Friday, October 29, 2021

Communities: Something Republicans, Conservtaives, and Libertarians Can't Do

The Couch Surfing Glory Years

It was 6 years ago and I was leaving the comfy comforts of one of my new-found friends, Vlad Elkums.  He was kind enough to let me crash on his famous Chicago couch, free of charge, the savings of which would go to more than pay for the gas of my entire motorcycle ride out east. 

My next stop was to another internet friend I had made.  He had promised me I could crash on his couch as well.  And I was very much looking forward to meeting this person in meet-space.  But as I approached the town he lived in and I called to check in on him to see when I could stop by, I was rather shocked when the person on the other line yelled, 

"Jesus fucking Christ Clarey!  You can't just swing on by here anytime!  And you want to sleep on my couch?  We're in our 30's man, not our 20's anymore!"

It was one of those rare times I was speechless as I had nothing to say.  I also had to quickly figure out where I was going to stay that night since my previous offer for lodging had been rescinded.  But I chalked up this irrational behavior to the only thing it was - mental illness. And sure enough this former (and to-remain-unknown) podcaster/blogger proved to be mentally ill.  He has since retreated into obscurity.

The rest of the trip went just fine.  I found lodging with Glorious Karl.  A buddy of mine down in Raleigh.  Major Miller along the coast.  And a divey hotel in some town in Ohio.  But what I thought was an unfortunate instance of mental illness on the part of my ne'er-met colleague, turned out instead to be a trend.  And that trend was an increasing amount of friends - both internet and real world - would not provide lodging, would not provide a couch, and often times just not provide simple help to a friend and traveler in need.

Not a year later I found myself in another similar situation wintering down south.  A friend's girlfriend offered me lodging if I would dog sit and keep her apartment in relatively good order.  I was only happy to oblige in that her place was near a wonderful trail system I loved to hike.  I took her pooch out, cleaned the apartment, while getting work done at the local coffee shop.  It was in truth one of my happier and more memorable times in life.  

That was until I came back to her apartment one evening to find her crying on the couch, fetal position, demanding I leave that night.

I was pissed.  I liked this person.  I considered her a friend.  And she was one of the stronger women (I thought anyway) with a military and STEM background.  But like my previous colleague, I had to chalk her dramatic behavior up to mental illness...though no doubt it could have been the recreational drugs she was on.

Still, Cappy was very resourceful in these glorious couch surfing days, and I had yet another family of friends in the area I could crash with.  They even had an honest to god guest room.  A room...(now sit down Gen X wives, because this is going to floor you)...

specifically designated for guests!

I was given license to crash there for 2 weeks, but they would hardly know I was there on account I was always going out hiking, exploring and visiting other friends.

But the next winter when I asked to crash at their place, the guest room was no longer available.  It was converted into a workout room that no one used. And instead of getting the husband of the family to go out very regularly, it was pulling teeth to get him to go out once for a drink.  And so rarely were phone calls returned, it was too much effort to keep up the friendship (though there is the occasional time his wife lets him out and we can meet up once every two years).

Then there was the Talented Mr. Le, my life-long friend who is still to this day my most cherish and loved friend.  But three years ago even he was reluctant to allow me to crash on his floor, when just three years previous to that, I had all the offers in the world to sleep on the couch, floor, or chair...replete with Bark Scorpions, Black Widow Spiders, and Rattle Snakes.  It has since become too tedious a task to ask to crash that I just get a hotel, but that is on the very rare case I travel to Phoenix.

And finally, perhaps the Grande Finale of couch surfing meltdowns, was my friend who not only lost his shit, but went to an all-you-can-eat buffet to engorge himself so he could lose even more of his shit when... 

I didn't put a coffee cup away,
I failed to tuck a chair back under the kitchen table,

and (sit down for this one)

I made an illegal U turn in his neighborhood.

These grand offenses literally pissed him off so much I thought it was potentially going to come to blows.  But thankfully, he calmed down, I gathered my things, and I left, retreating to (yet another) buddy in the area who had a couch and wasn't an unstable psychopathic sperg.

It's Not Me.  And It's Not You.  It's Society. And It's Real

Now, it is here low-IQ people will go for the low-hanging fruit and predictably say, "well you're the common variable in all these things, you must suck as a guest!" And while it is true I was a common variable, you are wrong.  I am an exceptional guest.  And it is here that it is of PRIMARY importance the individual know when he is right and the rest of the world is losing its fucking mind.  Because, yes, some people are getting old and no longer want to have guests.  Yes, no doubt, some people's wives are tyrants and don't want buddy's of their husbands around.  But let me be very clear - most of these people lost their damn minds and their damn shit.  And I've been alive too damn long to start second guessing myself like an unconfident 7th grader trying to be popular.  There is a trend of people helping each other less, and no, it's not that I farted in their living room.

These Non-Lodging Examples Three

Still, if you insist on more proof, allow me to give you these examples three that don't involve lodging.  That don't involve me crashing with people like the good ole Recession Days of the 2010's.  Just a bunch of real guys, who I thought were real good, upstanding, reliable men, who instead (frankly) just turned out to be a bunch of whiney, flakey, pansy ass girls.

Non-Lodging Example #1 is a guy I entrusted to keep some of my vehicles up and running as I traveled between Minneapolis, South Dakota, and Vegas for the better part of a year.  Also during that year I had seminars, online classes to develop, switching ALL my various accounts (banks, cards, insurance, etc.,) to my new house, and the regular monotony of regular ole life.  

So when I get off the plane, grab the bus, and hoof it to my destination can I hop in my car, fire it up, and go to the grocery store to get some food?  No the batteries are dead because the guy couldn't do the BASIC of things and fire it up once in a while.  And the reason he couldn't do it was because the COVID/lockdown was making him depressed.  And not just depressed, he's gone.  He's ghosted.  Nobody knows where he's gone!

This is a full-grown fucking man who can't even turn a car engine over once a month.  And while I do not deny that the lockdown has been horrible for everyone's mental health, nor do I deny that depression and mental illness can keep a man down, what in god's fucking name do you think a post-apocalyptic collapse is going to do for your mental health?  And could you possibly rely on this person in that much more-dramatic scenario?

Non-Lodging Example #2, Good Ole DT.  

Here I can name names simply because The Airport Fiasco was made public.  And the short version is that despite being my friend, DT can't drive me to the airport because he deems it an irrational request.

Now let that sink in. You can't drive a brother to the airport?  You can't take a friend out to catch a flight?  It is irrational to take a friend to the airport.  Admittedly it is a chore to drive a buddy to the airport, but ain't that like "Friendship 101?"  It's irrational, even insulting, to request a ride to the airport?

As an economist I found this particularly perturbing because there is NO bigger pissing away of money than Uber/taxi cabs.  But I just inevitably found it funny because who the fuck doesn't drive his friends to the airport??  This absolutely has to break some kind of code in the Bro Code somewhere, on par with not messing with another man's car.  And don't you want to catch up and get a coffee with your pals?

Regardless, if you can't rely on a friend for a simple favor like that, precisely what can you rely upon him for?

And then there's Non-Lodging Example #3, hitching hiking.  Specifically, the community.

Since DT was on the "hard no" list of people I could sponge a ride from to the airport, I knew I would have to find a ride well in advance of my latest flight.  I had a month, which I thought was ample time, but apparently not because the entire community failed me in this one simple task.

Admittedly, it was not "the whole community" or anything as dramatic as that.  Some of it was bad luck/timing.  The Great One was already working out of town so I couldn't rely on him.  My neighbor was also busy with another engagement, so he was out too.  My other neighbor couldn't do anything either (and my third closest neighbor is so far away I might as well walk to the airport).  But what got me is that after two weeks of asking acquaintances for a ride, I got three people to commit.  And the reason I got three was because I sensed people would flake.

And sure enough I was right.

2 of the 3 never got back to me, in spite of saying they could give me a ride.  And the third one (bless her heart) could only take me to the airport 10 hours before my flight.  And so I did what I should have all along, get an Uber, as the time I had spent trying to find a ride just wasn't worth the effort.

Except...there are no Uber drivers in my remote part of South Dakota.  Let alone taxi cabs.  And so off Cappy went, backpack on back, hoofing it down the highway to the airport.

Thankfully, a good Samaritan picked me up and drove me the ENTIRE way to the airport, but while walking I was doing some thinking and came to the actuarial conclusion that at least SOME people said they would give me a ride, but never had any intention to.  Yes, I know you think in good ole conservative, country America good ole folks would help good ole folks out....but they don't.  They're just as caught up in their own world as their leftist city slicker counterparts, and they have no desire or intention of helping their fellow man out.  They just happen to spew those values on the internet or in person to look good.  And so if you're expecting any reliability or help from conservatives, libertarians, or just general non-leftists, don't.  Because it's too much of a labor for them and their boring, uneventful lives can't possibly be disturbed.

No, "We" Are Not Forming a Community When Society Collapses

And this is the point of this post.  Because for all the talk conservatives, libertarians, and republicans talk about how important community is, none of them, and I mean NONE OF THEM do it.

You want to set up a community in case there's an emergency or the economy collapses?

Nope, none of them are coming to help you.  They're too lazy to train, learn new skills, or even get to know their neighbors.  Besides, the horror channel has a horror movie marathon on this week, and I can't possibly be bothered to help you install that water cistern.

You want to create a fellowship or brotherhood where people help one another out?

Nope, I can't be bothered to fire up your car or take your ass to the airport.  I'm too mentally ill, weak, or depressed feeling sorry for myself to honor my word or just do basic kindnesses.  Walk down the road and there's literally a higher chance a completely random stranger will help you out than your "friends."

You want to save your buddy $2500 in unnecessary lodging so that money could go to better things?

Nope, as per wifey's commandment from the "Gen X Wife Homeownership User Manual" according to Rule 9, Subchapter 17, Sub-section 5.A7 

"No guest rooms shall ever have actual guests stay in them."

Nearly all these people I've mentioned are staunch conservatives/libertarians.  Nearly all of them are for prepping, independence, freedom, and community...on paper.  But the truth is if it comes to actually helping your brother out, nearly all of them value tucked in chairs, drugs, sloth, laziness, a nagging wife, and/or feeling sorry for themselves more than they do their fellow American, brother, or conservative.  And I'm going to bet it's the same for your circle of friends/colleagues.  These people are fair weather friends, not people you can rely upon in case the SHTF or you just want simple community and belonging.

I watched this video from Wranglestar and I was truly envious of how he was describing the community he once belonged to.  But I doubt he's going to be able to recreate the community he once had where the entire village of men would come out to build your house or repair your car.  I highly doubt WIVES will come out to communally cook for men instead of bitch and whine about having to do it.

Like Wranglestar, the majority of you will not have a community to join or even form if you wanted to.  I strongly suggest you prepare to be a lone wolf and as always, enjoy the decline.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

It's the Perfect Time to Go Galt


Perfect storms form not only in the atmosphere but in life as well.

For example a confluence of events were perfectly timed and located in my life which led to my ballroom dancing career.  Young people were sick of 80's heavy metal and the emo-y, soppy, suicidal kirk cocaine crap that followed in the 90's.  They were also sick of the depressing goth fashion that ensued.  And soon a generation of young people discovered jazz, swing, suits and dresses, martinis, and then a Gap commercial came out to solidify it all.  Swing dancing/ballroom dancing regained an incredible popularity, and I was there not only learning how to dance, but teach it to tens of thousands of suburbanite students.  Being at the right place, at the right time, with the inclination of entrepreneurship made it so I could afford a house at a relatively young age.  And I would not be where I am now if that storm never formed.

But today the entire US (even global) economy presents a similar "perfect storm" for the productive members of society.  For whether intentionally or not, the world has created the perfect storm, and thus opportunity, for hard working people to give up, go galt, and not really suffer the consequences of not working.  And if you are one of those productive members of society who is sick of being enslaved to the parasite welfare class of society, now is your "Ballroom Dancing Perfect Storm."

First, you have the Coronavirus which has cascaded a slew of consequences that created the environment we're in now.  Joe Biden (as well as Donald Trump) effectively created a UBI on top of an already generous welfare program that made it so you don't have to work if you don't want to.  COVID has also forced employers to acknowledge something we've all known to be true for 20 years - and that is nearly ALL white collar work can be done from home, eliminating the need for offices, commutes, traffic jams and strokes.  COVID has also created a crisis wherein the government's response has been to mandate all employers mandate their employees to take a vaccine.  But they've done it so heavy-handedly it has made what were already piss-poor employer-employee relations even worse.  

And these are just the trends deriving from COVID

Second, these singular consequences of COVID are couched within the Gen Z and Millennial generations.  And these generations were (generally speaking) indoctrinated into socialism and entitlement.  Certainly there are hard working millennials and Gen Z'ers...somewhere...I think...but the larger point is with COVID prompting a proto-and-effective UBI economy, you paid an entire society of Americans to sit on their ass.  Furthermore, you paid them to sit on their ass for so long, their mental and economic behaviors have changed permanently.  And when you throw in the fact you lied to these generations about the importance of a college degree, saddling them with crippling levels of debt, they have dropped out of the labor force, in spite of restaurants and other employers offering $16/hour and $1,000 hiring bonuses.

Third, as a consequence of that, there is a labor shortage everywhere.  Boomers are FINALLY retiring, Gen X'ers are getting sucked up into leadership/power vacuums.  But there are no frontline troops/workers to do the actual work.  Tradesmen are scarce and those that exist are overpaid and generally shitty.  You can't find truck drivers to unload all the stuff we import from China.  Engineers, doctors, and other skilled employees are in desperately short supply.  You can't even find wait staff to show up on time and do their job right.  

Fourth, all of this is couched in a woke marxist work environment where employers sole marketing strategy is to pander to the only value Gen Z, Millennial, and Gen X'ers' have - socialist politics.  And that means not only burdening, but also insulting your work force with mandatory diversity, inclusion, sensitivity, etc., bullshit type of "training," making your already-intolerable job, even less tolerable.

Finally, to "earn" a position within the "prestigious" ranks of American employment, you unnecessarily force young people to get a "Bachelors required/Masters preferred."  This is 17 to 19 years of schooling to get a job wherein the VAST VAST majority of time you could have trained a high school graduate in 2 weeks to do that job - NOT force them into 4-6 years of unnecessarily and costly schooling just so a brigade of psychopathic HR cunts could more easily sort through resumes.

And so now when Joe Biden tyrannically "decreed" employers must force employees to be vaccinated, that was not the straw that broke the camel's back, but the log.  It was the flame necessary to ignite the Going-Galt-Explosion that you've seen these past few weeks.  It was the final and missing piece of this Galtian Perfect Storm.  And you my fine productive member of society have not, and will not, have a better time to go Galt.

First, a significant percent of other productive members of society are calling it quits.  It's OK if the generations of liberal arts majors and social science majors call it quits.  They were never producing anything anyway.  And truthfully, the world will go without restaurants, movie theaters, or non-profits.  But basic and critical people have had enough.  Truck drivers are in short supply.  Linemen and electricians as well.  Accountants are in short supply.  Factory and union workers are going on strike.  And so are pilots and nurses.  It's one thing if ONE sector or group of employees go on strike.  But the US has not seen a universal strike of competent and productive people go on strike at the same time

If you want to make the marxists, leftists, liberals, democrats, or even your employer feel the pinch, NOW is the time to go on strike while everybody else is.    

Second, you get paid not to work.  

Be it Uncle Joe's welfare state, the unemployment check you can collect from getting fired, or (more commonly) people scaling back, needing less out of fear and uncertainty, never has there been a better funded or stronger welfare net for you to go Galt on.  This net is only further reinforced by America's world's reserve currency wherein we can print off more money (as the world prints off even more) and we can effectively still import all goods we need to survive (at least for a short period of time anyway).  You won't be able to afford that new F-150 (which you can't because there are no computer chips), but you aren't going to starve either.  

Third, fuck your employer.

Employers were already a bag of shit to begin with.  Even before all the woke, diversity, racist, sexist, political bullshit, mere office politics already rendered most work environments unacceptable.  But you throw in the psychopathic religion of politics via marketing, hiring, firing, promotions, and bullshit training (diversity, gender, environmentalism, etc.) get that shit out of here.  To this day I do not know how whites or males don't walk off the job or tell their bosses to fuck off when they are actively discriminated against, promoted over, or accused of bigotry by their employer.  And while I know most of you are saddled with debt and that's why you must accept this insulting and disgusting treatment by your employers, in the before time, real Americans would not tolerate this shitty treatment.  They would walk.  And if there was a time for Americans to walk (perhaps sue your employers) now is the time when that "mandatory diversity training" comes in.

And finally, society needs you more than you need society.

Whether employers realize it or not, and whether socialists/democrats realize it or not, they are completely dependent upon the real and productive members of society.  The MBA-laden cunt in the HR department does not do ANYTHING. She does not manufacture tires, deliver gas, or even clean the windows.  She is bureaucratic, overhead, worthless fat.  The same can be said for the millions of professors, teachers, non-profits, and other nanny-nazi busy bodies lecturing the rest of society how to live and how they own them more tax money.  That's nice Tanner the Sociology Professor thinks Steve the mechanic should work more and pay more in taxes.  If Steve quits fixing cars, society is fucked.  Tanner could literally kill himself and society wouldn't skip a beat.  And as I said before, there has never been a time where more productive members of society are calling it quits.  If you want to go Galt and make it count, NOW is the time, especially while there's a democrat president in office.

And so in understanding this economic/political/sociological perfect storm that has arrived, every productive member of society should have a list of demands from any potential employer, today and into the future.  A modern day "worker bill of rights" that will drastically improve working conditions, drastically increase production, but make sure you are never insulted, abused, or enslaved like you've been the past 20 years.

1.  The elimination of college education when not necessary, and a reintroduction of training programs.

2.  The elimination of all political training and a return to meritocracy (as much as that was accomplished anyway beforehand)

3.  The elimination of commutes unless absolutely necessary.

4.  The inability to fire anyone based on their personal lives whether that is medical choices, gender, politics, sexual relations, social media, etc.

5.  The work gets done, I can go home.  I do not sit and look busy at my desk because I'm better and faster than everyone else.

It's not a terribly extensive bill of rights, nor is it one that any employer is going to sign in a contractual sense.  But it is a group of standards every productive member of society must hold employers up to before exchanging their labor.  And if every producer in this society just decides to take a vacation, and deprive employers and society of our skills, competency, reliability, and production, it will become very clear who is most important in this society and who, precisely, will be dictating the terms going forth.

And as always, remember to enjoy the decline.


While you're on vacation telling your boss and society to fuck off, consider purchasing the book below!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

What If Women Just Don't Like Men: The Economic Consequences of Women's Divestment from Men

Before you read this, you may want to consider purchasing "The Book of Numbers," the statistics of which will provide a lot of context to the article below.

Economics > Women

A regret I have about my blog/podcast/internet "career" is that I had to abandon economics long ago, and in true economist form, speak about what my audience wanted me to - women.  To this day I still have an intellectual interest in economics.  I'm fascinated by inflation and how the past four presidents' printing presses have priced Millennials out of housing.  I love how ALL financial methods of valuing stocks are now obsolete, rendering most of the financial services industry equally so. And I'm actually looking forward to sharpening my economic chops, shopping the globe for a new home-country replete with low taxes, low debt, no root beer float requirements, and low obesity rates.  I would love to write about those things.  But the largest, most in-demand market right now is "whamen, ammirite?" because half the population so desperately wants the other.

However, in all fairness, I have never really abandoned economics.   Because while we can talk about international trade with China, the global price for oil, or whatever crypto-currency is doing, by far the single largest market in the world is men's desire and pursuit of women.  And if you really wanted to put numbers to it, the vast majority of GDP is created as a consequence of men's pursuit of women.  And if you can optimize that relationship/pursuit, you will do more to increase humanity's standards of living than the industrial and information technology revolutions combined.

This provides me a little bit of forgiveness, because in all reality we are at the ground floor of economics.  We are at the atomic level of where all of economics begins.  Without the original trade between men and women, no economy would ever exist.  And this two-decade's-long meta study I've been a part of - called "The Red Pill" - is more important, germane, and relevant to the profession of economics than literally anything any other economist is doing in the world right now.

And I literally mean that.  The work I've done will have more ramifications for the world of economics than any other economist alive today.  Not because I'm a genius, but simply because they're all fishing in the wrong hole.

And so it is with a heavy heart I share my latest sexual-economic observation or epiphany.  Not because I'm a "doomer" or a "black piller" but because it's simple economic reality.  And (if I'm right) the real-world ramifications of this observation are very dire indeed. 

A Very Dark Thought Experiment

The current assumption or "prevailing thought" within the Red Pill community is that deep down inside women want men.  But due to feminist/leftist indoctrination they receive from 5 until death, women are somehow "tricked" into spending their fertile years eschewing men, and instead pursue soulless education and careers.  Furthermore, capitalism, advances in technology, and democracy have afforded women careers, as well as a welfare state, eliminating their dependence upon men.  This means all relationships between men and women are now voluntary, instead of compelled, technically "freeing" women from men.  But without men these poor women forgo true love and meaning in life, throwing their fertility and beauty away on careers and leftist political causes, dying angry old spinsters with cats and $250,000 in student loans for their masters in social work degrees in the end. We try to stop them, warn them, and convince them to return to traditionalism, but our care and concern are met with accusations of patriarchy and sexism instead.  And thus we all conclude...

"Whamen, ammirite?"

But come on a journey with me, if you will, and assume what feminists say is true.  That women are not, in fact, being naively duped by the promises of careerism, corporatism, and a welfare state.  That women are not, in fact, after a night of night-clubbing crying into their box of wine at night, pining for a man.  But instead, women not only don't need men....but really don't want them either.

It takes a bit of removing human emotion from yourself, but look at some statistics and facts as if you were an alien from outer space looking down at society.

First there is perhaps the most modern metric of women's interest in men - online dating analytics.  Joker at Better Bachelor did a decent break down of the numbers, but the short version is that women only swipe right on 1 in every 100 men.  And out of that 1%, only 1 in 100 do they ever go on a date or have relations with.  I don't know about you, but if I was an actuarial alien looking down on Earth, I would view a 1 in 10,000 event as pretty convincing proof women don't really like men.

Second, if Tinder is too modern an example, perhaps the genetic history of the human race may convince you.  Based on a DNA study conducted at the University of Arizona, only 5.9% of males reproduced, while nearly every female did.  Admittedly, many men died in earlier times, many men were enslaved, and powerful men had concubines and harems. But even accounting for that, more modern times (1,000 years ago) show only 1 in 5 men got to pass on their genes.  Again, most women seem to not like most men.

Third, online dating data and DNA are marred with their own inherent problems, but simply polling young women about their life priorities is a much more direct and accurate way to gauge their interest in men.  And while there are many studies/polls, this general one from CNBC show men are fourth on the list behind career, education, and financial stability (aka - paying off her student loans).  Even kids don't come into play until 7th place, and this was for women between 30 and 45.  If men are 4th on the list when women are squarely mid-life/half-dead AND your youth and beauty is the only thing the counterparty is really interested in, it speaks volumes how little genuine interest women have in men.

Fourth, disparate sex drives and prostitution.

A common canard you'll hear from posers in the Red Pill community is that "women like sex just as much as men" - translation "I have so much sex because I'm so alpha brah!!!"

That is such a blatant lie I have to laugh every time I hear it. Because if women liked sex just as much as men, we would overpopulate and destroy humankind in about a generation.  Additionally, the fact prostitution only goes one way for 99.9% of all transactions, is proof women do NOT like sex or men ANYWHERE NEAR as much as men like sex/women.  And while methodologies are a little fuzzy on how precisely to measure men's versus women's sex drives, a rough average of 9 to 1 is good enough for ballpark standards.  That 9 to 1, can be flipped to a 1 to 9 proximate of women's fractional interest in men.

Fifth, let's say "you're alpha, brah!"  Let's say you convince a girl to marry you.  Presumably, that is an admission on the woman's part that she IS interested in (at least) one man.  Furthermore, she also presumably wishes to procreate with you.  But whatever the act of marrying a man states about women's original interest in men, that interest is quickly eliminated once they get divorced.  And with 50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, 75% of the time initiated by women, EVEN MARRYING A MAN isn't a gauge of interest.  You throw in the fact that only 14% of marriages are happy, 86% of women don't even really like the man they married!  You are going to have a hard time convincing actuarial aliens from outer space that women have any interest in men when 86% of the time they choose a man "till death do them part," they still end up regretting it.

And sixth, I'm always one for taking inventory of your own personal experiences.  If there's anything this world has taught me, it's that society likes to lie to the individual to take advantage of them.  Be that telling every young person to go to college, that you're not popular in school because you don't wear this type of shirt, or an entire generation of economists saying there is no housing bubble when there is one, modern day society will go out of its way to keep up a Potemkin Village of lies, instead of admit the truth.  And so I ask every man to ask himself one simple question - have the majority of women you had an interest in treated you with kindness or interest in your past?  Or indifference, aloofness, even malice or spite?  And I'm going to bet the VAST majority of experiences for the VAST majority of men have been one proving women's general disinterest in men.

You couch all of the above in the historical fact that women have for eons depended upon men for their survival, I can totally understand and see where women have no interest in men.  I can even go so far as to see feminism's view that women were oppressed and needed to be freed of men (though I do not agree, I can just see their point).  And I can see where disparate sex drives flood women with an annoying amount of unwanted  attention, further repulsing them from men.  And now that they're free - either through a career or the welfare state or both - I have to conclude that a significant percent of the behavior you are witnessing in a significant percent of women is authentic.  

Sadly, a significant percent of women just don't like men.  A significant percent of women, don't really want anything to do with men.  And unless you are an absolute 9 or 10 (and I would argue gaussian, not linear), women really do not have an interest in your average guy or everyday Joe.

Men Going Galt

But as with everything in physics and nature, there has to be balance.  And the relationship between the sexes is no different.  Because whereas women have an interest in men only 11% that of men do women, unfortunately men have evolved overtime to compete and produce to get this dwindling percentage of marginally interested women.  And this has resulted in the inconvenient truth that men account for 

  • the majority of economic production, 
  • an even larger percent of real economic production (carpentry, electricianship, engineering, etc.), 
  • and nearly ALL technological innovations.  

And here we return to regular boring ole economics.  Because if you haven't been paying attention to the news, women's effective and stated disinterest in men has resulted in about two generations of men increasingly going Galt.  Because if they're not going to get married, fall in love, or have children, what, precisely do they have to get out of bed in the morning for?

Labor force participation for young men has been going down when, in theory, it should be stable as all young men presumably would want to get out there, start a career, and at minimum enjoy a life.

Fewer Young Men Are in the Labor Force. More Are Living at Home - Bloomberg

Consequently, with fewer men working, an increasing percentage of them live at home (and easily triple that live off of a subsidy from their parents).  This is one of the main complaints my female clients (as well as I'm sure nearly all young women) have today about men, because how do you date (let alone marry) somebody who lives with his mother?

Fewer Young Men Are in the Labor Force. More Are Living at Home - Bloomberg

Naturally, not working, going to school, or getting some kind of training has resulted in the crisis of "economically unattractive men," causing a shortage of marriageable men.   However, I cannot help but point out how women did this to themselves.  The welfare state swings both ways, and when you put life on easy mode with welfare checks, student loan bailouts, stimmie checks and free healthcare, don't complain when you have (now two) generations of soyboy pussies who may vote democrat, but need to borrow money from you to pay rent.  You enabled it.

Worse, soyboys who vote democrat and don't support themselves also do not produce economic growth.  I'm sure Tanner strums his acoustic guitar real well with his "Music Therapy Degree" part time playing at the old folks home on a taxpayer grant.  But he is less than half productive his grandfather WWII generational counterpart who was producing cars or something society could actually use at the factory.  Consequently, in taking away any romantic incentive men would have traditionally had to work (family, love, wife, children, etc.), you destroyed their work ethic.  But it also didn't help that you paid them not to work out out blind, naive, socialist political stupidity.  Thus, it should be no shock we all suffer with economic growth rates LESS THAN HALF of what we had back in the 40's-60's.

And then there is the ultimate statement a man can make about his commitment and investment in society - marriage.

I truly do believe that a certain and significant percentage of women do not like men or simply have no interest.  I also believe that a certain and significant percent of women do like men and want to get married.  But I also would wager most women, regardless of their interest in men, on paper want to get married.  But unlike the sex market, men control the market to commitment.  And here, like the economy, you see men also going Galt.

Be it seeing their old man get divorced.  Their friends get divorced.  Their buddy's $3,000/month payment in child support/alimony.  Higher taxes.  Or the simple, yet decades-long-consistent message that women didn't need them, men are exiting from the marriage market, and thus society, and thus the economy.  Agreed, women may not have any interest in men.  But men increasingly have no interest in marrying women.  And regretful as this may be, society will not exist without men's participation in it.

The Real Kick in the Economic Groin

If the macro-economic picture painted above wasn't bad enough, it gets worse.  Because whether we like to admit it or not, the truth is that men produce the majority of real stuff in the economy.  If you don't believe me, try this little exercise.

List the the next 5 things you're likely going to buy.  Gas, toilet paper, a massage, whatever.  And also consider everything that goes into the production, manufacture, transportation, and delivery of those products.  So even if it's a massage, that massage parlour requires computers, electricity, insurance, construction, furniture, etc.

Now, go to this site and move the cursor along the data points to find the professions/workers that will go into making those products.  And what you'll realize is that the vast majority of workers that are going to produce those products are men.

You don't even have to consider what products you're going to buy.  Just scroll along the right side of the curve and any intellectually honest person will realize that it is men who produce the lions share of anything that really matters in this economy.  And on the left side - though admittedly there are some legitimate professions (nurse practitioners, sonographers, etc) - the majority of the jobs listed there are either nowhere near as vital to the economy or are complete make-work welfare job programs (social work, non-profit, etc.) that disproportionately employ women. 

So not only will the nominal economy contract linearly as men retreat from the labor force, it will disproportionately affect the things we demand and need most, exponentially lowering our standards of living.   

The Real Kick in the Economic Groin Part II

But it gets even worse than that.  

Because just like women (disproportionately) voted to put life on easy mode for men, thus resulting in soft, unemployable soyboys, we also lied to now three generations of men (as well as women) about the value and veracity of their degrees.

I don't know if you're noticed, but there's a labor shortage of skills that matter.  Ask any suburbanite soccer mom about how easy it is to find a landscaper and she will frustratingly explain to you they're booked out till next year.  Ask any clean-fingernailed MBA mid-level manager about getting car repairs done, and he's frustrated his mechanic won't be able to get to his car until next month.  Employers are desperate for engineers, accountants, and anybody with a modicum of talent or skill.  And even getting people to show up on time seems to be a chore.

But what precisely did you think was going to happen when you propagandized generations of young men and women with the relatively female, idealistic poppycock of "follow your heart and the money will follow?"  Let alone that YOU decide what you're going to do for a living and then the rest of the world will forcibly abide??? The country is in desperate need of linemen, welders, CPA's, even simple landscapers, and you've raised a labor pool of self-righteous liberal arts majors who can't even lift a roll of sod.  Worse, it's not like you can just flip a switch and "POOF" all these worthless social science majors suddenly know how to weld or program a computer.  It will take AT MINIMUM 10 years of hard, dedicated retooling of people's skills as well as the entire education system.  In the meantime things like your heater, car, and computer are just going to have to wait AND are going to cost a lot more.  Thank god we have millions of liberal arts majors who can lecture you about racism and "the patriarchy" in the meantime.

The Real Kick in the Economic Groin Part III

And if you can imagine it.... it even gets worse than that.  Because I don't know if you've ever visited the bachelor pad of a single, unemployed man in his twenties, but they can get by on VERY VERY little.  Which consequently means they're going to work/produce VERY VERY little.

While Stefan Molyneux opines that men can get by on 1/10th the income a family of 4 does (and I believe him because I've lived it) a better proxy or measure might be the income differences between married and single men.  

It depends on how old you are and where you are along your career, but generally speaking single men work (which means "produce") 39% less than their married counterparts.  You may make the argument, "well that's because they have a wife and kids"

and I would argue back


Because the above data (as well as any unemployed, 20 something bachelor's apartment) will tell you is that without women or family, men have no incentive to work anywhere near as hard because they frankly have no reason to live aside from themselves.  And this would all be fine and well if men and women equally produced things that mattered in the economy (as the proportional drop in population would require proportionally less of real economic goods and services), but since men by far are the main producers of valuable items in the economy, men's non-participation in society is going to impoverish everyone.

Yes, we can get by importing labor from overseas to do the work American men won't.
Yes, we can import real goods made by (again) largely men overseas from China, etc, and can keep prices low (for now) with a world reserve currency.

But without these international trade ticks or the incredible luck of having the world's reserve currency Americans could very easily be facing a nominal drop of 39% in GDP, more if you factor in the fact that drop would be in important things like; 

food, energy, housing, and medicine

and not laughably worthless things like;

college lectures, HR, diversity and inclusion consultants, Oprah books, and tarot card readings.

"The Final Solution"

Whether women's lack of interest in men today is authentic or a byproduct of propaganda (or likely a bit of both), it doesn't matter.  It is what it is.  Because men cannot act upon what we guess to be in the heart of women.  Men can only act upon whatever empirical actions women put forth in society.  And with women's general disengagement from men (sometimes even somewhat hostile), men are increasingly forced to live their lives under the expectation the majority of them will not marry, let alone happily so, let alone with kids.  This will continue the trend of men going Galt and the lowering of our standards of living.

However, while the majority of men will disengage or only put forth marginal effort in life, the men who do put forth the effort to attain excellence present an interesting situation, and ultimately solution to society's production and even repopulation problem.  Because for all the feminist propaganda that women don't need...or, most women I would surmise do want children.  But nearly none of them will be willing to settle for anything less than near-perfect.  And with the historic human race track record of only 6% of men passing their genetics onto the next generation, we may see a reversion back to that norm.  And whereas today the norm is monogamy (ehhhh....sorta), we can already see pressures, trends, and even technology moving to polygamy where an elite 6% group of men impregnate nearly all the women.  

The trend in news media pushing for open relationships is indicative of a polyamorous society.  Women's insistence for only top 20% men on online dating is also indicative of a harem-like society.  Women's (reluctant) willingness to share an alpha instead of having a beta all her own, reinforces this.  And women celebrating articles that herald advances in IVF or egg-freezing technology show men may not even be necessary.

And so what we will see is a continuation of what's been happening for the past 40 years anyway.  A migration from a nuclear family to a state-financed/subsidized, female-headed family, while an increasing percent of men drop out of the work force as they are essentially relegated to a slave class to produce things for people they have no familial, romantic, sexual and love interest in.  Economic growth will continue to slow, if not contract.  Debts and money supplies will be inflated as a psychological magic trick to fool people into thinking the economy is stable.  Trade deficits will drastically increase as foreign countries will (essentially) enslave their workers to produce the things Americans won't produce themselves.  And our entire GDP will consist of elementary school teachers, HR directors, non-profits, body positivity bloggers, and marketing consultants.

I would normally say "Enjoy the Decline," but it is going to be such interesting times, I have to say "enjoy the show."  Trust me, you will not see anything more spectacular in your entire life.  I just hope you know how to prepare for it.


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