and "love?"  I personally don't believe any of them will be convinced of the merits of a traditional life/relationship, making this question moot.  But what I am trying to do is make you question your own (albeit moral, noble, and well-intended) incentives.  How many of these women simply loved their careers more than their children or husbands?  How many of these women valued a corner office or a fancy title more than human interaction?  How many of these women in the past probably turned down perfectly good men that would have otherwise made great husbands, all for an unanchored religion like feminism?  And how many of them were just plain mean and unfeminine in the past to men?

Though noble, your goal is not only impractical, but is getting in the way of universal karma that is going to be delivered anyway.  There is nothing you can do to stop it.  The only person you can save is yourself.  So please, let women have what they want.  Let women have what they choose.  Treat women as equals and let them make their own choices in life.  But above all else, truly treat them as equals in letting them reap the costs and consequences of those choices.  And perhaps then you may find some solace in learning to "Enjoy the Decline."


Aaron Clarey

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Never Trust Anybody Over 30

An excerpt from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial" that discusses how the Boomer adage "Never Trust Anybody Over 30" has come to bite them in the ass.

"The Millennials didn’t grow up in a vacuum.  They weren’t born in the cabbage patch, sprouted legs one day, and then “POOF,” 22 years later found themselves $120K in debt with a Master’s degree in Diversity and Inclusion.  Like everyone else they were a product of their environment.  And a huge part of that environment, if not the most influential part, was the elders who would raise them.  Parents, teachers, professors, guidance counselors, therapists, bosses, even politicians and media personalities would directly and indirectly wield incredible, if not total influence over the Millennials and would be the single most determining variable in how the Millennials would turn out.

This is the way it has always been throughout human history because there’s no other way for it to be.  Younger generations have to be raised by older generations.  But the Millennials were going to be raised by a very unique generation of elders.  A generation of elders that the world had never seen before in terms of its wealth, stability, pampering, and privilege.  Nor had the world seen such an arrogant, self-important, completely delusional, and completely wrong generation before. And it was this generation that was going to prepare the Millennials for the real world - the Baby Boomers.

What I absolutely love about the Baby Boomers, what I find so incredibly rich is how they were the generation that coined the phrase “Never trust anybody over 30.”  And you need to really break down this statement to appreciate how hypocritical, delusional, arrogant, and simply wrong that statement is and therefore how wrong the Baby Boomers are.

First, Boomers said this when they were young.  Not only stupid, but inexperienced and young.  They were a bunch of teenage, 20 something know-nothings, who never worked a job, had yet to start families, draft-dodged a war, but somehow they thought they knew better than their elders and the culminated eons of human history.  Not only is this against common sense, it’s the epitome of hubris and arrogance.  Many of them hadn’t even gone to college to have a political religion installed in them so they’d parrot such outlandish stupidity.  They were just that naturally stupid and arrogant on their own!  And this was the raw material that would go on to raise a generation of children of their own.

Second, “over 30” meant the WWII generation.  Implying the generation that went through:

the Great Depression
fought WWII
came back home and built the most successful economy in the history of the world
put a man on the moon,
and then as an encore performance, during their retirement years, won the Cold War

was not to be trusted.  Never in the history of the world had a single generation fought, staved off, and defeated such evil and created such good with such sacrifice.  But yet some 19 year old, pot-smoking Boomers knew better and insisted you couldn’t trust, of all people, the World War II Generation.

Third, when it came time for the Boomers to take stewardship of the United States they went and completely shat the bed.  They inherited the greatest country the world has ever seen and in nearly every capacity destroyed it.  Instead of surpluses they ran massive government deficits.  They increased the national debt from 40% GDP to its current-day 106%.  Household debt from 40% to 100% GDP.  Economic growth tanked from the WWII generation average of 4.25% to 2.25%.  And there’s their collection of “bubbles” and financial crises they collected like Pokemon cards – the Dotcom Bubble, the Housing Bubble, the Education Bubble and the Volcker Recession – all making genuine economic progress damn near impossible.  And this says nothing of the sociological and societal destruction they wreaked upon America.  Divorce, broken homes, crime, welfare, single motherhood, dead beat dads, teenage pregnancies, drugs, STD’s, and The Doors.  A generation could not have failed more at being responsible adults if they tried. 

But about the worst thing they did was to shame, mock and ridicule American culture itself.  The pinnacle of human achievement and good.  The best culture and country the world has ever seen. The country every other human on the planet desperately wants to move to or become like.  And the Boomers could not wait to destroy it, throwing it under the bus for such petty reasons as being edgy, to curry favor with anti-American leftists, or to simply fake being some kind of academic or intellectual.  In the end, they managed to take the world’s greatest asset and in one generation turn it into the world’s largest liability.

Finally, and perhaps most ironic, is that they have provably become what they so arrogantly mocked in their youth.  You absolutely should have trusted somebody over 30 back in 1968, not the 20 something dipshit hippies the Boomers were.  But today, well over the age of 30, the Boomers are the ones you should never trust because they are such an absolute, abject failure of a generation.  Nobody listens to them.  The entire country hates them.  Their half-sibling children debate whether they should bother visiting them in nursing homes.  And this optimistically assumes the Boomers even have the money to afford nursing homes as they all reverse-mortgaged their homes to afford basic living expenses.  They are so bad of a generation that instead of commanding the respect eldest generations normally did in the past, they are the butt end of jokes, minimized and completely encapsulated with a the simple hashtag of “OK Boomer.”  They are no better than the Millennial generation they raised and their only value in society will also be to serve as a warning to others."

Check out the book!

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The Clarey Podcast #315 - The "Blippi" Episode

Cappy and Chad discuss:

Hell for accountants during accounting season.
You NEVER volunteer or contribute to charity.
RMA Data
Hamline - the shittiest private school in Minnesota


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!
Youtube here.

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"Why Is Everything So Expensive for Millennials?"


Your answer comes from this excerpt from "How Not to Become a Millennial"

"The perfect example of this is President Obama and it’s an important economic lesson for all of us to understand.

If there was a rockstar politician that the Millennial generation squealed like teenage girls at an Elvis concert over, it was Barack Obama.  He was everything they were programmed to want.  A polished, intelligent, socialist-light, black gentleman, who was going to cut through the politics of Washington and *finally* bring some sort of justice and fairness to the people.

And he did.

Facing the financial crisis of 2009 he increased government spending more than any peace-time president before him in real terms.  He ran deficits well over a trillion dollars for the first half of his presidency and paid for it by printing money.  That money went to a potpourri of social and socialist programs, but as it pertained to Millennials specifically, Obama started lending money directly to students under the federal government so those students would not have to deal with any of those icky, mean, evil private lenders.

To the untrained, ignorant, and young Millennial eye, this seemed great.  It seemed as if President Obama was going to help them.  He was finally doing something to help lower tuition unlike all politicians in the past.  But as it is with every deal with the devil, when you don’t adhere to reality, there is a price to pay.  Because in flooding the college market with $100 billion a year in extra student loans, all he really did was jack up the price of tuition.  In other words, he achieved the opposite of what he intended to do.

If you really wanted to lower tuition you would DEPRIVE colleges of money, NOT FLOOD THEM WITH HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS MORE.  You’d cut all government loans and lending to students.  You would also, ironically eliminate all scholarships and parental money from flooding the college market as well.  And if you really wanted to lower tuition, a year of high school seniors should have boycotted college for just one semester, starving all colleges of tuition money, forcing them to drastically cut prices. 

But the honest truth is President Obama, though well-intended, was woefully ignorant and uneducated about economics, just like the Millennials he was trying to help. And in voting for him, all Millennials managed to do was jack up their own tuition and their own student loan balances, of which they would pay unnecessary interest on for at least a decade to come.  The Millennials simply shot themselves in the foot.

The deal with the devil gets worse.

Because money doesn’t just stay in one place once it’s printed.  It circulates.  So once those trillions of dollars came hot off the presses they went into the hands of contractors, welfare recipients, college students, and the millions of other people who got some of that newly minted money.  But no matter who got it or how many people did, that money inevitably and invariably ended up at the same place – the bank.  And banks make money by lending it out.

If you think about it, banks only lend money for large purchases people normally can’t pay cash for.  Thus relegating most loans to four key areas:

•    Mortgages
•    Auto loans
•    Corporate buybacks/investing (when a company either buys back its shares or the shares of other companies on the stock market)
•    Health emergencies (typically via a home equity loan or credit cards)

And though according to the Consumer Price Index there is no inflation, if you look at what the proceeds of those bank loans went to purchase, you’ll find there is indeed a ton of inflation in the market when it comes to:

•    Housing prices
•    Auto prices
•    The stock market (stock prices), and
•    Health insurance/costs

In other words, in printing off all of that money, Obama (and Bush Jr and more recently Donald Trump) merely flooded these respective markets with money, driving up their prices.  So all the Millennials really managed to do in voting for Obama and all that *free* money he was going to give them, was

•    Price themselves out of the housing market
•    Drive up rents
•    Drive up the price of cars
•    Price themselves out of the stock market/retirement market, and
•    Drive up insurance/health care costs
•    Cripple themselves with insultingly high levels  of interest-bearing student debt

The Millennials made their deal with the devil.  Now they’re paying for it in spades.  Even if the “devil” was a very nice, well-intending, politically correct, socialist-light, affirmative action president."

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Democrats Going So Far as to Have Government Wipe Your Ass for You

This is a bit dated of an article, but what I want you to do is to read through just how arduous the process is to report a homeless camp in Portland, and then the number of sites they cleaned up and the number of gallons of human waste they disposed of.

Now imagine who's bidding on the contract to clean up Portland's homeless fecal material.

That is the type of jobs that will exist in the future in socialism combined with AI.  If we get productive enough that a parasitic class can permanently exist, to the point the democrats will pay government workers to clean up your shit and needles after you, an increasing share of the jobs out there will be to metaphorically (and perhaps literally) wipe the asses of the parasitic classes.

You social scientists don't know jack shit. You just want to advocate for free everything so you can be popular, get government funding, professor jobs, and avoid real work, even if it means we will be cleaning up full grown adults' shit on the streets.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

"The Rise of Romance Scams"

I'm very curious how many of these are middle aged spinsters finding "love" overseas and how much is dopey guys sending money to a Ukrainian woman who thinks she's going to be his bride.

And yes, Operation Evil aims to profit off of these motives.  Legally of course.

Hot Abusive Chicks = Happy Endings

Some good news!

Apparently you just can't assault your husband, no matter how "hot" you are.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Gen Z Will Not Save America

"They want employers to do something politically that aligns with their values."

They're just Millennials v 2.0.

Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Monday, February 03, 2020

Update on "How Not to Become a Millennial"

I will not be publishing, but rather have sold the book to another author who will. Details below: