Friday, August 31, 2018

The Podcast Substitute

Cappy was busy fighting scorpions again, not to mention installing a new water heater, repairing a washer, and a ton of other stuff that escapes his taxed mind right now.  He also got deluged with requests for Asshole Consulting, some of which he deemed worthy enough for a post.

"What's a Studly Asian Gotta Do to Get a Date Around Here!!!?"
"Should I Marry My Communist Girlfriend...Or Just Live With Her?"
"How to Get Politics Out of Your Life"

Upon returning to the Northern Command, Cappy will hope on his motorcycle and immediately head to South Dakota for a bit of R&R.  There is an outside chance Cappy will podcast during his walk to the bus tomorrow though.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bitcoin Should Be Part of Everybody's Investment Portfolio

This, this, and even more, this.

Whatever your reservations about cryptocurrency, the technology does exist now that you can send the lion's share of your wealth overseas to a more stable country should your country become volatile and your currency crash.  Just think about white South African Farmers and what a tool this is to them.

Admittedly, it's not everyday your government tries to confiscate currency or implement currency controls on your country, but there's a chance, and thus why cryptocurrencies play more of a role like insurance than it does speculation or commodities.

You don't need a lot.  You just need some, much like I recommend every person should have 200 ounces of silver.  The only problem is just what an infernal pain in the ass it is to buy and sell bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Still, a lot less calories of energy than it would be if you had to rebuild your entire life time wealth.

On a related note - I also said this years ago, but went even further saying paying off debt should be a qualified "contribution" to your 401k or IRA.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Your Gender and Skin Color Have No Value

I try to stay in the real world.  It may not be nice but the rules are known and it is merocratic.  Typically if I work hard, I am rewarded hard.  I'm fully aware that things aren't always fair.  I am aware of the existence of luck and chance (both good and bad).  And I do not blame anybody but myself when I make mistakes or make successes.  But the best thing about living in the real world is it is sane.  It may not always go my way, but at least I understand WHY things are happening.  And by following this "real world political ideology" it confers upon me sweet and blessed sanity.

But then I got a peek into the world of academia.  A world where gravity does not pull down.  Your chromosomes do not determine your sex.  Being lazy should be rewarded.  And nearly all of its participants have NEVER set a toe  in the real world.  There's many a-strange things going on there, and the participants in academia are suffering from their insanity.  But one of the stranger things my buddy told me about in academia was a veritable and actual "hierarchy" among the liberal arts departments where the more disabilities you had, the higher ranked you were.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the concept of this "Professional Whiners Arms Race."

A white male who is straight is the lowest ranked member in this world.
You get a leg up if you happen to be female.
You get another point if you're not straight.
You get another promotion in if you're not white.
You get an extra added bonus if that race is black.
Yet another point if you're neither straight, nor gay, but one of the 40 imaginary genders that's been made up in the past 2 years.
Another point if you're physically disabled.
And another point if you're mentally disabled.
And if you can pull off all 8 of the above, you can add the cherry on the top of simply not being Christian.

And though most of us in the real laugh at this veritable bigotry, hatred, and insanity, the participants in academia take it VERY seriously.

You LITERALLY DO have more clout, more cache if you're a lesbian black woman who's disabled, than if you're a Latina straight woman (no matter how great your communist credentials).

You LITERALLY DO have more pull and value in the organization if you're a phlebosexual female Zoroastrian, than if you are phlebosexual MALE Zoroastrian.

As long as you can prove you are more of a mental, faux-disadvantaged nut case than the other, you will get preferential treatment in terms of hiring, made-work jobs, professional status, social standing, and, ideally, money.

But there is a message I would like to pass on into the world of academia.  The world of education.  The world of the media.  And any other insane world where people's gender, skin color, who they want to fuck, and what they identify as is viewed as being meritorious and valuable.

Traits don't have value.

I'm going to say it again, in case you didn't get it the first time.

Traits, including yours', have no value.

And the reason traits have no value is two fold.

First, traits produce nothing of value.  Me being white, my buddy Richard being black, and my friend Kari being female produces nothing and offers nothing of value to anybody.  However, my buddy Kahn (gay) DOES produce something of value for society.  Not because he prefers to suck dick over bang pussy, but because he's an architect.  He builds beautiful (and safe) buildings that will house people, house businesses, provide something aesthetically pleasing for the public to look at, and save some money for the owner in energy efficiency.

I produce value in authoring a suite of books that, for what meager price I charge, will save you easily 100's of thousands of dollars in the future, not to mention decades of your life.  This is regardless of me being white or liking girls with big titties.

And then there's my buddy Atham.  You in academia may be masturbating to the fact he's Mexican, and certainly you would give him more scholarship money and job offers than his white, straight counterpart.  But him simply being Mexican does not offer society anything of value.  He DOES however produce value in that he is a window washer and an engineering major.  He in all truth and reality produces more value in a single hour washing windows than all of the humanities and liberal arts professors do in their entire "careers." 

The real issue to understand with value is that it's a lot like beauty - it is not unto yourself.  It requires the acknowledgement and demand of other people.  You can't simply say "I'm beautiful" because it is other people (namely the opposite sex) that determine whether you are or not.  And "value" is the same thing.  Until you produce something of value that other people want, you are by all technical definitions a worthless human.

Second, you do nothing to earn your traits.  You're born with them.  Or perhaps you choose them.  But not one person in the world of academia's Disability Oppression Arms Race Industry has expended a calorie of energy "earning" their coveted traits.  They were simply born with them or lazily chose them.

Good for you. Your dad was black.  Your mom was black.  They fucked. And you came out.
No value.

Good for you.  You hate religion.  You're from a poor family.  You're a lesbian.  And you got a really neato tattoo to signify what it means to you.
No value.

Good for you.  You're a straight white have the ADHDHDAspergerAustism-itis AND you can't shut up about being an atheist?
No value.

All of you lack the work, toil, challenge and effort it takes to actually ACCOMPLISH something.  To achieve something of greatness or just tangible worth.  And while you think you're being clever substituting your effortless traits in for hardship, toil, labor, and effort, it is in eschewing those things you deny yourself the galvanizing experiences that forge great people.  You don't start a business.  You don't employ people.  You do not pick fruit.  You don't even babysit.  You mentally masturbate over your traits (both real and imagined) because actually accomplishing something is too hard.  And thus you waste your life as an unmentionable and unaccomplished person.

What's really going on here is clear as day to anybody who isn't a low IQ moron or conformist.  You're all too lazy to work jobs.  You're all too sad and pathetic to carry your own weight.  But you can't very well come out and say, "we want the rest of you people to be our slaves so we don't have to work real jobs."  And so you make way for academia where the canard that "college students and college professors are smart" protects you from the non-critical-thinking person's eye.  American sheep vote in "more money for education" because you "just can't put a price on education" and you financially rape young American students of their tuition money for completely worthless and bogus degrees.  Even more vile you create and concoct entirely new and fabricated traits so even more people can get into the racket (it is no coincidence 435 genders and I would also contend ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, etc. were created so spoiled white kids from the suburbs could also play the victim game).  But the worst thing you do is cowardly hide your laziness and parasitism behind your traits, accusing anybody who accuses you of being a fraud an "ist" or an "ism."  Lucky for you most people are just too stupid too see through this Professional Victim Whoring, and those that do are often times too tempted by the easy work-avoidant life of being a professional victim whore themselves.

I am completely confident that the future will entail even more academics, students, and other work-fearing people.  I have no doubt academia will continue strong as you continue to endebt poor kids up to $150,000 for a degree in "Transgendered African Disabled Poetry" or convince Tanner "The SWPL" Swanson that he has social anxiety disorder, is disabled and is thus entitled to other people's money.  The sweet lie of a work-free life is very tempting and most Americans are too lazy and stupid to refuse it.

But there is a cost and it was what I referenced before.  Sanity.

To keep up the lie, especially in academia, not only do you have to spend an inordinate amount of time making it look like a profession, what microcosmic bits of genuine thought or intelligence have to be stretched out over a 4, 6 or 8 year degree.  Worse, if you wish to continue in academia, your thesis and "research" has to be on something new.  It's hard enough to write a thesis and do research, but it's impossible to do so on a topic of true nothingness.  Alas, if you read any syllabus or course description of any humanities or social science class it is a painfully verbose and euphemistic explanation of absolutely nothing.

But where the professional victim academic whores really drive themselves insane is where their fear of work is so strong, and their desire to be validated unsatiable, they will actually live the lie to the point of brain damage and insanity.  The Seattle councilman who actually thought sidewalk sprayers were "racist."  A 9 year old who thinks he's gay.  Professors who want genocide.  And an increasing number of professional victims who purposely make themselves ugly and mutilate themselves.  What minuscule, short, finite blip of life they had on the planet is not only a wasted one, but a tortured one.

There are all people of all colors who work hard and produce something of value.
There are all people of all genders who produce great works and will leave society better off when the first arrived.
And there are all people of all mental states who raise good families, have good careers, and have good lives.

But none of them for once thought their traits were of something of value or the reason for it.

Only the Professional Victim Whores of Academia and the fools that believe them think that.  And they pay a very dear price.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Older Brother Podcast #16 - The Social Media Bubble Bursting Episode

The Social Media Bubble May Burst.
How the Movie Surrogates Eerily Predicted Today.
Dating Younger Women Will Get Your Fired.
Teachers vs. Nurses vs. Dental Hygienists.
9 Year Old Gay Kid Kills Himself...Leftist ARE to Blame.

in THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast!

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How Worthless Degrees Ruin Lives

This request from Asshole Consulting was a good one because it shows how majoring in a worthless subject can ruin your life.  However, what was really sad was how this girl's family completely failed her, even pushed her into wasting 6 years on a worthless masters degree, consequently ruining her future finances forever.

With school starting soon, may I recommend as a parting gift to any college bound student, the book "Worthless."  If you listen to the video above, if that girl spent $12 on the book she would have saved herself 6 years of her life and $120,000 in student debt.  And let's not forget the life-long interest she's going to pay on that debt because her degree is not only worthless, but cripples her from putting for the work that will be necessary to free her from that debt.

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Father Could Not be Reached for Comment

Normally it's not feeding their infants protein that kills the kid because they're vegan.

This time it's worshiping at the altar of alternative genders that don't exist for 9 year olds and absent fathers.

What's worse is the mother just doesn't seem sad to see her kid dead, almost happy because of all the attention.

The Lies I Wish to Sell

As many of you know in the future I will be transitioning from trying to help society by telling them the truth, and instead feasting on them by selling them crippling, destructive lies they want to pay for.  This doesn't mean Asshole Consulting or regular, moral, ethical books will no longer be part of my content creation, but a significant amount of my time will be spent writing books of lies, clandestinely and anonymously of course.  You won't know it's me.  My signature calling card will be (hopefully) millions of sheeple's lives ruined, much like what Oprah did to Baby Boomer women.

But if you want to get an idea of what I have in mind, take a look at this.  I know it's the Daily Mail and they are a tabloid, but if just half the stuff in the is true, and the price (225 pounds) is accurate, there is SOOOOOO much money to be made in lies.

The NYT is Late to the Party...Again

I know journalism majors are some of the dumbest majors out there, but you guys are supposed to be the nervous system that alerts the public to problems BEFORE they become crises, not after.

If only somebody had been around 8 years ago to warn people about the higher education bubble...oh wait.

Feminism is Socialism

And they two could not deserve each other more:

How Safe is It Living Amongs Seattle's Homeless and Leftists?

Dr. Perrodin, if you didn't know, is a safety expert.  And when I say that I don't mean that lightly.  He is very likely the country's foremost authority on safety and has consulted everything from sheriff's departments to elementary schools.  However, this interview he talks to John Steele who escaped New York only to settle down and now is being forced to escape Seattle.  The homeless, the drug addicts, the taxes, and the feral leftists is making what was once a nice town a failed leftist municipal state where no self respective or productive person should ever live.

Certainly tune in if you were ever considering moving out to the Pacific Northwest.

Friday, August 24, 2018

The Clarey Podcast Episode #266 - Black Dynamite Episode

Solo was a damn fine movie.
Black Dynamite is a GREAT Cartoon.
Chad Elkins' Film Noir Accountant Office.
And more rambling.

in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Battlefield "V agina" - Ruining Fun With Politics

The short version is this:

Electronic Arts releases the trailer for "Battlefield V" a sequel to a long-running series of war FPS games.

The trailer gets horrific reviews because of the blatant politics where there is a handicapped woman on the cover of the game, who also happens to be the hero of the game.  Never mind women were scarcely present on the battlefields of WWII, never mind it alienated your customer base, Battlefield "V agina" will be shoved down your throats.

Electronic Arts doubles down saying that "women heroes are here to stay"because they think lying about history and virtue signaling will get more female players and boost sales.  Alan Kertz, a lead designer (I believe) of the game, triples down saying that his daughter's desire to play a WWII female soldier is more important than...well... anything else...including the $100 million MINIMUM it took to develop it and another $100 million I estimate to market it.

And if you were still hoping that you would not be lectured by gender politics in one of the few havens of fun left in your life, EA QUADRUPLES down with one of their executives, Patrick Soderlund, who said "Accept it or Dont buy the game."  Since then Mr. Soderlund has left EA.

Naturally when you ignore the demands of your customers and put politics ahead of profits, it tends to take a toll on your sales and your stock price.

But do not fear my fine fellow EA shareholder.  EA's corporate executives and managerial staff will never give up their precious politics and no amount of your profit can convince them otherwise.  This is the new marketing strategy.  This is the new point and purpose of going into business.  This is the new paradigm.  Politics must come before profits.

However, let the Ole Captain provide you a little bit of free consulting which he normally doesn't do.

I don't know if the people at Dice (EA's subsidiary in charge of Battlefield V agina) are too busy avoiding no go zones in Sweden (they're Swedish) as they bend over bow down to the altar of diversity, but perhaps they missed a couple other attempts at forcing politics in with people's fun.

Feminist Ghostbusters was (in case you didn't know Kertz) a flop.

Solo, which was actually a good movie, also flopped in part because of flooding the market with Star Wars movies, but also in part because of identity politics.

And if movies are too far removed, perhaps people remember Mass Effect Andromeda where the characters were made purposely ugly to appease an SJW minority.  I remember when it was launched and it was a debacle, but the interwebz has kept ultimate sales obscure, which leads me to believe final sales were a disappointment.

I could go on, but my point ironically is not political.  It's logical.  It's simple. It's ethical.  It's even childish.


When I was a kid I remember getting gifts on Christmas that were about Christ and Christianity.  They sucked because religion (which is not fun) was forced into, and thus ruined, my fun.

The past two years football fans, who bust their asses off during the week, and just want to sit down and enjoy a good football game on Sunday, have to have Colin Kapernic's dick shoved down their throats while he and his dipshit brigade of ungrateful millionaires claim they're oppressed and take a knee during the national anthem.  This forces politics in people's much-coveted fun, and the NFL has paid a dear price.

And if these examples don't paint a clear enough picture for you, perhaps imagining pouring yourself one of your favorite finest scotches after a long hard of working on some major project.  And right before I serve it to you I drop a big old turd into it and make you smell it.

Now I know you Swedish developers at Dice and you corporate executives in EA have been completely indoctrinated in school and college to think everything in your life has to have a political element to it.  I know every corporation in the western world simply can't make a good product at a good price, they have to virtue-signal to the rest of the world just how leftist-socialist-green-utopia-diversity-vagina-for-the-poor-transgendered-unicorn you all are. And I know, quite literally, your entire lives have been in an echo-chamber that you forgot what it's like to be a child and just want to have fun, BUT....

the rest of us in the real world haven't.

And we don't like politics forced into our fun.

The real issue is whether you guys are going to be employees for a corporation, of which you are going to work hard to put forth a product people want, making us happy, making your employer money, and making yourselves a successful career?


Are you going to become ideologues or SJW's, forcing your politics into everybody's fun?  And if you choose the later then realize that not only are you tyrants, but you're also dicks because there's no more of a dick move than ruining other people's fun.

Again, just my free advice, but I'd kindly suggest you take your turds out of my drinks.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

"Self Made" Female Billionaires

And by "self made" we mean "seed capital and a shitton of daddy's/hubby's help in starting, founding, or financing a trophy wife's company."

A Men's-Only Investment That Provides an ROI of Easily 1,000%

A problem many of my clients face is that they would like to invest, but today's financial markets are overvalued.  They don't want to earn "3%" on a bond.  They don't want a 1.8% dividend yield on stocks.  And property prices are now high enough that very few properties actually cash flow.

So what's a man to do?

Well this is why I have had people focus inward on their personal lives and finances.  Paying off your credit card is the exact same thing as investing, but pays you 14% and with no risk.  Investing $1,000 worth of home repairs today will save you $3,000 in emergency crisis repairs tomorrow.  Going back to school or perhaps getting an online certification may cost you $2,000 in tuition and fees, but it will increase your lifetime earnings by $250,000.  Even doing the $300's worth of scheduled maintenance on your car can save you thousands in future towing costs and emergency repairs.

It may not be sexy or glamorous like investing in the stock market or crypto-currencies, but it's the ho-hum, boring doldrums of personal financial management that provide rates of return EASILY above 100%, 200%, even 500%.  And over the course of your life, those savings add up.

But if there's one investment that provides the highest rate of return (aside from the book Worthless), it is a tool set.

Which tool set?

Well, for starters I'd recommend this one:
But any tool set that has enough socket wrenches, regular wrenches, and screw drivers that you can do some basic maintenance on your car or home will suffice.

The point is regardless of which tool set you get (unless it's a really crappy one) is that if you can manage just one minor car repair, three oil changes, a computer repair, or just one house repair, you've already earned the money back you spent on the tool set, which is a 100% rate of return.  And any future repairs you can do in the future will continue to add to that return, which is once again, a LOT more than the .00004% you're earning on your savings account.  Even more than what the stock market returns on an annual basis.

The only problem this investment has is that it's for men only.  I wish women could invest in this investment, but despite great strides in trying to achieve equality for women, they're banned from doing their own auto repair, home repair, and computer repair.  I wish it was different, but the oppressive, sexist patriarchy prevents women from getting underneath a car, buying oil, roofing, sheet rocking, mudding, taping, or rotating tires.

But don't worry.  I think in the future, the day will come women will achieve TRUE equality to men.  In the meantime if you'd be kind enough to make all your online purchases through my Amazon affiliate program, I sure would appreciate it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Older Brother Podcast #15 - Professional Liars Episode

Women Over 40 Are Beautiful.
Why You Should Lie.
Mike Rowe is a Bad Ass.
Single Moms Lead to Tattoos.
Seattle is Not for Single Men.
John and Cappy's Pot Show - "Weed...Dude"
Mega Church Pastors Net Worth.
Libertarian Socialists are Just Plain Socialists.
The Second 30 Years War.

And more in THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast!

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A World Without White People

South Africans will soon learn to ask the question;

"Whoa whoa whoa....wait!....Who's going to produce all the stuff?"

The Authoritative "How to Get Girls"

Eliminating a Disease

Deep down inside, despite all my cynicism, nihilism, defeatism and indifference, a small piece of me idealistically yearns for one thing and one thing only - progress.  Not necessarily in my own personal life, but in humanity for that is all we have.  Whether we're alive today, or after we're gone tomorrow, humanity continues its march forward into eternity and I would (at least in theory) like its future to be better than its past.

The problem with progress is it just doesn't seem to stick.  Matter of fact, people seem outright hostile towards it, commonly preferring to believe lies, often reacting violently against truth, damning us all to regress instead of progress.  This then forces me to "let go" of my care for humanity, and often times turn against it, logically concluding that if I'm going to get punished for telling the truth, it's at least profitable to capitalize on humanity's addiction for lies and therefore, well, frankly... fuck progress.  This is why the majority of my future work will be dedicated to selling lies to the naive masses, because not only do they NOT deserve progress, they deserve to be punished.
However, there is one bit of progress I am going to hold out for.  One small morsel of good I hope to leave society before I die.  And it is a bit of progress that like eradicating Small Pox or Polio can do the world a world of good.  And that simple tidbit of progress is to get you boys to understand WHY you should stop chasing women.

There is already a library of work on this subject ranging from videos, articles, discussion forums, even books.  Even in the embryonic days of the Red Pill community the phrase "stop putting pussy on the pedestal" identified the risks and costs associated with dedicating your entire life towards chasing girls.  However, like Polio it's not so much the fact the disease hasn't been identified (it has), it's how few men are inoculated against it and just how poorly the vaccine has been distributed.  Because for every guy who knows WHY you should not dedicate your entire life towards chasing girls, there's at least a thousand out there who don't, condemning them to waste their lives.  So I implore you to read this article thoroughly, put in the effort to comprehend and understand it completely, forward it to any men who need it, and then you will not only learn why you should not chase women, but in an ironic sense how you can actually get them.


It is now nearly a monthly event I get the same damn, tiring request at my consultancy:

"How do I get girls?"

And nearly every time it comes from a man with very distinct and specific characteristics.
First, he is 100% invariably some kind of STEM or IT professional.  An engineer, a computer programmer, an accountant.  He has worked hard, in a hard field, and is consequently gainfully employed and successful at his career.

Second, because of his choice in education he is consequently financially successful.  None of my clients had any lingering student loans.  None of them have any foolish debts.  Most are making over six figures and most are sitting on six figures in cash and cash equivalents.  Money is the least of their problems and they would make exceptional providers for any woman interested in dating them.

Third, they are methodical and logical in all things.  Their career.  Their finances.  Their education.  Everything.  Any problem, hurdle, or challenge they approach in a logical and thoughtful manner.  However, they also approach women and their romantic life in the same robotic manner.  I had one client create an Excel spreadsheet model where he would record various variables and characteristics of women and run probability statistics on whether she'd would go out with him.  I had another take stand up comedy to learn a routine (not to be "funny", BUT A GOD DAMNED ROUTINE) he could use to make women laugh.  More than one wanted to know "statistically where the highest ratio of women to men were in large American towns."  And another looked for the lowest divorce rates amongst various religions to find a quality woman (never mind whether he actually believed in the religion or not).

Fourth, most (but not all) were ugly and/or short.  There were a smattering of well-built, very attractive young men who hit the gym regularly, but nearly 85% of the men were short and/or ugly.
Fifth, uncomfortable as it may be, a majority of them were Asian.  Some were immigrants, others were domestics, but nearly all of them were Asian.  And by "Asian" I do not necessarily mean the ethnicity, as much as I mean their culture.  They could be raised in America, but by East Indian parents, under East Indian values.  Or they could be fresh from the University of Shenzhen working their first job in the US.  There were culturally Asian trying to unlock the algorithm of western dating and western women.

Finally, they were all at some level obsessed about women.  This is somewhat understandable as nearly everything else in life was going their way.  Only women remained.  And it is also understandable in that all men are supposed to be obsessed about women at some level.  But here their level of obsession was above the industrial average.  If the American average male's obsession with women was an 8, these guys were turned up to a 12.

You combine all these traits and you may have the ingredients for success when it comes to your career, your education, and your finances, but it is a DISASTER when it comes to chasing women and your dating life.  First, most of these men are used to success and achieving what they set out to do.  "Not being good with girls" could very well be the first time they failed at something in life.  This only makes successful men want to try harder in that they're doubly obsessed with not failing.  Second, their lesser physique and shortness does nothing to help them, making it nearly impossible they'll get a girl no matter how hard they try.  Third, their cultural upbringing (Asian, nerd, or whatever) hands them a heavy social/romantic handicap as if their physique was not bad enough.  But perhaps the death-blow is their methodical and logical nature.  All problems, challenges, and hurdles in their pasts they've solved through math, engineering, programming or some other kind of logic.  They always approach women the same way, as if solving their romantic problems was like solving a quadratic equation.  This not only won't work, but condemns them to failure because women are humans, not robots nor algebraic formulae.

"We're All a Nerdy, Formulaic-Obsessed, Engineer, Asian a Little Bit"

But before we pick on these men, let's admit we either currently are, or were, a little bit like them at one time.  The question of "how to get girls" has plagued all of mankind since forever and we've still yet to arrive at an answer (cough cough...until now).  It's only natural men would use their logical, statistical, and mathematical brains to help increase their chances of meeting women.  Additionally Pick Up Artistry does hold some valid truths and lessons that can be learned and will increase your chances.  And there's certainly nothing wrong with being a financially successful engineer, doctor, actuary or accountant.

The problem lies in misdiagnosing the problem as a 100% scientific one with no artistic component.  We think the problem of "getting girls" can be solved logically, mathematically, and with concrete finite answers.  We view the problem of courting women as a chemist does a formula.  If I just hit the gym, and am above 6' tall, and earn 6 figures, and "neg them" then I can approach them using "game" and they'll give me a number, which I'll wait 4.39 days to text back, giving her exactly 36 hours to agree to meet me at a bar where I will only buy her alcoholics drinks.  Failing to account for the artistic and human side of women damns nearly all of your pursuits to failure, and much, much, worse, a wasting of your precious and finite life.  And if men started putting forth the effort to understanding this artistic component we'd all have a lot more success in "getting da gurlz"...and I would get to stop answering that damn infernal question.

You're a Bland Drink


To understand this artistic component to the pursuit of women every young man needs to view himself as a bland drink.  An empty hard drive.  An empty canvas.  This doesn't mean you have no value, nor that you don't bring anything to the table, but it is simply to say you are young, inexperienced, and thus pretty boring.  You do not have the life experiences that makes you interesting, enables you to tell engaging stories, or tickle the fancies of women with charm, wit, interesting anecdotes, nor impressive life achievements.  Yes, you may luckily stumble across a young 21 year old girl in college, inebriated to the point she'd go home with you.  And yes, there's a chance you'll meet a nice 19 year old who is completely taken by your personality.  But these are statistical oddities, not industry standards.  The vast majority of women are looking for interesting men who stand out from the rest with their own record of accomplishments, achievements, and success.  They are looking for a fine, aged scotch.  A rare vintage of wine.  Heck they're looking for a Jack and Coke.  Not a glass of water.

So how does one become an interesting drink?

Simple, you don't waste your time chasing women and instead invest it in yourself.
The paradox male biology presents to every young man is that your primary goal is women, but chasing women does NOT improve your chances with them since it does not improve you as a man.  There is nothing special about going to a night club.  There is nothing special about painfully and awkwardly approaching a girl at a party.  Merely pursuing women does not make you stand out from the literally billions of every other man out there who do that everyday.  And for every second you're chasing a girl at a club, that's one less second you could spend on self-improvement.

This is why spending three hours at the gym is an infinitely better investment than three hours at a club.
This is why hitch-hiking across Asia for a month is better than taking some cockamamie PUA seminar packed with nerds.
This is why becoming a semi-pro fisherman, working at the CERN labs, or riding motorcycles across the world is better than "swiping left" on Tinder.

These life experiences are the ingredients by which you ultimately create the best version-drink of yourself.  These life experiences are the flavors that make you an interesting man.  And though you may not be every girls' cup of tea, you will certainly be more appealing than a mere glass of common water.

There is, however, a much more important reason to invest in self-improvement than merely chasing girls - yourself.  Life is finite.  You are going to die.

Do you want to be the balding, beer gut guy at the middle aged singles bar?
Or the world's most interesting man?
Do you want to be the washed up dude-bro attending divorced, Christian singles meetups at 50?
Or have a quality, reliable woman and perhaps family at 40?
Do you want to be the desperate man who mail-ordered his bride from Russia and gets divorced once she gets her green card?
Or do you want to be Indiana Jones pursuing archeology and having his students throw themselves at him?

The true cost of chasing after women at the expense of improving yourself is a life wasted.  Everything you could have achieved had you committed those trillions of calories of energy into a doctorate degree, carpentry and trades, hiking and adventuring, or health and working out is gone when you put women as the number one priority in life.  And the real kicker in the nuts is if you had invested in yourself and become the best version of you you ever could, you would have gotten more high quality girls in the long run than you'd find in a thousand years gaming at night clubs.  You simply cannot afford to waste your time chasing women - your life and success with women depends on it.

Impatience, Cowardice, and Laziness

Now you would think that like a vaccine for Polio or a cure for cancer there would be great rejoicing and celebration.  We have ultimately unlocked the secret of women.  We have finally figured out "how do I get da gurls?"  Quite literally millions of men's lives both today and into the future will be saved and better-invested.  And quite literally millions of men both today and into the future will get more women than they ever were going to had they not had this epiphany.  However, here is where the analogy between using self-improvement to get girls and using a vaccine to cure a disease ends.  Because whereas getting a vaccine is easy and simple, self-improvement is arduous and hard.  And this is where the REAL problem in "getting da gurls" lays because most of you will fail on a combination of three fronts - Impatience, Cowardice, and Laziness.

The reason I keep getting this question, the reason the entire Red Pill community keeps going around in circles about "getting da gurlz," and the reason PUA's can continue to fleece you for the lie that women are solvable, algorithmic robots is because deep down inside most of you just plain don't want to put forth the work that is required in self-improvement.  We have the answer. We have the key.  We unlocked the secret.  You just don't want to go through with it.

First, you must be patient.  The forgiveable paradox is that you are most interested in women when you're young and therefore have nothing really to offer women.  Self-improvement takes time, at least a decade of hard, dedicated work, and when you throw on a college degree with its commensurate college debt most young men are working at a significant handicap against their more-experienced, financially better-off, 30 and 40 something peers.  However, most young men are too impatient, incapable of the delayed gratification that is required to become an interesting drink, and are at some level going to waste significant amounts of time and resources chasing the girls, meeting the same fate many of our forefathers did throwing themselves at Omaha Beach.  Again, this is forgiveable as every man has done this to some extent.  But most fail by letting women dictate their entire lives instead of themselves.

Second, cowardice.  While I understand your biological hard-wiring makes you impatient, I have absolutely no tolerance for cowardice and the "fear of rejection."  Every man worth his salt has overcome his fear of rejection by courageously and indifferently asking out as many women as it took to build a callous, and therefore indifference, to rejection.  Most real men I know laugh when a girl shoots him down because they are such an interesting drink they know that woman is losing out.  However, no matter how many times I answer the question, "How do I get da Gurlz?," I know what lies at the core of my clients' and most men's preference to rely on a scientific methodologies to meet women is a cowardice of putting yourself out there and getting rejected.  A fear of getting on the mat and sparring with your partner.  A refusal to go out there and get your nose bloodied up.  Alas, if you can't take a life-saving vaccine because you're afraid of needles, you're not going to "get da gurlz" if you're too much of a coward to face rejection.

And finally, laziness.  Self-improvement is hard.  It requires work and sacrifice in nearly all fronts of life.  Educational, intellectual, career, physical, and financial.  If you wish to be an exceptional man with exceptional chances of meeting exceptional girls, you need to put in an exceptional amount of work.  STEM degrees, hard careers, a life-long commitment to working out, proper dieting, engaging hobbies, advancing your understanding of philosophy, frugality and good financial management.  Nearly every aspect of your life must be geared towards excellence.  The problem is most men don't want to put this level of work and effort into their lives.  Most men already have this pre-existing expectation of how hard life will be.  And when you throw in all the added, life-long requirements and responsibilities it will take to become an interesting man, the majority of men opt for video games and an easy life:

They hope their mom was right and that girls will like them for their personalities.
They hope being a leftist or male-feminist will get them laid.
They hope an over-priced luxury car they leased will make girls magically fall from the sky and land on their dick.
They hope Slicky McSlickerson's $5,000 Advanced PUA Course will "finally" unlock the secrets of women.

Anything to avoid the gym.  Anything to avoid rigor.  Anything to keep your sedentary life style.

The Real Question

The real question facing men today is not "how do I get da gurlz?"  It's "Are you willing to put forth the effort to become an interesting man and consequently get the girls?"  I can understand just how daunting the requirements to become a real man and get the girls can be.  I can see choosing more of a monk lifestyle where you focus on yourself and have a "women-worries-free" life.  And I can sympathize with those of you who were lied to about how all you had to do was be a "nice guy" and girls would like you for your "personality."  I merely ask for that modicum of progress I requested before.  That we stop chasing this canard around that there is some magical short cut to getting women that does not require work and excellence on our part.  And that if you are not willing to put forth that work and effort, to stop asking that damn infernal question, and accept your girl-less fate.
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Monday, August 20, 2018

"Fur-ternity Leave" : The Age of the Gen X Spinsterhood is Upon Us

Substituting pets for an actual human family and ACTUALLY BELIEVING IT TO BE YOUR REAL FAMILY is proof of mental illness and delusion.  However, it is also a sign of somebody who is too lazy to put forth the effort to find a husband and raise children, yet has the ego and entitlement to have a "real family."

Yet, just because some companies placate your delusion to sell you "pet insurance" or pay you less as an employee, does not make your delusion real.  The age of the Gen X Spinsterhood is upon us.

"Fur"-ternity Leave

"Because fur-babies are just as important as real ones."

Enjoy the Decline people.  Enjoy that freaking decline.

How Renting a Ferrari Can Fully Fund Your Retirement

I am a genius.

You can learn how to have a fully funded retirement AND HAVE IT NOT BE PAINFUL by buying the book below:

47 Year Old Single Mom of Three

DEMANDS (not looking) DEMANDS a man who is:

preferably in the finance industry
to sire another child
who is independently wealth
and willing to travel internationally

This is the price you women pay for believing in the lies and propaganda known as feminism.

Oh well....

"I Want to Work from Home"

OK, cool.  Then may I recommend applying for a job with one of our sponsors, Academic Composition?

Here is a message from Alex, the CEO.  They're ramping up for the school year and if you have the penchant for writing or the patients for posting ads on Craigs list and whatnot, consider contacting him and letting him know Cappy sent you!

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Please feel free to reach out to us any time and we look forward to hearing from you. 

Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer
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Sunday, August 19, 2018

White Professors to Get Minority Female Handlers in UK Colleges

If the number of worthless classes that have nothing to do with your degree isn't enough not to attend school....

And the ever increasing cost of tuition, to the point it doesn't make financial sense, isn't enough not to attend school...

Perhaps now knowing in the UK white male professors are being assigned minority female handlers in the left's never ending pursuit to destroy western civilization might make you think twice about the school and degree you choose.

Nahhhh, you kids need your "college experience" because you literally have nothing else in life.

Enjoy your Worthless degrees.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Friday, August 17, 2018

Episode #265 of The Clarey Podcast

ADHD founder claims it was bogus disease.
Psychology is not a real profession.
Tattoos are not good for your job hunt.
New York female writer writes about self and motherhood.
Fan mail.

AND MORE in THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Older Brother Podcast #14 - Why We Don't Have Kids Episode

A VERY interesting and philosophical podcast where Cappy and the Gang discuss:

Can humans tolerate unlimited wealth and limitlessness?
The theoretical limitlessness of being a gay man.
How broken families lead to people refusing to breed.
Why girls stand men up to the point they no longer trust women.
Fat black chicks with fake nails and weaves.


In THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast!

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Mercy, Do the Millennials Hate the Boomers

Just discovered a channel called BurgerKrieg and not only is this guy theatrical and very entertaining, man is he pissed at the boomers.  And rightfully so.  Will be binging on his channel in that I like to keep updated with what the kids are thinking nowadays;

What's the Market Value of a Traditional Woman?

And by "traditional" I mean an

non-obese, conservative or libertarian woman
who wants to support her future husband instead of nag him to death.

Your responses would be appreciated:

For the 8 Millionth Fucking Time, THIS IS HOW YOU GET GIRLS!

I'm getting mighty tired of answering this question at Asshole Consulting:

Sunday, August 12, 2018

What If Women Were Supportive vs. Adversarial

TJ Martinell of Cascadia fame had an interesting observation in his latest podcast about how what women would be like if they were supportive instead of adversarial as they are today. I've often said women have three choices, two of which are acceptable:


You can figure out which two are acceptable.

However, there is a lot more to whether women choose to support men or fight them, whether they are in a relationship or not.  Do women support men socially by voting what is in the best interests of society?  Do women support men in simply letting them be and be men?  Do women support men in the case they are dating or married to them?  Or do they insist on being a thorn in their side nearly every step of the way?  And if it's the latter, what sociological, psychological, economic and political ramifications are their when there's an effective civil war between the sexes.

When I get more time I'll delve into it, but it's sad that TJ had to ask the question "What if women were supportive?"  Alas, I guess that's a question nearly every generation since the WWII generation had to ask themselves in that as far as I can remember, it's been an "Us vs. Them" relationship instead of a Batman and Robin dynamic duo kicking ass and taking names.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Power of Asshole Consulting

One thing I particularly love are people, who when they first hear about Asshole Consulting, mock and ridicule it.  Usually doubters, leftists, or SJW's who have a natural dislike for honesty and truth.  Sometimes adversaries who think I'm a fraud.

But let me tell you something.

Take all the teachers, guidance counselors, therapists, psychologists, social workers, or whatever other fake "professionals" are out there who claim they want to "change lives"

tally up all the lives they changed FOR THE BETTER

and Asshole Consulting has ten times the amount of lives improved than all those industries combined.

Truth and reality are the only treatments for whatever problems ail you.  Not lies or deceit.  So when I receive a thank you letter like I did below, not only do I feel proud that I actually CHANGED A LIFE FOR THE BETTER (something teachers never experience), but I am supremely confident in Asshole Consulting and the truth are valuable services and commodities the world desperately needs.

"Hello Aaron,

I would like to first and foremost thank you for all the content that you release with your videos, books, etc. You have helped me a lot in my life. I would like to share with you my success story and if you want to share with the fellow asshole community you can. I'm emailing now because I just got offered a job after years of hard work. I got my undergrad in Biology/Pre-Physician Assistant from a local university. I graduated debt free. With some scholarships I was able to pay for PA school and also graduate DEBT FREE. I just now got offered a job for $102,000 at a hospital. I'm working only 36 hours a week with weekends off.... 3;12 hour shifts. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday shifts. So I will always have a 3 day weekend! Shift is 6:30am-7:00pm! This is a dream schedule of mine and I am fortunate enough to obtain it. I can work overtime if need be.

Anyway, I just wanted to motivate other listeners to kick ass and take names!!!! Work your ass off and enjoy what comes next! Only easier from here. I'm so glad I'm not a doctor working 80 hours a week or a nurse doing randomized shift work. PA is an amazing career and is by far the best medical profession.

I am 27 almost 28 years old... I took a gap year after high school to work and travel. started university at 19, finished undergrad at 23... started PA school at 24.5 because I took another gap year to work in hospitals and did some more traveling.

Thank you Aaron for all your motivation!!! If it wasn't for you I would have pursued some worthless degree."

Friday, August 10, 2018

Episode #264 of The Clarey Podcast - Podcast While Hiking Episode!

 Reading is stupid.
Cappy on golfing.
Male cheerleaders in the NFL.
Hiking in Colorado.


In THIS EPISODE of The Clarey Podcast!

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Tuesday, August 07, 2018

The Older Brother Podcast #13 - The Censorship Episode

Cappy and the gang talk about:
Cappy's $5,100 plumbing bill.
Locked in Lambeau Field.
Soap Operas.
Matt Taylor vs. Rose Eveleth. Engineers vs. Feminists.
Baby Boomers filing Bankruptcy.

In THIS EPISODE of The Older Brother Podcast.

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Monday, August 06, 2018

We've Reached "Peak Vagina"

I've told the story before but I shall tell it again, it was 1984.  Me and my other 9 year old compatriots were at recess playing basketball.  There had been a tiff between the boys and girls in that we didn't want to play basketball with the girls because they sucked at playing basketball.  Mind you this didn't prevent them from playing basketball - they had an entire court to themselves.  But we boys, on our own, with the modicum of free time we were allotted for recess did not want to spend OUR TIME playing with girls.

Then our teacher, Mrs. Koors thought she'd be clever.

We noticed the top five players were missing in recess.  Normally they were the first to be picked for teams, so we were wondering where they had gone.  And soon enough we found out.

They came out, Mrs. Koors having themdressed like girls, in wigs and skirts and summarily proceeded to kick our asses.  This, according to the logic of Mrs. Koors, would teach us girls are equal and should be picked for basketball.  In reality all it did was make us hate the loathesome woman more than we already did, make less inclined to play with girls...oh...and by the did not change the fact the girls still sucked at basketball.

This event was merely one of thousands we would endure over the next several decades about women being equal and how we boys had to be punished for being boys.  Nor was it the first one, as nearly every one of our 1980's parents with their 1960's politics constantly banged it into our heads that women were equal to men.  Women could do everything men could do.  Women this, women that, you should respect women.  This cacophony would continue and increase in volume into high school, take a slight respite in college (as in the 90's it was an operational given men and women were equal), but then get turned up to 14 in the 00's and 10's with the advent of social media.

Now, 40 years later, we have reached "peak vagina."

40 years of anything will lose it's value.  And if you exponentially flood the market with it, it will lose its value even more quickly.  This is basic economics.  Ferrari's are incredibly expensive cars in part because they're expensive to manufacture, but also because they're rare.  Prada hand bags are merely cheap material, but cheap material assembled in limited supply, driving their market value up.  But damnit if I can't go 4 hours without some petty and whinny news article or media outlet constantly reminding me about the plight of women, "#meetoo," the wage gap, or some truly insignificant achievement by a woman celebrated as "brave" or "amazing."  And while the proponents of feminism and women think this is helping advance their "cause," because of the law of economics, it is now actually hurting them.  Not only because the market is flooded with vagina, but because its nature has been that of nagging and lecturing.  And men (and some women) are getting mightily sick of it. 

For example plagiarizing male movies and simply "adding vagina."  Feminist Ghostbusters was a sad copy-cat version of the original, but more recently than that was Ocean's 8.  Nobody I think begrudges you if you want to remake classics (because you lack the creativity to make originals), but what was truly off-putting was the nagging that followed about how "white male reviewers" were harming Ocean's 8 at the box office.   And this for a movie that by all measures was a decently profitable and successful film.

Another example (which was the snowflake that caused this avalanche of an article), was a tweet I got in my twitter feed about Reese Witherspoon being "amazing" and "brave" in her upcoming Direct TV show "Shine On."  It's a show that showcases female entrepreneurs.


But not "brave" or "amazing" or "empowering."

The fact we take simple things women do and reward and praise them with euphemisms such as "brave" and "amazing" once again floods the market with those words to the point it means nothing.

Alas in 1944  

"Lieutenant Johnson and his men landed at Omaha Beach against several MG-42 emplacements, losing half his men.  They were very brave" meant something


today where

"Amy Johnson started a GoFundMe to raise awareness about having a discussion about how student loans oppress women more than men.  She's so brave!" means absolutely nothing.

Worse, (and revisiting how constantly flooding the market with vagina results in a backlash to it) is only singing the praises for one of the sexes, while also subtly (and sometimes, not so subtly) accusing the other of being the problem, not only tunes them out, but breeds resentment, hatred, and potentially an actual bigotry that counters what you purported to originally want to achieve. 

But perhaps what does the most damage to modern day women's causes is lying.  The biggest lie of which is that women are constantly oppressed or somehow treated poorly in the western world, and therefore need all this praise, leg ups, handicaps, hashtags, pity, affirmative action, hiring preferences, and 4 decades of constant nagging and complaining.  This isn't to say bad things don't happen to women, but western women are so spoiled the slightest to-be-expected-life-inconvenience is proof of oppression and needs to be addressed immediately.  So much so, the movement has now gone from fighting against what could have been construed as genuine oppression to fighting reality, which is also to say "gone insane."

A guy who dares to caution a woman "don't walk down that alley at night, it's dangerous" is immediately and vehemently accused of "slut shamming" or "victim blaming."  The logic and reason?  Women should be able to go wherever they want, whenever they want, wearing whatever they want.

Being obese is no longer something to be ashamed of, but something to be celebrated.  Never mind FACTUALLY men do not find it attractive.  Never mind FACTUALLY obesity is bad for your health.  Never mind (despite howls of not needing a man) these two items alone will guarantee a lesser life for women.  According to "Peak Vagina" such factors are "patriarchy" or "oppression" and you dirty, dirty, sexist boys and your HARDWIRED biological programming to like svelte girls with big tits are to blame for it.

And perhaps my favorite lie - the wage gap.  Men major in and study tougher, higher paying subjects.  We also work more dangerous jobs.  That is a fact.  That is reality.  The wage gap could have been closed long ago if feminists and women in general had the intellectual honesty and courage to accept this reality and put forth the same effort as men into their careers (it would've been so "brave.").  But they didn't.  They instead preferred to continue the decades-long nagging/complaining/whining route demanding crutches, handicaps, leg-ups and "mentor her" hashtags, none of which will actually close the wage gap, but sure makes it a lot easier on women's careers.

This is perhaps the lie I loathe the most coming from the modern day women's movement because it exposes your true intentions.  With enough indoctrination I can see why you would think "big is beautiful" or at least in theory you have a right to walk down dark alleys, in short skirts, and "should not" be assaulted or raped.  I can also see with a constant and life-long environment, from kindergarten onto your 30's, where the entirety and totality of that environment is telling you you're oppressed and a victim, where you might non-maliciously actually believe those lies.  But the wage gap, and women's PURPOSED AND CONSCIOUS decision to avoid the hard labors, studies, and toils that would close it BUT THEN STILL COMPLAIN ABOUT IT tells me you are consciously playing a victim game and have no intention or desire to be equal to men.  The money making operation for most of the modern women's movement is to be a victim, thus requiring either a drastic lowering of standards for their employment and success, or outright financial hand outs be it scholarships for worthless degrees, government checks, or even creating entire make-work industries (non-profits, CSR, social work, academia, etc.) so women can pretend to be self-supporting adults (while men die in mines and gas explosions). 

You're not fooling anyone.  Well, perhaps yourselves and a contingent of younger men who are stuck in the Kindergarten-20's indoctrination system.  Or young men who just want to get laid and will tell younger women whatever they want to hear.  But what is truly undermining the women's movement today is overkill combined with pettiness.  In the 1910's the absence of women's suffrage was a tangible, logical, even ethical consideration and concern for women.  I'd even argue abortion in the 1960's was also a genuine concern and issue for women.  But today, when your biggest problems are:

"White male reviewers" didn't like our movie as much
Women have more student loan debt...even though we go to college more
I don't make as much as an engineer (when your job description ACTUALLY HAS "RAISE AWARENESS" IN IT!)


"Blonde privilege"

do not tell me your oppressed, underprivileged, let alone need society to bend over backwards to make life even easier for you.  You're spoiled, you're pampered, you're shielded from the majority of harshness of reality, and I don't need to hear your Peak Vagina nagging and whining 6 times a day from the MSM, colleges, academics, government, corporate CSR departments, or television.  Put on your big girl pants, get a real job, spend less than you make, and truly "man up."  It's what you've always wanted and nobody is stopping you from doing so.
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