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On the Road

Currently enroute driving from Minneapolis to Vegas.  Posts will be sparse until Tuesday.

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The Economic Reason There's Ladies Night and Not Men's Night

I shall explain this a briefly, though this is an excellent write up about the epitome of ladies night.

Every bar's business model is based on getting women into their establishment.  The reason is simple - men will buy drinks for both men and women.  Women won't even buy drinks for themselves.  In other words women themselves aren't really ever viewed as customers as much as they are in fact marketing.

Sadly this means most night clubs are really nothing more than "more polite" strip clubs designed to extract money from men.

YOu guys really do have a choice.  You can just refuse to go to night clubs.  Not saying you won't hook up. Not saying you won't get a phone number.  But for the time, effort and money you have to expend to do well at a night club, there are plenty of places where you'd do much better.

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Average Married Dad

Thanks Dad!

Plus a fan in Wyoming who doesn't hate me.  But then again he lives in Cheyenne which is much more cosmopolitan and less trailer trashy than the rest of the state.

"Land War With Russia"

The problem I face with the Crimea is that it is not a clear cut situation and there are very few outlets telling me what is going on and more importantly why.  Steve Sailer comes to the rescue and provides more insight than average.

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Finally Home Linkage

Molyneux has an absolute must of a podcast.  You can listen to it this weekend.

Another person picks up on what I've been saying for about a decade now - worthless degreed people end up going into politics and this is why you have incompetents like Trudeau and Obama in office.

Aurini finally gets off his ass and does a podcast.

Denver and Vegas

No posts today as Im currently in the field away from a computer.

But will be taking a road trip out to Vegas via Denver.

shoot me an email if youre around.

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Wednesday Night Linkage

When Hamsters meet Crusaders.

Everything that's wrong with American youth in one tweet. 

Like moths to the flame, girls go to tats.

Much ado about nothing.

The Problem Short Male Asian and MidEast Engineering Students Face When In America

This was a requested video, but I think it addresses a concern many of your Asian and MidEast brothers face when they get here, but there is no tutorial or wisdom to guide them.

Words That Prove You Have a Worthless (and Likely Leftist) Job

Of the many things I loathe about socialists and leftists is how they create words to make themselves sound smarter than they actually are.  Academia is a perfect example of this, and women's studies are the epitome.  Just read through any course description and you'll see mutli-syllabic words that were completely fabricated for the sole purpose of masking the fact the entire "profession" is a farce and its participants idiots.  However, things like "praxis" and "rubric" are usually relegated to the world of academia and are obvious as they are political.  But, sadly, socialists and leftists cannot all be employed in academia.  They need to find other sources of employment, and natural as it is to leftists, they will try to find work that is:

1.  not real work
2.  but still feeds their ego

This search for faux-work-but-our-egos-need-to-be-stroked type work has resulted in a bevy of new and hypocritical terms that are dead give-aways to two things.

1.  Your job is not a real job
2.  You are likely a worthless leftist living off of the taxpayer or charity for your meaningless job

Thankfully, over the past two years I've been jotting these terms down as I've come across them to create a sort of compendium which will allow us to truly understand what these words mean and to identify and expose those worthless people who work in these worthless "careers" for the parasites they are:

Initiatives - this is usually used in the public sector, mostly schools.  It means to "initiate the creation of another program that is going to cost the taxpayer more money."  The goal of an "initiative" is that it hopefully goes from a program into a full fledged department.  For example Michelle Obama would love it if her "initiatives" on obesity evolved into the US Department of Obesity.

Outreach - Usually associated with a program, "outreach" is just a euphemism for "paying unemployable college graduates to go and force something on society that nobody wants."  It belies the true suckiness of the program when you have to "outreach" to clients to get them.  For example Obamacare has a lot of "outreach" because nobody wants it.

Diversity - Diversity is nothing more than the socialists' attempt to replace character with race/sex/ethnicity/etc.  In doing so, socialists can argue for the stealing of other people's money based on race/sex/ethnicity, etc.  "Diversity" is also rapidly being pushed by HR departments to replace "profit" in corporations, once again eliminating any need for hard work, character, excellence or achievement.

Raising Awareness - If "raising awareness" is in your job description there is a 100% chance you are a worthless person with a worthless job.  Like "outreach" "raising awareness" again aims to create a problem where there is none.  If it was a real problem people would know about it.  Ergo, since socialists thrive on concocting problems and the ensuing government money that is sure to follow to "solve the problem," "raising awareness" is nothing more than future job security.

Community - This refers to the crime ridden crapholes 50 years of democrat policies have turned most of our major metro inner cities into.  There really isn't a "community" as much as there is a group of people who hate each other, but make for a convenient group to champion the expenditure of additional government money on.  Ergo, it's for "the community" is really "I'm going to use this community to get my non-profit government grant money so I can pay myself $89,000 a year as the director with no intention of actually helping out the community."  It's exactly like a drug dealer's market, but more unicorny and flowery sounding.

Invest - This term has nothing to do with actual "investing" as that would imply some sort of positive rate of return.  No, this is a euphemism for "pissing away," "wasting" or "pouring down the toilet bowl" taxpayers money.  Usually "invest" precedes some noble cause as a cowardly tactic to change the focus from the pissing away of money to the noble cause.  eg:

"Investing for our future"
"Investing for our children"
"Investing in our education"

For those of you with real jobs and who work for a living, simply replace "invest" with "pissing away" and you will be able to translate.

Change Lives - Change lives means "me telling you what you're going to do with your life because I think I know better because the government told me so."  Usually people who want to "change lives" go into education or child psychology because they think it is their domain or jurisdiction as a 19 year old girl to tell 5 year olds how to think and behave.  You can also see "change lives" in what is nothing more than a travel agency masquerading as The Peace Corps with spoiled suburbanite kids using "changing lives" and "helping the people" as an excuse to travel.  You will also note not one person employed in this field has managed to change one person's life for the better.

Provide Leadership - Kind of like "raising awareness" nobody was asking to be led let alone asked for a leader.  But don't let that stop you from "leading the community."  Remember, these jobs aren't for the people or the purported intended recipients.  These jobs are purely for you and your ego.  And nothing boosts the ego by being a self-proclaimed leader.

Leader of what?

Who cares?!  You're "leading."  And if that means being in charge of 5 people carrying clipboards around, then by gum, you have just as much leadership skills and experience as a first lieutenant from Iraq with 3 tours under his belt.

Advocate -  Whatever it is you're advocating it's likely taking my money and then giving it to somebody who cannot speak for or defend for themselves.  Thankfully, you're all too eager and willing to take my money or non-profit money to be an "advocate" for some group or another, but understand and understand this well - we all know you don't give a damn about said group.  You're primary concern is that you get paid for easy work.  ie- you use these genuinely disadvantaged people for your own financial gain.  You're despicable.


Naturally there are other words and terms that I have yet to happen upon.  However, if you have some, please enter them in the comment section below.  I would like this to be the most thorough resource of "faux" job duties leftists like to heap upon themselves.

New Podcast Additions - Jack Donovan, The Black Brigade

Two new ones that will ensure you never listen to talk radio again.

Jack Donovan


The Black Brigade

Also a new aggregator - Red Pill Review.

Remember, the Latest Podcast Is Out!

For your listening pleasure...well...actually, it will just raise your blood pressure given the topics covered.

Because Your Children Won't Read

That's why we converted "Worthless" into an audio book.

Because not only do I not like to read, but most kids don't like to read.  So if you are still having trouble convincing your child not to major in a stupid subject, make it easier by merely just downloading this and playing it in the car as you drive your child to K-12 prison...errr..."school."

Why You're Wasting Your Time in Language Classes

Schools and universities love forcing their students to take foreign language classes.

It's for diversity!
It's for a well-rounded education!

No, actually, it's to employ the idiots who 10 years before you majored in a worthless subject.

Oh, huff and puff all you want, the truth is in and it turns out it only pays to major in a foreign language if you're a non-native English speaker living in an English-speaking land.

Now naturally the foreign languages departments, teachers, and professors across the land will get their panties in a bundle, predictably claiming it isn't all about the money, and they wonderful experiences they had in foreign lands, and if they were to blah blah blah.

And for once, I 100% agree with them.

There is a non-financial aspect and benefit to learning a foreign language that should not be measured in increased profits, ROI, or economics.

Good thing Rosetta Stone can replace the billions we waste of foreign language professors and teachers every year for a mere fraction of the cost.  And we all know how much those teachers and professors PRIMARILY care about educating the children and not money.



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New Blogroll Addition - Lion of the Blogosphere

You are invited to visit.

Divorcing Women with Horses, My Little Pony, HR Diversity Broads Realize They Need Math...


in this latest podcast of The Clarey Podcast!

(language warning - the topics were just impossible to address without cursing)

Some Retirement Planning Lessons

This video was a request video, specifically about retirement planning in the military.  However, I realized some of the lessons here are applicable to pretty much everybody and would prove useful to most:

One More Flogging of the Dead Economic Horse

As you know, I only occasionally revisit pure economics and that's if I have a very interesting economic observation or epiphany.  Most of what I use economics for today is mere citation or statistical support of a larger philosophical (or in the case of the Manosphere) sexual argument.  And once again the reason is simple - nobody is willing to listen to data and statistics.  Economics falls on the deaf ears of those who need it most - leftists.  And since most of the economists, lieutenants, and agents in the field here already have intellectual honesty and a desire to seek out truth, throwing up more charts showing that, yes, indeed, socialism still sucks, it pointless.

That being said I always love a good economic whipping of idiotic South American countries whose peoples are sometimes so galactically stupid they wonder why they're perpetually in 2nd world status.  Specifically Venezuela and now, Argentina.

In short, both countries implemented socialist policies.  One by a now-deceased crusaderist ideologue and the other a whorish looking president, Christina Kirchner.  We all knew Venezuela, pursuing near Marxist policies would end up having lines and shortages for basic staples of life.  But what the media in the US doesn't report is more or less the same thing happening in Argentina.  Price controls, police shutting down companies that do not comply.  It's just another datapoint to add to the already-sickening number of datapoints where idiotic politicians think "this time it will be different," but only manage to show their truly and outstanding ignorance of basic economics.

However, the interesting thing about Argentina's economic problems is that they're failing to gain traction in US media.  The answer is simple:

Obama deep down insides envies Kirchner's socialist policies and her stealing every Argentines' private pensions, and the MSM knows it.

The sad truth is that if Argentina's economic problems were highlighted some people would realize nationalizing pensions does not provide any medium or long term economic fix.  Matter of fact, it just is an omen of worse economic times to come.  And sadly, nationalizing private retirement accounts is one of the last tricks the socialists/democrats/Obama have in their leftist bag of economic tricks to keep the "Never Ending Keynesian Stimulus" going.  The media, of course, just doesn't have the heart or journalistic integrity to point it out.

Thankfully for Obama, however, the average American is too stupid to care. Between the average American male idiot filling out his "brackets" for March Madness to the average obese American female reading People magazine whilst gorging on cupcakes, both are way too pre-occupied with the irrelevancies of life to study the structural problems of the US federal deficit.

Again why this blog has turned from one of strictly economics and data, to one of philosophy, mockery, ranting, and enjoying the decline.

Job Posting on Cappy Cap

Howdy All,

Alex over at Academic Composition is looking to hire some people and since I know a lot of you are either in college or fresh out of college and looking for some cash, thought this might be up some of your alleys.  Of course, nothing glamorous or glorious, but it will pay some bills.  Basically he's looking to expand his homework-writing business and needs people to post ads on Craigslist.  The details are as such:

If you reside in one of the below listed regions, you can seize this opportunity by posting ads on craigslist.

1. Minneapolis, MN
2. Denver, CO
3. Dallas, TX
4. Phoenix, AZ
5. Vancouver, BC
6. Boston, MA
7. Chicago, IL
8. Madison, WI
9. Honolulu, HI
10. Toronto, ON

Next, all you'd need to do is follow this simple four step process to receive a $25 start-up compensation.

A. Create a new gmail account
B. Set up the forwarding features to ensure that all of their incoming emails are automatically re-directed to me (sounds more complicated than it really is, most people will be able to figure out how to do this within 3 minutes)
C. Use the new GMAIL account to set up a Craigslist account
D. Receive my ads and prepare to post them in the city where they reside

If you post the ad specifically as you were instructed to, it will not be flagged and removed by craigslist. If your ad stays live on the forum for one full week, you will be paid $20. If it stays for a full 12 hours, a $15 compensation is in order. If it only lasts three days, I'll pay you $10. If it survives for a mere 3 hours, you'll be paid $5.
Contact Alex at

Again, I know it's not an investment banking position, but it beats delivering pizzas.

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Monday Night Linkage

Google, Apple, and all those wonderful lefty west coast companies leftists love to love found behaving like a cartel.

Company looking to hire a "Diversity Analyst," but requires a DEGREE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE.  Talk about wasting perfectly good talent on a worthless political and ass-kissing endeavor.  Remember kids, corporations are not friends of capitalism.

Before You Commit Suicide

Here's some perspective you might want to consider:

New Sponsor - The Red Ginseng Store

New sponsor everybody - The Red Ginseng Store.

Never knew much about red ginseng, but apparently it's very therapeutic in a natural sort of sense.  Giovanni the proprietor recommends using it as a tea and as a substitute for caffeine.  He also suggests infusing it with vodka claiming it adds a bit of a kick, enough so that he advises NOT drinking too much of it.

Regardless of how you use it, I don't care. I'm a libertarian.  Just buy some if it seems appetizing to you!

When People's Lives Are Beyond Repair

A common comment I get about my books, even my classes is "if this had only been around 10 years ago." Or "if I had only read this when I was a kid."  It's a nice compliment that I take kindly and know that while my various literary works may not be able to help "everyone," it will help those that it can in the future.

Contrast this with a much less common comment I receive, though I still do receive it - that my literary works are largely only beneficial to young men without children.  Men who aren't divorced or don't have alimony to pay.  And that if you're a single parent, with student loans, and didn't save for retirement and are rapidly approaching 50, my books are pretty darn worthless.

While the two comments may seem different, they are essentially the same thing.  The only difference is the person making it.

If you've made mistakes in your past (intentionally, unknowingly, or not) and realize and admit you made said mistakes, you are the type to say, "Wow, where was this book 20 years ago?"  However, if you made some of those exact same mistakes, and then say, "Well, this book is worthless, how is it supposed to help me," then you are the type of person who has yet to fully realize the consequences your mistakes in the past and still lingers out for hope that there is a solution.

And I am here to say, "Sorry, I'm not a miracle worker."

Because of what I believe to be an overly optimistic media, public school system, and especially movies, Americans (of all political stripes) have been led to believe that "the good guy always wins."  That "no problem or threat is so great, it can end you."  Or that "no problem is insurmountable and there is always a solution at the end that will save the day."

And I am here to tell you, "sorry, it just ain't so."  It is VERY POSSIBLE that you make such critically bad decisions that you will permanently screw up your life, to which there are no solutions.  And there's nothing you, nor I, nor anybody can do anything to solve it.

For example I eviscerated this woman who went $163,000 into debt to get a "Design" degree.  Not so much for that action in itself, but in her plea that "congress or Barack Obama" (read you and me) "do something about this." (she has since made it clear that she does not want a bail out so please do not harass her anymore).  But she exemplifies the point of somebody who made disastrous decisions and now vainly looks for a solution, to which there is none.  Sadly her life is f*cked.  She has no other option but to pay the price and endure it.

Another example are teenagers who get pregnant.  Their brains, only about 75% developed, are incapable of fully comprehending just how thoroughly and fully they've destroyed their lives.  But worse, pickled in an environment of "single mom heroism," "the youth are our future," "you can do anything you want," and other public school/media feel-good BS, they overestimate themselves, their position in society, and their future capacity for success.  This not only prevents them from fully assessing their real situation in life, but more often than not leads to them making even MORE life-crippling decisions (eg. the "empowered single mom" who goes further in debt, whilst at the same time outsourcing her child to daycare, so she can get a worthless degree that will not improve her employability)

Cite as many examples as we want, the point is that people can make such horrendous decisions that they are beyond help.  They are beyond repair.  There is no possible solution or recovery.  Their lives, their one shots at life,  are literally ruined, are literally over, and their only option is to suffer their remaining days on this planet in misery. 

The question is whether they come to terms with this reality or they vainly and futilely search for a solution that does not exist.  Whichever of the two they choose, I don't care.  But for the Patron Saint's Name of Frick, don't DEMAND other people come up with solutions to your impossible-to-solve problems.

This evil, mean, hate-filled, though 100% truthful post brought to you by Asshole Consulting.

Asshole Consulting - the only consulting company specializing in truth.

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How Economic Bubbles Disproportionately Harm Women and Minorities

If there was ever something that caused my life serious damage it was nothing purposeful or untoward, but rather unintentional.  Specifically, people lying to me to spare my feelings.  We've all experienced this before.  Your female friends telling you you'll make some girl happy...just not them.  Follow your heart and the money will the form of an unemployment check.  Hard work and a strong work ethic will be manipulative bosses who will make you work overtime.  No doubt, like me, these lies you were world cost you years of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost opportunities because the people in your life then could not muster the courage to tell you the harsh truth.

Conversely, those that have the genuine heart to tell you the truth, are likely the ones responsible for what modicum of success you did have in life.  Your father telling you to change your own damn oil.  The girl who had the heart to say you needed to lift weights.  Or the rare guidance counselor that said, "No, son, you're not going to make it with a degree in communications."

The reason polite lies wreak incalculable damage as opposed to harsh truth is that lies, no matter how kind, do not adhere to The Reality Principle while the truth does.  Ergo, in telling people the truth, no matter how harsh, you are ACCURATELY informing them about reality, allowing them to make decisions based in the real world, and thus have better results and success in life.

This conundrum or paradox, however, perfectly explains women's and minorities' effective "2nd place" in the US and other western nations as they are both the victims of "kind lies."  Propagandized by left-wing politicians, they are led to believe that their second place ranking in society is due to "discrimination" or "sexism."  That women earn 25% less than men because of discrimination...not because they major in easier subjects and work less than men.  That minorities median income is only 78% white's because of evil racism...not that fact 70% of blacks are born out of wedlock which cripples their future financial endeavors.

While you, me, and any other regular visitor here to Cappy Cap Land knows this, there is another way this left-wing propaganda harms minorities.  And it's particularly devastating:

Economic bubbles.

To simplify it, let's say you're a white male.  You're evil, you're sexist, and you don't even know it because you're privileged.  That's all fine and dandy, but in the end, it does not "blind" you to various economic realities.  You're likely aware you have to work hard, probably major in a STEM field, and you're also likely to know not to have kids before you're 30.  The majority of propaganda is to make you feel guilty so you are more willing to pay more in taxes so that the socialist party and continue it's bribery of non-white male people.  It is NOT to delude you about your future or economic reality.

However, the same cannot be said for minorities and women.  Leftist propaganda not only deludes minorities and women into thinking white males and discrimination is the cause of their second-placeness, but that they can do ANYTHING they want.  Ergo, not only is their performance dismissed away (because of you evil white males you), but they can do "anything" and "have it all."

The single, independent, Roundhouse Kicking Chick Cop Show woman CAN become a cop, get her law degree, become a judge at 38, teach at the local university, be a cougar at 48, and find the love of her life to start a family with at a wrinkly 53.

The poor black kid CAN become the ganster-rap artist, an NBA 1st draft pick, a future full back for the NFL, or a general P-Diddy-esque socialite.  Just keep rapping and lifting weights like the other 30 million black kids, and don't think about engineering or accounting.  YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS, labor market realities and "aspiring rap artists'" life expectancies be damned.

I can go on, but the point is that they are not only deluded to think they never made a mistake and are therefore not responsible for their current position in life, but that they are capable of, if not entitled to, great success.

This puts minorities and women in a very dangerous economic mentality because unless they paid particular attention to their college economic courses (assuming they were even taught by a competent economist), they are completely blind to the risks involved with "having it all" and "living the American dream."  This makes them incredibly susceptible to bubbles.

For example (and this is the observation I had that prompted this post) look at the racial and sexual composition of Facebook/Twitter posters on "Law School Lemmings."  Though not the majority, minorities and women account for a disproportionately high percentage of the kids posting about law school and how they can't wait to attend/graduate.  But it's quite apparent than nobody has told them that schools are producing 2 law graduates for every 1 job currently being offered.  Matter of fact, the propaganda is so thorough current applicants and acceptees to law school are completely tuning out the dire financial straits current law graduates are facing today.  The consequence will be that of which only pretty lies can deliver - graduates with $250,000 in debt, no job prospects, and a destroyed financial future.

Another example, the housing bubble.  It wasn't until the later and last stages of the housing bubble were lending standards lowered so far (both by bankers desperate to keep the bubble going and politicians that wanted to "help" minorities) that minorities and women started entering the housing market in droves.  While at the time this may have seemed like "help" and women and minorities were "finally" going to achieve the American dream, all they managed to do was buy into the most inflated housing bubble in history AT ITS PEAK, and thus suffer the largest decline when it burst.

And finally, the retirement bubble.  Again, late to the party, women and minorities (and especially young people) who overcome their economic disposition "finally" have enough money to start stashing away for retirement.  Hurray!  Celebration!  Joy!  They're buying into a market that based on PE ratios is 60% overvalued.  Never mind that would be the exact same thing as being excited to pay what amounts to $5.20 for a gallon of gas, the propaganda and pretty lies have made them think the ability to invest is the goal unto itself, not to get an adequate rate of return (and don't even get me started about how Barack Obama's MyRA harms the disadvantaged).

We could go on, but the point is simply this - in lying to two general classes of people for political reasons you've denied them the ability to be truly independent minded and thorough in their due diligence of researching particular investments.  This is bad enough as it impairs their ability to truly assess various investments, but since you did NOT lie to the other group of people (white males) you've allowed a segment of the population to invest in different areas of life.  This "smart money" or at least "non-propagandized money" invests when it makes sense, realizes the majority of gains in these investments, AND drives up prices to the point it may get bubbly.  When other segments of the population realize how these different investments are "on fire" (housing, Dotcom, education, etc.) they come in, with what little money they have as Johnny-Come-Latelys only to be the last "bigger fool" of the "Bigger Fool Theory," buying when prices were highest, ergo getting the worst deal, and therefore suffering disproportionately compared to their White Male (and naturally-implied) Evil counterparts.

It is here everybody of all races and sexes need to wake up and realize the damage lying to different groups of people in an effort to alienate them, and thus conscript them as life-long voters for left-wing politicians, causes.  Women and minorities are not suffering an effective second-place citizenship because of evil white males or discrimination or sexism.  They are suffering a second place citizenship because leftists and socialists have been lying to them for decades.  Worse still, they believe it, and consequently pay a horrible economic price (Detroit anyone?)

Alas, it is not under my control nor my responsibility to get people to appreciate harsh truths over warm-fuzzy-feelings lies.  I have my own life and have been lectured enough by various sectors of society for daring to speak the truth or hold women and minorities up to the standards I would white males (ie-treating them as genuine equals which I thought was what the goal was).  But what I hope will convince women and minorities is how time and time again socialist and leftist causes and promises

put them in houses they can't afford only to be repossessed
lead them to chase impossible dreams instead or realistic ones
destroy their communities and cities
ruin their families
put them $250,000 in debt for a degee that just won't pay
and in short, just completely destroy and ruin their lives.

Then again, I've never seen such propaganda that was so thorough and so effective.  It would not surprise me if the entirety of my brilliant argument above would simply be dismissed with an accusation of being "white male" or having some kind of "privilege" thus blinding my "ignorant ass" to the "real problems."

Oh well, enjoy the decline.

Dave Has a Cocktail in the Bachelor Pad

Why don't you join us for a spell?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to Be an Architectural Genius Like Frank Lloyd Wright

Hee hee:

Last Day of White Male Appreciation Week

For the final day of White Male Appreciation Week we celebrate electricity.  Now many people will insist on either Edison or Franklin, but we're going to go with Tesla.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Not Obligated to Pay for Your Drinks Sweetheart

Besides, that would be sexist.  And we all know how much you want to earn the title "independent."

White Male Appreciation Week Continues

Today we celebrate diversity by pointing out another contribution of white males - freedom.

Also another post celebrating White Male Appreciation Week.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Goodbye and Good Riddance to Gamestop

May they enjoy bankruptcy after overcharging and underpaying a generation of avid video game players.

Oh, and you will have CAPITALISM to thank for the lower prices and consequential increased standards of living for their demise.

(language warning)

White Male Appreciation Week

Today for White Male Appreciation Week we celebrate wheat.

Well, white men didn't invent wheat, but one of them DID invest a strain of wheat resistant to disease and yeast which did more to end hunger than all of the celebrity aid to Africa.

You too can celebrate White Male Appreciation Week by posting achievements and contributions to society by various white males!

Housing Not Peaky Yet

With the recovery of housing prices, but an obvious lack of economic growth (not to mention genuine hope from the non-parasitic classes), many people are concerned about another housing bubble.  Of course increasing housing prices has allowed people to finally refinance....

5 years later
after they could have really used it
no thanks for HARP v. 1, 2, 3...n

which has eased personal finances somewhat, but once again is there that specter of a housing bubble.

Well, you're lazy, but loveable economist who decided to stay up all night playing video games decided to check before he went to bed this morning and no, it does not look like there's a bubble....yet.

Using a simpler measure of housing prices to economic production we see what we surmised (increasing prices, but no economic growth), but it is nowhere near as peaky as the idiot-fueled bubble of 2006.

Naturally to be professional about it one would look up the price to rents ratio, but I'm lazy and decided to do this temporary hack job instead.  Besides, if you want to worry about something, worry about the education bubble.

Explaining Why Feminists Tend to be Ugly

There are no ugly people, only lazy people.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

New Blogroll Additions - Page for Men and




White Male Appreciation Week

Today for White Male Appreciation Week we highlight the invention of refrigeration which allowed for the storage of food over long periods of time, not to mention airconditioning!

Why Marty Seifert is Mark Dayton

It is no secret I loathe Mark Dayton.  He embodies everything I hate about politics and politicians.

He never worked a real job, chose an easy major, didn't earn his money, and values himself more highly than the people of Minnesota because it's more important for him to run for office and become a senator or governor and have something to do rather than let a better qualified individual represent Minnesotans.  He is the embodiment of why government is ineffectual and the primary cause for the decline and decay in America today.

In 2014 Minnesotans have an opportunity to select somebody with leadership and real world experience instead of giving their Dayton-namesake trustfund baby brat another term for his hobby.  And naturally a pool of Republican candidates have formed.  Prominent among them is Marty Seifert, a man who's been a Republican regular on the scene.

He is no different than Mark Dayton.

Not in terms of being a trustfund baby (he isn't).
Not in terms of him having a naive political ideology (he doesn't).
And certainly not in terms of me loathing him (I don't, I rather like the guy personally)

But when it comes to work history, he and Mark Dayton are no different, and it is the primary reason the Republicans have gotten their assess handed to them time and time again in one of the most liberal states in the nation.

First, Marty is a career politician.  And worse, he is an ineffective career politician. He's too damn nice of a guy.  But Marty shouldn't take this personally. Pretty much every republican leader in Minnesota has been ineffectual playing the DFL's bitch for the past 50 years.  Regardless, his resume shows it.  The man has been running for office the day he graduated from college.  What kid is qualified to run for office fresh out of college?  None, really, but again, like Mark Dayton, it's not for the people, but for Marty he opted to run.

Second, a worthless degree.  Nothing says, "I don't want to work hard at life and think I should lead other people" than a young man telepathing it by declaring a political science major.  Mark Dayton's education major was no better, but again, I'm trying to point of the similarities to explain why Marty is going to be no better.

And finally, no private sector experience.  Marty's career is primarily running for office with a stint as a teacher (just like Mark Dayton) which is also not a real job.  Admitted, he's been in real estate now for a while and that sliver of experience is more than what Mark Dayton, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi have combined, but not enough to be effective in the governorship.

In short, Minnesota republicans have a choice.  Same ole same ole, in which case we will get the same ole same ole:

Wimpy, timid, meek Republican leaders constantly playing defense with the same old tired tactics


A candidate with private sector experience, real world experience, real leadership and somebody who's been a normal person that did something aside from "run for office."  And in this group there's more than one candidate running.

Dave Thompson (who in full disclose I know and worked with) has worked as an attorney, ran a business, and moonlighted as a radio show host on the side.

Scott Honours, who I've met has degrees in economics and business, but more importantly has been working in the private sector the entire time as a turn around specialist, buying and improving various businesses. 

THere are others, but the point is simply this:

If you want to have any success in changing Minnesota from a liberal state progressively drifting left to one you'd like to live in instead of think of moving out of, you can't keep nominating the same cookie cutter noob politicians. YOu need something different, you need somebody who is able to think outside of the box and strategize, you need somebody that's actually had to face real problems and real challenges.

Politicians like Dayton and Seifert don't have that experience.

Private sector candidates do.

Starting thinking like a Republican for once and turn to the free market for your solutions. Not the government or politicians.

Fueling the Internet Media Empire

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Chad Elkin's Tax Guide

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Night Linkage

Woman marries her dog proving there are no good men to find.

U of Michigan activists trying to force STEM majors to pay for worthless graduate students TA positions take mandatory diversity/race classes. 

Cool time chart showing European borders.

Roosh unplugs.

David reviews Bachelor Pad Economics.

Coolest picture ever (anybody know the artist for due props?)

All Female Company Goes Bankrupt

a review of Mr. Peabody,
why you should boycott the new Muppet movie,
how conservatives are wimps when it comes to boycotting,
a discussion about Crimea and Ukraine,
how the sole source of pride for youth today "college,"
Law School Lemmings,
making your friends who ditched you once they found a girlfriend pay a fee to be let back into the gang when she dumps him,

and MORE

in this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast!

On With Kerry Lutz

Got interviewed by Kerry on his show, The Financial Survival Network.  We chat about the weather and how the world of podcasting is evolving.

Why Most Lawyers are "Scum"

"Fornication Trophies"

Freaking hilarious.  And no, it's NSFW, and he curses.

White Male Appreciation Week

In the spirit of diversity we highlight another achievement of white males today - vaccines.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Night Linkage

I have said before, and I 100% sincere about this, that if women were to lose weight in America that would increase economic production infinitely more than the trillions in Keynesian spending  because hot chicks incentive men, not government welfare checks.  And men are the primary producers and innovators of society.

Now if climate model programmers would just admit the same.

He's your boy, not your man.

Liberal arts majoring daddy's girls turn to prostitution to pay the bills.  BRAVO on the "fathering" spineless, emasculated males of America!  BRA-freaking-VO! 

Heee hee.!!!

When Podcasters Replaced Pastors

An interesting epiphany hit me. 

Not when I was out hiking 13,000 foot peaks in Wyoming.
Not when I was on my thrice weekly run.
But rather when on the treadmill as this vile of a winter that refuses to end:

Podcasters are the new pastors.

I say this not for my own egotistical self, but rather an observation whilst listening an episode of Stefan Molyneux's podcast.  He was reviewing the numbers and 2013 was by far his best year.  Over 50 million downloads, the "Truth About" series helping with that, and enough income to at least keep the lights on.  This all without a building to preach in, housing, or a congregation all provided by the parish.  It was with a microphone, a computer, some bandwidth, and some servers Stefan (and his adjutant) Michael were able to deliver, in just one year, more "sermons" in the form of podcasts to more listeners' ears in a week than your average pastor will deliver in his lifetime. 

Driving this naturally is technology.  And of course people would rightly point out this could have been said about radio hosts.  However podcasters pose a greater threat to pastors than radio show hosts in that they don't need to cover the overheard of a radio station and a radio tower.  Ergo, they can focus on special niches in life and attract smaller, but very loyal audiences, instead of aiming for a mass, boring, indifferentiated market share.

The result is a plethora of podcasts and shows that address every imaginable topic.  Aurini and Molyneux cover philosophy.  I have my own economics/sociological/courting podcast.  Ed has his political podcast.  Kerry Lutz his precious metals podcast.  FTM their survival podcast.  Alton Brown his...well..."I'm Alton Brown and everything I touch turns gold because I'm that freaking cool of a guy" podcast.  Every imaginable facet of life has a podcast and people can now tune into very specific and precise shows leaving the mass-market-appealing radio shows behind.

But the area podcasters give pastors a run for their money is philosophy and real-world advice.  And this is where podcasters are not so much putting pastors out of business, but eating their lunch.

Understand with philosophy, life advice, financial consulting, dating, etc., podcasters are serving a horrendously underserved market of (primarily) youngerish people (45 and younger) who have been misled purposely or unintentionally by all instititutions and entities in society.  Revisiting much trampled ground before - courting, careers, dating, health, politics, government, etc., etc., - nearly every one 45 and under have been lied to about the real world.  Consequently they very much are lost sheep and are in desperate need of being deprogrammed from the brainwashing they received and then being informed about how the actual real world works.

However, whereas this would be the domain of pastors and clergy members, they fail miserably addressing these social problems because they have their hands tied behind their back.

Tied by what?


Whether you are a rabbi, a priest, an imam, or a pastor, you are relegated to to dispensing advice through the lens of the Torah, Koran, or Bible.  You are also further regulated by tradition where all of your sermons must be religious.  Ergo, the best a man of the cloth can do is lecture around 500 people once a week, pulling a lesson from their religious tomes that has a real life world application.  This of course ONLY AFTER you waste 25 minutes on the front and 25 minutes on the back of the sermon doing calisthenics, kneeling, praying, singing, and saying, "the lord be with you" to some stranger to your right.  And heaven help you if there's a baptism or communion. For 2 hours of attendance, you maybe get 15 minutes of sermon, 2 minutes of which is actually practical advice.

But not with podcasts.

With podcasts it's direct, topic specific, and immediately practical to your life.  There's no interruptions with pointless 3,000 year old traditions and chanting.  It's a fraction of the cost of tithing (because all your good religious people tithe, right?  RIGHT?).  And it can be listened to anywhere.

Now, will the advent of podcasting flatten the churches, raze the synagogues, and destroy the mosques?  Well, one can hope,  As long as there are people there will always be religion.  However, what will happen is philosophy, advice, leadership, economics, political, and other "life guiding" sorts of podcasters will become the effective new pastors.  Not because they set out to do so, but because they are actually doing the jobs of what pastors were originally supposed to be doing, but can't because of the religious handicap.  You throw in technology and the traditional "business model" of a church (with physical buildings, organs, staff, etc.) is about as obsolete as a radio station.  And if there's any doubt, realize even a lousy, curse-laden podcast like mine, has about 2.5 times the weekly "attendance" than the average Wisconsin Synod Lutheran pastor.  Then again, it's pretty hard not to beat those sermons.

White Male Appreciation Week

This week we celebrate the contributions white males have made to the world and society.  We just want to participate in celebrating diversity like every other political group does in America.

Today's White Male Achievement is Double Entry Book Keeping.

It's not a major contribution. Just that the entire world's GDP and global economy wouldn't exist without it.

Celebrate White Male Appreciation Week by using the hashtag #whitemaleappreciationweek or pointing out contributions that you appreciate having in life!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Day Linkage

That math and accounting thing is tough, huh sweetheart?

Some sociological observations from a bouncer about the night club scene.

White Male Appreciation Week

Hey kids!  It's White Male Appreciation Week!  Celebrate the achievements and contributions of white males this week...not to mention incidentally irk all the right people.  Here's my contribution, a list of few achievements and innovation of white males!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Blogroll Additions - Victory Girls and Matt Walsh

You will visit Victory Girls because who doesn't like 1940's style women and pin ups?

And Matt Walsh.  Very good writing.  You know when somebody says, "Oh, this restaurant has the best food" and you're like, "ehhh...I doubt it."  Well this guy does actually write well.

Why I'd Like to Have a Drink With Larry Brown

Larry Brown died.  Among his many possessions was a 1969 Shelby GT Mustang.

But what is interesting is how there was no heir to his estate. 

Larry never married, had no kids, and thus, he was a statistical anomaly.

An anomaly I would wish I could have conversed with.

Let us think about a man like Larry Brown.  He didn't marry, didn't have kids, but had enough taste to purchase and store a classic American car.  What kind of life did this guy lead?

He was obviously an independent thinker, did not conform, and probably did his own thing.  Had enough money to purchase the epitome of American muscle car classical lore, but still, no family and no wife.  I don't know if I have more admiration or pity for the guy, but still, somebody unique enough that the tragedy isn't the fact the car has not heir, but that his life, observations and wisdom will not be passed on.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Night Linkage

Men are attracted by the physical but marry character.

Black Men, You Have Officially Been Replaced By Government

And white, hispanic, asian, and every other man, you're not far behind.

I cannot think of a more empirical bit of evidence of the totalitarian state taking over people's private lives and the resultant human filth that ensues.

Did Keynes Ever "Think of the Chidlren?"

I think not.

Help the Captain on Fiction vs. Nonfiction

Greetings Lieutenants, Economists, Agents in the Field, and Chillllldren!

I need your input and help before I select my next "serious" book to write.  Namely, whether I should leave my traditional route of non-fiction and write a fictional book.  I am distinctly aware the two are very different beasts and because of this I know that fans of non-fiction may not be fans of fiction and vice versa.  In short I have a REALLY cool book idea, but as with any project of this size it has to pay off financially.  Ergo, if there's no market for it, then I will not write it.

If you could kindly voice your opinion in the comments section I would appreciate it.  Also I do NOT want my feelings spared.  I want to make money.  Therefore, even if you think "aw, how sweet, the Captain really wants to write this book.  I don't like fiction, but I'm going to tell him to write it anyway" DON'T.  I want the truth.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Women Don't Care How You Got Your Money, As Long As You Spend It On Them

My latest piece at ROK.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Night Linkage

Who doesn't enjoy a good story about a strip club?

Dropping your kid off at daycare is a dereliction of duty.  You replaced mothers with the state and this is what you get.

Role models for young girls.  Hint there's a "right" and a "wrong" one.

Dear Stupid Students, America Can No Longer Afford Your Stupidity

A student majoring in "Design" gets into $163,000 in debts and asks you, me, and all the other taxpayers to bail her out.

I provide a response where I attempt to be as polite as possible...but more or less fail.

Post post - 60 year old returns to school to get a DUAL degree in British Literature and Creative Writing.  Somebody please make it stop. 

POST POST POST - OK, call off the dogs.  She admits she made a mistake and is owning up to it.  From her site:
***UPDATE*** 3/13/2014 Thank you all for viewing this video. It was very hard for me to do. To face the mirror of my own mistake was hard! Thats the just of the sincerity of the video. I understand this is a very passionate subject for most people. By no way am I saying that I want the government or tax payers to pay for the loan I knew I took out. That is not the point of this video. The point is that private student loan borrowers are not eligible for the same consolidation privileges federal student loan borrowers are. That's all. I wish I could go back in time and not take the private loans out.

Why Does Secession Have to Be Violent?

how you can't force yourself to sleep,
are cats as flippant and arrogant to god when they die and go to Kitty Heaven,
and any country with only 6,000 troops deserves to get invaded,


In this episode of The Clarey Podcast!

Nick Steves - New Blogroll Addition

New addition to the blogroll.  Nick Steves

The Mel Gibson Career Paradox

Say you are really good at something.

No, actually, say you're the best.

You went to school for whatever it was, graduated top of your class, know your field inside and out, and are so good at what you do you know who your competition is and they number no more than three.

That's how good you are.

Now you try to go into your field and you find out, despite how good you are, you run into various obstacles.  Inept bosses, drama-politicking co-workers, duties that are beneath your ability, corruption, or a constant ramming of heads with management.  None of these things have anything to do with your ability or skill, but they do have a direct effect on your performance and career.

Now say you think that job is a one time fluke and you find another one.  But sure enough you start to run into the exact same problems.  Old fart bosses who can't do Excel, management that turns a blind eye to either huge opportunities or devastating threats.  Co-workers that don't carry their weight or, worse, purposely sabotage you at every corner.  You really aren't doing anything wrong, there's no reason for these roadblocks, it's just that you keep running into incompetent, braindead turkeys that won't let you soar at your eagle capacity. 

You try and try again, but it's the same thing at job after job again.  Mundane duties, never allowed to achieve your best, petty politics and moron managers, constantly ramming heads...

Well son, you unfortunately suffer from the Mel Gibson Career Paradox.

You see, you may be the best in your field.  You may be able to see with 20/20 vision what others can't or won't.  You may be 100% right in everything you do and observe and would indeed make the best CEO in that industry, but alas, there is something about you that makes you completely incompatible with the industry.  It's nothing bad or good, you just have some trait, some characteristic that makes success in that industry an impossibility.

In the case of Mel Gibson and thus the paradox, Mel Gibson is an incredibly talented actor.  He is also an incredibly talented director/producer making one of the few billion dollar grossing film.  He is hands down one of the best in his field, alas his personality and alcohol-induced rants are traits that just do not abide with the leftist Hollywood powers that rule the movie industry.  Forget that he's talented.  Forget he can bring in billions.  And forget that many in Hollywood are bigots, racists, and anti-American themselves.  He just doesn't jibe with the industry. 

Same thing with Peter Schiff, Robert Shiller, and dare I throw myself into the mix.  It was as clear as day to us that the housing market was hyper inflated and bad loans were being made.  Had the government and/or the banking industry merely listened to any one of us, the Great Recession would have never happened.  Alas, where are the three of us now?  I cannot speak personally to Peter Schiff or Dr. Shiller, but I'd imagine much like me, they rammed heads with management in their early career days and never made much head way in the financial services industry.  However, there is no doubt that we are "top men" in our respective industries.  Still be it our personalities, the way we walk, or the fact our intelligence scares the piss out of inept and corrupt banking executives, none of us had successful careers in the finance industry.  We just had that "trait" that made it mutually exclusive.  And thus the lesson to all of you.

Understand that while you may be the best in your field, AND you may be 100% right, various sectors, segments, and industries of society have become so corrupt or so infiltrated with different groups of people, that qualities and traits you have, that have nothing to do with you ability, skill, or the profession, will make it impossible for you to work in those fields.  And whereas in the past this may have meant your skin color, your religion, or your ethnicity, today it can be things as innocuous and petty as "you're too moral," "you're too smart," "you know too much," "you're not corruptible," "you just don't play ball well," "you lack the ability to kiss ass," "you don't dress right," etc. etc. etc.  But while this may be "unjust" or "not right," it is what it is.  You may be the best, but that is irrelevant.  The system and you are not compatible.  You need to find a new career.

Sadly this means many of you will have to give up your dream job or dream career.  You may really want to become a cop, but the police department doesn't want you to.  You may really want to become an accountant, but the CPA firm won't let you.  And you may want to be a nurse, but the medical industry steadfastly refuses you.  The key thing is to realize that it was never possible in the first place.  Your dream job was never to become a cop or an accountant or a nurse, because it was never feasible.   The biggest risk, however, is letting your excellence in the field force you to waste your time pursuing something that is not possible.  Ergo, even if you are the best, if your career is not flowing the way it should, and constantly has bumps in the road, it is time to give up your infeasible passion and find a feasible one. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Learning to Loathe the United States

An interesting and intellectually honest observation I had about the United States was that I never got to experience what I presumably loved about the US.  This made me realize I was being a bit hypocritical, because the US I experienced was anything but the US I was fighting for.

The US I loved was what I saw in television and was taught to me (either through parents, school, media, etc.). It's history, winning WWII, the nuclear family, truth justice, gallant country westerns, dashing heroes like James Bond (I know, British), John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, beautiful women like Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Doris Day, not to mention its entertainment culture be it jazz, comedy, fashion, etc.  But that version of the US died around 1965 and I was born ten years after.  The US I got to live in was practically the opposite.

Destroyed families, divorce, Volker Recession poverty, hideous 70's music, fashion, and entertainment.  Harlots and sluts for female actresses and vocalists, masculine women, effeminate men, spoiled rotten children, bullies and bitches, idiotic teachers, increasing taxes, recessions, bubbles, and prisons masquerading as schools.  And let's not forget a selection of women destroyed by feminism, bigotry against white males, a progressive credentialism that ensured your youth was wasted, bogus careers with false promises, and never ever coming close to achieving the American dream a la the 1940's. 

No, the two were actually quite different and it forced me to conclude something.

I hate the United States.  I loathe it.

Not the idea of America.  Not the ideals the country was originally founded on, but what it has become and consequently the US I get to live in.

It's basically a decadent, dependent pile of spoiled rotten human filth. 

This isn't to say there aren't good people in the US or that there aren't good aspects of the US, but what me, you, and everybody else has to do is wake up and realize is that the country no longer represents the ideals and ideas it was founded upon.  While we naturally surround ourselves with people we like, we have to realize that in doing so we bias our perception of the country.  And therefore while you play poker with fellow conservatives, libertarians, and self supporting people and think most people are hard working folk like you, you don't realize that the majority of the population are parasitical, have no desire to be honest hard working Americans, are brought up/brainwashed to hate the country, hate people who work hard and are successful, and whose purpose in life is nothing more than to live off of you.

If you step back, clear your eyes, and take a fresh look, you can see this "real" United States for what it is and realize this is what you've had to live in and endure:

Lena Horne vs. Madonna vs. Miley Ray Cyrus
Duke Ellington vs. Kanye West
Jimmy Stewart vs. Matt Damon
Dwight Eisenhower vs. Barack Obama
Women with decorum and class vs. feminist brainwashed arrogant lippy brats
Strong, independent men vs. wimpy, simpering obedient, emasculated "men"
Powerful classy cars vs. EPA compliant boxes
Traditional architecture vs. minimalist crap
This vs. that
Don Rickles vs. Margaret Cho

I can go on, but how can anybody champion such crap?  How can you advocate the US in its current state?

The truth is you can't.  Not unless you're one of the losers that is populating the new America.  And so I'm done.  I never got to experience a Andy Griffith Mayberry lifestyle.  I never got to come out of high school with a job waiting for me.  I don't know what it's like to have a population that wants to work with me, instead of villainize and live off of me.  And I've never walked downtown to see every man and women dressed their best as they presented themselves in public.  It's not that I'm 'sick of it,' I already am.  I'm just no longer fighting for something that isn't.  The US is not ideal.  The people that populate it have no desire to bring it back to its former greatness.  And the hell if I'm fighting for something that I've never gotten to enjoy.

Enjoy the decline!

Wednesday Night Linkage

"Parents that Suck"

A man is still a man is still a man.  I'm surprised that a corporate executive didn't kowtow to PC.

Laid back crucifixion.

New Lieutenant Added to Blogroll

Western Rifle Shooters

When Daddys Let Their Daughters Major in Crap

Oh ouch.  The ending of this is so precious, yet so sad.

Well, remember fathers.  Keep letting your pwetty wittle pwincess major in what she wants.

Why You Will See Morgan Baskin in the Future

I will make a prediction.  Not now, but in the future, you will see one Ms. Morgan Baskin in the future of politics.

She has all the qualifications:


She has no real world experience.
Never worked a day in her life.
But at the age of 18 she thinks she's qualified to be Toronto's mayor.

This is the key trait all politicians have - the arrogance and greed to put their personal interests ahead of society's.

Does this bint REALLY think she's qualified to lead the people of Toronto?

Of course not.

But that doesn't matter.  Ms. Baskin WANTS the money, fame, and above all else, easy high paying job.  She could not care less about the people of Toronto.

It is because of this is a 100% guarantee she WILL at some point in the future enter politics AND a 100% guarantee she will accelerate the decline of whatever constituency stupid enough to vote her in.

Do not say I didn't warn you or that this couldn't have been spotted a mile...err...1.6 kilometers away.

Damn Papparazzi

This was snapped without my approval or knowledge!  Now the truth is out!  I do not loathe infants.  My reputation is ruined.

Latest Episode of The Clarey Podcast

My apologies in advance, but it had to be done from the field and the audio quality is just fine, the background noise is what makes it marginal.  But still brilliant economic and sociological observations can be found.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Deteriorating Intellect of Leftists

As I've aged not only have I gained more and more insight and wisdom from hindsight, but I've noticed that society has changed along with me.  Men indeed are becoming wimpier, women more manly, people dumber and more gullible, and institutions more machiavellian.  The majority of society's trends are unfortunately downward or regressive, but it is not under my control, nor my concern.  I can only accept these truths as reality and tailor my actions and decisions accordingly.

However, one of the more prominent trends that affects my "profession" directly has been understanding and acknowledging the progressively deteriorating mental condition of leftists.  In the embryonic stages of this blog my primary purpose in setting up "Captain Capitalism" was because I was sick and tired of being the sole "republican/conservative" at the various 20 something parties I attended in liberal Minneapolis.  Sure enough somebody would out me, I'd have a cacophony of emasculated liberal males attacking me to display their oneupmanship in the hopes of sleeping with a harry-armpitted-South-Minneapolis female, and while I didn't start it, I would most definitely finish it.  Of course this ruined the party and so I decided that it would be beneficial for my social life to have some key data and charts readily available on the internet that would pre-emptively end any political arguments, allow the party to continue uninterrupted, and me not ending up the "right wing nazi asshole" by the end of the evening.

But something funny happened.

After no less than 5 years of compiling empirical data, terabytes of charts, and what I consider to be one of the best depositories of economic data in the world, I noticed not ONE leftist was ever convinced or even phased by the preponderance of evidence I had amassed on my blog.  They would claim "X," I would show them "Y," and then they would execute the most cowardly and delusional mental acrobatics to weasel out of it.  It was until no more than 3 years ago that I finally realized leftists had absolutely NO desire to seek out reality or truth, but rather preferred to have a religion or belief system that made their fragile psychies and egos feel good.

This had a significant effect on my blog and other online activities as I no longer wasted my time compiling empirical economic data or statistics.  Why would I waste my time compiling data, when I would get responses like "well my perception is reality?"  The left has absolutely no intention of having an intellectually honest discussion.  Ergo the switch some of you may have noticed from pure, hard-core economics to mockery, ridicule, philosophy, Manosphere, and antagonism.  But while this observation provided the impetus for the switch of focus on my blog, it also opened my eyes to a much larger and deeper phenomenon - the decaying intellectual capacity of leftists.

The absolute absence of any desire to be honest, truthful, and seeking reality at 20 something parties was just the tip of the ice berg.  It was a symptom of a much larger problem.  Here were presumed "adults," college educated even, who would have a glass of water put in front of them and when told "that is a glass of water" lacked the ability to acknowledge it for what it was.  This delusion or denial was just the first  of many symptoms of a decaying intellect.

The second thing I noticed was leftist mind's inability to handle literalness vs. general points.  A perfect example is where Tom Leykis always always always has to correct his female callers when they call in and say,

"Oh yeah!!!!???  Well my friend, she's 55 and never married and SHE DOESN'T HAVE CATS!!!!"

Instead of listening to the general point being made about most people who are female, 55, and have cats, the leftist ignores the general overall point attempting to be made and scrambles to find an anecdote or a datapoint that disproves the overall point.

Forget the overall point wasn't literally saying, ALL women who are 55 and single have cats, no just desperately try to find the outlier example that does not follow the general rule.

On the flip side, the leftist mind shows the capacity to be literal when it chooses.  I've written scores of paragraphs, making a concise point, abbreviating the logic so it is easier to the readership.  And mercy do they point out the gaps  or the inconsistencies.  I wish I could provide an example, but the criticisms are so petty and not-germane to the topic, none come to mind right now.

Regardless, what this once again proves is the leftist mind has no desire to adhere to reality.  Only support the religion/script.  So it has the ability to CHOOSE to be literal when it wants to be, and general when it doesn't.

This third sign of mental decay was the inability of leftists to adhere to any kind of logic.  I never thought logic a great or incredible skill because I think the brain is naturally programmed to unconsciously incorporate "if then" "and" "a=b, b=c, then c=a" and other proof-type logic into debate and conversation.  But apparently it must be a herculean task to adhere to because leftists just seem immune to logic.

They lack ANY capacity to be logical, let alone adhere to any kind of linear argument.  Ergo, while you may think "OK, I can't beat them with an empirical argument, so I'll get them on logic," forget it.  Once you paint them into an inescapable corner, they either engage in intellectual dishonesty to make it seem their position is logically tenable, or they switch the topic of conversation, usually accusing you of an "ism" of sorts.

This leads to the fourth symptom of a deteriorating mind - non-sequitur arguments.

If you and I were having a debate about dogs and I all of the sudden started talking about cats, you might wonder if I had a few screws loose.  If we were talking about the best way to get to Sturgis and then I bring up the route to Tallahassee, you might wonder if you shouldn't have carpooled with somebody else.  But when a leftist switches the debate from the crushing debt we're destroying our children with to "Oh yeah, well Reagan had death squads in Central America!" that's viewed as "intelligent" or "strategic."

No, it's not.  It's a mental flaw.  A mental impairment.  A sign of a dysfunctioning and inadequate intellect.  If you pulled that kind of switcheroo off as a 9 year old boy in the 4th grade you'd be given Ritalin.

Naturally anybody who's argued with a leftist or paid the slightest bit of attention when debating one, has observed and witnessed these symptoms.  Perhaps some of you, after bashing your head into a wall trying to actually argue with a leftist, had the wisdom to acknowledge they were mentally handicapped and stopped.  But most recently, I've found evidence that the leftist intellect is deteriorating even further.  And mental deterioration in this specific category has scary ramifications:

Leftists are losing the ability to understand satire and sarcasm.

It was a spate of hate-filled, curse-laden, death-threat-full comments in the past couple of months that made me realize leftists are starting to lose their ability to discern sarcasm and joshing.  One instance was a podcast or video (I can't remember which) where I was opining about what celebrities I could take in a fight.

Bono, no.
Clooney, probably not.
Matt Damon, unfortunately no.
But Leonardo DiCaprio, sure!

Was I REALLY going to challenge any of these people to fights?
Do I REALLY want to beat up Leonardo DiCaprio?

But in comes the tirade about how "I'm not a real man" and "Look at the pussy acting all macho" and "You never served like in Nam, have you ever hunted man" and "I know a ditch you'd fill well" etc. etc. as if I was actually serious about fighting Hollywood celebrities.

It was this instance combined with others that made me realize leftists take everything you say seriously and no longer can tell when you are kidding.  They can't take a joke.  They can't laugh.  They are so serious and insecure about their politics, their intellect no longer has the capacity for humor.

And this is why it is scary.

Humor, it is my humble belief, is proof of a high intellect.  Squirrels don't laugh.  Cows don't cut jokes.  But humans do.  It is humor that not only makes humans human, but is also the primary reason I believe there is a god and that humans are indeed special (besides, theology aside, comedians as a group have surprisingly high IQ's).   So when a human no longer shows the capacity to identify and appreciate humor, it shows a regression in their mental capacity.  This isn't to say all leftists don't appreciate a good joke, but i have noticed the preference (or perhaps purposeful choice) of leftists to take offense and umbrage, and then display rage and anger at something that was patently sarcasm.  You combine this inability to discern humor with all the other aforementioned mental deficiencies (lack of intellectual honesty, lack of logic, problems with literalness, non-sequiturism) and the ramifications are indeed scary, namely... 

The liberal zombie.

To be blunt, when you try to talk reality and sense to a leftist today, they more often than not end up getting angry, sometimes rageful.  And while most won't throw a punch, what if they were starving?  What if they were unemployed and constantly teetering on the verge of poverty?  What if they were brought up under an environment of constant brainwashing, hate, bigotry, and classism?  What if the EBT, TANF, and WIC checks suddenly bounced in an economic melt-down?

Do you really think you're going to be able to sit there, with a mob of starving leftists charging you saying,

"No, wait, you don't understand.  You see the Chinese cut off our funding and so the federal government had to print money to meet this quarter's social spending demands, but this triggered inflation and is why those checks have lost 90% of their purchasing power.  You see, if we just vote for fiscal austerity this next election cycle and reform our social programs, we can reverse this?"

These people, even the college educated ones, scoffed and did Cirque de Solei level mental acrobatics to dismiss your literal and factual chart.  Do you think they're, let alone their ignorant mass-sheeple counterparts are going to pay attention, let alone heed your arguments?

The sad truth is you aren't dealing with sane mental individuals.  You really aren't.  This is not hyperbole or rhetoric.  This isn't even to slander leftists for political reasons.  It's factual.

Leftists are mentally impaired.

And if their deteriorating ability to laugh at humor is any indication, it looks like they're getting worse.

Perhaps all that zombie ammo in the stores isn't a joke.


Aaron Clarey is a mean, evil, right wing libertarian who hates everybody, but especially women and minorities.  He lives at home in his mother's basement and is a 42 year old virgin who can't get any.  He writes stuff, but you should ignore it because of his CISgenderedness-privilege-white-maleness.

He is the author of "Enjoy the Decline," "Worthless" and "Bachelor Pad Economics", has a Youtube Channel, and is host of The Clarey Podcast.

You should buy them so you can burn them because burning books is good, unless you're a Nazi, then it's bad.  You should also do a Youtube video about what a jerk he is, especially if you're a 20 something college student who think you know everything.

Tuesday Night Linkage

I am once again intrigued by Islamic economics.  The idea of the abolishment of debt as well as rules imposed on traders in the 000's cause for an interesting study.

The latest Aurini podcast about heavy metal, philosophy, porn, suicide and other family-friendly topics.

Apparently 20 something American women do not watch "Hogan's Heroes" or "The Victor Borge Show."

It's called capital flight and it's a feature, not a bug, of socialism.  Also notice how they all are workers and contribute to GDP.  I'm sure a country of people who don't contribute to GDP will do just fine.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

The Stock Market is NOT the Economy

For everybody who points to the stock market as a "sign" of economic success or good governance:

John Campbell - "Capitalism Isn't Fair!"

Somebody call the WAAAAAAAAMbulance.

Video and simpering whinny baby cry girl here.

What Happens When You Take Away Career, Family, Wives, and Financial Success From Men?

This - implosion.

But remember social scientists, economists, and policy makers - men should NEVER be factored into your decision.  Never.  They're only half the population and the group that produces and innovates nearly everything in society.  You don't want to factor them ever into your decision making.

The Truth Industry

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