Sunday, September 29, 2013

American Women Bending Over Backwards for Latinos

At the the height of the salsa craze in the mid 2000's there was no shortage of recently divorced, desperate 40 something women to capitalize on the scene and fool themselves into thinking all those Latino males were interested in marriage and not a

green card


one night stand

The scene has fizzled now and I don't know where the illegal immigrants went or where the desperate 40 something American women went, but I do know one thing:

It irked me to no end when said women would pronounce, on purpose, and in great compliance, Spanish words in their native accent and not how we normally pronounce it in America.

Tiburon is the Spanish name for "shark" and was also a night club in Minneapolis.

American men

would pronounce it "Tib ur ron."

But aging desperate 40 something women to placate diversity and give their meaningless lives meaning would pronounce it

"Teee beer rrrrrruuuuuuuuunnn."

Note the emphasis on rolling r's.

Let me explain this so the rest of society can advance.

Chile is pronounced, "chilly" by normal non-communist, non-pedophile Americans.

People who pronounce it "ChEEE-LAY" are evil, leftist, aging 40 something women who would sell the entire country under the bus so long as they get male attention from illegal immigrants who couldn't care less about the future, society, democracy or liberty and have no problems setting society back millinea to collect a government paycheck.

You may laugh and of course I'm being a bit sarcastic, but not by much.  People who purposely change their pronunciation of a word from a foreign land from that of their homeland to that of the foreign are in plain sight decreeing to the world that they have no allegiance to their homeland and have more allegiance to foreign lands.

It's why I don't trust them and neither should you.

Now, contrast that with by good buddy Silvio Canto who IS from a foreign country, then it makes sense that he would pronounce it normally as it is his home country.

I pronounce it "Que Ba"

He pronounces it "Koo Ba"

But the dude lived there and had to suffer under Castro's commie bullshit.

The 44 year old HR manager with her waist scarf trying to delude herself about her SMV in the salsa scene who had all the advantages of the United States and never suffered real oppression has no right to start faking accents and pronunciations, DID NOT suffer genuine oppression that most of our Latino brothers and sisters did.

But by all means, ladies.  Delude yourself into thinking pronouncing Spanish words in the homeland dialect will increase your chances of scoring Antonio or Jose as a husband.  In the end you are just a middle aged woman being used for residency, a one night stand, and AT BEST long term public assistance purposes. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Reap What You Sow mean you didn't raise a generation capable of producing the economic production necessary to pay for all of your entitlement, socialist 60's hippie shit?

Enjoy the nursing home!

Never Move to Ohio


The Death of the Nightclub

Long live the nightclub!

How Real People Use Windows 8


Friday, September 27, 2013

Your Revenge is Through Non-Participation

A dark side of the Manosphere I disagree with is the genuine misogynistic side.

Oh believe me, it exists.  And though my female detractors may not be able to distinguish between me (a guy who treats women as genuine equals by holding them up to male standards) and these men (who genuinely hate women) trust me, there is a chasm of difference.

I first ran into this when I wrote a piece standing up for the kind and sweet women who actually stand up for and like manly men.  Haley's Halo, Grerp, Judgy Bitch, Sunshine Mary, Dr. Helen, etc. I got sick and tired of not just the nitpickyness of the misogynistic side, but also the "purist" aspect of it.  That if you didn't follow along with their purist views that had derived from their discussion forum, you were a traitor, not a real man, not really for the cause, blah blah blah blah.  It also irked me that these girls would get the pettiest of complaints and ridicule from these men, suggesting said men were not only academians (focusing on theory and never deploying their wisdom in the real world), but cultists and purists with no capacity or willingness to tolerate slightly different views.  Any disagreement or (dare you suggest) to back off women was not tolerated and was deemed traitorous, etc.

It not only made me realize that yes, there are genuine misogynists out there who hate women, but it also made me realize there is a key decision or fork in the road men must take when they take the red pill.  Sometimes they take the fork that is healthy and productive, the other fork leads to misogyny.  So let me explain.

For whatever sociological reason you want to claim, most men are lied to in their youth about the realities of the fairer sex.  It isn't fair.  It isn't just.  And it costs them greatly.  They have every right to be angry and I will go so far to claim they have every right to revenge.

But revenge is not going to come through the mere hatred of women, lumping all women, even those that like men, into the same group and punishing them by cumulative proxy.  It isn't even going to come through singling out the individual feminists and leftists and attacking (justifiably) them.  It's going to come through the only way it can - non-participation.

Understand the flaw of modern day feminism - it is erroneously based on the lie that men unfairly benefit in society because they are men.  They then take this false premise and run rampant with it, extrapolating it irrationally to other aspects of life, demanding irrational and unfair concessions from the rest of society.  Their entire ideology is based on a false and self-serving premise.

So to exact your toll of revenge on them will not come through mockery or ridicule.  They are immune to it.  They are so wedded to their ideology, not to mention delusional, any criticism is rendered moot. And even more so, it CERTAINLY won't come from mocking and ridiculing innocent women as you lump them in with the rest of feminists.  The ONLY way you can get your toll of revenge is by taking away the most important thing in their lives.


Now, let's qualify this statement.

When I say, "yourself," I mean, "a reasonably attractive man who has a life and his schtick together."

If you are Mortimer Snerd, living in your mom's basement, Monday Morning Quarter Backing the Manosphere, playing pure academian, never approaching and getting shot down by a girl in your life because you're too scared, and have thus far used the theories and epiphanies of the Manosphere to excuse your own lack of performance,

then no, we're not talking about you.  And the reason why is that you have no value.  Sorry to say that, but the Manosphere is the MANosphere not the OPRAHsphere.  We deal with reality. 

But if you are a reasonably in shape guy with a life and stuff going on, then yes, your best toll of revenge will come from you removing yourself from the situation.

The reason why is very simple, but one feminists will SCREAM is not true - the most important thing in life is a member of the opposite sex you fall in love with.  And if you deny women your (presumed) quality self, that's how you get your revenge.  You go your own way, you only have sex with women, but never date them, or you could even consider marriage, but only to women who are traditional, truly self-supporting, conservative/libertarian, in shape, etc.  In short you deny undeserving women what they want as you have standards and self-respect.

The resulting revenge is not immediate, obvious, or climatic as in the end of a movie, but much much worse.

It is silent.  Subtle.  Cold.  Delayed.  Deferred.  And unnoticeable until it is too late.

It is delivered when a 45 year old recent divorcee realizes it isn't 1992 any more and boys aren't thronging to take her to a "Poison" concert.

It is delivered when a 50 year old executive NOW decides it's time to settle down and all of her male peers are looking at 34 year olds.

It is delivered when the 42 year old comes up to you drunk in a sequin shirt saying "Cutie" and you in your heart of hearts have no desire to talk to the woman.

That is how your revenge is delivered.

Because no matter how much they scream and contest otherwise, the most important thing in life for a woman is another man.  Oh sure, during the day they'll talk loud enough so you can hear how they don't need a man.  And sure, at night they will shoot down scores of advances, as they tally up their "like" score from FB.  But at the wee small hours of the morning they're crying in bed because there isn't a man there.  And if you refuse to be that man, then you have your ultimate revenge.

Of course this is contingent on one key thing - that you are at some minimal level a coveted man and not merely an individual who abuses the "Manosphere philosophy" as an excuse to excuse your non-performance.  Because otherwise you're merely an academian, a Monday morning quarter back plagiarizing the philosophies, observations and laws theoreticians in the Manosphere have come up with to excuse your lack performance.  Again, this is the MANosphere. Not the OPRAHsphere.  I leave it to your own intellectual honesty to admit to yourself which kind of man you are.

What Women Can Learn from Quin Pu


help  me help you.

Help you.

Or better yet help Quin Pu help you.

If you don't know who Quin Pu is, she is a girl who got dumped after two dates and then proceeded to forward sexts to the dumpor's bosses.

But a colorful undertone to this story is her self-concept.  She thinks very highly of herself because she has a blog, two self-published books, a condo, and has managed to stay alive for 25 Earth rotations.

But what gets me is not the completely out of whack perception she has of herself (teh interwebz is already eviscerating her for that), but that it's more proof young women think men want a business resume and not a woman.

Look, ladies.  It's not that difficult.

Sweet, sexy, pretty, skinny, reliable and not batshit insane.

Nowhere will you see in a "list" of things men would like to have in a woman:

"Vice president"

That isn't bigotry, it isn't sexism, it's just the god damned truth.

Keep plugging your resume and see how far it gets you.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The "Real" Freshman Orientation

It is likely either you or someone you know is starting college or at least returning to college.  Commensurate with that comes the obligatory “freshmen orientation”wherein the university or college of your choice charitably takes the time to give you noobs some of the “basics” in order to orient yourself on campus.  With this guidance and wisdom you will be able to navigate the school, streamline your studies, make wise choices and enhance your overall college experience.

All of it is a lie.

Understand freshman orientation is nothing more than brainwashing, invariably of the leftist variety.  You will be bombarded with the value of diversity, force-fed bogus statistics about campus rape, told (if you're white or male) just how much privilege you have, and (if I recall my freshman orientation) there will be some kind of touchy-feely kumbaya exercise which will have an almost cultish like feel to it.  All of this is not for your benefit, but rather the benefit of political forces that are heavily invested in making sure youth think, behave, speak and vote a certain way...and continue spending $150 a credit on the education-government industrial complex.

Because of this, freshman orientation, especially for men, is completely worthless.  Not only is it worthless, it's down right damaging as it misinforms, misleads, and misdirects you about the reality of what you're about to face.  If you believe it you will make bad decisions that will not only fail to produce the results you want, but also serve to only worsen your college life.  Therefore, I think it would benefit every male freshman at every campus at every school in the entire nation to get a real “freshman orientation.”

First, the rape statistics (which I guarantee you they are going to give) are completely bogus.  One in three (or four or two, depends on the mood of the campus feminists at the time) women are not sexually assaulted.  As you have no doubt read here on ROK the definition of “sexual assault” can now mean an “unwanted advance” or a guy who doesn't go scampering away at first rejection.  This has a double-whammy effect on campus relations between men and women.  One, women are afraid that every man is a potential rapist, about to jump them at random notice.  Two, it makes a young man's job of approaching women that much harder with their shields raised.  It also has a tertiary (look it up) effect in that such bogus statistics allow the feminists on campus to lobby for more government money to create “sex abuse shelters” or “programs” which are not intended to help actual, genuine victims of sexual assault, as much as it is to provide worthless women's studies majors worthless jobs.

Second, along similar lines you will constantly be bombarded with the “fact” that women are earning the majority of degrees.  This is merely another head of the leftist-feminist hydra on campus where such propaganda is meant to bolster the esteem of women on campus and (maliciously at times) rub men's faces in the dirt.  The reality is, yes, women do earn the majority of degrees today at the bachelor, masters, and doctorate levels.

The question is “at what?”

Nuclear engineering?
Brain surgery?

Or is it

Women's studies?
And “Child Psychology?”

The truth is women earn the VAST majority of EASY and WORTHLESS degrees.  This is not debatable, it's a fact as I spent the better part of two hours sifting through graduate data at the U of MN.

Regardless, the point is not to let this get you down or somehow think, “the girls are beating us.”  They aren't.  Not at anything that matters anyway.

Third, you have to get off of campus.  The dorms are at best an OK starting point, but if you want parties, booze, and sex, you need to get your own place.  Some people recommend frats, others recommend just finding a house with a bunch of guys, I personally recommend dropping the additional money on your own studio or one bedroom apartment.  You can do all the college coeds, booze, drugs, and pot you want at your own joint.

Fourth, you need a vehicle.  Taking a girl out on a bus lame as that sounds.  Get yourself a god damned car, and if you can wing it, a motorcycle too.

Fifth, you will have to master day game as it is during the day you will have most interaction with women.  This translates into sitting next to the hot chick you want to bang on the first day of class (as people are prone to re-sit where they first sat) to knowing the study schedules of hotties at a library to just developing the balls to approach any girl out in the open because you'll never see any of them again after you graduate.  Truth is you couldn't ask for an easier day-game environment, so much so I would even advise avoiding college parties and night game.  But I know you and your girded loins are going to attend college parties anyway, but once you start realizing “this is lame” go back to day game.

Sixth, and most importantly, why are you going to college?

If you're attending college because “you were told to go” or “you want to experience the college experience” then cancel all your classes and get out until you realize the real reason you should attend – to make money.

Understand what is being asked of you when you attend a university.

You are being asked to spend $50,000-$150,000 of your money and 4-8 years of your youth on a piece of paper.

And it damn well better pay off.

I don't care how hot the chicks are.
I don't care what your parents told you to do.
I don't care what your guidance counselors told you to do.
I don't care how awesome Hollywood made “the college experience” look in the movies.

You are being asked to take on an insurmountable level of debt and spend at least half a decade of your most precious youth sitting in stale classrooms, listening to professors blather on, which you will slowly realize is nothing more than High School v. 2.0. 

But that is the true risk you run – when it's all said and done, you have a worthless degree, that doesn't increase your employability, let alone wage, and you are now saddled with $75,000 in debt that will cripple you financially until you reach middle age.

Understand there is an education bubble going on in this country.  And it is the most despicable, disgusting and evil bubble out there as it preys on the ignorant youth.  Professors, teachers, guidance counselors, principals, the government, the teachers union, college administrators, the media, even your naïve parents are all in on it, brainwashing you from K-12 into thinking you


MUST attend college.

They then turn around, take your $150/credit in tuition and pay the most washed up, talentless, worthless, incapable people who couldn't hack it in the real world (professors) to "teach" you the ways of the world and somehow give you an "education."  But in the end they hand you a piece of paper, that only after 6 months of a spectacular failure of a job hunt do you realize you've been had. 
You owe the government money you can't pay back. 
You can't get a job. 
And the professors (who were such your buddy buddy friends) are laughing as they buy their latest Prius, Volvo, Subaru or whatever other gay shit-car they drive and give their kids free tuition because the university gave them that perk.

But there is a way around this.  A way to make sure you don't get scammed:

Choose the right major.

The majority of kids today (70%) major in the liberal arts or what is also known as the “humanities.”  While interesting these degrees offer absolutely NOTHING of value in terms of employment and skills.  If you are going to drop $80,000 on a degree, you need to major in something that is going to pay off.  These degrees are largely found in the “STEM” fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

They are harder, but they are also in demand because while everybody demands an iPhone (requiring a bevy of engineers to make and design), nearly NOBODY demands an English lesson (which is why most English majors become overpaid whiny babysitters elementary school teachers).

This may not be what you wanted to hear.  Perhaps you were told to “follow your heart and the money will follow.”  Perhaps your parents kissed your ass, lying to you, telling you you had some kind of artistic skill or talent when you didn't.  Perhaps your teachers said at the age of 17 you were a “great writer” when that is patently laughable.  It was all lies and bullshit.  The Manosphere is not your mom, your teacher, or Oprah.  We are men.  And real men tell other men the truth.  Because no matter how much truth hurts, it's the only thing that will lead you to genuine success.

Housing Affecting Employment

I had almost forgotten one of my favorite charts- comparing housing starts to unemployment.

The reason I like this chart is because any significant drop in housing starts can predict, anywhere from 6-18 months in advance, a jump and peak in unemployment.  There are many theoertical explanations for this, but I believe that as housing is the single largest purchase anybody makes, it therefore is also the single largest consumer of material goods and services.  Therefore to build a house requires a lot of employment in every sector that goes into making, mining, cutting, transporting and building them.  It is also a predictor of additional employment as the little ladies LOOOOVE furnishing new houses with tons of unnecessary crap"furniture and fixings" which also triggers employment in other areas.

The charts shows that as the housing market has made a slow, but sure recovery unemployment has gone in a near-mirror image.  Also note the severity of the housing crash (the worst ever recorded) coincides with the second-worst unemployment peak.  And just as it has been a slow recovery in housing (we're not even back to normal) the PRECISE same thing can be said about employment - slow and not even back to normal.

Now, I'm not foolish enough to credit all of an economy's employment to housing, but isn't it interesting it seems this tepid recovery in housing has done more to help the economy than the $5 trillion in Keynesian wealth transfers to the parasitic classes?

I now, I know.  Correlation is not causation.  You lefty economists and social "scientists" keep telling yourselves that.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

10 Years of Unnecessary Hoop Jumping

Embedded in this CPA update is the story of Walt Kofski.  Because it's not obvious where it is, I've taken the liberty of highlighting the relevant sections:

OK, lieutenants, agents, and economists.  Do you see what I see?

Yes, that's right, good ole Walt was able to test for the CPA without having to have a degree.

The other thing you might have observed is that in spite of this


disability he still managed to become one of the most successful CPA's and accountants in Minnesota history.

So riddle me this, riddle me, that,

why in the Patron Saint's Name of Frick are we requiring modern day CPA applicants to have not only an undergraduate degree in accounting, but also a certain amount of masters classes in accounting, oh, and not to mention the never-ending litany of CPE/continuing education?  If somebody can just pass the CPA out of high school, then why not let them?  Wouldn't it be more efficient for all of us???

I shall answer young lieutenants, and the answer is two fold.

First, there just plain isn't enough economic growth to go around.  When Walt sat for the CPA exam, economic growth was averaging around 4.25%.  Today is is only 2.5%, nearly 2 full percentage points lower.  This means without new economic growth, there is no new economic opportunities for any young up and comers.  Therefore employers have to find ways to screen you.  This means -  you guessed it - progressive credentialism.

While a million people in the state of Minnesota may have the raw talent and ability to sit and pass the CPA exam without going to college, that doesn't matter.  Employers just plain don't have the demand for that many CPA's.  So they throw in front of you unnecessary and unneeded hoops to test NOT YOUR SKILL, but basically, your compliance.  Your obediency.  And (ultimately) your lack of self respect.  

The reason why they are ultimately testing your lack of self-respect is because people with the least amount of self-respect are the cheapest.  So cheap in fact most employers know they can do away with training programs or certification programs and FORCE THE INDIVIDUAL TO PAY FOR A 4 YEAR DEGREE, MASTERS CLASSES, and FEES TO GET CERTIFIED.

But it isn't just the financial costs (which can well be into 6 figures), it's also the time.  And not just time, it is your youth you are wasting jumping through these hoops.  When all is said and done, I'd estimate with 4 years undergrad, 1 year masters, a year studying for the CPA, another year getting the necessary work experience to be able to test for it, AND let's not forget that oh-so-needed CPE and continuing education (all during your prime years, mind you), you are already agreeing to forfeit 10 years of your life merely TRAINING and EDUCATING yourself to get the credentials.

Understand there is no economic production that comes from training and education.  It is merely developing a skill that in the future will result in added economic production, but for those ten years it is a sunk cost the young, poor person pays.  Worse, as progressive credentialism expands and HR departments become more picky and requirements become more lengthy, the quality of that "education" decreases.  Matter of fact, it becomes nothing more than a big fat expensive joke (for example just look at what they're teaching in MBA classes now).

Now, this is just the CPA, but the vileness of progressive credentialism has infected nearly every aspect of the working world.  College degrees are "preferred" for jobs that 14 year olds can do at fast food joints.  Masters degrees are essentially required if you want to get into anything above "entry level," but said jobs will still be way below your skill and education.  A young man in the UK was required to dance to get a job at a GROCERY STORE.  And I'm sure every one of us would like to have back the 8,000 brain cells we've each lost every time we go in and suffer the inanity of the HR ditz asking us "if you could be a cat or a dog, which one would you be?"  But the insanity and psychological pain this all inflicts on us is nothing compared to the economic costs.

Understand there is a counterbalance to all this insanity.  And it is the fact that the young are wasting at least a decade of their lives, going to school, getting certifications, and getting accredited INSTEAD OF WORKING.  This of course bodes poorly for the young kids doing the Decade Long Hoop Jump Dance.  They're not at their full capacity, they're never "advancing" and rarely will they have a career.  But it bodes even poorer for the scum who instituted this dysfunctional labor market.  For the people in power need young people's economic production to pay for the social security and medicare ponzi scheme they've created.

Many of you are angry about this.  But may I point out, you can't pay for other people's stuff if you don't have a job, let alone a high paying one?  Because of the piss-poor management of the government and corporate sector, employment prospects are so poor for young people, there's no way they can tax you - you have nothing to tax.  Furthermore, with our "great leaders" from "the great society" instituting socialism, you are inoculated against confiscatory taxes on your income.  So yes, while you are forced to be poor or at least lower-middle income, you are also protected from high taxation to pay for other people's stuff (that is until bank accounts and 401k's are "haircutted" but that is another topic).  

In short, the "lost decade" of economic production is not solely going to fall on the generation forced to jump through hoops.  It's going to affect those guilty of setting up such a sadistic system in the first place.  The only true costs to younger generations is the time you wasted in school (which you don't have to do) and the fact, unlike say, your WWII counterpart, you aren't going to achieve your best so early (it's almost laughable to think of all the 18 year old pilots and engineers who had more responsibility and achievement during WWII compared to most 40 something cubicle dwellers today).

The second reason why younger generations have to suffer such inhumane treatment is one of simple malice.  Here I have no empirical proof, no data, no charts.  Just enough work experience and adulthood to come to the conclusion most of the people in power, be it government or corporate America, are petty and evil enough to do this out of entertainment.  Power is a corrupting force I will never understand, but I have seen it turn people into the most malicious and petty of people.  Adria Richards (though not older) is a perfect example of what just a little bit of power can do.  She ruined the career of two young men (not to mention her own) because of the lizard-brain taste for power.  And so when a younger, smarter, faster, better go getter is in the ranks of an old, ass-kissing, brown-nosing, has-been who "doesn't do that Excel stuff" hurdles and hoops must be put up to keep the young and talented from advancing, otherwise LEGIONS of old, obsolete, outdated, and inefficient managers would have to relinquish their positions OR (GASP!!!)  HAVE TO GET EDUCATION AND TRAINING!!!!  And we all know those hoops are just reserved for idiot young kids.  In other words it's just a delaying action to defer the inevitable giving the 57 year old blue hair that vital extra decade he needs to pay off his two ex-wives, pay down the 3rd mortgage on his McMansion and pay off that loan on his 7 year old 5 Series.

Of course, none of this solves the problem that many (if not) most young people are under/unemployed, in debt, and will never have society's institutions use them to their fullest potential.  But it does put into perspective as to how society treats its youth today versus that of yesterday.  And at least with this perspective, you can make wise decisions that are going to benefit you, and not the pre-made decisions that are going to benefit them.

First, refuse to jump through the hoops.  School, I've said before, is quickly becoming a waste unless you major in the right thing.  And even if you do major in the right thing, you are not going to be taken seriously until you are at least 35.  Again, this is not WWII where you are desperately needed to pilot that P-51.  This is the worst economy in 50 years where there is no need for you except to file and fax and be called an "assistant manager" and do all the other crap work your boss doesn't want to do.  You will never be challenged and you will never meet your potential.  Ergo...

Second, why you might want to consider the military.   Any posts about how "you could get killed" and "I'm not defending this socialist hell hole" will be ignored.  Because you would not be joining the military for "god and country" as much as it will be for "me and me."  The military is about the ONLY place that will take an 18 year old kid and give them the opportunity to achieve their best.  And since most employers are too sadistic and inefficient, this makes the military the BEST option for kids nowadays.  Free food, clothing, shelter, health care and education.  You outta kiss your drill sergeant on the lips for how kind and generous the military is compared to corporate America. 

Third, by god, have some self-respect.  I know this is tough to do if you have debts, but your youth and your sanity are not worth putting through the mental meat-grinders employers have become today just for a paycheck.  Job descriptions that are outright lies, job offers that are half of what they should be, psychotic bosses who never make tough decisions or provide leadership, resulting in feuds between the rank and file as they try to lead themselves.  Why even tolerate it?  Collecting a government check or working a low level security guard job or working as a parking lot attendance is infinitely better and more self-respecting. 

Again, very few of us will ever become that

top notch accountant
elite investment banker
super accurate actuary
or top sales guy

but nearly all of us can get by on very little, enjoy stress free jobs, and give employers the proverbial finger when they tell us to waste 10 years of our youth and at our expense, jumping through hoops.

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Corporate Culture's Mental Sickness

Again, my detractors will claim I just "couldn't hack it" in the real world.

I contest there is something very sick, wrong, and evil about the corporate world.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Again, Leftists Are Ugly

I'll say it again, because it's true,

leftists tend to be less attractive because to be attractive means you have to work at it.

You have to eat right, you have to work out, you have to expend some effort in looking appealing to the opposite sex.

That basic amount of work and the sex drive that should compel someone to do it, is outdone by the hatred and fear of real work most leftists have.

Ergo why they not only look like this, but spend all their time coming up with rationalizations as to why they are entitled to other people's stuff.

Oh, John Surma, You Kill Me!

HAR HAR!!! (check #2)

Ah, good ole John Surma.  Always in for a good laugh.

The Increasing Desire to "Get Fired and Collect Unemployment"

I was in Casper, Wyoming.  And it was not just me, but no less than a full quarter of the staff that confessed they hated their jobs so much they were hoping to get fired so they could collect unemployment.

And those were only the people who confessed.

I thought it was just the galactically craptasticness of the bank I worked for, but in hindsight and retrospect, I'm starting to realize that employment in America has been become so damaging to one's psychology, so hostile to a sane brain, that the "shame" that comes with getting fired has become moot.  So bad has your average job become that people, particularly the youth, don't give a damn any more and the "shame" that was employed by elder generations no longer works.

Nobody cares about having the "perfect resume."

Nobody cares about "having a gap in their employment."

Nobody cares about "getting a good reference."

No, the situation has become so bad most youth (and not so young) are throwing in the towel, admitting there is no "career" to be had and are now BEGGING TO GET FIRED SO THEY CAN COLLECT UNEMPLOYMENT.

Of course to the corporate gray-haired automotons with perked lips and chaffed knees who somehow managed to thrive in this vile environment and now head up corporate America, they cannot understand this.  They were accustomed to having desperate youth beg and plead for just the opportunity to prove themselves that unpaid internships came into existence.  They were accustomed to be able to have youth do the most belittling and berating of tasks because they needed the money.  They were perhaps even enjoying creating a work environment where sanity, production, logic, and effort had no bearing on success and got their kicks out of making younger people dance and jump through hoops as they arbitrarily replaced logic with ass-kissing rules.  But now with more and more people begging to get fired, there is a sea change afoot.

Of course, people have always wanted to quit their jobs, but had to stick with it at least to pay the bills.  But there are two things that are making this a reality - forced frugal living and no hope for a future.  After 5 years of debt forgivingness, personal bankruptcies, and minimalizing forced on them by recession, there are by my estimation millions of people from 18-45 who have scaled down and can get by on a lot less.  Also, with no real hope in sight after 5 years, most people have given up hope and no longer desire to obey in the vain hopes they are rewarded with a promotion or high-paying career.  they know it's a scam.  No, most are in it to get paid and that's it.  Corproate loyalty is dead.

Sadly, for HR directors and bosses, this means the leverage or power they once held is completely gone (or at least dimishing rather quickly).  With a generation burnt out and jaded so quickly and so early, they have already given up hope and don't care to try to "excel" in their career, leaving employers and HR reps no power or strings to pull.  You can't get "Bob" to come in on the weekend because he doesn't believe his future is with your company, he doesn't believe there is any chance you'll treat him fairly, and he just as soon get fired because he hates you and the job so much.  Besides, if he does go on the dole it's all those middle, senior and executive type people who pay the 50% tax rate to support his unemployment.  And beyond that, he's been trained the past 5 years to get by on unreliable and minimal income.  He doesn't need a job, just a small unemployment check.  And most employers have not made the marginal income difference between the two worth suffering the psychotic inanities of the corporate world.

No, it will be a very interesting labor market in the next 10 years.  Millions of unemployed youth, all with college degrees, and a spoiled corporate sector that thinks it can get away with abusing applicants by forcing them to talk to legions of 25 year old HR ditzes asking about favorite colors.  Only to find out those youth are even more arrogant and entitled than the HR ditz and (since they never had any hope in the future) decide they only want to get fired so they can collect unemployment.

Congratulations corporate America and older generations, you've completely disincentived the younger generations to the point you can no longer take advantage of them.

We all just ask you senior, upper and executive management types work extra hard to pay the taxes to support us as we loaf around.

And before you get upset about those "darned kids" living off of the dole and not taking life serious, just ask yourself who you were expecting to finance your social security and medicare...or...well...I mean, who did you think was going to pay for it jobs those youth just won't be able to pay the taxes to pay for it.

Enjoy the decline!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Avoid Windows 8 at All Costs

I like to be practical and to help my readers as much as possible.

And I'm not joking, this isn't a sarcastic post or a satirical one - it's REALLY one of the most practical ones I've ever done.


In following this humble advice you are saving yourself AT LEAST 10 hours of your life and labor.  Pro-rated at a normal wage that's like saving $200.

Hold onto your old copy of Windows 7 and wait for Windows 9.  And if it doesn't improve switch to Mac or even Linux.

Yes, it is THAT bad.

Guys, You Gotta Let Me Know

Novel and Mundane wrote a review of Enjoy the Decline.

But like nearly everybody else, he didn't tell me!

There is nothing more that makes me feel bad if you took the time to read my book AND WRITE A REVIEW and didn't tell me.  The absolute least I can do is send you some traffic, so for all of youse out der if you did write a review, PLEASE inform me that you did.

I feel absolutely horrible otherwise.

The Clarey Podcast

Welcome to the Podcast Archives!  Take the Captain with you in the car, on a flight, or during a run!

As of  8-15-14 I've moved the podcast archive to Podomatic.  You can find all the new episodes here.  The episodes below are hosted on for free,  but have limited bandwidth and may not be available for download.

8-14-14 The Clarey Podcast 60

In this episode of The Clarey Podcast Aaron is in Seattle where he and his friend discuss;

Cappy's aggressive driving
Idiots who stand in line for 2 hours to get coffee at the original Starbucks
Ruining his reputation by helping a kid


Cappy's dream of being airdropped into the Minnesota State fair armed with tasers where he goes Wolverine on a tasing rampage

8-4-14 The Clarey Podcast 57

Two funny jokes,
my awesome grandma
blaming the border problem and lack of US sovereignty of females voting democrat
The Royal Order of the Water Buffaloes
The Mecca of Grunge and Hipsters (Uptown in Minneapolis) has officially been taken over by frat boys

And more!

7-28-14 The Clarey Podcast 56

Forcing yourself to take time off
18 months not knowing you had a dishwasher
50 shades of gray the movie
Feminists invade comic-con
The bar Aaron could never attend closes
And hands down the BEST RIPPING APART of a female troll who insists she deserves children without a husband.

7-21-14 The Clarey Podcast 55

Getting fired for your political views
Why Laughlin, Nevada is the future of America
An interview with The Great Matt Baldoni
Striving to succeed as a self employed individual

7-14-14 The Clarey Podcast 54

Cheering on the demise of the US
Fan mail
Enjoying the misery of others
HR ladies can't do math
The girl Aaron loathes the most and how she's now outsourced the upbringing of her children to day care
Crying Brazilians
Argentina's default

and MORE!

7-7-14 The Clarey Podcast 53

How nice destroys countries,
a motorcycle ride to the Bakken,
auctioning off my ex gf's tits,
"I don't live my life for men,"
pregnant isn't beautiful,
neither are tats,
Phil and his dog living the American dream,
hairy armpits for extra credit

and MORE!

6-23-14 The Clarey Podcast 52

Debating about whether to take the crotch rocket to the Bakken Oil Field
The problems you're going to have with success
When male friends of different races use racial epitaphs to show affection
Listener e-mail "how will the US collapse?"
Cappy's trouble with tornado chasing.

6-16-14 The Clarey Podcast 51

 Advanced apologies from the road because I was driving to visit my dad for father's day.  So if you're against this podcast you're against father's day and you're evil and hate all fathers.

No, actually, you aren't.  You just don't like marginal audio quality.

Still, in this latest podcast:

How the Mighty Morphin POwer Rangers are Creepy
How the National Park Rangers in Glacier National Park are Hippie Nazi's you can ignore
Not regretting having children
And the amazing absence of black people in horse racing


in this totally non-racist, non-horse-a-phobic, non-Might-Morphins-Power-Ranger-Anti-Pedophiliac episode of The Clarey Podcast!

6-3-14 The Clarey Podcast 50

Post Vegas sickness and weakness,
MBA professors faking their intelligence in Hungary,
Defending the online IQ test,
Realizing you are above average,
and a horrible price is paid for a lack of masculine men in society.

and MORE!

5-15-14 The Clarey Podcast 49

Hoping Aurini and Forney don't drink too much before we hike in 92 degree weather
How the Captain just wants a small trailer to live in during winter in Arizona...with his mistress
"Troll of the Weak!"
There is no merit unto college itself
Your mind can't grow when arguing with a leftist
Americans, especially college students, are stupid enough to swallow whole "Privilege 101"

and MORE!

In this episode of The Clarey Podcast!

5-12-14 The Clarey Podcast 48

The jazz scene in the Twin Cities
The one black girl I dated
When your parents violate your right to self-determination
How bad could prison be if you had internet

and MORE

in this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast.

4-29-14 The Clarey Podcast 47

Aaron tells is "Hippie Chick With a Staph Infection in Idaho" story,
The Mandatory decade all college students are condemned to wander in the desert
Aaron doesn't understand "Tinder,"
Responds to the "live in your mother's basement" accusations, 
Asks, given Dartmouth's recent caving to an spoiled brat college student, if college is for education or indoctrination.


in this episode of The Clarey Podcast!

Language warning.

4-8-14 The Clarey Podcast 46

A "from the field podcast" that includes:

The Captain's Las Vegas Stripper Story
the Born Again Christian/Churchianity version of "Jesus Loves Me This I Know"
why Aaron and his brother are ending the Clarey line forever
the saddest stripper in the world
reminiscing about Grandpa and what the 50's must have been like.

4-1-14 The Clarey Podcast 45

The increasing number of idiots in our military
Cavarrici jeans, Vail, Vanilla Ice concerts and other things douchey rich kids consumed in the late 80's,
and why every man needs to go out west

3-25-14 The Clarey Podcast 44

Divorcing women with horses, My Little Pony, HR diversity broads realize they need math, and MORE!

3-18-14 The Clarey Podcast 43

An all female company goes belly up, how friends who abandon their friends once they start dating somebody should pay a tax when the break up and sheepishly want to come back into the gang, Crimean politics and Russia, and how the only source of pride for kids today is "college."

3-13-14 The Clarey Podcast 42

A podcast from the field as Aaron got called into work.  Aaron talks about South Park the Stick of Truth, how you can't force yourself to go to sleep, do cats arrogantly ignore god like they do people when they go to Kitty Heaven, wonders who to cheer for in the Ukrainian affair, and says you deserve to get invaded if you only have 6,000 combat ready troops.

3-5-14 The Clarey Podcast 41

Why Senator Murphy looks like he has kids in the basement,
How there's ALWAYS an excuse to eat and not work out,
A movie review of "3 Days to Kill"
Why Connecticut gun owners should refuse to comply with the new gun registration law,

and MORE

in this episode of The Clarey Podcast!

2-28-14 The Clarey Podcast 40

Is there such a thing as a Vietnamese Bar?  How the government, media, and education industry abuse, use, and destroy the lives of women, why you should pay people to do your homework, European vs. American liberalism, how to bet liberal chicks to get them in bed.

2-18-14 The Clarey Podcast 40

In this episode I discuss how I will be going "curse free" for a week as a request from several people to see if it boosts readership.  I also delve into why people curse, why it's good to have hate and anger, and opine how cushy life must be for people who don't curse.  Also, a review of The Lego Movie which leads to a plea for adults to not forget what it was like to be a child.

2-11-14 The Clarey Podcast 39

Minnesota cold, wood management, how feminism replicates a virus or a cancer, "MyRA's" and a fan letter from Romania and MORE in this episode of The Clarey Podcast

2-3-14 The Clarey Podcast 38

Name one problem the left has ever solved
Why you should never buy GTAV for 360
Why if blacks listened to this podcast the democrats would never gain political office again
The sad case of indians.
Why it's now perfectly moral to pay other people to do your homework
Why Superbowl 48 was the gayest superbowl ever
How younger, hotter, minority women are scaring the crap out of their 30-40 something American counterparts.

1-16-14 The Clarey Podcast 37

In this latest episode the Captain talks about how the younger generation deserves what it gets and how their ego's override their detriment.

He also talks about how women watch the dumbest shit on television, and bar sports, men can't hold a candle to they crap they watch.

He then also delves into how there's a wave of feminist judges entering the legal system that care more about socialism and feminism than meting out justice.


In this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast!
12-23-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 35

This episode we talk about how truly free people do not want to be pestered about scheduling and details, especially things 2 months in advance.  We also talk about how Matt Forney and Erin McCarthy are at each other's throats now, but will likely hook up and get married and make muchas smoochas!  There is some miscellany of discussion about how old people just don't try to drive good anymore, and a tirade against how Kwanzaa is not a real holiday and never will be!

12-13-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 34

Two articles from the middle of nowhere Wisconsin
How buying property in big liberal cities is like buying into a large and expensive HOA
Why my friends are all depressed, some suicidal
Why socialism doesn't even warrant discussion
Has ANY charity or non-profit solve the problem it claims


on this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast.

12-3-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 33

Podcasting on the road (literally), Aaron asks why anybody lives where there's snow and liberals, tells the sad story about how the only memento he has from his childhood is a 1970 Hoover vacuum, explains why there is no longer any shame in collecting a government check, gives a helluva plug for Ranger Self Defense, and finishes off with a MANDATORY rant about racism and how the left has just destroyed people of color.

11-19-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 32

Aaron wants Exxon Mobil to put him in charge of their CSR department, he calculates that teen moms could breed 6 generations, making them great great great grandparents before they die, talks about being a misanthrope (look it up), and explains what you should get people for Christmas.

11-13-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 31

Aaron updates us on the latest "Racist Running Game" bout, advises a reader how to enjoy the misery that most welfare recipients endure, talks about the "Lost Jewish Bar of St. Louis Park," and tells some stories about different bars he visited out west.

11-4-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 30

Aaron talks about how all the generations, bar the WWII generation, pretty much suck.  How political correctness prevents younger generations from identifying and solving problems.  He's amazed how women were sold on the idea that "work is great," and then celebrates as a NY Times article cites a decrease in the number of students majoring in the liberal arts.

10-25-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 29

 Aaron wonders if the children of liberals will ever visit their parents in the nursing home given how bad they screwed up the country, wonders if leftists are capable of admitting 1/3rd of the country is collecting a check, finally figures out why he hates people who wait in line (they're SWPL's!), theorizes if Chick-a-Fillet will ever live up to the hype, and explains why cutting and hauling wood is manly.

10-9-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 28

Aaron talks about how good conversation is better than a sports car, what drawbacks lie ahead for people who advance to the frontier of individualism and minimalism, trying to find a belt, and a screed against head phones.

10-1-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 27

Aaron explains how when there is no future, no jobs, no quality members of the opposite sex for mates, and housing is now a liability, then there is nothing leftists, liberals, commies and socialists can do to shut us up or shut us down. Plus he takes some e-mails and talks about Bill O'Reilly's new book and "female chick porn."

9-24-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 26

Aaron explains to the youth why home ownership is a losing proposition, why you should appreciate self-employment if you can get it, how to torture HR with questions as stupid as they ones they ask you, and a mess of general tomfoolery to prove more entertaining and intellectually stimulating than most other podcasts.

9-17-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 25

Aaron talks about how he doesn't give advice away for free, discusses the 1960's shows "Combat!" and "12 O'Clock High," how Gen X hasn't matured an ounce since 1991 and make lousy bosses, how he discovered where "divorce is made" in the suburbs and more!

9-2-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 24

Aaron talks about how Gen X is the shittiest generation of parents ever, how it's GREAT to be in shape when you run into an ex that has let herself go, why psychologists make up new acronyms to excuse bad parenting, the key to good podcasting, how he set the kid straight, and other great tirades!

8-25-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 23

Aaron talks about World War Z and how the actor who portrayed a zombie did such excellent acting, he deserves an academy award.  He also talks about how real men don't let their wives force them to see "The Butler" and pontificates about how men are to blame for letting women decay to such a point.  He then manages to link malaria, a red head he dated once, "The Great Raid," guns at schools, and tonic water.  And finally, eviscerates parents who let their kids major in the liberal arts, comparing them to parents of the racist thugs who murder people because they're bored.

8-4-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 21

Aaron tells his "Sex Ed in the Lutheran Parochial School" story, how preacher's kids end up having sex in the 7th grade, gives a shout out to his buddy that recently passed away (Big Bill), and makes a bet with himself to see just how good he is at sizing people up with prejudgement, cynicism, and a general distrust of the average human being.

7-31-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 20

The Captain talks about how "back to school sales" should be banned during summer, the "skirt chaser 5k," how night clubs are no longer viable places to pick up chicks, hating Americans who hate America, and more!

7-21-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 19

The Captain does a "pitch podcast" from the field as he makes his travels and travails to Alaska.  In this episode you hear about the "girl with the staph infection," Davis Aurini guest stars in this podcast as well, and the details about avoiding deer while riding a motorcycle in Idaho.

6-30-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 18

Another "from the field" podcast as Aaron hunts for the elusive "Hippie Hole" of South Dakota.  Join him as he talks about the economics behind small towns, how easy it's going to be to set up shop in South Dakota to subvert Mark Dayton's Amazon tax, how he'd like to do stand up with his minority friends and they would just exchange racial jokes to the shock of the audience, and some interesting facts about dirt roads in the west.

6-18-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 17

Recorded while hiking Battle Mountain in South Dakota, in this short podcast Aaron talks about the proper use of the "c" especially on a woman who deserves it, how a democrat bumper sticker really is a good proxy for person with mental problems, park board people, and how he hates large thugs who target the weak, frail and elderly.

6-10-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 16

Why people who say, "Why aren't you happy?  Why are you so angry?" need the shit kicked out of them, how radio and the entire entertainment industry is going to be destroyed by the internet, and how and why the Manosphere will never go away and is a gold mine for anybody brave enough to speak candidly about the state of men in society.

5-30-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 15

In this episode Aaron talks about the finer points of tornado chasing, how normal people make better artists and actors, he just decimates 20 something liberal art majors to the point they'll never get up again, he ponders how stupid people hold up the rest of society, and shares some GREAT news about Davis Aurini.

5-16-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 14
In this episode Aaron ponders if they'll have "Bachelor Work Camps" wherein they force childless bachelors to work more to pay taxes to support the socialist system, talks about the run he had and how the suburbs are vacated during the work day, how there really aren't any desperate housewives in the suburbs (just old rich men), and wonders why you have to remember birthdays or Mothers and Father's Day.

5-12-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 13
Aaron showcases his new recording equipment and software as he talks about how he'd rather have a celebrity roast than a funeral, how church was so boring he actually read the bible, why baptisms are considered "church going into overtime," why everybody should write a book, how it's sad men can no longer ask women to dance, and that yes, he is indeed good looking.

5-2-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 12
In this episode we learn about how a Chrysler Sebring is NOT like a James Bond Aston Martin.  Also what it's like to live the bachelor life in St. Petersburg, how Wyoming is not a "hidden secret" the locals like to claim it is, how Fed Ex packages have now replaced Christmas gifts, people who stink, and how they might bring back stoning just to kill the Captain.

4-25-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 11
Aaron talks about Baby Boomer meat markets, how "traditional grandmothers" might become extinct, how he hates it when bank tellers fake taking an interest in you, and he asks corproate America the question - "What's the next, greatest innovation in business?  CSR?  Linked in?  Lobby and rent seeking?"  Some of his finest work.

4.-17-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 10
The Captain takes umbrage at a comment from a guy who ridicules him about "working at home" while he watches Bugs Bunny.  The Captain also questions the psychology of people who don't mind standing in lines.  Is their job that boring a line is considered a "treat?"  And finally an asshole of a coin dealer that refuses to help out the Captain in his quest to measure the difference between the physical and paper price of gold!

4-6-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 9
The Captain talks about his salsa dancing escapades in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  How he had a dance off with some black gay dancers at the local gay bar and why he has more diversity than most poser leftists and liberals.  What people really want out of a job and a career.  And how he absolutely refuses to send "thank you letters" to HR people or people that have interviewed him.

3-22-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 8
Aaron talks about how cars are being progressively made more and more for chicks and how this will ruin cars.  Aaron also talks about who his favorite talk radio show hosts are, as well as explains "the early dark days before the Manosphere" and how men figured this stuff out on their own.  Show was heavily edited for quality purposes, however, you will DEFINITELY want to tune in at the 45:00 minute mark.

3-15-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 7
The latest podcast from "The Clarey Podcast" includes Marissa Mayer's (Yahoo CEO) decision to force her employees to work at the office instead of home, the failure of Americans to embrace the telecommute revolution, how women would prefer to sleep with Richard Branson vs. Mark Dayton, how Michael Bloomberg is the reason the 2nd Amendment was created, why the Captain would love to meet him in a dark alley, and what drives men to succeed and achieve (sex and physical attraction, BTW).

3-06-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 6
Why can't Aaron find shoe laces?  "Special Ops Dachshunds."  And how to extract the maximum amount of pity and pampering from women when you're sick.

2-24-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 5
The world's greatest rant against grammar nazis that is sure to make sure nobody corrects your English ever again.  Aaron also discusses his amazement how people are shopping at the Mall of America despite the economy, how you need to drink more when you have more family members in attendance at gatherings, and a miscellany of intellectually stimulating stuff.

2-17-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 4
What happens when chicks unknowingly turn down an accomplished ballroom dancer when he asks them to dance?  Well, you'll see.  Also "finding the worst block of the Minneapolis ghetto" and how liberal arts majors are to blame for high gas prices.

2-11-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 3
The Grammies, how men/women like Guys/Girls Night out (and how you get pissed when it gets canceled), girls who drive Chevy Cavaliers and Pontiac Sunfires, how lines are for sheeple communist SWPL's, how did Moses get lost on the Sinai Peninsula for 40 years?  It's impossible!  And the married man who envied my luxury omelete.

2-4-13 The Clarey Podcast Episode 2
Learn about pumping gas in the cold, why tornado chasers at the NOAA are stealing money from the taxpayers, and the difference between people who are independent and those that claim they are.

1-30-13  The Clarey Podcast Episode 1
The maiden voyage of The Clarey Podcast takes off.  Learn about why Clarey isn't so smart, he just has a lot of time on his hands.   Clarey also asks if you're rather make $20,000 a year and sleep in till 10AM or slave away for $60,000 while driving your kids all over the place.  A review of the movie "Parker" is also included.

1-18-13  Aurini and Clarey 
A conversation of no particular topic between Davis Aurini and Aaron Clarey recorded in the hinterlands of the Canadian Rockies.  Booze may have been involved.

11-5-12 Avoiding the Misery of Feminism
An audio version of Clarey's semi-famous youtube video about the pitfalls of "hating women" turning you into the same hate-filled feminists we all so um...hate.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stay Frosty Boys

Stay the freak frosty.

It Isn't Because "You're Black"

Some wisdom we can all benefit from.

What is Hispanic?

Was always a bit confused on Latino vs. Hispanic.

But now, thanks to my buddy Silvio Canto, we don't have to be confused no more!

It Is Men Who Determine What Is Beautiful in Women

I'm going to say it again for the cheap seats.

Men determine what is beautiful in women.

Just as it is women that determine what is "hot" or "sexy" in men.

The key issue seems to be that men accept this binary reality whereas women (primarily in the form of reality denying feminists) don't.  They wish to change it.

My counter-argument is simple:

Good luck.

You see, barring the 1-3% of the non-straight population, it effectively is a binary relationship men and women have.  And "beauty" or "attractiveness" is ultimately determined by the opposite sex.

You can lie to yourself and tell yourself that all women are "beautiful" but you are merely changing the definition of "beauty" to fit your definition which requires less rigor, effort, self-control, and discipline.  In order to be beautiful you need to be appealing, by definition, to the opposite sex.

But perhaps we could approach it from another way.  Think of the word, "attractive."  Well that implies "attraction" which means there are two entities involved.  You are attracted to one person, just as another person is attracted to you.  It's implication is damn well near the law of gravity that two bodies will have a gravitational, or in human's case, sexual pull towards one another.  Ergo, to claim you don't need anybody else to think you're attractive of beautiful, that you on your own little lonesome are "beautiful merely because you exist," implies there are no other entities providing a gravitational or "sexual" pull.

Which only means one thing:

You're a metaphorical sexual black hole collapsing on itself and only attracted towards itself.

A description most apt to most feminists.

(oh, I'm sorry, was all that physics and math talk above most Masters in Women's Studies' heads?)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Factories or Office Buildings?

People say that China has a bubble and will collapse, but after the collapse, which would affect the West just as bad, who is more poised to come back? Those with the factories or those with hollowed-out office buildings? The East will surpass us while we busy ourselves trying to be musicians, foodies, and Vine celebrities. I don’t wish bad on the West, but I can’t think of a people that deserves more to fall.

You mean the legions of HR and social workers all with their masters degrees AREN"T going to pay off our national debt?  Heh, shows what happens when microbiologists don't study Keynesian economics!

Not Enough Economic Growth to Go Around

Since it is forced discipline and regimen month, I am up.  And one of the annoying nagging things in the back of my head was this score of posts and economic ideas I've had that I just plan didn't have the waking hours to attend to previously.  But now since "we work until there is no more work to be done or we fall asleep trying" I'm knocking this one off the "to do list."

Follow me in on this because it takes a little bit of explaining.

All standards of living comes from economic growth.  And in the ideal world the economy would be growing faster than the population. This excess growth would result in higher GDP's per capita or higher "wealth."  However, it is not the entire population that produces the economy growth.  You have children and retirees and, don't forget people who just don't want to work god bless 'em!  So you look at the "labor force" which are those "willing and able" to work whether employed or not.

However, I was a bit cynical.  I believe if it weren't for women entering the labor force, there would be fewer and fewer abled bodied people working as a percent of the total (which is true).  Also, women are also leaving the labor force, resulting in a very quick drop in the labor force participation rate since this Great Recession began.  So to simplify things (as well as account for laziness) I dispensed with the concept of "labor force participation" and just looked at "working age population" i.e.-the people who should be working in relation to the amount of economic growth.

In short, I wanted to see if the economy was growing at a rate faster than the employable population and if so;

GOOD!  Because that means higher wages and higher standards of living

and if not

BAD!!! Because that means stagnating or decreasing standards of living and wages.

Thus the "GDP Minus Working Age Population Growth Rate Premium."

In short I took the annual growth rate of the economy and subtracted out from that the growth rate in the working age population.  But because economic growth is chaotic, I did my patented, "Let's smooth things out over a rolling 10 year average."  The results were thus:

It's pretty much what I expected.  From the 50's to the 60's (when America was evil and bad) the economy grew 3 full percentage points faster than the working age population.  This then tanked with the oil embargoes and ensuing Volker Recession, but recovered to a full 2 percentage point premium for the next 27 or so years, before it tanked during the Great Recession. 

There really isn't much to say that we don't already know intuitively.  The economy is not growing enough to provide enough jobs for everybody, let alone increase the country's standards of living.  And it won't be until the private sector (where all jobs, production and wealth comes from) is reinvigorated will we recoup (though the data only goes up to 2012, I would love to see 2013 and 2014 with Obamacare in place).

The real debate is whether this makes people on the left happy that they've knocked the world's former greatest down to its knees or whether they're so ignorant about economics that they would never see, let alone understand the above chart.

Joe Friday's Linkage

I'll say it again for the cheap seats - teachers become teachers NOT for anything as noble as the children, but because it's an easy job, a part time job, and the training avoids math at all costs.  Don't be surprised if the kids are hurt.

Girls like boys.  You can fight that, but you'll probably end up angry in the end.

Turmoil in the Middle East and how it affects precious metals.

But what will all those low end country bars do to scam you out of a $5 ATM fee when they say, "Sorry, we don't take credit cards, but there's an ATM right there!!!!!"

New podcast - FTM Daily

The fact the president of the United States, no matter who he is or whether you agree with him, has resorted to saying such a blatant half truth and lie is a testament to just how far we've decayed as a society.  The only thing more pathetic than that, is that people will actually listen to him and believe him.

Fractional Reserve Teaspoons.

Women don't dress up for men.  They dress up to compete against other women. BUT WE DIDN'T NEED A BLEEPING STUDY TO TELL US THAT!!!

And finally, the death of grandmothers.  I'm thankful mine is a class act all the way.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We Should All Go On Welfare

I make the argument that we should not just go Galt, but go full parasite on Kerry Lutz's show.  Very interesting conversation.

"Participation Society"

huh...who would've guessed.

You mean we just can't all lie around, collecting government checks, majoring in art, expecting Obama to give us government jobs as "site interpreters" in the National Parks system????

You mean, shit actually has to get done and be produced?

I though we could have an entirely self-sufficent economy on elementary school teachers, social workers, university professors, professional activisists and politicians. 

I mean, the Chinese would slave away for the rest of the world and produce the shit we really need, right?

The older I get, the more I realize just what childish, immature, and idiotic amoebas liberals really are, and RUE how much intellectual credit I gave them in my youth.  I have known DOGS more honest and intelligent than most liberals.  And that's not BS.  They at least have logic.

I just saw a PSA for ""

I want you to let that one sink in.

Is it sinking?

Still sinking???

Good, let us commence.

First, I know the intention of the site is good. It is promoting fathers.  No problem there.  BUt I cannot help but realize how the website is a contradiction.

The "fatherhood" and "gov" are antithetical to each other.  The government should not be the father.  The government should have no role in fatherhood.  But apparently men are just "so bad at fathering" the government needs to step in.  It's, in economic parlance, a example of "market failure" and the government needs to step in.

This is of course a testament to the genuinely crappy fathers out there, or the complete lack of them.  Whether the fathers ARE genuinely crappy OR the system has forced them to be absent OR the mothers chose poorly, it has come to this folks.  The government now needs to step in and tell us how to be good fathers.

Second, who is the federal government kidding?  If the federal government was REALLY concerned about the importance of fathers it would immediately relinquish it's role as "substitute father," cut off WIC, EBT, and refocus the attention on the individual and family, and ultimately the father as the head of the household.  The federal government would get out of the business of being a father and husband to single moms forcing women (and men) to think long and hard about bringing children into the world as they would suffer the full economic consequences of having children they can't afford.  And the federal government would lower taxes so parents would have more money to afford either a stay at home dad or mom.  Of course, millions of union government workers rely on the fact parenting has been outsourced to the state, and don't give a rats ass about the family, fatherhood, mothers or the children, rendering "" a marketing gimmick.

Third, it's too late, the federal government is the "ultimate alpha male."  Limitless funds, couldn't care less what the woman does, won't hold her up to standards, and will always pay.  No man can compete against the federal government.  He has not the funds, the patience, nor the ability to be that kind of provider.  Worse, you have roughly three, maybe even four generations now of single moms relying on the government as surrogate husband and father and they're accustomed to it, even preferring it over a real flesh and blood man.  It's laughable the government is now calling on men to become participatory fathers when the government kicked them out of being the head of the household.

Enjoy that decline.

The Captain Crashes a 20 Year High School Reunion

talks about how he doesn't give advice away for free...

discusses the 1960's shows "Combat!" and "12 O'Clock High"...

how Gen X hasn't matured an ounce since 1991 and make lousy bosses...

how he discovered where "divorce is made" in the suburbs...

and more!

In this latest episode of The Clarey Podcast!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

You Can Have It All

Just as I can have Jennifer Aniston, my own personal P-51 fighter plane, a successful career, a meaningful home life, riches, immortality, and immunity to the common cold.

You go girl.

The rest of us will be watching with a cigar and a scotch in a lawn chair enjoying the decline in the meantime.

All the House You'll Ever Need

After battling a summer cold for the past week I managed to get the best of it to the point I could do my regular run again of 6 miles.  This run of course a bit more full of mucus as I coughed the last vestiges of green phlegm vacationing in my throat, but it was back to my regular schedule at my regular route.

My regular route is at "The Lakes" in Minneapolis.  "The Lakes" refers to a group of 4 lakes within the city limits that have immaculately groomed trails, trees, and mansions of old-money fame (Pillsburys, Daytons, Cargills, etc.).  I've enjoyed running around these lakes for the past 20 years, fancying in my youth someday I might be able to buy one of those houses.

My favorite house, however, is this one.  An old Italian villa that if I ever had the money I would buy it.

Or, at least that's what I thought when I was 18 and first saw it.  For now that I've doubled in age since first laying eyes on that house and dreaming that if I worked hard, such a house would be within my reach, my experience and wisdom has told me that such a house is the last thing I would want.

First, unless you have 10 children, a wife, and heck, staff and a mistress or two, the house is just not practical for your average bachelor, let alone family.  You'll have tons of unused rooms and unless you have a ton of hobbies (telescopes, music, painting, etc.) they'll remain that way - unused.  Heck, in my window-washing days I had seen the insides of enough mansions to realize most rooms, if even dedicated to "telescopes" or "piano rooms" are rarely used, essentially turning them into insanely expensive storage for insanely expensive, rarely practiced hobbies.

Second, the property taxes.  I tutored a rather well-to-do woman who was getting her MBA.  The property taxes ALONE on her house was $16,000 per year.  That was more than I paid ON MY ENTIRE MORTGAGE per year.  And this house, while very nice, was NO WHERE NEAR as luxurious as my Italian villa above.  For that amount of money not only can you afford another entire house, but you could travel the world, staying in different places, having a much more interesting and adventuresome life. 

Third, on a related note, property taxes again.  Minneapolis is notorious for jacking up their property taxes at a rate 4 times that of inflation.  My humble duplex I once owned was making me money until my property taxes went from $900 per year to $3,600 in less than a decade, making it no longer profitable AND A RISK TO EVEN OWN.  In other words, it's not even an issue as to whether the property taxes are "high," it's an issue akin to nationalization or Cuba.  Cities in major metro areas are headed up by socialists.  And while they may not take the deed to your house from you, they'll just tax it to the point they've effectively confiscated it anyway, and now you are paying exorbitant rent to have the "privilege" to live in Minneapolis.  In short that Italian villa would be nothing but a HUGE liability in that the city would attach such property taxes it becomes a debt to the city, not an asset to the individual.

Fourth, cleaning and heating and maintenance.

I know, I know.  If you had the money to afford that house, you'd outsource the maintenance of the place and not worry about the heat bill, but I am talking from the standpoint of normal people who are looking from the outside, "dreaming" of what it would be like to own that house.

When you put this altogether, the house is very much like a hot trophy wife - pretty to look at, but not worth owning.

This is the house you want:

This house was for sale near a buddy's of mine.  It is not flashy, it is not luxurious, but for your average bachelor or couple, this is all the house you'll ever need.  It's cheap, it's small, it's easy to maintain and clean, and the city will never jack up the taxes on it to the point it loses it's value, and you will save money over the long haul in rent.  And even if the city did "municipalize" it, in the grand scheme of things, it's not that big of a loss because it can't become that big of a liability.

Of course, it's not as luxurious or prestigious as my Italian villa, but that is what I'm trying to get you to see past.  That's ALL the Italian villa is.  It's a pain in the ass AND a risk otherwise.  In short, what I am trying to do is spare you the longing, envy, desire and pain I wasted countless calories of energy on as I ran past that and other luxury houses for the past 20 years.  Yes, you may have your favorite house or houses, but unless you are filthy rich, there is no point yearning or sighing heavily to own such a house because if your did, YOU'D LIKELY REGRET IT.

So do what I do now every time I run past this or a home I really like a lot - look at it and enjoy its architectural beauty.  Because, once again, like a trophy wife, its visual beauty is usually the best thing about it.  And you can enjoy that for free.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Amanda Lickers and Anna Shireman-Grabowski

Two spoiled children, crusading because they're bored.

Again, leftists hate America.

And again, does anything good come from hyphenated names?

How Old Liberals Eat Their Young

I will forever be amazed how young liberals don't realize they're getting screwed over.

Perhaps the video can go viral and wake them up.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Why the Manosphere and Socialism are Mutually Exclusive

A young man on the RooshV Forum had posted a question about resources that would help him determine his political orientation.  Obviously a younger fellow and not fully versed in politics, economics, and ideology, he was noble in that he was at least open minded and wanted to find out for himself what his political leanings were and NOT let the government-education matrix tell him he was a socialist.

However, I found that kind of funny because if you think about it being a real man or a Manosphere adherent and being a socialist/leftist/democrat are pretty much mutually exclusive.

If you look at what men stand for (and the themes that are being written about in the Manosphere) they are largely traits of that of conservatives or libertarians.

Self Reliance.
Wealth/enriching oneself.
Physical health

If you look at our presumed opposite number  (feminists or women in general) they write about/champion:

Government assistance/reliance
Equality in opportunity AND outcomes
Preventing hurt feelings by the elimination of success
The elimination of concepts like "best" or "better"
Fat acceptance

Now we can debate about the details, but frankly, it cannot be any more stark and any more clear.

Men champion ideologies themed around capitalism/conservative/libertarianism/freedom/the individual

Women champion ideologies themed around socialism/democrat/dependency/commune.

But there are many insightful ramifications for this "boiling down" of the two spheres' ideologies.

It goes a long way in explaining why women tend to vote democrat and men, republican.  It brings up good questions about males vs. females aptitudes in logic and math versus emotions and feelings.  It explains clearly how women view the government as a viable substitute for men.  It even brings up some interesting psychological or sanity issues (in the case of fat acceptance).  But if there's one thing it does point out, especially for a young man, it's that real men aren't socialists.  Real men aren't democrats.  Real men aren't egalitarians.  Real men aren't communists.

Real men are freedom-loving individualists who want to achieve excellence.

The reason I bring this up is because there are a fair amount of young men who think they are democrat, discover the Manosphere, love what it has to say about courtship and dating, but then get confused (or even angry) when they find the political aspects of the Manosphere to be conservative or libertarian in nature.  I imagine this causes some confusion where a young man would say, "Wow, I really dig this stuff on dating and girls, but WTF is with this capitalist, nazi, GW, racist, BS?  I hate the banks, maaaan!"

So let me break this down to explain why there seems to be this disconnect.

1.  You are too young and ill-read to know the history and economics behind the current political spectrum to be able to accurately judge and assess the correct political ideology.  This is not a slam on you young men, but a correct assessment AND YOU KNOW IT.  Have you studied the federal budget?  Have you studied Keynesian vs. Classical economics?  Of course you haven't.  But you HAVE STUDIED GIRLS.  The only reason you find the observations of the Manosphere spot on about women IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE AN INTEREST IN WOMEN.  Most 20 soemthing men have no interest in economics or politics. It's time you do your civic duty and un-ignorantize yourself about government finances, budgets, and economics.

2.  The stuff you like about "dating" and "courting" and "girls" and "sex" derives from the exact same logic, reality, and truth that most men in the Manosphere derive their political ideology from. The common thread between them is one simple thing - "truth."  Real men really don't have an opinion as much as they merely want to know what the truth is and then abide by it, even taking advantage of it to advance themselves.

Do women like caring sensitive men?  No
Do women like strong, brutish men?  Yes

Conclusion - hit the gym

The same cold, steely logic applies to all aspects of life.

Will majoring in poetry help me get a job?  No.
Will majoring in electrical engineering get me a job?  Yes.

Conclusion - major in engineering despite me wanted to be a poet.

Will lying around collecting a government check advance society or improve myself?  No.
Will lower taxes and less government spending prompt people to get off their ass and work?  Yes.

Conclusion - vote republican.

Women, on the other hand (particularly feminists) do the opposite.  They find out what the truth is and try to change it or villainize it:

Will majoring in women's studies get me a job?  No.


Conclusion - vote democrat.

Will being fat and having short hair attract me a man?  No.


Conclusion - vote democrat

Will running trillion dollar deficits ultimately destroy the US dollar and our economy?  Yes.


Conclusion - marry Barack Obama vicariously.

The choice is really up to you - do you live in reality or futilely fight against it?

3.  Being a man it is in your nature to be conservative/libertarian/individualistic.  as time goes on and you become more and more informed about government, politics, economics, and budgets, you will start to realize the BS you were fed in K-12 and college was precisely that.  BS. Unless you have high estrogen levels in your system, your DNA and genetic programming will take over your social brainwashing, driving you to succeed, achieve and excel as well as maximize your freedom. 

We could go on, but the truth is I am not trying to convince you.  I kind of like keeping the Manosphere stuff separate from the political stuff, and I truly believe it is up to the individual to come to their own conclusions about their political beliefs.  What I am trying to do, however, is explain to you the differences between the Manosphere's and feminists' political ideologies so that you can make a more informed decision on your own as well as clear up any confusion as to why the Manosphere seems to have so many republicans, conservatives, libertarians, etc.

Besides, the truth is, I don't have to lift a finger to convince you.  If at any time you want to be a liberal man, go ahead.

Most real men are anything but.